Bicupid: Singles, Couples Date Mod Apk New 2022*


Meet & Date with Curious for Bi, Trans, Threesome, Swinger, Gay & Lesbian
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November 3, 2022
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Bicupid: Singles, Couples Date Mod Apk New 2022*

BiCupid is the number 1 bisexual courting App. Our App is designed for bisexual, bi-curious folks and bi couples. Immediately, homosexual, lesbian, transgender, and LGBT neighborhood also are welcomed. If you’re searching for native bisexual singles or couples to give a boost to your choice way of life, BC is the fitting non-public position for you. Right here you’ll be able to to find different open-minded & passionate singles and couples who wish to fit, chat, meet and extra. We additionally be offering many options to facilitate other people in search of anything else from fanatics to intimate relationships.

Couples Date Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

With the BiCupid App you’ll be able to:
– Uncover folks with the similar pastime close by you
– Hook up with Verified individuals – Chat with different open-minded other people on-line – Proportion your choice way of life any time
And Extra!

Couples Date Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

It’s loose to obtain the BiCupid app and hook up with native other folks for any friendship or romance. Relationship with kinky singles, couples in The Big Apple, L. A., Chicago, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, Toronto, Atlanta, Denver, Sydney, London, Phoenix, San Diego, Boca Raton, Melbourne, Vancouver, Seattle, Minneapolis, Brisbane, Washington, Charlotte, Perth, Newton, Edmonton, San Antonio, Austin, Calgary, Philadelphia, Nashville and Las Vegas, and so forth.. Not like different apps, other folks right here get started out with one thing in not unusual, love for bisexual interest, romance relationship. That not unusual pastime will help in making courting more straightforward and simpler.


40 comments on "Bicupid: Singles, Couples Date Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Pasco Cis says:

    this “free” app allows you to build a profile, and look at profiles. There is no other access to any options of this app. If you would like to see who “likes” you or send/receive messages you must upgrade to a full member with a payment in full starting at $34 dollars a month for 6 months. totaling over $200 with a one time payment. I say it’s a complete waste of time

  2. Reveca Mishayla says:

    All your interests are condensed into a paragraph rather than a list. The search ranges are from 120 miles at the low end to 1000 miles on the high. I’m not taking a plane to go on a date or hookup. Worse, it doesn’t work. I got several picks for people 400 miles away or more. It has a private photos section which is nice in principle and unique to them. But everytime I went to upload a picture, I got “This picture isn’t compatible. Upload a picture from Facebook?”

  3. Kae says:

    The concept is great, but the need for in-app purchases to do everything even to send a message is a bit extreme and makes me not want to use the app at all. I was also being shown people several states away which us far from helpful. So unless you want pay to say “hi” to a potential person, I highly wouldn’t recommend it.

  4. Sean Rhodes says:

    First off, you can’t do anything unless you subscribe. No messages, you can barely look. Second, after paying the app continuously didn’t work despite that I had full service. Third, at random intervals I couldn’t even log in, which amounted to me only using the app a grand total of 3 days for a month subscription, despite trying everyday. They did give me my money back, but contacting them to do it was the biggest pain in the ass. Terrible service. Find something better. Cheaper. Less broken.

  5. Steven Todd says:

    You cannot even message anyone without paying a high subscription. Plus without a subscription you cannot even see what the options would be because it only lets you see a partial profile of anyone in your STATE. Hundreds of miles of state with partial profiles only and messaging is only for paid subscriptions that are absurdly high?? Yeah nobody is into that.

  6. Elysabeth Allen says:

    I do like the app, it is easy to navigate and nice overall to use. However, I dont like that it wont show who liked/fav’d you unless you pay for premium, which is definitely overpriced as it is ($30+ for 1 month). If it was less expensive and would show who is interested it would make it much better and easier to find a match.

  7. Ira hatesnamepolicies says:

    Everything is locked behind expensive paywall. If you make a match one of you has to be a premium member to start a chat. If both of you are the free version, tough luck. Loved the concept but think the monetization is way too aggressive. They want a “free” app so they can say “look at all the downloads!”. And want to charge a fortune to users

  8. Gordon Dunlap says:

    It would only load about a third of the images stored on my phone, so I couldn’t upload any. Very bad first impression. And yes, I did allow access to my images, your app could see the files, but wouldn’t load all the thumbnails so I could select the ones I want. Way to blame the customer for your failures.

  9. Aloysius Wilderburr says:

    So… The idea is a little appealing–meet other people who identify as bi for dating. The implementation is pretty hopeless though. If you’re skimming this, just check out Feeld, for a more flexible and functional service, despite its glitches. I ran out of characters trying to be more specific but the short answer is, the app is underdeveloped, short on features, and practically useless. They’re fishing for subscriptions for feature upgrades. Offers nothing that other apps don’t do better.

  10. Thorne Wyvern says:

    Made to look like a free dating app, but there is nothing you can actually do to meet people with the free features. The only thing in app that mentions messaging in the context of premium just says that it allows to message people even if the match has expired… even though you can’t message them PERIOD without premium. Trans people are also all in one category, so as a trans person you have no clue if the people who match with you are looking for Tmen/women/etc. Vice versa you can’t specify.

  11. Aiden Snew says:

    App doesn’t recognize half your photo album. It will pick and choose which photos it wants you to pick from in your album, and it’s not even by folder it’s just at random what it will let you put in as a profile photo. The free version gives you vary vary little “features” you can actually do, one of the most restrictive free version of a dating app I’ve ever tried. The fact this is so poorly coded that it can’t even pick up all your photos… NEVER pay for this app, use something else. 🙄

  12. Joseph Jones says:

    Surprised that the app does not function at its most basic level (connecting people that like each other) without paying. With every other app, you match, you chat, you can pay for premium options. On here, they have some free peripheral stuff. But if you match, no one can start chatting without paying – paying for a tiny dating pool. It’s probably tiny because it masquerades as a free app, and most everyone is disappointed when they find that it’s not.

  13. Jessi Johnson says:

    I keep getting the “check your connection” when I try to log in. Then once in a blue moon, it lets me login and then I get the “can’t connect, tap to retry” message when it is scanning my location. I tried uninstalling it and downloading it again and it is doing the same thing. I just admitted to myself that I am bi sexual and was really interested in this site. I am very disappointed.

  14. Dan Levy says:

    Downloaded the app, filled out who we are (Couple, where we live, etc) tried to upload a photo and got incorrect parameters. Try another photo. Incorrect parameters. They’re regular photos of our faces. Third try? Nope. Uninstalled. Sorry. If it’s that hard to upload one photo, I’m not sticking around to find out how wonky the rest of the app is.

  15. Wayndawind says:

    As suggested by many others , it has a expensive pay wall and low user base. If you are currently seeing little to no matches in your area, paying the expensive upgrade doesn’t make it better. The app gives no incentive to pay for the upgrade. What you see before you pay is what you will get after you pay. Large cities with high tourist areas tend to do better. A very high % of profiles direct you from using app due to the expensive pay wall; it’s understandable but off putting to onlookers.

  16. Alyssa Rogalla says:

    It’s a solid app build wise. User-friendly, easy to upload/edit profile material. Similar to other dating apps when it comes to viewing potential matches. However. The inability to chat first without a subscription, in combination with limited local matches ALSO without a subscription, is a crippling mechanic. I get you need to make money. Since I’m neither free to chat or view profiles that aren’t close by, I’ll be uninstalling and trying another app. I just have no incentive to keep using it.

  17. Atom Odyssey says:

    The app has a great UI, very easy to understand what is where. I like how everything is organized, the search features are solid and has its one little map to help search for matches, however… The most important thing about any dating app, the matches/people who viewed you, are locked behind a pay wall. Which I may not mind, if it wasn’t like $39.99 to see them for 1 month. I know people need to make money but that is way too much. Please make it cheaper or find another way to make money.

  18. Jeren Eathelyn says:

    This app is more like tinder. Firstly, the design looks very simple and comfortable. Secondly, the function is also very simple and easy to use. It can not only slide like tinder to find matches, but also search users according to conditions. But for now, app can’t completely prevent scammers from registering. You should focus on this aspect.

  19. Daniel B. says:

    The user base is very small, at least in my city. The app is useless without paying for the subscription and even then the additional features aren’t worth the $30 a month (I paid once). If you match with someone and neither of you are a paid member, you CAN’T message each other UNLESS one of you pays for a subscription. The free features are hot garbage because they get you no closer to meeting others. Best hope is to match with a paid member, but just look for a better app elsewhere.

  20. David Lopaze says:

    I have been using bicupid for 2 months. In the beginning, this app was really not good, too many crashes. I almost wanted to remove my account if I dont have so many contacts on this app. But recently, they released several versions to optimize this app and it became better and better, very easy to use, simple and fewer crashes. Great work!

  21. Derick Anderson says:

    Don’t bother. Save your money & just make a tinder account. I had high hopes for the app & paid into their premium service. I live in a densely populated liberal city & was really disappointed with the lack of selection for such a high price point. I wish I could get a refund. There are plenty of fake accounts on there too. I repeatedly got prompted by fake out of state accounts. If I blocked them, I’d get reprompted by a new user with essentially the same name & profile.

  22. Ben Robotics says:

    Garbage app unless you pay? It says that someone’s in my state on their thumbnail, I click it and the location info literally changes to another state. They make it impossible to actually find someone local to your location unless you pay. Also you cannot search by people close to you or even state without paying, and there are no inexpensive subscription options. Would not recommend.

  23. Shawn Slocum says:

    I couldn’t make it past the profile stage, I had such high hopes for this app. First off it would allow 1 of my main pictures to be selected, it acted as of it was missing period. Then when trying to pick “my best picture” it keeps giving an error message no matter what you do.

  24. bulma Jr veronica says:

    This app has a nice clean Ui, easy to navigate and nice to look at. I haven’t run into functionality issues, it runs very smoothly. The questions you answer on your profile are very relevant and it makes finding a match less of a gamble, unlike other apps. The premium features also seem worth a purchase. I hope even more people download this and join b/c so far it has the potential to be the best lesbians only dating app.

  25. Misti Stark says:

    This couple dating app is great! Most dating apps you have to pay to see who you’ve matched with or even just who has liked you or looked at your profile! This one of course has the extra advanced settings if you pay but even without you get to connect very easily with people!

  26. Ernie Balistreri says:

    Good UI, some permissions compare better than other free versions of dating apps. The only true problem I ever had was running into the same profile twice. They seem to work quickly on getting catfish off the app

  27. italianunicorn says:

    This is a stupid app! You can’t send messages unless you upgrade and you only have a limited swipes unless you upgrade. Everything requires the upgraded pack and is a waste of your time to download it. I’m not wasting my money to message people. Other apps are free to message but No Not this one. DON’T waste your valuable time.

  28. Joel Kulesha says:

    It seems really indepth and I could see it being a good app, but they want $34/m for basically every single feature. You can’t do much of anything on the app without paying either.

  29. Leeanna King says:

    I am always looking for a safe, easy, and fun way to date other bisexuals untill I came to bicupid, my wife and I have been using this tinder hookup app for more than two months, and it’s great, with a tinder like swipe from left to right and a large number of users on the search page, and we’ve found many girls who are looking for couples, much better than 3fun and feeld.

  30. Simon Armstrong says:

    Bicupid is the best couple dating app I’ve ever used! My wife and I have joined this couple dating app for two months. Generally speaking, this bisexual dating app is a good one in this field. Beautiful design and easy to use functions, and it is easy to find local swingers. However, as a couple dating app, the couple account should be able to fill in the information of two people. At present, it seems that only one person can fill in the information, which needs to be improved.

  31. Lajuana Bartell says:

    Overall, an excellent experience and I would definitely recommend it to others.I like interesting things. Threesome dating is one of the interesting things that I want to try. Hope I can find fetlife on this bicupid app.

  32. Arnold Dorsey says:

    The couple dating app is incredibly secure and has a great user base.I like bicupid very much. A few days after I joined, I got a free VIP trial for a week. This couple dating app is as simple as tinder, but it is full of swingers looking for threesome. Great, finally found a very useful threesome dating app. But it would be better if you could add video chat. Now many dating apps already have this function.

  33. Bronwyn Thorne says:

    The platform itself seems decent and it all looks really promising right off the bat, but the biggest let down is the fact you can’t even message without paying premium membership (which is also a pretty greedy price). Others apps I use allow you to message freely once you’ve matched with a person, and reserve non-match messaging for premium perks. That is a much more reasonable system, and is much more likely to keep users enthused and engaged with the app

  34. Samuel Goedhart says:

    Complete fraudulent company/app. Paid for subscription yet they require you to pay another third party website what is supposed to be free but charges your card 39.99 before you can even meet someone. You pay for a subscription yet you have to pay more money on an unsecured third party website to get the benefits of what your already paying for thru the subscription. Have it reported to be removed from play as well to my state attorney General as this is completely criminal!

  35. Jemmy Quintessen says:

    I’ve tried all of them and none give you so many advantages to meet someone up to threefun without premium fees. It’s algorithm prioritizes active users and giving you a limit of people you can swipe through actually engages you more in your choice.

  36. Robb Stroth says:

    WOW! This couple dating app works is perfect, not only for dating, but for connections with real bi friends. It is better than other tinder hookup apps

  37. Brent Satterfield says:

    The couple dating app has been a lifesaver for me! I have met so many amazing people on it that I never would have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. It is great for finding people who are serious about finding a partner, whether you are straight, gay, or bisexual. Best of all, it is free to join and use, so you have nothing to lose by signing up!

  38. Raymon Strosin says:

    Lots of bisexual people to meet, it’s an easy to use app and very tastefully done! I find other bisexual apps too complicated and not enough privacy. I would recommend this one!

  39. Sydney Leannon says:

    Amazing app, easy , and helpful.Since I joined the bisexual dating app, I have found the most amazing woman. We connect on so many levels other than just sex. We are both very happy with this arrangement.

  40. Tanisha Hickle says:

    It’s an amazing app, I love it!!!!I highly recommend this app. I have tried other bisexual dating apps, but this one is definitely the best. The user base is large and diverse, which makes it easy to find someone who fits your needs.

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