Plus Messenger Mod Apk

Plus Messenger is an UNOFFICIAL messaging app that uses Telegram's API
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December 9, 2022
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Plus Messenger Mod Apk

Plus Messenger is an unofficial messaging app that makes use of Telegram’s API.

Plus Messenger Mod Apk apk mod new

# Probably the most highest rated messaging apps on Play Retailer #
# Greater than 20 million downloads #
# Translated into greater than 20 languages #
# Many enhance teams in several languages #

Plus Messenger Mod Apk release

Plus Messenger provides some additional options to legitimate Telegram app:

Plus Messenger Mod Apk

• Separated tabs for chats: customers, teams, channels, bots, favorites, unread, admin/creator.
• Many choices to cutomize tabs.
• Multi-account (as much as 10).
• Classes. Create customized teams of chats (circle of relatives, paintings, sports activities…).
• Classes may also be stored and restored.
• Exchange default app folder.
• Other sorting strategies for chats.
• Greater restrict of pinned chats to One hundred.
• Higher favourite stickers prohibit to twenty.
• Display floating notifications when customers are online/writing.
• Make a selection all chats and follow other choices (learn, mute/unmute, archive…).
• Ahead messages with out quoting. Edit message/caption ahead of forwarding.
• Save paperwork the usage of unique identify.
• Reproduction number of textual content message.
• Set photograph high quality sooner than sending.
• Display person’s bio in chat.
• Upload time to floating date in chat.
• Get started spherical video the use of major digicam.
• Display obtain growth.
• Fast transfer between chats in the course of the fast bar.
• Display person messages and media in staff chat.
• Show/hide mute/unmute button from channels.
• Greater than 10 other bubbles and assessments designs.
• Cover cell quantity from navigation menu drawer and settings menu.
• Display username as a substitute of cellular quantity in navigation menu.
• Simply transfer to nighttime mode from navigation menu.
• Show/hide choices from navigation menu.
• Use telephone emojis.
• Use telephone font.
• Save and repair Plus settings.
• Chat counter.

Plus Messenger Mod Apk apk mod 2022

And plenty of extra choices!!

Plus Messenger Mod Apk apk mod

Channel: Beef up team:

Plus Messenger Mod Apk apk

Plus subject matters app: Telegram subject matters app:


40 comments on "Plus Messenger Mod Apk"

  1. Wildon Amette says:

    Plus Settings pages could be cleaned up or merged into main settings page. Disabling message previews doesn’t seems to work. Message preview show anyway as well as include the sender 2 times in the notification. I would like to see the plain “new telegram message” instead or otherwise have more options there. So far only minor issues here and there so for now I am interchangeably using both. Would also like to see effort in putting more than “bug fixes” as a change log

  2. Annice Bunty says:

    Wanted to post a feedback in support group but it was “disabled in my region” so here i am: in recent updates, unlike telegram, when you stream a music and it gets downloaded, you cant save it to musics folder. So all the consumed data is wasted. You gotta close the music player so it doesnt stream, close the chat and re open it to be able to download the music all over again. Unless you dont tap the play button in the first place and just download it. Please fix this🤝

  3. Janusz Chytla says:

    Was great… After update 👎.. if you back out of a PM chat instead of staying in the group tab, supergroup, PM etc it just jumbles everything together or takes you to a random tab. Then you have to either close the app to reset it or keep clicking on the tabs to get back to the right filter. Second, after the update sharing media via paperclip icon. What happened??? Instead of opening your gallery it only opens a partial window, then there’s a drop bar for folders.terrible just terrible update

  4. Xevius Gracy says:

    Plus Messenger is the best version of the Instant Messenger App Telegram! Telegram by itself is pretty amazing in my opinion, but Plus takes it to a whole new level, they add features long before Telegram does that a large majority of users indicate as important. They have added features that Telegram hasn’t even thought of yet, which give you a VAST selection of customization, from the colors of the UI (including text) to the size of the UI, and even what is shown or hidden, so it all fits you!

  5. Kamryn Ashburn says:

    It’s great, but there are some complications. When I first downloaded it (about two years ago) it was flawless. But, here we are giving it a 3 star. Over the past 4 months, it’s been getting progressively worse. Glitching in sending messages. I can’t send pictures because it doesn’t close my keyboard, I have to manually close my keyboard. There are issues with it staying connected via WiFi and Data, even calls can take a while to connect. Media DL takes way to long because of this issue as well.

  6. konoku kistune says:

    I’ve used the app for a couple years now and absolutely loved it the entire time. Now there are some bugs that are difficult to ignore, I’ll get a notification that there’s a message in a group or a private chat and when I open the app the message isn’t there, I’ll be redownloading telegram at some point soon to make sure it’s not a bigger issue with the API. Used to be 5 stars wonderful but missing messages brings it down a lot

  7. Kenzifer says:

    Most recent update broke uploading and sending of messages. Forwarding is also having issues. It can take up to an hour for a message to go through, and it’s sporadic. This is the best telegram app out there, and I hope they fix it soon… Because due to this issue, I’ve been forced to re-download and use the original telegram app.

  8. Aziza Khamidova says:

    As a person who used many versions of telegram, undoubtedly i can say plus is the best one among them. But i think programmers of Plus messanger should also update the photos which were set on Play Market coz Plus is really fast when it comes to updates and now it’s completely different and intersting compared to the photos here on Play market. So in order to gain more downloaders i think you have to remove old photos from here and gotta set the newest and current ones. Just this app is awesome

  9. Anonymous O says:

    The app was good so far but few updates later and it got sooo laggy that a picture can’t be downloaded!!! Not only that but also videos, photos, files, documents,…etc. can not be downloaded it is soo laggy. PLEASE FIX YOUR APP!!!

  10. Kitsune Baka says:

    Plus Messenger ~used to be~ a good app, and a decent alternative to regular Telegram, but recently it just hangs and glitches… It either goes to a black screen, or blurry contact icons. I’ve tried manually clearing out the cache, but still no fix. The app maker needs to fix whatever is causing the glitch.

  11. Princess says:

    Although this application has various features, it is not possible to view the files downloaded with this application using the file manager. Try to include select all option in downloads section of this application it will help us to select number of files in one tab and also include the save to download option in files section of the appplication

  12. BnQ says:

    This is a very good telegram client, much better and more convenient than the original one. However, after the latest update, Plus drains battery charge very quickly, making it very difficult to use it. UPD: After the last update, the problem was solved, thanks!

  13. Paria Abbasi says:

    I like this app, but recently about since a month ago, it has bugs in playing musics. When I’m out of this app while working with other applications, and I want to pause or play music from the status bar, it doesn’t work. So i have to go to plus messager, find the music and then pause or play it. Please fix this issue. Thanks a lot

  14. legit weaboo says:

    App freezes if you have a big media library and download more media so you have to relaunch it A LOT of times [Vanilla Tg also has this problem], which most of the time also isn’t instant. I would prefer if app could break the “Protected channels” features (they suck thanks Duric). Other than that has a few features that vanilla Tg doesn’t, some of which also HELP to work around said “protections”, but it can get on nerves once you spend a bunch of time on these cringe workarounds. Could do btr

  15. Amanuel Carlos says:

    I’m too happy for this app but sometimes one person’s created to this app account to send a message then ,he’s logout that chanal and the an other in legal person to open for he’s account how to

  16. Mr. Bek says:

    I loved this app before. But it started occupying my phone’s memory! And yesterday I had to uninstall it and tried to install again. An, Oh! What’s wrong with an interface? Before it was ok, now it’s impossible to use! Fix it back guys!

  17. Aemro Worku says:

    It keeps distorting my lists. I add some channels to favorites and it erases it by itself. I used the app for the last two years and i had to uninstall it since it is not keeping my channels as i arranged.

  18. Feruza Jomurodova says:


  19. AHMADDIAMOND7 says:

    Is it safe? Would telegram ban me if I use this recently? It’s just normal use nothing about premium. Also, plus messenger sometimes miss notifications until I open the app while I’m so sure I made it run in the background and excluded it from app freeze and other battery settings..please fix keeping telegram services alive

  20. Last & Curious says:

    Superb App! Fresh ui. Great features. Just that it automatically downloads animated stickers which take a high volume of storage.

  21. Mehdi Hassen says:

    This will nuke your mobile data even if you don’t open the app, disable background mobile data usage. I hope they didn’t clone my phone data or something similar but this app used over 3Gb in background in just two week and I never opened the app in months.

  22. cirno says:

    high resource and battery consumption causing heat (40°C), other telegram clients do not cause things like this. otherwise the functionality is alright. EDIT: poor notification customization, doesn’t support customizing through system settings, after some time it resets to its default sound. tabs randomly disappearing, requires force stop to fix it temporarily. EDIT2: notification sound changing to random sound/ringtone if same account being used on 2 phones with Plus Messenger → 1 star.

  23. Nargess M says:

    My phone isn’t so powerful and I have problem playing videos I mean about every20 sec there is a lap in video and its so nerve raking. When I try some other video players there is no prablem. Please tell me why is this happening In other things I love this app

  24. Zoo Bee says:

    Love the customization but that had now been curtailed. No way to actually restore a theme. No longer uses mp3 from your phone.

  25. Exterminator says:

    Good, but reactions bug There’s a bug where when you wanna change the reactions for your channel as an admin it doesn’t work and doesn’t register change and sometimes it crashes the app.

  26. Homa Hassanzadeh says:

    Can not access, it gas been filtered. Junk messages are coming but I can not delete and make a lot of messand noise in my phone.

  27. Victor Kyama says:

    The app has an issue in data storage.. whe i download my data I don’t find them in my telegram folder download. Please fix this. Also tye issue kn battery drainage is still there. Otherwise the app is good

  28. Mohammed Imthicaf says:

    Yo I’ve been using your client for a long time I like it very much and it’s good But after the latest update it tooks a long time for updating chats and almost impossible to use it , it takes so much time Please fix this ASAP

  29. Hamidreza Mohajer says:

    Its a good app but there is many bugs and didnt fix it after many updates!!! 1 of the bugs is when u playing a video or voice or video message after you close it the media keeps playing and u hear sound of media but there is nothing to play or cancel it u have to close app from ur opens app or app history and rerun it to fix !! 1 more bug: sometimes u recording a video message and u click on send but video message not send and freeze on the chat screen u must go out and then back to chat fix plz

  30. Павло Іваницький says:

    After last update using became terrible. 1) It log me out 2) group topics and all chats at all loads too long. I’ve installed official app to check if there will be the same, but not. Also, another problem not exectly on the last version : emoji can sometimes disappear an you should wait for ot to be loaded (not sure how it woks, but this issue only in your app)

  31. Obinna Agwu (Smasha) says:

    Version has some bug. I can’t edit my channel description. After editing the app crashes and I have to start again and still it crashes. Even when chatting, the app suddenly closes.

  32. sepehr mg says:

    I turned off automatic download for media but in the last version the last image of every chat is downloaded must be a preview of the image but opens them completely

  33. Mohammad Ansari says:

    Its a good App but recently the apearence has been changed in a bad way. it used to be easy to work with but know nothing is in the hand. Groups and people who messege you were in a different section but now everything is in one lot

  34. Vitalii Dubrovin says:

    Best telegram app, but the last update seems broke pull down access to archive. Please fix it. Updated: Reinstall solved my problem.

  35. cloud cold says:

    Latest update causes the app to lag terribly. And my phone is very quick. It was fine before the update. Fix.

  36. Josh says:

    Please I beg you make this for desktop. This app has allowed me to organize my contacts, groups, mega chats, events chats, local chats, interest groups, and friends. It allows me to keep up with the people I know and love and helps me filter through the tens of thousands of messages that I would otherwise have to look through a day. Absolutely 5 stars.

  37. Eba Tafesse says:

    Plus is becoming unimpressive since the last update; I used to hold on avatar to check unread messages and scrolling was available, but nowadays it doesn’t work like that. And It consumes a lot of data too.

  38. Yazz says:

    Add an option, when Im sending a voice messages and its uploading, the x button should not immedaitely cancel and delete the voice message, but prompt to ask me ans confirm

  39. Yahya B says:

    Excellent app. But since the last update I am having difficulty downloading media. It goes to 100% and stays there. Hope its fixed soon.

  40. Afshin Ghadernejhad says:

    I like the previous version more beacausa each calumn was specialized for channels, contacts, groups, etc. Why is this ability removed?

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