Opera browser beta with VPN Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Test drive Opera’s latest features and help build a better browser for Android.
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December 16, 2022
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Opera browser beta with VPN Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Help us take a look at our new app! We simply made a brand new Opera browser for Android, and we’d like to have you ever check out it and let us know what you assume.

Opera browser beta with VPN Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

Have an offer? Sign up for the Opera for Android workforce for dialogue at boards.opera.com. Your feedback are essential to us, and also you’ll be an important a part of ensuring this shall be certainly one of our perfect browser for Android.

Opera browser beta with VPN Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

Obtain the Opera for Android beta lately and take a look at the most recent options being advanced in particular for our maximum robust browser. Turn out to be a part of our construction procedure and provides Opera important comments to lend a hand us create the most efficient browser for high-end cellular gadgets.

Opera browser beta with VPN Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

Taking part within the beta is unfastened and open to any individual. It lets in you early get entry to to our quickest browser, designed for the most well liked Android smartphones. As with every beta, there is also some insects and widespread updates, however we inspire you to record any problems you stumble upon whilst making an attempt this model of Opera for Android.

Opera browser beta with VPN Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* release

Consult with our discussion board to take part in discussions with builders and different beta customers: http://forums.opera.com/categories/en-opera-for-android/

Opera browser beta with VPN Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

In case you have a snappy query, chances are you’ll in finding assist in our solutions to regularly requested questions at http://www.opera.com/help/mobile/android/.

Opera browser beta with VPN Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

Opera would possibly display advertisements from Fb. To be told extra, see https://m.fb.com/ads/ad_choices

Opera browser beta with VPN Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

If you’re in search of the solid, public model of the Opera browser for Android, you’ll be able to to find that at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.opera.browser.

For all of the newest information on Opera, and to interact us in a extra laid-back approach, observe us on Twitter – http://twitter.com/opera/ Fb – http://www.fb.com/opera/
Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/opera
Phrases & Prerequisites: By way of downloading this utility, you’re agreeing to the top Consumer Licence Settlement at https://www.opera.com/eula/mobile. Additionally, you’ll be able to find out how Opera handles and protects your information in our Privateness Observation at https://www.opera.com/privacy.


40 comments on "Opera browser beta with VPN Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Cassey Mickaela says:

    This is a superb browser! One of the things I like is that bookmarks and passwords can be shared with other devices using Opera beta – including PCs and Linux. Another thing that this browser does so well is wrap text. Most of the major browsers don’t do this at all, and another one that I used to use did so, but not nearly as well is op results. This really helps on a small screen like my phone, because I can increase the font to any size I need to make it more readable. It also does an excellent job of blocking advertisements, although you can white list specific websites if you wish to do so so that you can see the ads on those. With the above, and all of the configuration options Opera Beta supplies, I can’t imagine a better browser!

  2. Weddell Dimple says:

    This is exactly the same app as the regular Opera browser! I don’t know why there is a need for FOUR different Opera browsers. The other two, Touch and Mini, have slightly different features/settings but barely enough to justify having a whole separate app. The Mini version just has a screen in the settings where it’s supposed to give you a running total of how much data you’ve saved by using their app. Other than that one thing, it’s the exact same app as the normal Opera browser, as is this “beta” here.

  3. Galen Blayke says:

    I love this browser. My one wish is that it would sync the Speed Dials between all devices. The current iteration forces each device to have it’s own separate Speed Dial. Other than that it has the best over all features. One of my favorites is the reflow of text on pages that don’t allow you to reflow.

  4. Midge Thayne says:

    I downloaded the Opera browser bets.so far so good. I was able to move it to the SD card. when I try to use it after that it said if you want to run Opera you need more space. so I have recreated the situation you just went through. I moved it back to the phone and it works again. I will just keep it on the phone till you fix that issue, if it can be fixed. I like the speed dial and the VPN both nice features. I’ve recreated the same situation on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

  5. Edwaldo Fawn says:

    Love it overall. One improvement point would be when adding a webpage from the browser to my phone’s home screen. When clicking on the web page icon on the home screen, it would be preferable if it were to take me to the tab thay has the website already running instead of opening a new tab every time.

  6. Cendy Lea says:

    Best in class UI ~ I love the easily customizable speed dial! Night mode works so well that I don’t feel the need for my usual extension that handles that on other browsers. The only browser that supports crypto wallets so far. Not even Brave does that yet. The built-in adblocker does alright but it’s slightly worse than Brave’s shield, which itself is terrible compared to uBlock Origin. This browser feels very user-friendly. I’d recommend tweaking the settings for privacy but overall 8.7/10.

  7. G G says:

    Great browser with clean, simple user interface and many options but sadly it has one crippling flaw and that’s the fact that saving files, particularly images, becomes a slow process when you have several tabs open. This isn’t an issue in Chrome or most other browsers so I think it should be something that is fixed. Perhaps making whether you get the save file Xyz location prompt an option that can be turned off would fix it. Other than that Opera is a 5 star app to me and I highly recommend

  8. John M says:

    Opera Beta has been my favorite browser for Android. With the latest release, there have been menu changes. The changes are easy enough to navigate. Something new that I like is the ability to customize what data is cleared when exiting. The reason for my low rating is that the browser does not exit when selecting the exit button. I have to manually clear data and use Android to close all windows. Fix the exit issue, and Opera will be a superb browser.

  9. Clairsimei Watson says:

    The latest settings page at the bottom; where do you think people scroll from? Can you get anymore user unfriendly? Ad blocker doesn’t always work. Improvements I’d like to see are good image quality & real search engine choices besides the 4. Love the way the tabs are presented in mobile and the option to move from mobile to desktop. There are too many opera browsers, the best of each should be put into one. An easy to use browser, but I am searching for a browser with search engine choices.

  10. Chris Friesen says:

    Hate this! Was happy with this until I loaded the last update. Wish hadn’t, suddenly 75% of my downloads done were kicked out and I didn’t know it until this afternoon when it was too late to recreate everything. The other thing that drives me crazy is the steps I have to take to get to my password manager in Google. I will be uninstalling this, as it is buggy. On the flip side it does have some nice features like this your icons of your favorites all on one page.

  11. L L says:

    I have been a user for a long time now and you have reached the point of perfection with opera on android!! Nothing even comes close everything is buttery smooth and extremely intuitive!! My only suggestion is to make the Ad-Block stronger with different filters you can choose from. Please avoid any unnecessary touch gestures like the ios version and please leave us the full opera experience you only need small incremental improvements at this point. Thank you for such a wonderful browser!!

  12. Micaellano Eric says:

    The data saving disrupt my custom dns feature. I would like to request an auto scroll feature with it’s speed setting for reading purpose. I don’t like the slide to delete bookmarks feature because android these days use gesture corner slide to back the menu.

  13. Bellied MikoNyan DC says:

    Translation is very cool, but add features to translate via Google translate and “detected languages” (and there is also on the opera desktop). Then add the tab group feature, block pop-up ads, and improve the download feature, because when downloading there are always network problems. Thank you

  14. Leszek Janiszewski says:

    Revising my review after Opera finally added flow. It’s the best browser hands down, just don’t get how they needed so much time to implement flow into it? They created stupid Opera touch faster than they added Flow into this one… The hell? //E:Changing my 5 star rating to 4 stars, because wherever I pick a picture or link and choose “share” I can share to Whatsapp, Facebook, drive, whatever app I like, but there’s no “send to Flow” option. Would be a life saver. E: 3 stars – no duplicate tab.

  15. DMITRY Dmitry says:

    Great browser but i have one complaint though. Opera doesn’t save the last page, so when you hop from opera to another app and then come back to it, the last page you used is not there anymore and the app jumped forward. So you have to press the “back” button and if you were in the middle of a long page then it’s lost and you have to scroll down thru it again.

  16. Poisy says:

    I have no idea how this app is even beta and not alpha. I literally can’t use Google search engine because a popup dialog where they ask for my location appears and I can’t click on anything. Please fix the most obvious bugs before puting it in the play store.

  17. frank p says:

    I used to love this app two months ago giving it 4⭐. Now it deserves Zero maybe 1 if that. What happened from the last update. This new one I can’t even customize my own news interests, I constantly have to remove the same news area/articles that keeps showing up right after I imputed the request. Nothing changes. The same areas of articles keeps coming up on my news feed just right after I keep inputting the request to Stop feeding them to me. Please fix, gets very frustrating on it.

  18. Lipu Lipu says:

    It’s very good browsing aap thank u opera browser beta try some new exacting features. How can YouTube video full screen.

  19. Samson Orr says:

    Nice app. My only suggestion as of now is, even though it “slows down my connection” let me have data saving and vpn on at the same time.

  20. Adam Maher says:

    If you buy the VPN on this it doesn’t seem to transfer to the standard opera browser even though you’re signed in ect

  21. Tara Crowley says:

    It works; that’s rare these days. It looks nice; also rare these days. Still exploring the VPN. Easy to switch the default search engine. Customizing the wallpaper was a nice surprise treat. Cons: None found yet.

  22. cenzor cenzor says:

    app keeps on crashing, and is very slow and freezing constantly after last 2 updates ..horrible

  23. _CR4SH says:

    The last update made the browser unusable, freezes and lags a lot. Can’t have more than 2 tabs open the browser will become unresponsive and have to reopen it again.

  24. Nara Krisna says:

    Many years I have no problem with this opera version, run perfect and smooth. But after the latest update it’s often freeeezeee. Please fix it, thank you

  25. Zher Wen says:

    I have updated to the latest version. Will see if the problems are resolved. I also have the same issue as others…severe lag and freezing in the latest version. And here is my previous comment/review which has been ignored: Please remove the “customize homepage” icon from the homepage, or at least move it to the side of the search bar…..(deleted due to word limit)

  26. Percy Broadnax says:

    Was great until today’s update… Links for Tumblr sites now open in the Tumblr app, instead of opening in the browser and I cannot find the toggle (option) to change it.

  27. Bhuvana Padai says:

    Best browsing, speed reached websites But Not download Torrent files… Fix the utorrnt file download .. Else also very Best browser always… !

  28. Ayush Dudheria says:

    Probably the best browser available for Android. Very smooth and inbuilt VPN plugin is a great addition!

  29. F.M Knapp says:

    I have been impressed so far. This browser coupled with the DuckDuckGo search engine has been amazing!

  30. D'arlene Eisenhower says:

    Thank you for fixing the issue! Rating adjusted!! Older review: I was so happy with the last version of this browser. Then the update on 10.6.22 killed it and that’s not a compliment. The browser either immediately crashes or freezes solid and is unusable. A warning comes up saying the app is not responding. I hope the issue is fixed soon. It was my most used & favorite browser.

  31. VANOLA KARIEN says:

    My Favorite Browser for the most part. Love the improvement over the years, y’all keep up the Great work.

  32. SAYANTAN SAHU says:

    Using internet on Mobile Phone since a decade ago (2012) … Being honest Microsoft Edge (formerly known as Internet Explorer) was my favourite. And never thought Opera as a good browser cause’ they push too much of useless notification…so you’ll not such a useless app. I’ve used Opera once in last then it was great but not polished as Edge or Chrome. But right now the Most Practical browser is undoubtedly the OPERA. Fastest internet bandwidth, lowest latency,ad blocker. And VPN in-built!!

  33. Kira 930 says:

    Since a few app updates ago I can’t get rid of some speed dial entries from my home page even though I keep erasing them, it’s soo annoying and I don’t understand why they keep popping in my home page when I didn’t put them there or even visit those sites, this issue happens mostly with Amazon speed dial entry, online site that I don’t use

  34. The Superman says:

    Working ok, but not able to block facebook adds☹️, no addon support is another problem. Please add external download manager support and video download support from social sites

  35. Mike Cummings says:

    Was great, now POS! Frequent crashes, memory hog, scrambles passwords, can’t download site/passwords, support is non-existent, sync doesn’t work. Gets worse with each update!!! Wait until you login to a site in the morning, then again in the afternoon, only to find your password is no longer valid!

  36. John DiSciullo says:

    Works great so far. No more ads, especially on YouTube. YouTube was practically unwatchable with all the ads they put but with the blocker, they’re gone!

  37. Be Be says:

    Everything’s perfect except the fact that it has to start downloading a file all over again after it says failed instead of just continuing from where it stopped after retrying the download

  38. Aswin says:

    One of the best browsers out there. With the inbuilt VPN it’s just awesome. The night mode, text wrapping, ad blockers and all the other stuff makes it the perfect browser to use.

  39. Worthing Lunglo says:

    Please add transparency for taskbars and add full screen mode. The app is consuming data in the background. My daily data limit got over because I just left it on. I didn’t even open opera in the background but when I checked the data usage history it was opera beta. It used up 2 GB away, I don’t know what it is doing in the background.

  40. Taylor C. says:

    So far the only thing I don’t like is the lack of being able to resume a download if interrupted. Which is a common problem in the countryside.

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