Neveo – Family Photo Album Premium Apk


Create a printed photo album and send it to a family member.
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October 25, 2022
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Neveo – Family Photo Album Premium Apk

• You create – You and different members of the family add your footage out of your telephone.
• We print – On the finish of the month, Neveo presentations the pictures on a web page in a stupendous photograph magazine that we print out and ship.
• We ship – A couple of days later, your grandparents will obtain the picture magazine containing all of your published reminiscences!

Neveo – Circle of relatives Picture Album Top rate Apk release

THE WAY TO CREATE YOUR FIRST PICTURE MAGAZINE • Obtain the applying, create your account and select the plan that fits you very best.
• Add your pictures. You will have till the closing day of the month so as to add extra pictures.
• Upload descriptions. This isn’t necessary but it surely at all times makes the revel in extra consumer pleasant!
• Invite your circle of relatives to participate. Brothers, sisters, family members, and so forth. In brief, everybody who has great footage so as to add.
• That’s it!

Neveo – Circle of relatives Photograph Album Top rate Apk

At Neveo, we imagine the photograph is still a great technique to take care of circle of relatives bonds. The evidence is that all of us like to leaf thru our circle of relatives picture albums and recall our fond recollections. However we additionally know that our day by day actions don’t all the time depart us with sufficient time to proportion pictures of our youngsters and holidays with grandparents.

Neveo – Circle of relatives Picture Album Top class Apk apk mod

• Pace – It handiest takes a couple of mins a month to create your photograph magazine: regardless of the layout, all it’s a must to do is add your pictures. And even though you don’t have the time to put in writing a little bit be aware, that’s ok, the structure remains to be great.
• Ease – Our software is in reality simple to make use of, no use for in-depth formatting wisdom! We designed an utility this is each intuitive and simple to make use of.
• High quality – The picture magazine is outlined on prime quality paper in order that your pictures glance as excellent as conceivable.
• No legal responsibility – Do you now not want to ship grandparents a photograph magazine? No drawback: you’ll be able to prevent your subscription at any time.
• Inexperienced – For every subscription, we plant a tree in collaboration with the NGO Graine de Vie.

Neveo – Circle of relatives Photograph Album Top class Apk apk

WHO’RE WE? We’re a tender and enthusiastic crew who wish to put the grandparents on the center in their households. This undertaking has motivated us since 2016 and we are hoping it’s going to permit many youngsters and grandchildren to beef up the bond with grandparents.

Neveo – Circle of relatives Picture Album Top class Apk apk mod 2022


Neveo – Circle of relatives Photograph Album Top rate Apk mod apk

Wish to know extra? Talk over with our site at or apply us on Fb and Instagram to find some nice circle of relatives tales.


40 comments on "Neveo – Family Photo Album Premium Apk"

  1. Dagian Alwyn says:

    Love how simple it is, but it would be nice if there were options (even if for extra fees) to adjust layout, or select cover images. My family members *love* receiving this update each month, and I love that I never have to remember to send it!

  2. Holofernes Eryl says:

    LOVE THIS!! This company is AWESOME!! I entered my address wrong so I didn’t get my photo book, when I e mailed them they immediately reprinted and sent me another one. It took awhile for me to receive that one (my little post office fault) I called to cancel and they did not hagle me or give me a hard time at all. They have always been very kind and tried to work with me. I am now ordering one for each of my parents and my husband’s parents! Highly recommend doing this!

  3. Shandy Hadrian says:

    It’s a fantastic idea and I look forward to using it in the future. My problem is that the app itself isn’t too great. Buttons often don’t work, the swap function, if you want to move your pictures is quite odd and you can’t even crop the pictures or choose which folder to search. You just get all your pictures and have to search through the bulk. If they can fix that, I’d be more than happy!

  4. Tarleton Mykaela says:

    I really love this application… It’s a superbe idea. My grandmother just collect every album is sent as I live in indonesia. Every morning she read them and it give her so much happiness that she got good health and good vibes in her life. She can see where I live, what I live. Thank you very much for this app and keep going 🙂

  5. Cerella Anjanette says:

    Love the idea and I’m gonna tough it out no matter what I think but the app is crashing every time I save a description. It does save it in but I have to reopen the app to do another because it either goes white screen after I push save or it closes altogether

  6. Sandee Jodee says:

    Great ideal but extremely glitchy app. I tried to talk to customer service and they were very unhelpful. I got the feeling there was a language barrier. Edit: I upgraded from a two to a four because there have been some improvements with updates to the app.

  7. Ripley Chris says:

    This has been the perfect way to share special moments with my Grandparents. Living so far from them makes it hard to share these moments with them. There monthly magazine has made them so happy. I love that I can write a little message beside each photo.

  8. Toriana Sinley says:

    I have erased and reinstalled various times and set up the account, I haven’t been able to enter. When I click sign in it changes to sign up and vice versa

  9. Lanna Rachelann says:

    Family simply love receiving their book. The subscription cost is very reasonable as well. It is so easy to upload photos directly from your phone, add a comment and they do the rest. I really enjoy how they allow you to invite other family members so they can add photos too into the album.

  10. Allicyn Crespin says:

    I just love it! I share an account with my cousins and every month our grandparents are delighted to receive our photos. Simple, quick, with friendly reminder to upload photos, and a nice team answering promptly if there is any question or issue.

  11. Jeovanna Raynell says:

    We love this service, our grandparents are so excited to receive their book every month. The app is a little clunky though. The best change they could make would be to add Neveo to the ‘share to’ menu so I can take a photo, click share and add it. An issue I have at the moment is that as soon as Google uploads a photo to the cloud and removes it from my phone Neveo can’t see it. So every so often I have to go through my photos, re-download the ones I want to add and then find them via the app.

  12. Allanah Erwin says:

    the most awful experience ever I tried it for the month tried to cancel I keep canceling they keep charging me every single month I cancelled in November and I get charged every month there’s no number to contact them at I email them constantly this app is completely ridiculous do not do it because they’ll steal from you. I have emailed them over and over and over again save your hard-earned money and make Grandma your paper photo book yourself seriously

  13. Jonita Osmin says:

    so far i like it. i just wish the person who created it can edit things… like deleted pictures they dont want on it… or add comments to pictures the didnt upload. my family is not tech savvy and upload blurry pictures then cant figure out how to delete them. maybe in the next upgrade?!?!

  14. Pollyanna Jeffry says:

    In what language do I have to speak to get through your thick heads that I want to cancel my subscription. I saw that it was 1.99 so I paid 1.99 and then wqs told I have to pay another 14.99 to get my first album and then be charged every month 14.99. If I wqs told qt the start album is 14.99 I would have bought it.. but don’t advertise for one price and charge another! I asked 10 times to cancel my subscription AND I KEEP GETTING CHARGED! SCAM, YOU ARE ALL WARNED.

  15. Reyburn Avelina says:

    Highly dissapointed with the very first order with it. I never got my order for which I have already paid and sent n numbers of email but they never resolve this. I provided my complete address many times but they never sent me the pictures. instead of resolving my issue they continued to asking money for next month. I could have uninstalled it earlier but still hoping if they will send my order for which I already have paid. ZERO STAR FOR NEVEO

  16. Ruadson Quinterion says:

    So the ad lies there is a commitment as soon as you give them your card they charge you monthly EVEN if you dont pick ANY photos for an album. The product itself is great but I suggest going through a different place to do it. I tried to cancel it all they did was suggest asking for a refund EVERY MONTH I dont print out an album. There is no way to cancel the subscription even though it says cancel anytime…. Very irritating!!!

  17. Lavender Cissie says:

    I made one for my grandparents. It came out really nice! Don’t hold back on story telling, and place your pictures in order of appearance, then tell the story that way. That would be my only advice to utilize this well made, sturdy, family magazine . It really was cool.

  18. Amory Winsor says:

    You set up your account on your smartphone but are not able to make any changes to your subscription or payment methods without a desktop. What’s the point in allowing someone to set it up if you’re not going to allow them to manage the account on the same device? They claim they can’t stop payments if you don’t have any pictures that month but will refund you. That means you can be charged $30 every time they charge your card if you don’t have money in the account, even for emergencies.

  19. Eadlyn Harlen says:

    Great concept and nice UI but the app keeps crashing everytime I try to upload photos…even for one photo. Impossible to use the app unfortunately. Used on android. Please fix the issue.

  20. Christoforus Wulfric says:

    unable to cancel subscription I’ve been trying to cancel my subscription for MONTHS now with no success. I’ve never actually ordered anything and tried to cancel my subscription about a week after I installed it. I’ve tried calling customer service to no avail. I’m beyond aggravated. I’d give zero stars if it were an option!

  21. Cony Mya says:

    I am supposed to be allowed to upload up to 50 photos, but it won’t let me upload more than 29. The app is still showing in the top right hand corner that I should have 21 photos left available to add to the album.. yet it wont let me…what’s happening?

  22. Carmel Jeraldine says:

    NIGHTMARE…DO NOT “SUBSCRIBE”!!! Several emails and 2 fraud investigations later, they STILL charged my bank today!!! I have never used them and don’t even understand how they can charge my account when I’ve never authorized anything. Fortunately my bank has had issues with them before and they do reverse the fraudulent charges (eventually) but this company is a scam and impossible to communicate with….as in CANCEL whatever it is that they “sell”. Avoid at all cost…literally! 🤬

  23. Abbagail Angelelee says:

    Its really too bad, but I had to cancel. Really Nice idea, but no option for picking a certain schedule, like every month is too much and way too expensive. It should let you pickout a plan that allows a few times a year or pick and choose the frequency, but every month is really too much. what if you have no new pictures one month? you pay for nothing? Great concept but not practical.

  24. Delevan Vinnie says:

    It was ok and I loved it to begin with, but there is no Physical way to cancel the subscription (I’ve been trying since Feb) and I keep being charged 9.99 a month with no way to achieve a refund for the months I have been charged for, this has completely made me aggrovated with this app and lack of help from their non-existent customer services team.

  25. Edena Kadia says:

    So, I am a bit torn regarding this app. The person who received it (my dad) was really happy not only with the content but also with the quality. To be honest as a user it often sucks! At times it takes ages to upload photos and sometimes, like eg today it seems it’s going to upload the photos but the nothing happens, which is very annoying as I ended up wasting time and getting very irritated as it’s the last day before the album is ‘sealed ‘

  26. Marjolaine Astrin says:

    Do not use!!!!! I tried to use this, was told my photos were sent and they never even did, only used it once and they have taken nearly 100 pound from my account and i cant stop the payments, even though i have told the company to stop they wont. Steer well clear!!!!!!!

  27. Cardyn Janel says:

    Amazing idea, and the practical side of things works very well! My grandma has received every album, they’re nice quality and it always arrives on time. But the website and app are terrible! They’re slow, they sometimes don’t save the changes you make, change order of photos (so have to rearrange them manually), rotate some photos for no reason etc… Please work on it. Could be a fantastic app/website! 🙂

  28. Loren Maggy says:

    Love the app. Doesn’t seem to work so well on my new Oppo phone though. I have a subscription but I still get notifications to by a subscription or photos won’t be sent – I still get charged though. Also with oppo the photos get rolled over to the next month. I find I need to go onto the website with my laptop to manage it

  29. Aldwin Medyr says:

    First of all you’re charging me for this and I’ve never once used it. Second of all I never remember signing up. Third, when I go into the app it makes me rate and won’t go past that screen. if it’s not fixed and I don’t get my photo albums that I’ve paid for, I’m going to dispute the charges. Is completely useless if you can’t even open the app to get your pictures in book

  30. Brandeanna Sherie says:

    I love this! My grandma lives in Canada and doesn’t use the internet or have a smartphone, so I wasn’t able to easily share pictures with her. This makes it do easy! And she raves about it. It’s better than just sending pictures because the captions make the pics more interesting. I’ve been using this for the past year and can’t say enough good things! Just remember to add your pics by the end if the month! Only thing I wish is that I could easily make an exact copy to send to myself.

  31. Saylor Josie says:

    Easy to use. My nan and gramps got their journal today and we’re so happy with it. Hey have been in self isolation for 5 weeks now, they have no Internet access and have been unable to see their grandchildren and great grandchildren, so this has really boosted their spirits. I will definitely recommend and will definitely be using it again. Thank you for keeping us connected .

  32. Sunniva Rachelann says:

    I’m not satisfied with this company charging me even if there is no album created and they do it every month. It’s impossible to cancel subscription from app the only way is to do it on website. Very disappointed!

  33. Dryden Antuan says:

    The idea is super. The app and composing an album, using maybe even a pic from a past month/album is impossible. And I don’t know where to cancel my account everything is quite confusing. It is a pity, because my grandma hasn’t Internet right now and due the covid she can’t see my daughter pictures of her growing up. Edit: you said unsubscribe. I still didn’t activate a plan BUT I want cancel my account. And it is not possible 🙂 that’s even worse.

  34. Ridley Edison says:

    Such a perfect gift! I love this app. So easy to use, the journal looks great and my mother absolutely loves it! She is so excited to receive it. It really warmed my heart how touched she was. It also helped me be sure to document the everyday which was fun for us too. Worth it!

  35. Ksenia Tauroa says:

    Great idea but a few app features are quite clunky. App can’t access Google photo images past a day which is a little unhelpful. Other features take a little while to respond. Just needs a bit of tweeking and then i think it will be perfect.

  36. Phil cos says:

    Everytime I want to upload pictures from my phone, I’m stuck with the message that I need to install the app. I finally did, and it’s bad. I tried to upload three pictures. It was showing one in double in the journal, but when I open it it’s the good one. I hope it will print the good one. Then the App says to transform the picture from portrait to square. It’s impossible to adjust the square size or position. Finally, we can’t see what we write.

  37. Exauss says:

    Very good idea of app which allows people without computers can see beautiful family moments. Just some bugs like the cropping of some pictures shows black margins on the edges. Also my profile picture refuses to be changed. Keep up with the good work!

  38. Samiam C says:

    Originally I loved loved loved this book. Great grandma can keep up with us no matter where we are without having to learn new technology. She loved it and absolutely cherished it EVERY SINGLE MONTH. She has passed on to the other side. I tried to cancel and there is no number to call only a ticket center. I put in a ticket. The customer services removed ME from the magazine and now I can no longer access my archives. Still not canceled they assigned new owner and continue to charge me!

  39. Lucas Stutz says:

    As over users have described, service is great, however the app is not. Just updated and instantly it broke. I’ll delete and redownload however this means I’ll have to get sent a invitation from my family again. Luckely they still love me so that shouldn’t be to much of a problem but I shouldn’t have to do this from an update… It’s suppose to upgrade not downgrade… *Gone down a star, reinstalled and same crashing is occurring…

  40. Allicia B says:

    I absolutely loved this app, for years, literally years but the last 4 months I’ve been unable to add photos to my gran’s journal. This month I’d decided enough was enough and cancelled my subscription. It’s such a shame as it was a fabulous idea and a real niche product. My gran will miss her journals too as she always looked forward to them. To give them credit, neveo have refunded the last 4 months of my payments which is great. Honestly though, I’d rather they just sorted it !!

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