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See balance, manage account, buy any Cell Plan or Pay As You Go & call over WiFi
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November 15, 2022
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My Tello Premium Apk

Say hi with the “My Tello” app! You’ll have your account main points at your fingertips, see your last steadiness, test charges for any vacation spot or to find solutions in your questions.
Use the app in the united states whilst attached to the Tello community or over WiFi. When travelling in US or out of the country name over WiFi the use of the similar steadiness. This manner you’ll be able to nonetheless raise your telephone quantity anyplace on the planet and revel in the similar low prices.

My Tello Top rate Apk mod apk

Obtain the “My Tello” app without cost and:
• Test the stability for your whole Tello merchandise: Plans and Prepaid • Get started calling in the united states and in a foreign country over WiFi on the similar prices • Order any plan or upgrade/downgrade your current plan
• Recharge secure and simple or arrange Auto Recharge to keep away from operating out of credit score • Arrange your account at a look • View your Tello expenses & utilization historical past
• Touch Customer Support immediately from the app

My Tello Top class Apk apk mod new

Simple to make use of:
1. Obtain the “My Tello” app without spending a dime 2. Log in together with your Tello telephone quantity and site password
Three. Get direct get entry to for your telephone contacts
Four. Get started calling over WiFi
Five. Run the “My Tello” app on more than one gadgets without delay

My Tello Top rate Apk

No longer a consumer but?
If you’re new to Tello, it is very important order a telephone or deliver your personal tool at: As a Tello buyer you’re going to get:
• Pay as you go provider, no contract dedication, natural freedom
• Flexibility to construct Your Personal Plan beginning at $5
• Lowest Prepaid charges for global calls and texts
• The technique to stay your previous telephone quantity & mobile phone • National protection • 24/7 Customer Support through e mail & telephone
• The similar prices and the similar telephone quantity when calling over WiFi
• Limitless 2G information, after you’ve used your LTE information • Knowledge tethering throughout your entire gadgets totally free

My Tello Top class Apk apk mod

*We worth your opinion. Please tell us for those who like our app!

My Tello Top class Apk apk

Having problems with the My Tello utility? Please electronic mail us at [email protected]


40 comments on "My Tello Premium Apk"

  1. Kadian Kraig says:

    I love Tello! Their prices are unbeatable, they have REAL customer service, and their app is super easy to use. After about a year with them, their pricing changed and my monthly costs DROPPED! That never happens. If you live rural, data and MMS isn’t always great, but for the price, you can’t beat Tello. 100% recommend.

  2. Caron Smyth says:

    Tello is awesome!! I can’t tell you how much better it is than everybody else. Cheap prices, customizable plans, and reliable service & data that I can use with my other devices when there’s no Wifi through the hotspot function… and they don’t charge you extra for it!!! Can’t say enough about how much I love their service & options. Plus I’m saving almost $20 each month since I switched from StraightTalk who blocks tethering and doesn’t let you customize your coverage on the fly!

  3. Wyn Med says:

    None of the reviewers seem to mention 2 critical points that make their lowest end plans (eg. 100mins per month) next to useless. Point 1: they round off the seconds to the nearest higher minute. So if you have a 10 second call, it will be rounded off to 1 minute. And point 2: the most critical one, they count even incoming calls. If you pick up sales call by accident and immediately cut it off, you lose a minute. I haven’t heard of incoming calls being charged for since the 1990s!

  4. John T King says:

    Can’t log on using phone number and password. When requesting one time password it does allow me to log on. After entering number to call then hitting the dail button it flashes to the calling screen and quickly goes back to the keypad screen, that’s all it will do. It never calls a number. Update: I see they updated the app. Still doesn’t work. Won’t make a call. Useless.

  5. Janelle M Medina says:

    I have just recently signed up with Tello around 3 months ago. I recieve really decent service for the majority time of my usage throughout the month. There are some areas where i can not use my phones data, and need to switch onto a wi-fi connection. Some contacts have stated my end on calls can be choppy if i am in my basement area. Otherwise i recieve my service, for a great minimal price, & had a quick start up! What is even more catchy is that you get to choose ur plan and its cost’s!

  6. Kelly Burns says:

    Would be a fine app if there was a way to change your billing options from the app. I added a credit card and they still used PayPal for payment and there is no way to remove PayPal as a payment. There is no way to say that the credit card is the preferred payment option. Resulting in a $10 plan costing me $40 due to bank fees.

  7. LS B says:

    For a casual user with changing needs, Tello is amazing to me in the way that one can custom tailor the plan and adjust it as needed; essentially “Have it your way”. I am a tough critic to please and it is rare that I find products where attention to detail allows the product to adjust to the varying needs of different people, is full-featured and with good customer service. I’m impressed beyond my ability to describe, thank you Tello!!! (This review is more for Tello mobile than the app)

  8. Jenny Jenny says:

    So far, I love my Tello service. The app is easy to use. Everything is designed to make the customer experience convenient and helpful. Great app layout. No frills. No nonsense. I am happy with the speed so far. Very easy to change to Tello with your own phone number. I’ve switched from Boost Mobile and I will not go back. I promise. Thank you so much.

  9. Michele DeSouto says:

    Seamless Port In. In app questions/customer service with immediate response sent to your email. I had Keep Calling/Aloespaña for years to call overseas when WhatsApp had issues. So switching to Tello was a no brainer. Cheap Customizable plans. We’ll see how the phone functions on WiFi in Europe, but I anticipate no problems. Thanks Tello!

  10. AndrewAugusta says:

    Coverage is good. Switched from Mint and the coverage is actually better with Tello. App is. App is fine. Only thing haven’t liked is the referral deal. Can only use the Tello dollars you get from a referral code if it covers your whole purchase. I thought that I was going to get $10 off my second month, but I won’t.

  11. Stephen L says:

    I’ve been with Tello over 4 years and I’m generally satisfied. Customer service is normally very good. Better to call them versus emailing though as you’re likely to get faster help. Sadly the switch to TMobile has resulted in much worse signal strength where I travel in NC, the Raleigh/Durham and Asheville area. Sprint signal was better. The app will no longer function if you’re on wifi. Begins loading and then goes to a black screen and stops there. Disconnect wifi and it works.

  12. Viper Hr says:

    It is an ok app but design is pretty much of err…what 2008 year…get better UI for better UX. Also messaging should be added to the app not just calls ,would be nice to get incoming calls not just to place outgoing call on the app or at least to get a notification on the app if someone tried to call you while you had no reception. Shouldnt be hard for keepcalling company…

  13. David Lang says:

    I give it 5 stars for the price, that part can’t be beat. T Mobile is the carrier and lacks greatly in coverage. I have a 5g Motorola G Stylus but I can’t use it on 5g. When Tello used Sprint as a carrier, coverage was great but when T Mobile took over, bah. They say you can consolidate the bills but you can’t, you have to have a separate email for each line and there is a separate billing date for each line. But 2 lines at $24 a month can’t be beat!

  14. Todd Crenshaw ( says:

    Works well. Provides the information I need. Not great but plenty good enough. I read some of the poor reviews, either these people have no clue or they want the world for a dollar. The same goes for the plans. I cut my phone bill from AT&T by $80 a month with no loss of service or function. The sim arrived in 3 days, I installed it in my l, 5 minutes later I made calls. Ten minutes and my AT&T number was ported. Voicemail followed a few minutes later. No issues at all. Working like a champ.

  15. Neha says:

    So many unwanted robocalls, spam calls, spam messages after switching to tello … Plans are good but spam calls are a worry …☹☹

  16. David C says:

    Hello is a great phone service a lot better price than all the rest of the companies out there I believe they will take over the industry for as prepaid goals

  17. Bill Parenti says:

    Works great very reasonable price for unlimited data and phone service

  18. Marino Mura says:

    Incredible App, Amazing clarity on international calls. Wish I had this years ago, thank you tello!

  19. TD Garber says:

    Needs visual voicemail. Otherwise the app does what is supposed to. The service is another story. For the Note 20 Ultra the phone service essentially doesn’t work. They told me the phone was compatible then when it won’t ring and dial out takes 30 seconds they told me I’m not compatible.

  20. DB says:

    Can’t log into this app- server can’t be reached. Can’t log into the Tello website, either. I’m out of minutes and now out of luck, too, with Tello. :/

  21. venkatesh a says:

    You can never login. Login system is messed up in this app.

  22. Adrian Horn says:

    I cant be more pleased. I wasnt Receiving text from my previous provider but they figured out they (Verizon) was keeping my old number hostage.

  23. Don says:

    app is easy to use, works well, phone service is great

  24. Pat Kat says:

    So far tello is good, but the app is useless, i have 5 lines and only shows 1, and useless info… Tello fix this useless app

  25. Nickopedia1 says:

    Just completed my first month on the Tello unlimited plan. Honestly, this is the best T-Mobile (MVNO) reseller I’ve used thus far. No games, no data throttling or limits on data use for tethering, etc. This is exactly the type of no-nonsense, basic, and reliable company I like doing business with. The app provides all the functions and does so without any fuss, surprises, or errors like many others I’ve tried. Keep up the good work Tello!

  26. Josh Farley says:

    Tello Is Great I Highly Recommend Them! Me And My Mom Both Switched To Tello After Being With Metro By T-Mobile For Years And They Both Use The Same Tower’s As T-Mobile But Tello Has Better And Cheaper Plans And They Also Let You Pay With PayPal While Metro By T-Mobile Doesn’t. The Reason I Only Give 2 Stars Is Because This App Is Laid Out Terribly And The UI Definitely Isn’t The Best It Gets It Done But It Definitely Needs A Major Overhaul And If That Happens Then I’ll Rate It 5 Stars.

  27. Mehrab Dastoor says:

    The money it costs is worth it, but the call quality could be better. The cell service portion is administered by T mobile where we live, and can be spotty and slow….on the flip side it is pay as you go, and a $0.02c / Mb of data and $0.01c/ min calling to Canada and Mexico. Worth it so far for me.

  28. Gabor Hetyei says:

    I am trying to change my payment method. Can not be done on PC, nor on IOS, only using Android. After the 5th try to log in (the SMS would not arrive) I was able to add the new card number, but unable to remove the old one.

  29. D B says:

    I pay for pure data, not Hollywood entertainment subsidies. The hotspotting of data is a pleasure. A 4* because logon to Tellow is a glitchy hassle for me. So to finding the new sd card purchase webpage. Thank you Tello.

  30. Durval Souza says:

    The worst carrier in US, don’t install, don’t use, the carrier simples don’t works.

  31. Chris Han says:

    customer service excellet but 4G LTE reception is just horrible anywhere inside and it is slow( feels like 3.5G speed)

  32. Myron Abolitz says:

    I am happy with tello service but the app is complete garbage. If you manage to log in it crashes instantly. Worthless.

  33. Edy says:

    it’s a wee bit behind so you have to pause between interactions but otherwise I’m very happy with the app!

  34. Sarah Harber says:

    The service is very affordable. I just wish I could receive calls over the app via WiFi. I don’t have good cell service at my home.

  35. Paul Weissleder says:

    Once I realized how quickly I can log into my account and alternatively see all the usage in detail and manage plans for all of our lines, I rate TELLO 6 stars. THE MAIN REASON I LEFT OUR PREVIOUS CARRIER WAS THAT AFTER A TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE INTRODUCTORY OFFER, BOOST MOBILE LOCKED ME INTO A PLAN I DIDN’T WANT, COULD NOT CHANGE AND HELD MY CREDIT CARD HOSTAGE UNTIL I SWITCHED TO TELLO

  36. AE says:

    Wasn’t sure about it at first. I was looking for a cheap plan to save money. Happily surprised. I’ve had no problems with this company. No problems with my service. I recommend other people, I guess they like paying more getting less. I’m in NYC getting more for less seems normal, doesn’t have to be. Make the switch, no contract, no harm no foul don’t like saving money, switch back. Good luck

  37. Terry Reed says:

    Phone service is inexpensive, gives me what i need. Mvno on t-mobile. T-mobile does not have as comprehensive coverage in my area but its less than half what i have paid with cricket and verizon.

  38. Akber Alwani says:

    App is working perfectly, and show real-time call history and data utilization

  39. Jenna B. (strawbarry_13) says:

    So I came from the train-wreck known as Republic Wireless and something they had on their old app was wi-fi turn-on reminders. Sometimes I turn my wi-fi off and I forget to turn it back on. I’d love to see some kind of reminder feature! Also a widget that shows how much data is left would be helpful. Again though I’m coming from a once-successful Republic Wireless who once had similar features. Overall this app is handy when I want to change plans or see how much data I have.

  40. Thrillhelm says:

    I wasn’t expecting a full call and messaging suite. But I’m docking points for no dark mode. You know better. OLED is king.

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