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LINE: Calls & Messages Mod Apk

LINE is remodeling the way in which other people keep up a correspondence, final the gap between circle of relatives, pals, and beloved ones—for unfastened. With voice and video calls, messages, and a countless number of thrilling stickers, you’ll be capable of specific your self in ways in which you by no means concept imaginable. LINE is to be had everywhere the arena on cell, desktop, and Put on OS units.

LINE: Calls & Messages Mod Apk

◆ Messages, voice calls, and video calls. Experience voice and video calls and exchanging messages together with your LINE pals.

LINE: Calls & Messages Mod Apk apk mod 2022

◆ LINE stickers, emoji, and issues Specific your self simply the best way you need with stickers and emoji. Additionally, in finding your favourite subject matters to customise your LINE app.

LINE: Calls & Messages Mod Apk apk mod new

◆ House Offers you simple get entry to for your pals listing, birthdays, the sticky label store and more than a few services and products introduced by means of LINE.

LINE: Calls & Messages Mod Apk mod apk

◆ LINE VOOM Uncover posts and accounts that catch your fancy, and get started following them to stick within the know.

LINE: Calls & Messages Mod Apk apk mod

* We suggest the use of an information plan or connecting to Wireless as you could incur knowledge utilization charges differently.

LINE: Calls & Messages Mod Apk apk

* Please use LINE with Android OS variations Eight.0 or above to experience LINE to the fullest extent.

LINE: Calls & Messages Mod Apk free up

********** In case your community velocity is simply too sluggish otherwise you don’t have sufficient software garage, LINE would possibly not set up correctly.

If this occurs, please take a look at your connection and check out once more.


40 comments on "LINE: Calls & Messages Mod Apk"

  1. Andwearde Jondalar says:

    Good chat app, a must for staying in contact with friends in my game. Unfortunately, there’s a problem with creating albums in chat rooms. When I attempt to switch to albums of specific screenshots on my phone, images from my general screenshots are what I’m shown. A similar thing happens when I try to switch to photos from my fishing trip, and instead I am shown shots from my camera roll. This is very frustrating, because I created the albums on my phone to make it easier to find the pics that I want for the chat room album.

  2. Fonda Allin says:

    Don’t get me wrong, Line is my favorite communication app, hands down. But what is the deal lately guys??? So, With the recent update that has added the *FORCED* HD calling, it is making it impossible for me to keep a phone call. Without the HD, I was able to keep a call going for hours on end but, now I’m lucky if it’s even 2 minutes before the other line goes either silent or the call drops. It has nothing to do with my internet either. It is always at perfect signal. So if you could please make it an OPTION to use HD calling and not just force it upon people because some phones can’t process it. Thanks.

  3. Glenis Aldis says:

    I’m so sick of moving my conversations manually when I get a new phone. And if you lose your phone, good luck, your conversations are gone! There should be some default instant back up that you have to opt out of. It’s a cool app in other ways but when his happens it’s so annoying I can’t even remember the good things. To LINE: fix this or you risk losing customers. You have market power now but don’t depend on that when you have such an annoying feature compared to other apps!

  4. Fredderick Deana says:

    The most bizarre data storage model I’ve ever seen – messages *are* stored on their servers, I know because they’re delivered if I was offline for a while, but every message is kept in my device’s persistent data storage (as opposed to cache storage), so after a few months of use, LINE had consumed over 2.5GB of my device storage. And clearing the app’s data on my phone apparently deleted (my copy of) all of those messages from LINE’s servers as well, because afterwards all of my chats were still there, but were completely blank, with no way to recall the prior messages. For comparison, my 8 other chat apps *combined* use just under 1GB of storage. Spammy with ads for IAPs (stickers, themes, etc.). Default notification setting is set to “annoying and obtrusive” mode – big floating pop-up, even turns on screen if off. Weird interface makes it hard to find some settings – they’re not all found in one place. Account is linked to a physical device, not to a username and password. Sure, you can *add* a username/password to allow you to access your chats (on ONE computer only), but if you get a new phone, or factory reset your current phone, there’s no way to reconnect it to your existing account, you have to create a new one. Want to use LINE on a tablet without telephony? Good luck. All of these design decisions make no sense to me. Only reason for giving two stars instead of one is that the app does work, for the basic purpose of sending & receiving messages.

  5. Dagian Maddox says:

    I’m pretty upset that I can no longer get pop up notifications, even though it’s still an option in the settings. I’ve also been having issues with receiving notifications for a while now. Sometimes they come in and at other times I get nothing until I open the app or send the person a message myself. This is incredibly inconvenient for a messaging app. This used to be my #1 messaging app, but with every update it just gets worse. At the very least fix the pop up notifications. Everyone wants them back.

  6. Edison Josie says:

    Moved to Line after Google shut down Allo. The app is nice, not as simple as Allo was, but it’s a worthy replacement. I miss typing indicators and the ability to change text size using the slider. I also wish the interface was simpler – the social stuff should be buried in the app, with a main focus just on calls and messaging.

  7. Devinia Toy says:

    I used to be able to set the notifications sounds but the last few updates do not have that option anymore. I have 2 accounts on two different makes of phones. I can set sonds on all my other messaging apps and the funny thing is that the line app sounds are in the lists on both phones. This is a pain for everyone if a message is received everyone looks at their phone and in my case I have to look at both phones. Put the sound option back to make everyone’s life easier please.

  8. Jackquelin Eoforwic says:

    I use line daily for a game I play. Recently, it’s been having issues uploading images. I thought maybe there was an update. And there was!! However, it did not fix this uploading images bug. I have to continually resend image. Sometimes it will eventually upload. Sometimes after 100 tries, I get frustrated and just give up. Please fix this, and I will give you 5 stars.

  9. Kaise Marcie says:

    I love this app however there are times when I’m trying to send a pic or 2 it will process. Then there are times it says “Unable to send.” I checked to see if it was my phone, service provider, apps that could be causing a conflict and etc…. my friend who has a higher Samsung model isn’t having any problems. I have a Note 8 and my friends that have a older model isn’t having any problems. The problems started last week towards the end of the month and still happening. Please fix, I use daily.

  10. Flemming Aldys says:

    Been using LINE for almost 4 years and my only qualms are the account transfers (it deletes everything) and for some reason, I am now unable to send photos. It’s also very inconsistent with the issue. It doesn’t matter if I’m on wifi or data. Sometimes it sends and sometimes it doesn’t. This started about a week ago when the One UI update rolled out. I have an S9+. It looks like others are having the same issue with different devices. Please fix this.

  11. Evans Aekerman says:

    I have been using Line for a long time. Recently, while making Video Calls there is a lot of background noise. This is happening on both ends. It is so bad you cannot hear each other. I switched over to WhatsApp using same connections and phones there is no background noise the connection is clear. I will keep monitoring Line and when this problem is cleared up I will go back to using Line. The problem seems to be on my end using my Samsung Galaxy S8.

  12. Jonita Elberta says:

    In many ways it’s a good app, but it it doesn’t work as smoothly on Android as on iPhone. For example, when I send a message in a chat, and then hit the back button to return to the Chats list, it freezes for 2-3 seconds every time. It has been doing this for a long time and it never gets fixed, even though it’s an obvious problem. I’d also like to see better backup and restore features, similar to WhatsApp.

  13. Mickey Heortwiella says:

    Another user here who is getting notifications but no new messages when I open the app. I’m also almost completely unable to send messages. They take several retries to go through, if the ever do. Sometimes I can untick the messages by creating an album, but now even that is taking retries and a lot of waiting to work. This app used to be amazing up until a couple months ago. Sadly, it’s just about useless to me now. I’ve had to switch to Discord. Will probably completely uninstall Line soon. 🙁

  14. Robinson Tegan says:

    At first Line was absolutely amazing. However, the last six updates have given me more headaches than i can even begin to count. During calls there is an ungodly high pitched echo that bounces between sides and progressively gets louder. Constant dropped calls. Microphone issues where there are none. Messages not sending until hours later when there is service/wifi connection. No notifications. Poor sound quality. I have changed phones and services, as well as desktop line. Please fix this.

  15. Jarin Jodi says:

    Since the last update, I find it very difficult to answer line calls. Before, the call screen used to come up on the entire screen, whether I was using my phone or not and I could easily answer. Now, a pop up appears behind other apps and it’s very difficult to navigate. Please change it back, or make this an optional setting!

  16. Elvinia Adrenalijna says:

    I really enjoy talking with family overseas for free because of the LINE app! Because it’s free I’m not complaining, but we have experienced some bugs lately. Last month none of us were receiving notifications or hearing incoming calls. Those magically resolved a couple weeks ago, but now when I receive a video call my image is upside down. 😄 I looked in settings but can’t find anything that might help.

  17. Georgie Cinty says:

    I use this app a lot of time before. The calls used to be good quality. But now, everytime I make calls it will only last 10 mins. Or less then it will hang up. The video call can hold a call, it doesnt hang up after 10 mins. Of use. Another issue is that the incoming texts does not alert me even if my alerts are on. My friend is having the same issue, so i guess its not on my part but the app itself. Please fix this, Line app used to be good.

  18. Waylan Aldwin says:

    There used to be a feature wherein effects during a group live stream could be used on the person streaming. That option is no longer there. I was wondering if it is possible to redeploy it. I’m also encountering an audio issue where an external bluetooth speaker automatically loses connection whenever a live screen cast is initiated. I hope you could look into that. Other than that, the app offers a good amount of features, even some you wouldn’t come to expect from a messaging app. It is great

  19. Jonah B says:

    Solid app. They recently added the ability to swipe a message to reply. Unfortunately, they have decided that swiping left on the message was the best way which is opposite of every other messaging app that allows swiping to reply. Please don’t be different just to be different. Please change it so you have to swipe in on the message instead of swipping out. The swiping out doesn’t work very well, especially when the message is only a few characters. Thank you.

  20. Nick says:

    Line is great but there’s some things that can be pretty frustrating!! Notifications randomly lag throughout the day, and then when you open the app all of them flood through at once. Voice call quality is terrible and lags sometimes. It gets exponentially worse the more ppl are in a call. Also, I wish the pictures and videos could automatically be saved locally. I loose videos and gifs sometimes because of that.

  21. Christina Hilden says:

    I’ve had this app on multiple devices for years. However, at some point switching devices I had to rebuy all of my stickers because basically nothing carries over when you switch over your device. Also, my partner and I noticed we aren’t getting notifications about recieved messages like we should. The settings for the messages don’t work properly. The app never uses the tone I set for it. It’s very disappointing because this was my favorite texting app for a very long time.

  22. Kisaragi Tsukiko says:

    I use this app everyday and for long periods of time on call, especially on quarantine, and until this latest update, the sound quality was decent and I could properly hear the other person. Now, hearing the other party is a struggle, and the sound quality has taken a drastic hit. The way that the call is displayed is also unnecessary, because the white background made everything easier to see. Please change everything back from the old update. This entire update was a whole mess.

  23. Mr.NeverSleep _ says:

    The app is nearly perfect, and the only good alternative to discord I’ve been able to find, however, screensharing looks like stop motion, especially on mobile, it’s so bad it might as well be removed as a feature entirely. Additionally, it would be nice to be able to go back and edit past messages, and to be able to upload and save pictures as custom emojis. Other than this, I highly recommend

  24. Wes Hawley says:

    LINE is going downhill. “Cannot send message”, after sending a message. This is still not fixed. -Also they seem to be fixated on packing the app with features more than realiability and stability. I’ve been using this app for a long time and the very oldest version was the best. I’ll never forgive line for telling me -sorry all of your old messages cannot be moved to your new phone. I manually backed up everything for years and they told me that they won’t work with the new versions anymore.

  25. J W says:

    This last few updates have ruined the video call feature. Now, the other person can’t see my video… even though on my end, it seems fine. PLEASE FIX. Also, please return the old colors of the dark theme. The new green color is very uncomfortable and even painful to look at for too long, and it defeats the purpose of dark mode… which is to be less strenuous on your eyes at night. There was nothing wrong with the previous colors, and you have a lot of unhappy users after changing them.

  26. Alfonso Sanchez says:

    Can’t see messages. I have the One Plush 8T and the app seems to be messing up. I will get notifications that I received a message. I go to check and there is nothing there. A while later (minutes to even hours) the messages show up. I have good connection too. Uploads are hit or miss as well. Most of the time it struggles to upload a small file. This app needs a fix FAST!!

  27. Jules D. says:

    Constantly delayed notifications. Recently, I can’t send photos to people without the app crashing or having to restart. If I try to send a photo and it fails, I have to restart my phone or I won’t be able to send anything. This app has been spotty for years with notifications, but these new problems are enough to get me to write a review, and not a good one at that. 2/10 wish I hadn’t spent money on stickers…

  28. Phasara Khotchasanee says:

    I can’t send or receive messages. It’s been happening since the last update. Please hurry and fix!!!!! I get notifications of new messages, but when I open it, it doesn’t appear. It use to happen every now and then, but lately it’s been happening every single day, maybe 2-4 times a day. It use to be able to fix with just a restart, force closing the app, and clearing cache. Now none of those solutions work anymore. Please fix!!!!!

  29. Melinda Lam says:

    I thought I was the only one experiencing issues until I read everyone else’s recent May reviews. I can’t send or receive any messages unless I’m on Wi-Fi. The app does not work on mobile data. It is very frustrating and I hope it is fixed soon. Sometimes I don’t get notified new messages even though I have notifications turned on. I would have to go into the chat to check if I received messages and they would be there.

  30. Say! says:

    Used to love this app. I thought the video chat was phenomenal, messaging reliable, easy to use, great for easy access storage for communications etc. Now? 70% of the time messages fail, take forever to load, show as delivered but never delivered, etc. All of this while comparing side by side with the recipient of the messages. Phone and app fully updated, storage not close to being met, full data and wifi. It isn’t just my account malfunctioning either, numerous friends too.

  31. Atakdragonfly says:

    Line free STILL not working! I don’t know what you guys are doing, but how about spending less time on juvenile stickers and backgrounds, and more on call quality and clarity? Calls always drop, freeze, etc.. Most of the time it doesn’t ring, or notify of messages. Bluetooth doesn’t work in the car, even though it says all paired. Music will play, but can’t hear on calls. Line free hasn’t worked in a month,since last update. You should be able to save or stack the calls you did not use. 3 min?

  32. t sage says:

    The charts feature doesn’t work for sending or receiving. I keep getting pop-up notifications on my phone, telling me I have new line messages, but when I go to chats in the app, it says I have no new chats. The chat feature doesn’t seem to be allowing me to send messages either. When I select a friend’s name and hit “create message” I just get sent back to the select friend page. I’m hoping that I can fix by deleting the app and reinstalling…

  33. Dana Garvey says:

    TERRIBLE backup. When you get a new phone, you can transfer your chats to the new device but only the text, without the photos, stickers and other media your friends have sent you. The option LINE provides is to save things to a “Keep” feature. If I want to save things separately, I can do that myself! It is 2021, why is LINE’s backup from another decade? It’s incredibly frustrating!

  34. Eric J. says:

    Used App for 3-4 years and works well with lots of features. Just have one irritating problem/question – sometimes when I take screenshots on my phone and upload to line chat group, the app seems to reduce the quality or re-save it (no settings to change this) and causes it to become blurry and sometimes illegible for small text. This is very frequent, ongoing issue. Please can developer look into this and advise. Thank you.

  35. perky paralian says:

    Can’t use on two devices anymore. I loved this app for years, spent a lot of money on stickers and themes, and used to switch seamlessly between the PC and mobile versions. Now I have LINE on phone and tablet. Still only two devices, but the app refuses to work when I try to chat on tablet. I get an error about already having it on another device. Duh! Unbelievable that I can’t access my own account on whichever device I’m using. Absolutely archaic app desperately needs updating.

  36. Khanh Chanto says:

    Tried to back up my chats. Realized that the backup was merely for text but not audios and pictures. Tried to go back to my old phone and back up again but the app didn’t allow me to access anymore (since I already logged in with my new phone) and says all my chats and data will be deleted. Lost a lot of contents, mainly photos and audios. Garbage app. I hope you guys know how irresponsible it is to set up an app like this, and you have caused me emotional frustration.

  37. Bubdolf says:

    This is so heavily geared toward iPhone that it’s disgusting. I had line on my old phone, an iPhone X. It worked flawlessly. No issues aside from the very occasional update that broke it. I get a Samsung, suddenly this is almost Skype level. Messages will not load, it takes FOREVER for one of mine to even send, pictures take 20-30 seconds to load, IF they decide to. And there’s this annoying message sending noise that is constantly there. And it took 11 hours for me to get a message today. 11!

  38. Phillip Chang says:

    Backup process has only gotten worse over time. In the past, at least you could save all your data, if in a manual and tedious process. Instead of improving this by a simple loop all function, Line has moved to Google Drive that only saves the text. No images are saved. And this process is very buggy and fails often. Line is too cheap to have their servers handle backups, too lazy to code a simple loop all for the old method and now too shortsighted to make Google Drive work well.

  39. M. V. says:

    Notifications are spotty but I feel like call quality is better on here than my other similar apps for talking to international friends. At some point recently when I try to change my photo or share a photo in the chat it no longer opens my photo gallery to choose from. It only gives me 3 old pics I had saved from a chat. I figured out how to get into the gallery from there so it’s still doable but wondering why it doesn’t default there anymore.

  40. Laura Samuels says:

    Update: app has gotten worse and is literally useless. I am no longer able to view messages despite receiving notifications and getting an annoying, constant incoming message sound when in the app. This app was 1000x’s better when push and lock screen notifications were enabled. Line used to = Life in the game I play. Now it’s basically useless.

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