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December 9, 2022
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Firefox Fast & Private Browser Apk Download New*

Get the people-first browser that’s sponsored by means of a non-profit.

Firefox Speedy & Personal Browser Apk Obtain New* mod apk

It’s a brand new generation in tech. Don’t accept a browser produced by way of massive, profit-driven, data-hoarding tech corporations. Firefox is the most obvious selection for unbiased, moral tech that respects your privateness and offers you extra techniques than ever sooner than to tailor your web revel in precisely the best way you need it.

Firefox Rapid & Non-public Browser Apk Obtain New* apk mod

Firefox is subsidized by way of the non-profit Mozilla Basis, whose challenge is to verify the web stays an international public useful resource, open and out there to everybody. When you are making Firefox your go-to, on a regular basis browser, you’re additionally becoming a member of a singular (critical nerd cred) neighborhood that’s actively serving to to diversify the way in which other folks revel in the web.

Firefox Rapid & Non-public Browser Apk Obtain New* apk

Firefox is terribly personal for a explanation why — and the reason being you.

Firefox Rapid & Personal Browser Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

We would like you to have a fantastic enjoy each time you employ Firefox. We all know feeling protected and protected are foundational for taking part in your time on-line. Since model 1 in 2004, we’ve taken privateness severely, as a result of we’ve all the time been within the trade of valuing folks first, over the entirety. Whilst you care extra about other folks than you do about earnings, privateness naturally turns into a best precedence.

Firefox Rapid & Non-public Browser Apk Obtain New*

OTHER GADGETS. SIMILAR EDUCATE OF CONCEPT Now you’ll be able to seek for issues in your computer then select up the very same seek in your telephone and vice versa. Your Firefox homepage shows your most up-to-date searches out of your different gadgets so you’ll be able to simply get again to what you had been doing or fascinated by.

Firefox Speedy & Non-public Browser Apk Obtain New* liberate

Introducing limited-edition wallpapers from impartial creators. Persist with one you’re keen on or transfer it up anytime to make your Firefox fit your temper.

Firefox Speedy & Non-public Browser Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

STREAMLINED HOUSE DISPLAY Pick out up proper the place you left off. See your entire open tabs intuitively grouped and displayed along side your fresh bookmarks, best websites and fashionable articles beneficial by means of Pocket.

GET FIREFOX ON YOUR WHOLE UNITS Upload Firefox throughout your units for protected, seamless surfing. Along with synced tabs and searches, Firefox additionally makes password control simple by means of remembering your passwords throughout gadgets.
PRIVATENESS KEEP AN EYE ON IN ALL OF THE PROPER PUTS Firefox offers you higher privateness coverage whilst you’re on the internet. Through default, Firefox blocks trackers and scripts akin to social media trackers, cross-site cookie trackers, crypto-miners and fingerprinters. Additionally, you’ll be able to simply make a choice to look in personal surfing mode. And whilst you shut personal surfing mode, your surfing historical past and any cookies are robotically erased out of your software.
SIMPLE PASSWORD CONTROL Firefox makes password control easy by means of producing distinctive passwords and remembering them throughout gadgets.
Get seek tips within the seek bar and temporarily get admission to the websites you talk over with maximum. Sort for your seek query and get recommended and previously-searched effects throughout your favourite serps.

GET ADD-ONS Complete improve for the preferred add-ons, together with techniques to turbo-charge robust default privateness settings and customise your revel in.
ARRANGE YOUR TABS THE WAY IN WHICH YOU FAVOR Create as many tabs as you favor with out shedding observe. Firefox shows your open tabs as thumbnails and numbered tabs, making it simple to search out what you wish to have briefly.
PERCENTAGE ANYTHING ELSE IN A COUPLE OF FAUCETS Firefox makes it simple to proportion hyperlinks to internet pages or explicit pieces on a web page with simple, fast get entry to in your maximum not too long ago used apps.
– Examine Firefox permissions:
– Keep within the know:

Mozilla exists to construct the web as a public useful resource obtainable to all, as a result of we consider open and loose is healthier than closed and regulated. We construct merchandise like Firefox to advertise selection and transparency and provides other people extra keep an eye on over their lives on-line. Be told extra at


40 comments on "Firefox Fast & Private Browser Apk Download New*"

  1. Chris C says:

    What a mess. You still haven’t fixed the home screen? We don’t need to see history or “top links” there. You still have to tap several times to get to the bookmarks. And… After all these years, there’s still no way to reorder the bookmarks! 🧐 Plus when you open a new tab, it takes you to a weird search screen, instead of bookmarks or even the home screen they keep forcing down our throats.

  2. Alain Joubert says:

    It used to be good, but it has gone backwards. It no longer lets you sort your tabs. Add-ons available are very limited. Many of the advanced settings have gone away. About:config no longer exists. And unlike every other browser, it seems to not cache pages in memory, so navigating back and forward is slow and trying to read something you already opened after going offline is impossible as it is prone to refreshing on its own and replacing your open tabs with page not found errors.

  3. Kyle Mandich says:

    Great on phones, Subpar on tablets. Firefox is great for people who use it primarily on their phones. I love how you can add extensions to the browser, which carries over the experience that you have on your PC. However, those on tablets will have a very lackluster experience. There is no dedicated tablet user interface. That said, all web pages, even in desktop mode, are very large. There is no way to scale them to look similar to how they do on the PC.

  4. candycornshrimp says:

    Android app has an issue where nothing will load when searching it typing in a url, just a blank white screen,unless you force close the app. Issue is repeatable by using the browser, going to the home screen, returning to browser and attempting another search. Going on two years of this BS issue. Think I’m going to go through the hassle of transferring my logins to chrome since at least they have a realizable browser that doesn’t have issues spanning multiple devices

  5. Tank R. says:

    Firefox hijacked my phone’s settings. For some reason the last video I was playing on my desktop is now the background of my lockscreen. Except the desktop app has been closed, and I have never set up setting any media on either device to show up as a media background on any of my devices. For such a method to even exist at all, much less activate on its own, is a failure of both Android and Mozilla to protect the user’s interests. Bad form chaps, bad form.

  6. GuyWire says:

    It’s the best browser for Android I avoided Firefox for the longest time, and finally decided to install it. Man, the features, interface, customizability, and security make it awesome. I only wish that it had color options for the themes and I’d really like a faster way to manage tabs. Something similar to the fast navigation button in Opera GX would be Amazing. Other than that, it’s Def the best browser currently available in the play store.

  7. Chris Kaylin says:

    Feels slow. Not very customizable in terms of settings. The worst thing for me is the fact that it will attempt to reload the page whenever you switch into an old tab. Even if you just opened it. This makes it impossible to load up a bunch of stuff to read before you go offline for a flight. Lots of good add-ons though. I would give it four stars if it wasn’t for the speed. They’re lightweight browser doesn’t have the add-ons.

  8. William Lewis says:

    The add ons can be difficult to manage, the browser settings are rather lacking in certain areas, and from past experience the whole app tends to glitch or stop working completely overtime. However, when working properly, I will take Firefox all day over Chrome. Chrome may have more settings, extensions, and more productive, but it also comes with ole creepy stalker uncle Google too. Ew, no.

  9. Joseph says:

    This is a really good browser, they really did a good job on mobile with keeping it privacy friendly. They give you lots of control. I also like how you can’t screenshot in private mode. One thing that holds me back from rating it 5 stars however, is the lack of a copy image feature. They even added a copy image location feature. Now, I’m not sure if Google made it difficult for non-chromium based browsers to implement a copy image feature like chrome has, but this is still worth looking into.

  10. Quinton says:

    Add-on support has currently been gimped. They brought back compact tabs (grid view)! I’ve moved back to using this app instead of Fennec on f-droid. I enjoy the ability to move the address bar to the bottom of the screen. It is much more reachable. I’m still waiting for full add-on support to be restored, as well as about:config to be restored. Update over two years later. They have still not restored addon support. They never will. So dumb.

  11. Elizabeth McComb says:

    No ads, which is what I love, but using the “desktop mode” is glitchy af and it drives me completely bonkers. The toggle for this mode gets stuck on “on,” yet it displays the mobile view, and there’s no way to fix it but to close the tab and open a new one. I know Google is selling my soul one byte at a time but I might have to go back to chrome anyway just to hold on to my sanity.

  12. Andy H says:

    I like it for the most part. It’s fast. I like the layout I like the collections. Using menus on sites is hit or miss however. This is a big inconvenience to have to switch to another browser and see if they work there. Some drop down menus for example don’t work in Firefox but if I switch the edge or opera they work fine. I’m editing this down a star because drop down and selection menus are not working on a bunch of shopping sites and it is super annoying.

  13. Пётр Евтушенко says:

    I’ve been a long time user, literally the best browser, but I’ve staved off updating firefox for years, until yesterday, due to javascript breaking on half the sites I use. This update broke everything: it deleted my bookmarks, the UI is garbage now, zooming is unwieldy, on startup it starts downloading “null” with no way to cancel, desktop mode doesn’t work half the time, and if I switch tabs too fast, the browser just crashes. Over 8 hours with this update, I’ve suffered at least 5 crashes.

  14. JarOCats says:

    Very disappointed. The good news: Firefox is much faster than Chrome. The bad news: There is no longer an option to print (or print to PDF). And I really, REALLY need to be able to print (especially to PDF) directly from my browser. Sadly uninstalling and going back to Chrome — or Opera, or almost any browser that lets me print (to PDF).

  15. robert cole says:

    What a garbage browser. You started out being the lightweight independent browser. Now I get sponsored content, ads, and other garbage pushed in my face all the time. It updates with new ‘features’ too frequently, crashes all the time, and is as intrusive and spying as other corporate browsers. I’m just going to go to chrome that way if someone is going to exploit me I at least feel like I’m getting usable features and stability in return.

  16. Cursed Steve says:

    I love Firefox on computer. Firefox app is inconsistent on Android, there are times when it works flawlessly. Then there are times when it will load endlessly. I tried turned off add-ons but none of them resolved the problem, leading me to believe it’s the app itself. Chrome however doesn’t have this issue, I hope to see the issue fixed.

  17. Matthew T. Davis says:

    I don’t know about the other changes, but the tabs are absolutely ruined. It is now a massive list. Bad UX design. It’s clear they thought the users would be excited for the option to have search bar at the bottom because they designed the tabs to come up from below. When you move the search back, it looks disconcerting. I really hate the lack of warning to the update. I had heard nothing about it and then it was forced on my phone yesterday. Where is advanced options or config?

  18. Jothki says:

    I’ve finally been compelled to switch from the old Fennec version to the current version of Firefox due to switching phones, and somehow, the new version still manages to be worse in so many ways. Of particular note is how there’s still no way to automatically close tabs when you close the app and how the “shortcuts” on the homepage insist on creating a new tab even if you reached that page by tapping the address bar, forcing you to take additional steps to close the tab you no longer want.

  19. Terrence “Cobra” Gilmartin says:

    I have a degree in computer science. I have been using other browsers such as Microsoft edge and Google Chrome for decades. Along with Firefox which is my default browser, because it’s always been the most secured, easiest to use and non controlling. It is always updating itself constantly to keep the ,”let’s say”to keep the hackers out. I have never had a problem with it causing a blue screen, or a lockout. Like I have with the others. I still, like I said use other browsers to keep up.

  20. Alexander Christian says:

    Firefox is the best free and open source browser available. You have extensions like uBlock Origin and Dark Reader available, you can pin shortcuts to your homepage, and you have the toolbar on the bottom for easier thumb access. I’ve been a regular Firefox user since returning to the fold back in 2019. Firefox on Android has matured a lot and become quite fast, reliable, and easy to use. Thank you, Mozilla.

  21. Christian B. says:

    Had rated this 5-stars years ago. Since that time the ability to print ANYTHING has been removed. I had used this feature all the time to print and save pages to PDF. Now the feature seems to be aggressively blocked, even inline ‘Print’ buttons built into a webpage do absolutely nothing! A search of Firefox support shows people have been asking about the removal of this function for almost 3 years now. I’ve been patient enough waiting for it’s return, moving onto another browser.

  22. David J Sullivan says:

    It’s dicey. Some stuff is great but other stuff is really frustrating. Waiting for verification emails forever to be sent, even after smashing the resend button a million times. Getting blocked by sites for arbitrary security reasons and no ability to bypass the restriction. And support that takes forever. It’s FOSS, so yeah, I get it but this is why Google is 65% of the browser market.

  23. Avas Poprushu says:

    And again I have to decrease rating here. You took all settings from users. Even Chrome have more setting than Firefox. And what happened with add-ons? There are few of them. Issue with stuttering video (possible because audio codec) still exists and there is no way to play with settings to troubleshoot it. You have ruined the app. Oh yes, the new feature – some tabs now do not update screen. You click on a link, a page loads but you cannot see it because screen do not update. Only reload helps

  24. neuroflare says:

    There was a complete redesign of this a couple of years ago and it has never been as good since. Tons of function was stripped out and NEVER added back in. You still can’t rearrange tabs, you can’t view download progress, you can’t even tell when you are downloading something after you try to start it. 3 mo.s later and I still have no idea if a download has started or not. It has reached a point where I can do a long press on a file, select to download link, and 4/5 times nothing downloads.

  25. John Jordan says:

    Video and audio keeps playing, even when app is swiped away. When the app is closed, that’s because I don’t want to use it anymore. The fact that I then have to launch the app again and close the tab the video was in is not workable for me. Very bad design, it used to be such a great app. UPDATE: Firefox continues to not resolve this issue. Back to Chrome, I guess.

  26. Robert Reynolds says:

    Grudgingly raised my review to three stars. No longer having issues loading pages, but new version is still a step backwards: – Opening tabs on the background is gone. I loved having this so I could click multiple links without switching back and forth multiple times. – Most extensions no longer work. It’s nice to have an ad blocker, but I miss extensions that limit the time I waste on certain websites, or block comment sections.

  27. Hatayumi Nakano says:

    Once my main browser in all platforms and devices. Now, like it’s windows counterpart, it gets worst with every update. To the point of unusable. I already had a long list of things they’ve ruined. But finally, after updating after months. Where the setting to prevent autoplay went? With today’s websites, it’s an annoyance to try to use it without that feature. And I’m finally done.

  28. Jordon says:

    Stop making changes that no one asked for! You’re cluttering the browser to the point that I’m genuinely exhausted from using it. You’re latest modification, which was forced on me despite the fact that Im avoiding updates, was to squish the address bar. All so you could have the home button, forward/back buttons and the refresh button all at the top of the browser. This would be fine if it werent for the fact that it occasionally bugs the address bar and it wont open properly.

  29. James Nadeau says:

    What happened? I used to use Firefox exclusively as my browser on Android. Now I’m at the point that i am ready to delete the app. Not at all impressed with the latest version. Pages don’t display correctly, media continues to play after closing tab, it requires multiple clicks to close, tabs stay open…. it’s a cluster. Update: Developer response was lame… basically “we have a forum”. Looks like I’ll be moving to another platform

  30. Bronson says:

    Fix these issues please. YouTube playlists crash/freeze every time one video ends. Forcing you to manually keep the playlist going by refreshing the page or even force closing the whole app and trying again. Awful. Changing tabs forces you to look at the menu screen every time. Or 85% of the time. You can’t just click the tab you want and go straight into it. FF forces you to do 2-4 extra clicks/swipes every time. Awful. These two things sound small, but they happen CONSTANTLY. So annoying.

  31. Chris T says:

    For me, FF is still excellent. I don’t really have any complaints. It works beautifully, is faster than the now-bloated Chrome (and more secure) and has slick features that are useful to me like collections. Some complain that videos or media keeps playing after it’s closed but to be honest, i like it. When I’m watching a game but need to use both hands for a moment, or when I’m carrying something upstairs with me, I just lock my phone, slip it in my pocket and open without having to reload. 👍

  32. Rebecca Fouts says:

    Was using Firefox Lock Sync for my password manager. Loved it. Was so easy. But Firefox stopped supporting it. And the new password manager is a real pain. It’s difficult to find on Android if you need to look up a password. Doesn’t always trigger, especially for programs on my PC, and doesn’t always sync between devices.

  33. Dionne Stratton says:

    This should be basically the same experience as on desktop… not even close. If I want to view the desktop version of a site I have to toggle it on EVERY SINGLE TIME that a page loads. I should be able to set this for the brower for everything once. Also, it does NOT sync with my recent bookmark and password additions and no indication of how to get it to sync. Also also, viewing my open tabs is annoying, opening a new tab is akward, getting to my bookmarks is a pain.

  34. Matthew “Matt” Wright says:

    Firefox has massively evolved over all these years. From a true “outcast” type of browser, to one that has started falling in line with the current orthodoxy. Nonetheless I have stuck with Firefox throughout these years out of pleasure in the operation of the application. That part hasn’t changed nearly as much as the other stuff. I can’t stand Chrome, Safari, Opera (is that even still being produced??), Edge, along with lesser known browser products I have tried…

  35. David Atwell says:

    For the ability to add extensions alone this is a must have. I do have a problem with page loads hanging before dns resolution, but hitting back and tapping the link again always fixes it. (Edit, a few days later!) While thinking about this, I realized that maybe it was one of my extensions that was causing this issue. I removed the offending extension, and so far everything is working perfectly! This wasn’t a Firefox problem at all, but a uBlock Origin problem. Upgraded to ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!

  36. Cliff Walker says:

    Some features from the desktop version would be nice to have. Like being able to set all of thr favorite bookmarks on the homepage. Also a setting to show desktop version of web pages to show all the time instead of having to go to the button every time you vidit the page.

  37. Alexander Neblett says:

    The browser works great, has a nice interface and has extensions, including ad-block which is a must for me. That is the main reason why I switched from chrome to Firefox. In my opinion, the disadvantages are that the browser won’t let me print pages to pdf on android and the password manager is not very good. Sometimes it offers to use passwords from subdomains that are no useful. I configured Firefox as my main password manager and it is almost useless for passwords of other apps.

  38. Fred Carriker says:

    Was the best browser until recent changes in updates. 50% of the time the refresh page button is missing from the menu. Very annoying and a problem every time it’s missing. It should always be there. They’ve incorporated some algorithm that removes it based on what some developers decided was a criteria determining you don’t need it at the moment.

  39. Tim Taylor says:

    You should make sorting bookmarks more intuitive by including an option under mulitple selection (when you hold down and select mutliple objects ✅) to move to an existing bookmark folder. —- Currently you can only move a single one at a time under edit. (Still miss old Firefox btw… but the “new” Firefox seems to be finally shaping up. Stable, for the most part.)

  40. Spunjo McDohl says:

    Excellent browser to use especially for desktop/laptop computers. It comes in handy on mobile phones as a secondary browser if you can’t get the primary browser to… let you… download things… which I have run into a bunch of times on mobiles. I still prefer the old way of browsing before the “browser wars” when a browser was just a browser and a computer was just a computer… but these days it will do ya… good? – If ya don’t know what ya lost don’t forget to downgrade to upgrade to it.

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