Zombies vs Balls Mod Apk

Begin the hunt for fun and profit. Throw the balls and hit the zombies.
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September 25, 2020
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Zombies vs Balls Mod Apk

Zombies vs Balls is a vintage and thrilling brick recreation, the place the participant is invited to wreck a military of zombies, having a number of dozen balls within the arsenal. Intelligence and correct eye – that’s all this is had to effectively whole the degrees. Enthusiasts of top quality arcades will unquestionably respect this sport. Simply play this recreation to loosen up your mind and get amusing. The sport is humorous and difficult.
Swipe and release the balls to damage the zombies.
Don’t concern about that, we’re going to convey you plenty of pieces that can assist you to wipe out all bricks.
We consider that you are going to fall in love with this sport! Recreation Options:
– Loose to play;
– Easy ball regulate;
– Glorious physics revel in;
– Play with out web. Set up Zombies vs Balls and unwind for some time!

Zombies vs Balls Mod Apk liberate

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40 comments on "Zombies vs Balls Mod Apk"

  1. Adney Christoforus says:

    Good game. its engaging and challanging. good balance but it needs more levels if u want to keep us in the game.

  2. Paiton Jabriel says:

    I really like the game but it would be better if I could get my daily spins. The interlinks in the game do not connect, it just restarts. I don’t mind watching ads when the reward is given but it’s not. it’s just a tease and kind of annoying.

  3. Welton Shelton says:

    level 26 is impassable..😏😝 unbelievable..and myself..i do NOT PAY TO PLAY

  4. Bennet Jacoueline says:

    Highly addicting and challenging … I’m on level 248 and still keep playing

  5. Alyanna Claegtun says:

    Couldn’t even try it. It won’t go past the ‘what the’ scene in the beginning story video.

  6. Aldrich Felding says:

    Good game it keeps me busy the game works offline to which I like so I don’t deal with ads and also it’s challenging.

  7. Mael Shirlene says:

    Well it is a zombie game, but nothing near as fun as plans vs zombies!

  8. Anissia Glyn says:

    Would love the game if it wouldn’t freeze or run so slow

  9. Deena Alon says:

    Lucky to find such a good game. Its definatly a keeper.

  10. Willia Fae says:

    Best zombie game ever, I play it every day

  11. Diamanda Sunny says:

    Overrides notifications and Do Not Disturb settings. I was going to give them 3 stars but as there is no customer service options to even ask about this, I had to drop it to 1 star. I don’t have the same sleep schedule as most, so it kept waking me up. It’s so obnoxiously loud too. And all I could think was what if I was at school or work? Why would any company think they have a right to be that intrusive when it could get someone in serious trouble? And that’s why I’m leaving this review.

  12. Luann Tal says:

    It’s fun. Only reason for 4 stars and not 5 is sometimes when you watch a video, you don’t get your reward.

  13. Ellenweorc Severn says:

    I would give this game 5 stars. It is fun and challenging. However, the last few days it has been freezing between levels and sometimes when you are going to go to the treasure chests. I updated it and restarted my tablet, but it still does it.

  14. Kersta Wiellaburne says:

    It was realy fun to play i couldn’t get of it for ages and the quality is amazing thats why i gave it 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟.

  15. Gail Gerrett says:

    Fun game, not too many ads

  16. Cassey Zach says:

    I enjoy this game… Just started playing….. Thinking it’ll b on MY playlist LONG TERM!!!

  17. Hollis Selda says:

    Edit: I took away 2 stars. By the time you get to the Swamp level, it takes days to pass any level. I am on level 428 and there is 0% chance I will ever beat it. I have to give up and delete this game. That makes me sad because I used to enjoy it. ~~~~~ Addicting. BUT!!!!!….. I don’t mind a game having ads to make it free to play, but the ads in this game stall my phone and I have to restart it EVERY time I try to watch one for the power ups. So, no power ups for me and I don’t watch the ads.

  18. Elson Israela says:

    got to 2nd highest level and then got start over to the first level. all that time playing and getting to higher levels to get blind sided and have to start over, what a waste of time

  19. Brock Udela says:

    Most exceptional quality, gaming fun, love the different boards of zombies . I also like the challenges this is a really fun zombie vs balls. I did put 5*****

  20. Milne Chars says:

    Love it super addictive lots of fun only thing would be nice to not have to watch ads to receive rewards.

  21. Garner Lorian says:

    Fun spin on ball breaker…appreciative enough for some in game freebies??

  22. Aedre Jesyca says:

    Really clever twist on the brick breaker formula with lots of interesting mechanics. There’s ads at the end of each level, and optional ads you can watch for bonuses, but the game is a lot of fun, and if you’re really bothered by the ads, it’s only a few dollars for ad-free.

  23. Bret Harriet says:

    Tons of ads. Totally addictive. I love it.

  24. Bronsen Dealbeorht says:

    It’s an okay game I suppose. I deleted it after 30 minuets, as it just repeats the same thing over and over again. And it’s not very exciting. The graphics. No. Terrible. And the actual game play makes me want to cry. Don’t bother downloading this.

  25. Greyson Kester says:

    Too many ads

  26. Edie Hudson says:

    So far having a good time! I don’t mind watching an ad when I get rewarded for it. like the music and characters. This game also gives you tons of chances to keep playing ( stay alive). Good job, l feel like you made this the right way.

  27. Loyal Ebonnie says:

    I just cant leave this crazy litttle game alone.its just so freaking cute and just aggrovating enough to keep you playing….9

  28. Hadden Wyatt says:

    Should be a way to save your game if you lose your phone i love the game just want to be abla save my progress

  29. Britny Milward says:

    Pretty good game, very addictive, knocked a star off because once you get past level 400 it becomes really difficult, so you use all your boosters up

  30. April Szuflita says:

    Addictive…please hurry with more levels and legendary balls…

  31. MamaB says:

    Its fun to play but sooooooo laggy during gameplay its frustrating seeing balls glitch or stop moving i end up closing the app

  32. JL Davis says:

    I love this game. It’s a no brainer stress reducer!

  33. Carl Bakewell says:

    Love this game.but feeling that this game is taking the piss.keeps shutting me out.might be my phone but me thinks hopefully just a cock up.

  34. Roxann Stetzer says:

    Money keeps disappearing because the go back button for 90 coins is in the worst place. I lose a ridiculous #of coins because of oh rrt=

  35. Karen Doyle says:

    I really like the game but there are no settings and I had to reinstall it and I’ve lost my progress

  36. Gustav Lissi says:

    Excellent game, great graphics

  37. Richard King says:

    Ok what the point off different balls there is no point I used 1 all the way through to 1 level then got stuck some how and couldn’t get past it so I gave up play it doesn’t it up to u.

  38. Danette Main says:

    Love this game I have played it for couple years at least, it is so addicting. I hardly realize there are ads at the end of levels and you can choose to watch additional ones if you want some games perks. I can’t rate customer service as i have never had any technical problems what so ever therefore no reason to reach out. I recommend you download and give it a try yourself, I doubt you will be disappointed!!!! Oh & the game appeals to all ages my 10 yr old grandson loves it too!!!


    No annoying ads but very addictive to be Frank it is interesting which producers. Have brains that use common sense. Well done. Thank you for an entertaining game I got to my last level where was no way I going to progress. Sorry I have to uninstall it now but it was good until level 105 where I was not progressing.

  40. Mt. Theodore Alan says:

    On 11/4/22 I made two purchases, one of $9.99 and the other of $4.99 to get extra coins. And neither purchase showed up. I’ve had this game for quite some time and never had a problem, up till now. Hope either I get my money back or the coins I bought show up. I would hate to get rid of this game because the game is really good.

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