Zen Shards – Idle Merge Game Premium Apk


Take a break, enjoy the smooth colors of this relaxing idle game
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December 2, 2022
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Zen Shards – Idle Merge Game Premium Apk

Zen Shards is a soothing and pleasingly easy idle recreation. Advisable to unwind and for tension reduction.

Zen Shards – Idle Merge Sport Top rate Apk apk mod new

Watch the sparks, little arrows, sprint round and develop into the colours of geometric shapes as they collide with them. Create extra, merge them into more potent ones, acquire upgrades and liberate extra stuff as the sport step by step unfolds, whilst numbers upward thrust into the gazillions and past.

Zen Shards – Idle Merge Sport Top rate Apk apk mod

Enjoyable and relaxing. There’s no festival and no direct problem, you’re going to discover and development for your personal tempo, at your individual time.

Zen Shards – Idle Merge Sport Top class Apk apk

This recreation is below lively building and made by means of an impartial recreation developer who will all the time check out his highest to get a hold of new tweaks and lines, supply beef up the place wanted, and make the arena of cellular video games a greater position.

Zen Shards – Idle Merge Sport Top rate Apk mod apk

Welcome! Have amusing!


40 comments on "Zen Shards – Idle Merge Game Premium Apk"

  1. Sara Hekimian says:

    I really didn’t expect to like this app to be honest. Gave it a try a week ago, and every time I’ve taken a break since then I pull it out and clear a few levels. It’s not very intensive, so you can relax and enjoy the movement, colors, and shapes, but thankfully involved enough that you don’t get bored and just do something else. Love the old school game geometric vibe, and the “Restart, but with damage increase” really gives the game strong replayability. 5*s, great job devs. You earned it!

  2. bread says:

    The game is really good. Some of the interfacing isn’t as neat as it could be but who cares. After all it’s an idle game, how long are you going to be in the app (jk but it’s not a problem and is quite pretty). If I look past my obvious mistakes and think of the potential, it really is relaxing. I uninstalled because my phone disliked the idle aspect and turned really hot after playing for a few hours. I enjoy idlers on pc more, but if I come back to mobile this would be first up to play again

  3. trenton stinchfield says:

    It’s not a bad game. It’s an idle game where you save up money that you earn to buy upgrades to move through the game faster as the higher levels go very slow. The problem is it gets to a point where you can no longer buy upgrades and your progress stagnated without paying irl money for boosts. Also buying new sparks in game gets too expensive too quickly to make any real progress, and the reset feature takes way to long to get to be effective.

  4. TehShush says:

    The ads are unobtrusive, mostly contained to watching an ad to get boosts or bonuses but are otherwise barely there. The gameplay is simple, you don’t control the arrows but you can control how many, their strength, etc to affect the game. Easy, simple, good for moments of boredom, mildly entertaining and keeps my brain occupied when it it’s overwhelmed with stimuli.

  5. Cassiel Sabin says:

    The game itself is fun, and runs smoothly. It was a good choice to have any overlap of shaded areas count as a collision with the shards, keeps the level moving along. I’ve had some hardware issues, where when the game is active it eats a *lot* of battery and presumably a lot of clock cycles to go with it, and it’s unclear what part of the game should have that sort of power draw. There is also semi frequent crashing upon relaunch or refocusing the app, which seems counter to an idle game.

  6. Talin Peacy says:

    Something weird happened with my review so I thought it was deleted but it seems there was a bug. The game got boring for me, largely due to how tedious tapping the collect button got or how long it eventually takes to clear levels in addition to a lack of real progression sense. (if anything, it felt like I was losing ground to the levels most the time. The game still feels pretty bare bones but maybe that will change with time.

  7. Colby Wright says:

    I’ll give it 5 stars for now. Don’t see longitivity in game play but enjoying it right now at least. For the dev: I prob spent around 8 hours total. Didn’t get super far. I think I would have spent longer on it if there was more of a variety in the bouncing arrow things. I like the idea of merging them the way you set it up, but I felt like there wasn’t much of that to do. More types might help. Like ones that move slower but do more damage. Maybe make it random which ones you get. Kudos.

  8. Allison 'PartyPandaCat' Parker says:

    This is a blessing. Not only is it very fun and relaxing, but I have never once gotten an ad that I myself have not opted to watch. Whenever there is the prompt for where an ad is viewable, there is always the option to decline seeing it. It’s so nice and doesn’t make me feel like there’s been no thought behind the game. There’s love put into the game, and they don’t want to ruin it by making it stop with ads at every tap on the screen. It’s already one of my favorite apps in a couple hours. Ty!

  9. George M says:

    The game itself is good, but as with all idle clickers, after a point even with resets, it becomes impossible to progress. Also don’t care for the safe. The concept is too.. carrot to stick. Update: I wanted to see how useful the safe was, and how it altered progression, but now I’ve an interesting glitch. When I start the game, it doesn’t load my progress. It is stuck at world #17 with nothing displayed. Is this a bug in the game or is there something else wrong?

  10. Olivia Turner says:

    Unbelievably fun I want really expecting to like this game, but I downloaded it after it kept popping up in my recommended apps. I am very happy to say that it’s actually pretty fantastic! It’s a good idle game, but is entertaining to play actively as well. There’s not much you do when playing it, but you can sleep up the little sparks and watch ads for rewards (the rewards are well with the few seconds, especially the ghosts). It’s very satisfying to watch, though, especially early on.

  11. Fabian Maldonado says:

    Out of all the idle games I’ve played this, has to be the one idle game that has managed to keep me the most engaged. Not to mention it’s merging system to unlock better “sparks” is pretty unique, since I’ve never seen it in other idle games. Overall it’s relaxing and the ads aren’t in your face all the time which is an extra bonus in my opinion. Overall it’s a solid game and I hope others enjoy it since it’s pretty relaxing.

  12. Nathan Nelson says:

    The game is fun and visually interesting, but it gets same-y after a while. I don’t think there’s much difference between the skins, I can’t tell one from another. I would like a button to buy 10,100,1000 of the basic spark so I know how much it will cost to actually get a useful one. I also find the prestige currency accumulates slowly, and I wish I could spend it on more interesting upgrades than the basic stuff.

  13. Taylor Kothenbeutel says:

    This is a really great and chill game. No music/sound effects, so your own music won’t be interrupted, different geometric shapes everytime, and the only ads you get are the ones that you choose to receive to get a boost. It does feel a bit slow to progress at some points, but the boosts help a lot and I’m happy to watch an ad for this game! 🙂

  14. Ketill Guðmundsson says:

    Main problem with this game is that there is no change in gameplay throughout the game. It feels exactly the same to be playing for the first time and after an hour. Progression is also rather uninteresting. Only upgrades are just to add more darts and get more damage, no new mechanics are introduced. The ascension mechanic is also very bland, just more damage.

  15. Candice Green says:

    After a couple of resets the game tends to stutter or completely freeze to the point of crashing after several minutes of playing. So, it’s basically unusable at this point. I’m not sure there was much play value left after this point, anyway, although I’d been curious to see what the developer hoped to add. It’s all moot if this game won’t run, though.

  16. Meghan Brewer says:

    The rhythmic bouncing of your arrows as they travel around the screen is the perfect way to wind down before bed, and when you progress further into the game re-starting and watching your arrow smash through 30 levels in a minute is just the right amount of serotonin boost I need to move onto my next real world task. There are no ads except the ones you opt into and the premium currency is easy enough to get you don’t even really need to watch them, but the message of gratitude after doing so has me going to watch them now and again anyway. The only issue I’ve had was the battery drain, but the lack of the tail and the sparkly impact graphic doesn’t bother me at all when I’m in battery saver mode. As someone who grew out of their childhood epilepsy the recent addition of the flashing light warning was welcome. It takes alot of good, for me to put money into an idle game like this and honestly, it was the fact that I felt valued as a consumer and that I was contributing to the development of such a simple and enjoyable game. Can’t wait to unlock my safe next time!

  17. Bethany Pilant says:

    Its okay. Id love it if the upgrades to the smaller spark would at least be some kind of helpful, but they are so far outstripped by the larger ones they dont even make a dent. The amount of times you have to restart to get further is a little tiresome as well. The ad watch isnt forced and rewards are usually worth it. Its pretty, and interesting… but hits a wall rather quickly where progression slows to a crawl.

  18. Jimmy Hendrix says:

    I like the aesthetics, I like the way the ads are kept subtle. I don’t like how progress slows, to the point where I have 62 million soul shards; restarting when only gets me 20 levels further max because the 70% effectiveness is a wall. The meaningful upgrades are too widely spaced, and it doesn’t feel rewarding when they are unlocked. After 5 shard final spark, it isn’t really interacted with anymore. Same with speed ups. There aren’t enough multipliers.

  19. Ronnie Suchiato says:

    Would love to see a one time purchase or subscription option to skip ads, but overall, very cute game. The vault is really nice, being able to save shards until I’m ready to buy them and for a decent price is awesome. Would recommend if you want something you can just kind of chill and watch play out. Would be five stars with a way to skip ads eventually. 🙂

  20. Ava Ambrose says:

    Really good game honestly. The “idle game” premise tends to be overused, but this is a format I’ve never seen before. The gameplay is a bit boring, but that’s more because of the repetitive nature of idles in general and anything on the dev’s part. And most importantly- all ads are optional! There is the opportunity to watch ads for in-game bonuses but there are no surprise unskippable ads- which tends to be my biggest pet peeve with modern mobile games. Overall, lovely game!

  21. Rachel L says:

    I love that all the ads are optional. It makes me more likely to watch a few when I’m playing. The UI is mildly confusing at first, and I find it hard to progress past a certain point. It would also be cool if we could purchase higher level sparks at a certain point instead of consistently having to buy the lowest level over and over. Overall, it’s a relaxing lil game I like to use when I’m winding down or watching TV and need a breather during commercials. Well done, devs!

  22. Lapis Aetharia (Lapis' Main) says:

    I think I’m seeing where people are getting stuck. The price for the basic “spark” goes up really quickly. Perhaps a way to lower the price scaling for it is to add a small price for merging them. Because it currently goes from 10 currency to 1k currency after about 20 sparks, making it really difficult to obtain more after a certain point. Still a good time waster. Also, what is the max level for upgrading the sparks? 5/5 stars

  23. Jacob McNeel says:

    This was my favorite idle game. It’s slickly designed and unquestionably addictive. There’s no forced ads and all in app purchases seem optinal. My problem stems from the fact that eventually progress becomes basically impossible. No matter how many ‘soul sparks’ you collect (I had about 100 million), the amount of credits seemed to not scale properly with them. I was never able to get the next upgrade no matter how many times I restarted. Great game, but the restart bonus needs improvement.

  24. Vas Vadum says:

    There isn’t really much to do in the game and it presses hard at the fact that you need to watch a huge amount of ads or pay money to get anywhere in the game because otherwise, progression is basically impossible. I also don’t know if it’s this game, or Google, but the ads can last over a minute, with triple close requirements, and some fake the close button in a way to open the app page or cancel reward. Edit: it does actually have exponential impossibility added to it, even after I cheated.

  25. Tara Carter says:

    I love this game. My boyfriend and I were competing to see who could get farther, but then my game suddenly reset and no one ever responded to my email. I was in the 300s and my phone broke, so I worked my way back up since my progress didn’t save, then the sudden reset happened. I’m probably going to uninstall this game for a while.

  26. Bryanna MacConnell says:

    Great game, very chill and relaxing–very zen lol. it’s a game I keep coming back to. ads are optional and give great rewards for choosing to watch. my only suggestion would be some of the color themes are bright enough to hurt my eyes when I’m tired. it’s great that we can choose which themes we want to use and when, i just think it might be good to have some dimmer/darker theme options earlier in the game for people who are sensitive. (the colors are pretty tho :D)

  27. Tyler Eubank says:

    Great time killer. Seriously let us buy an upgrade to get rid of ads and instantly get the rewards. Some of the ads are super short and that’s nice, but the others are overkill long. That’s the only negative I see with the app is those damn ads. Do that and it’ll be 5 stars. Good game though I enjoy it

  28. Aeron Downer says:

    I like it! It’s a simple enough game, and I feel like the creator of the game is involved and active. Only problem is, I’m at 75 million Soul Sparks and I can’t do anything anymore except wait 100 years to get somewhere. The game stops scaling correctly after a while and I’ve hit a wall that’s had me unable to progress. Been like this for a week or two.

  29. Sethyria Boulley says:

    Not ad greedy, but it’s close. I appreciate no forced ads, but the game goes nowhere unless you watch ads. It’s a sit and wait game, except it randomly changes up your progress and crashes after every other ad. It has no goal, so why keep playing? The chapters was a decent addition, but not amazing. But what lowered my rating far is the thumb tranquilizer thing. Get rid of that concept, the speed changes, and it would be a good game. But if I have the game running that should be enough for you.

  30. FlightlessCupid says:

    Really neat game. You don’t watch an ad unless you want to, which is really refreshing when other games are greedy with them. I saw how others felt that you couldn’t progress unless you watched ads, but I was able to get halfway through Chapter 2, then I read the developer’s message and watched one just to help out, so it’s definitely not a game you have to watch ads for either.

  31. JORDAN SPENCER says:

    Visually calming, satisfying to play, and defines the idle genre. My only issue, is that compared to other idle games, it doesn’t take long to hit that pay wall. When you get to the 3rd tier, which can happen in a day or two, it seems the 4th tier is weeks away without paying. I can’t even imagine going further than that. It’s still a really pretty and chill game.

  32. Dren Robinson says:

    The pacing gets incredibly slow quick. Requires you to watch add to progress which alone isn’t new for a f2p game, however these ads are obnoxiously long and in my experience had layers, making you sit for about 20-30 seconds before bringing you to the ‘final’ screen to hit a skip button, to take you to another screen with another countdown before letting you exit. Ads are a necessity but it’s discouraging to make you want to even play when they’re that ‘predatory’. It’s a bad Ad Service.

  33. Kristin Pfleger says:

    Its ok for an idle game that’s meant to be relaxing. It does get pretty boring, pretty quickly due to the progression system being a painfully slow crawl. Im at bonus 600%, and still feel like I’m moving at the same pace as when I first started the game, lowkey frustrating. Please make some kind of adjustment, like decrease in shard cost per restart or an increase in credit per damage dealt. Could be more enjoyable and relaxing.

  34. Malik G says:

    For the type of game this is, it’s not bad at all. A solid eight. Well balance, minor bugs. A true offline idle game. No ads, unless warranted (love the subtle mentions of apprections for watching). I also think the Vault is a GREAT idea and an absolute steal and all you have to do is play. Once it’s maxed out, buy it (goes up to three levels with each level offering more space in the vault. This is a biased opinion and is subjective to my experiences and is meant for feedback only.

  35. Elena Bush says:

    Love it! No pressure from timers or enemies. I like that you can advance on your own schedule, not a linear path. You can choose different combos of upgrades for your sparks each time, so you can see which methods work best. Challenging in a non-frantic way, fun, soothing to watch. 10/10 recommend.

  36. Christian Tava (Titanium) says:

    Love how the blocks briefly explode and change colors as they get hit. It’s absolutely visually appealing. The UI is super easy, definitely a game that teaches you not to be so hard on your phone. It does have it’s unique challenges that makes you want to keep playing. 9/10 Very minuscule complaint.

  37. Wendi Ballew says:

    It’s a great game, simple and self contained. Everything you need to “buy” in game can be purchased with in game credits, no actual purchase necessary, though the option is available. I love that there is no experience to be gained or daily prizes or anything similar. Just a simple level clear.

  38. Micky Jay says:

    Having done 3 restarts, I can NOT recommend this game as its not the best idler. Normally each restart should help you progress faster and help make a further push but felt none of that. Took me the same amount of time to get back my levels due to the randomness of the flying shards, and was only able to push maybe 10 levels further before it becomes too slow with the randomness. Vault system also forces you to pay for half the gems you should get for free. Only upside was no forced ads really.

  39. Diego Floor says:

    super fun idle game! However I seem to have hit an unofficial ending of sorts. Level 715. The exponential nature of the difficulty makes it very unlikely to make any progress in any reasonable time frame. What I don’t know is why. Maybe the dev is still working on it and eventually will tweak the progression of this stage as well. Maybe not. But it was a fun ride.

  40. Reid Miller says:

    I don’t mind ads normally, but I would rather have the option to just support up front with like 10 bucks and be able to skip ads. But that’s not the biggest issue. The biggest problem I have is the fact that most of the ads are designed to trick the user into clicking.after I’ve sat through the 30 second spiel, I shouldn’t also have to wait at a screensaver with no X option to close for another 15 seconds. Also, don’t link to a subreddit if you’re not gonna let people post. This is garbage.

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