Turret Fusion Idle Clicker Premium Apk


Tower defense and idle games combined; this is an invasion like never before.
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February 2, 2022
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Turret Fusion Idle Clicker Premium Apk

Tower protection and idle video games blended; that is an alien invasion like by no means ahead of. Use your towers to mow down a continuing invasion. Fuse towers to beef up your protection and advance your weaponry via more potent turrets to starships, and find a secret mega-weapon!

Turret Fusion Idle Clicker Top class Apk free up

Play at your individual tempo; your comrades will do away with stragglers.
– Deploy turrets to key places – Each kill earns you biomass; make investments into new towers
– Fuse two identical towers for a miles more potent tower
– Rank up and free up get right of entry to to new areas


40 comments on "Turret Fusion Idle Clicker Premium Apk"

  1. Annzlee Farlow says:

    This is a very rare find, an enjoyable mobile game that doesn’t shove micro transactions down your throat, it is not unreasonable to complete the game without paying extra money or seeing any ads. Ads are off by default and you can opt to turn on for a reward, I do this just to support the amazing devs 10/10

  2. Bucky Willes says:

    I dont really write a review but for this game i will, its a very good game, one of the best idle/merger games ive played. The ads are optional, you can turn them off or on, if they are on then you get 20% more currency and the option to get more advanced guns which is nice, it doesnt force you to watch ads which is a really nice change. The game is entertaining, its very fair, and there is somewhat of a narrative, nothing crazy but its something new for an idle game. If you like idle/merger games, then you have to get this one

  3. Cornell Kadia says:

    Good game, only complaint, and it isn’t anything game breaking at all. Once you purchase to upgrade your tower drop I feel as though you shouldn’t get the lower towers out of the drop pods. Still good game otherwise.

  4. Mindi Emsley says:

    At the start, it’s really simple to progress forward. But after you get higher grade defenses, it starts to get tedious and slow. It takes 2 pea shooters to make a rifle, then 4 to make a double rifle because it takes 2 rifles. You don’t see the real time killer until you get a mortar. 8 peas for a gatling gun, 16 peas for a triple gatling, 32 peas for a cheese grater, 64 peas for a cannon, suddenly you’re grinding 128 peas to get one mortar, and 256 for howitzer. Because it takes 2 of an identical turret to make a single better tier turret, you eventually have to grind 2048 pea shooters to make it to space, and repeat this process 32 times to finish it.

  5. Arlinda Steffie says:

    after I have spent the coins to fully upgrade the quality and rate of turrent drops, I was fully expecting to see a noticeable change. all I saw was the increase speed of which i get drops but I did not see any change in the quality of the drop. I would expect there to no longer be any level 1, 2, 3 turret drops. I would give the game a 4 to 5 star with the change. also add a sell or destroy turrent option so when the city is full of trash turrets there is a way to make room

  6. Peck Arty says:

    this gane is amazing, because i enjoy games that have the option to restart again with the bonus and it makes it so much easier to get through the game. But there was also a glitch i got towards the end of the game where i was on setting changing my time cause i just got back from a overseas holiday and i went to play the game and instead of increasing in biomass i was increasing in coins. just though id give you the heads up if you want to patch it :), but overall great game

  7. Mikhael Nikki says:

    First it is kind of plan. totally add heavy. at the start a game people put some effort into it. but then after the third iteration the story line disappears. at that point you can continue without the care of the gamer. i was promised more and got denied. what a wast!

  8. Andwearde Birkhed says:

    I’ve yet to delve deep into late game but the low amount of advertisements (that you can choose not to watch and are never forced on you, BUT give meaningful bonuses for choosing to watch them or enable a banner ad) and simplicity of progression both offline and online are clear signs that things are being done the right way. The only thing that I wish it had would be some kind of auto combining but again i’m not far enough to know that its not there.

  9. Daizy Josina says:

    great idle merge game. the graphics are quite good, game play is smooth, and has a moderate progression throughout the game. I thing there should be some leader board challenges to spice things up though. if so this would be a 5 star for sure, no questions about that.

  10. Acey Feran says:

    It’s statisfying to watch the turrets merge and the story is interesting but it all gets old after the first prestige or two. Your other game Castle Fusion Idle Clicker is basically a copy and paste of this game but i’ll ignore it cause the graphics are amazing.

  11. Maryann Ransford says:

    Fun casual game, great time killer. It’s really great that the ads are pretty much optional, it made actually want to enable the banner ads just to help support the game a little bit.

  12. Scarlett Cescelia says:

    Well… At the start I enjoyed the game. It was progessing, but Wash rinse repeat, It should be the title. After a ton of ads(needed to speed up the game) I played through three times in three days and all I got was more of the same. There seems to be no real victory. I got to wonder about the people who love this game. The creators run out of storyline quickly and there answer to further the game is pure repetion. No real skill involved accept your ability to be patient and continue on.

  13. Tremain Miller says:

    The game, incredibly quickly, forces you to use their premium currency to upgrade. It’s also the only game I’ve ever seen do that. Where the first few levels it let’s you use the in-game currency and then switches to the premium currency. Also, theres no “defense” in this tower defense game

  14. Corrie Candyce says:

    when it comes to idle and combination games, I usually get bored of the repeatetiveness of it. However, when it comes to this game, the thing that separates this game fr the rest is the story and thr style. Its pretty clear that effort has been put into this game. Ive had this game for maybe a month or two now and I haven’t had a day where I never opened the game which is rarr in my book. anyway, you should definitely give this game a try and support the devs if you can.

  15. Baynbridge Wynfrid says:

    really good and fun game that I have had for about a year or two now. unfortunately, the coins stack up really quickly at higher levels, because there is nothing new to spend them on except for a 2 hour boost. I stacked up so many coins, that I could max out the non-low level turret upgrade with 500 coins to spare! other than that, love the game and it’s addicta-billity

  16. Binder Leigb says:

    It’s a very fun game. My only complaint is that when you upgrade your can stil get lower level turrets. I would prefer to only get the level you up upgraded to & 1 previous level. Other than that this game is really enjoyable.

  17. Hedy Hailee says:

    Quite a decent game and actually fairly engoyable as it does not ever shove advertisements in your face. Not even passive banner adds. Contrary to most apps littering everything everywhere with adds all the time. Instead it only ever shows adds if you want to (for either a 20% income bonus, or video adds for ‘free’ turrets) Very very rare and I commend the devs for doing what they’ve done with this 🙂 (ps: I don’t give 5 stars, period. And i usually never rate apps nevermind write reviews)

  18. Dwan Hid says:

    I forgot this game even existed until i was going through and deleting my older apps when I saw this again. I barely remember anything about my experience, but that might actually be part of the problem. It’s so forgettable and I felt as though I didn’t have much fun with this game at all. All I remember is how the first run was good but everything after resetting was bland, and that’s enough for me to not play this again. Once you’ve seen all the content, it falls short. Wasted potential. 0/5!!

  19. Cristen Clintwood says:

    I rate this game 5 stars because this game brings back a nostalgia. (I downloaded it about 2 years ago) and it was really fun and relaxing! I usually hate these kind of “idle clicker” or “tycoon” games. But, this one is special. They are creative for designing an amazing game for little picky of me. I really enjoy this game! Thank you for making it. 🙂

  20. Josh MacDonald says:

    I have about 4 hours actually in game and about a day of it idle and it fun to have as a side game. The graphics are ok and the music and sound are decent. I would rate five stars if the upgrades to better pod drops stopped dropping beginner level towers to make the first level area faster.

  21. Pepijn M. says:

    The game itself is really fun. I give it 4 stars just because there are some bugs here and there and some things they could improve to make the gameplay better. But one of the bugs im just sad about is that i have 2 golden towers but when i buy them they are not gold. Or when you zoom out the transition between the levels are just really poor.

  22. Rex Trotter says:

    Love the bit of humor at each reset. Game play was smooth. Worth playing for Google achievements up to where you would earn “a hole in time”. You unlock that at black hole level 6, not level 5. Also, “universe of riches” is 100m/sec not total. At black hole level 6, I was at 3.5m/sec. If the dialog was better in the later levels (almost non-existent) and the achievements were better aligned I would have given 5 stars.

  23. Finn M says:

    One of the best games on the app store! Turret Fusion is a simple, yet addictive, tower combining prestige based game. I finally finished the game and reached a point where I no longer need to create a singularity. This game was better than most other games Ive tried on the app store and I’m grateful for its existence.

  24. Incredible Bat says:

    It’s a mix between a TD game and a merge game, except you can’t lose. It always feels like you have something to do, and all the tower animations are really smooth. I also like the reference to Plants Vs Zombies because the first tower you get is called a pea shooter. And, there are no ads that just pop up, you always get a choice. Great game.

  25. Anthony Nelson says:

    Fun to start, but very quickly requires hard-to-get premium currency to upgrade. Then, very quickly after that, wants real money to upgrade. On the other hand, there are no forced ads- a breath of fresh air compared to most free mobile games…

  26. olik 2311 says:

    The five stars are solely because of the ads, you don’t have them unless you click a button, which you can click again if you don’t want them anymore, and even then they’re only banner ads at the top of the screen which don’t hinder gameplay Aside from that, this is one of the only games I’ve played through to completion, and I’m doing it again because why not, and it’s very smooth on the controls too (I used 456 of the allowed 500 characters of this)

  27. Nathan Crenshaw says:

    Reasonably fun. Not bloated with ads. Mindless fun, but fairly buggy. Doesn’t always give you ad rewards. Can’t handle integers over 9.22 quadrillion, which is fairly easy to reach. Clearly an integers overflow error on 64 bit integers so shouldn’t be too hard to fix.

  28. Connor Christlieb says:

    I LOVE IT! I like to make up my own story too. Speaking of new stuff you should make a new merge tower defense game based around kurzgesagt immune system cells, viruses, and other microbes as enemies and cool futuristic weapons and resource gatherers of one design per class and enemy type, there’s also a level system for enemies and your units, as enemies and your units level up their appearance becomes more and more insane looking

  29. Eric Fitch says:

    It’s a great game a little bit too simplistic though I wish there was a way to do some research to improve your Towers income even before combining I wish it wasn’t so simplistic as just all I’m just going to come by and things and get better things with it

  30. Jo Cragg says:

    Good game. A short comic like scene after ever new merge. You decide on when you watch ads. Highly recommend since you can’t lose and there’s always something to upgrade/purchase/do. Great game; one of few.

  31. Joseph Johnson says:

    For an idle fusion, it seems pretty well balanced. Once getting to the Space section, it even allows daily generation of premium currency, that’s not a feature I’ve seen before. The only problem i see, unless intentionally done, is that the characters seem to not be fully fleshed out, their images i mean. I like the anime design of them, though

  32. So i says to the guy, I says to him, says:

    Great potential, obviously it has some work but i have got high hopes for it. It would be cool if the enemies were more diverse on each page/battlefield and noticible diffrences on what types of weapons used on each type. It would also be cool if each time you advanced on a battlefield it would change the current affairs of the battlefields that came before it.. it could even be as simple as how many enemies are coming through or aditional boosters for your drops or merges ect..

  33. Giovanni Elias says:

    Amazing game, where you can watch ads whenever you want, and that is amazing, where the developers don’t put ads everywhere, but make it so that you can watch an add when you want, and you get something too! Like, “watch an add to get 24k” you are helped by the add to complete the game faster and you help the developers. Great game! Keep it up!

  34. Jared Heuckeroth says:

    Ehh… I played it for a fair while and even dropped a bit of money on this game before I discovered that there’s really not much content in it at all. It became boring after a short while and I only kept going to try and grab some of those achievements (though a few of them are pretty much unobtainable, requiring a ridiculous amount of time in this game.) Give it a go if you want, though. It’s free!

  35. Pete Spoors says:

    Pointless. You never achieve anything. You never defeat a wave, there are no waves. Leave Earth undefended, fine. Have a 100% kill rate in space, great, but it doesn’t matter. Nothing matters. Open game. Build some towers, no choice of what, just do as you are told. Go away for a day or two, longer if you like, it doesn’t matter. Come back. Build or buy with Biomass you haven’t earned, but got any way, some more towers. Go away. Come back, all good, you lost nothing, nothing died. BYE.

  36. James Lennon says:

    The turrets on the first earth view have such a low contrast it’s hard to distinguish at times. The thing that caused me to uninstall (besides the slow progression) is that when I spend 8 million of a currency to upgrade the minimum level of a turret, I should never see the lowest turret again instead of getting an X% chance of a higher turret (most good merge games do this).

  37. Rizky Nugraha says:

    It’s a great idle game. For those who says it doesn’t has goals or objectives, or even say it doesn’t has wave system, because it is an idle game, with a form of tower defense game. It doesn’t force ads, you can boost something if you choose to. It even has option to turn off or on banner ads. Which if u turn it on, you get permanent bonus

  38. Lemon4ik says:

    The Free turrets spawning in for you isnt useful for me. It spawns low leveled towers and way to expensive to upgrade.Its wasting my space. i can barely buy turrets. And when i try to place a turret the turretpods keep blocking the space and making me fuse it with another thing. Make it so that i could disable the free turrets. its actually annoying.

  39. Connor Ballantine says:

    I’ve played sharkjump games before and honestly, this one doesn’t dissapoint. It’s not for everybody, but if you want a game that kills 20 minutes while you are commuting, waiting in line, etc, then this is a good game for you. It can be used for longer times, but after a while it does become a bit boring, but it’s just a small fusion game so you’re not really supposed to spend hours on it at a time. All in all, good game to play if you have time to kill.

  40. Anshul Ojha says:

    It is a god game to kill time. I was looking for a td game but this idle game would suffice. However the biggest pro of playing this game are the lack of ads. You never get forced ads and you have and option to enable banner ads for boosts.

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