Strawberry Shortcake Food Fair Mod Apk


Win cooking competitions and decorate your Food Fair booth!
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Budge Studios
January 25, 2022
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Strawberry Shortcake Food Fair Mod Apk

Budge Studios™ gifts Strawberry Shortcake Meals Honest! Strawberry Shortcake is on the Berry Bitty Town Meals Truthful serving up berrylicious treats, and her buddies are giving out prizes to the most efficient in Display. Use their favourite elements and it’s good to earn impressive decorations to your meals sales space. So let’s get cookin’!

Strawberry Shortcake Meals Honest Mod Apk apk mod new

OPTIONS • Choose between other Meals Truthful recipes
• Combine, stir and grill — gameplay mechanics mimic real-life cooking
• Customise your treats with other culmination, flavors, glazes, and a lot more!
• Win Blue Ribbons in meals competitions
• Earn decorations to make your Meals Truthful cubicles nation adorable
• Save your custom designed recipes and lead them to at house • Simple and amusing step by step directions

Strawberry Shortcake Meals Truthful Mod Apk apk mod 2022

Make your favourite Meals Truthful treats!
• Itty Bitty Fruit Pies
• Frosty Rainbow Slush
• Very Berry Doughnuts
• French Toast Wonder • Kickin’ it Kabobs

Strawberry Shortcake Meals Truthful Mod Apk release

PRIVATENESS & PROMOTING Budge Studios takes kids’s privateness significantly and guarantees that its apps are compliant with privateness rules. This software has gained the “ESRB (Leisure Instrument Score Board) Privateness Qualified Children’ Privateness Seal”. For more info, please talk over with our privateness coverage at:, or e mail our Knowledge Coverage Officer at: [email protected]

Strawberry Shortcake Meals Truthful Mod Apk apk mod

Earlier than you obtain this app, please observe that it’s unfastened to check out, however some content material would possibly most effective be to be had by way of in-app purchases. In-app purchases value actual cash and are charged for your account. To disable or alter the facility to make in-app purchases, alternate your software settings. This app would possibly include contextual promoting (together with the approach to watch advertisements for rewards) from Budge Studios referring to different apps we post, from our companions and from 3rd events. Budge Studios does no longer allow behavioral promoting or retargeting on this app. The app might also include social media hyperlinks which might be handiest obtainable in the back of a parental gate.

Strawberry Shortcake Meals Honest Mod Apk mod apk

END-USER LICENSE SETTLEMENT This software is topic to an End-User License Settlement to be had via the next hyperlink:

Strawberry Shortcake Meals Truthful Mod Apk apk

Budge Studios used to be based in 2010 with the challenge to entertain and train kids around the globe, thru innovation, creativity and amusing. Budge Studios maintains the best requirements of protection and age-appropriateness, and has develop into a world chief in kids’s apps for smartphones and drugs.

Strawberry Shortcake Meals Truthful Mod Apk

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40 comments on "Strawberry Shortcake Food Fair Mod Apk"

  1. Bekki Areal says:

    I like this game and all and the only thing wrong with it is that only one slot is free and I’m only spots to have one game and I have to download it on Samsung kids so I can’t ask my dad to buy something on this game effing though he makes 50 bucks an hour at job

  2. Cornal War says:

    iI think it is not very nice because there is more paying and less playing and it should be the other way no paying and full playing please make the game full free 🎶🎶PLEAEAEAEAEASE

  3. Iliria Willy says:

    Fabulous game! It is non Wi-Fi, fun, and once you make a dessert it saves and shows you how to make it in real life! Amazing game.

  4. Hailey Bud says:

    well it’s fine, but when I tried to make a second pie it wouldn’t talk ,and it took me out of the game and said ”Strawberry shortcake food fair is not responding”, so please fix this bug. I’d give it a five star ,but with this bug I really can’t. other than that it’s a really fun game.

  5. Joby Dandre says:

    i dont understand that why always budge studios ask for in app purchases in all the games. i request that please dont keep anything locked and everything unlocked.the games are the best but they have to be purchased. 🤔🤔😐😒🙁

  6. Delbert Rosemary says:

    when i was a kid i loved it but now i cant install it but i like this game so i do reccommend for you guys thats looking for a game to try the girls only because this isnt meant for boys like i said trt this game it is also a super fun game it is nice so that is the reason why i give this game a four star rating oh and nice day by the way….. 🙂 ^^ oh this also doesnt need money to intall the game. 🙂

  7. Alysson Carlis says:

    I love it and all but can you do one thing? if you could I would like everything free. I like making different foods and yeah but i do want to make something more so plz I will give 5 stars if you do😯😁 Edit: Your welcome😊 I love your games!😁

  8. Tibica Millard says:

    I love all the foods and decorations!!! Playing this always makes my day. 🙂 Extremely awesome. Keep up the good work. 🥰🙂

  9. Widaliz Bliths says:

    You should have a bit or all free things for kids some people dont have the 💰. So i rate this game a three. If there was more free stuff in kids games they would get better ratings

  10. Bede Lyudmila says:

    The game is good but you should give all decorations as free the only plus point in this game is giving the real life ingredients to make the particular dish. Thank u for that budge studios

  11. Lowell Feran says:

    I like this game very much it’s fun awesome amazing but I have only 1complain that when will the next level unlock.but its lovely I like it.i have just downloaded this game I have won all the ribbons but when will the next level open but its awesome I love it.

  12. Tekle Aneirin says:

    This is an amazing game…… But I have only one complain that the recipes is unlocking so late,and when I press them to unlock, the file come and it says that you have to purchase it…I have just download this game and won all ribbons…Pls someone told me when the next level will be unlock….I just love this game….. So awesome ❤️❤️ Strawberry shortcake is my favourite 😍 and the recipes are also so yummy and awesome ❤️

  13. Black Buck says:

    It takes ages to load! And there is not many recipes. But on the other hand it is a very fun game to play.☆☆☆☆

  14. Chrystalla Atley says:

    It has only one thing to do and i love how you guys gave me alot of applinces and stuff but if u want better ratings and more downloads u need to give more not saying that you should give everything but a little more i would be great in all your games

  15. Precious Nova Escoto says:

    I dont realy like your game a little bit, the problem is i play all the games in budge stodios, beacuse, ther are so many locked things than unlocked i play all the games, Barbie dreamhouse, my little pony harmony quest, and this game all the games i played so pls can you fix all the games we can not play this game we have to pay other games are more better so i rate this game 1 star for me from this game beacuse it is so boring we have to pay others, so i want to rate this game 0 stars thaks.😊

  16. Hamida Hatibu says:

    I have this app 3 stars because it is not that good you should and some thing like this you make all the pies acording to the order if you get all the orders you unlock another stand shop to make other recipes

  17. Kholeen's Gacha Life Project says:

    Hello, this game is really awesome in my phone. That recipe made me at home and please remove the ads that are not used.

  18. Jasmine Timmons says:

    You need to unlock the another foods I’m mad why I can’t I make the other foods I want to cook them why wouldn’t you unlock some and any way this game sucks make it have more then one so I can cook you better now I like your games but this one sucks 😠

  19. Jessie says:

    Like i said for strawbeet shortcake ice cream its great but the payment we can only play one stand challenge and the rest we have to pay and its tje reason why i don,t get used with the point of strawberry shortcake me playing because of payment

  20. Mitsuko Clover says:

    literally all you can bake or cook are locked! The only thing you can bake is the pie! all of the others are locked if you want to unlock them you need to pay! so inconvenient. Most of the “Budge Studios” games are horrible cause you need to pay to unlock the VIP acces… I suggest making some of your games completly free so you can make more positive reviews!!!😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

  21. Temeeka Peterson says:

    Strawberry Shortcake Food Fair is so Cool!! Strawberry Shortcake’s cook-off! Berrylicious ingredients! Win a blue Ribbon! Make winning recipes at home! About this game win cooking competitions and decorate your Food Fair booth! Thank you!👧💜❤.

  22. Faisal Chauhan says:

    All the things must be unlocked they just want money and hack but it is a good game if you just remove the money thing it will be the best game in the world please let the things be unlocked by playing not with money I will give the marks 10-1

  23. Nunu Habib says:

    This is a fun game but the reason why I gave is only one star is because we can only bake one thing and that’s boring and these budge apps you have to pay for literally everything and theres so many ads which makes it worse so either get rid of the ads or make everything free then I will change me rating

  24. Darren Bryce says:

    I agree with the only making pie is quite boring and you need to pay I do love budge games but there are so many adds it’s hard to actually play either you make all the deserts free or remove all the adds and this will be the best game ever same with all the other budge apps

  25. Azyelia says:

    This game is really nice just u have to pay to unlock other foods wich is boring and all the adds make is worse they just want money not too put this game out for other people kids or teens too be happy all they just want is money If they change this then i will give them a better review

  26. Isra says:

    It is a very fun game but you have to buy it is not fair it is the worst game ever please unlock all levels please 🙏

  27. Liza Paas says:

    what a waste of time downloading this app you can only bake one thing the other booths are all locked and all of your games we have to pay to get all the stuff, can you make just some of your games all free so I can change my rating

  28. Rutwaza Syson says:

    I think the last two months in the next couple weeks, so I have been in a few weeks, so I have to do with the following link to visit the following link from a range. This email and any attachments for a few weeks. We will become. I am u7777777 the same. We will be able, I have to be a problem, and a bit. The comments for the use it to the UK. I am looking for an interview with the best way to get to the UK. I 82 to the top right hand. If you are a few week’s typical daily. For the best way thro

  29. Dilukshi Theo says:

    Very good but the quality is bad and I’d like to see more foods that don’t cost money and some more tools that don’t cost money and some more fruits and veggies

  30. Jill Ballock says:

    Nice game! 🙂 I will unlock everything in 2 days! The only you can make is itty bitty fruit pies I will give it a 5 cuz I will unlock all recipes and the other kitchen tools soon!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  31. madison raft says:

    TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS! In the sweet shop you only get a few sprinkles, and in this game,YOU UNLOCKED ALL THE SPRINKLES!! TOTALLY RECOMMEND!

  32. Nuggs chicken says:

    I like the game but if you don’t pay for things it starts to get boring and sometimes you don’t have the things they want so unlock a few more free ones it’s getting boring Budge.

  33. Abigail Cunningham says:

    If I could I’d give it a zero! If you want to unlock all the recipes or stands it costs real actual money which my Momma doesn’t have enough money to do that. This is the worst game ever. Budge is the worst ever. I think that budge should use ads instead of money. Ads would be a lot better. I hope budge fixes this.

  34. frog says:

    It’s really fun. I remember playing this when I was younger. The disappointing thing was that you have to pay for a lot of it.

  35. Mohd Helmi Abas says:

    Its fun but I’m kinda sad because the stuff was all lock the other kids must be sad too😔. All the stuff no need to use money k, do it free for kids. Or not your game will be☠️. Please improve 😊


    Your best game ever ofcourse as I downloaded this much, thanking you as we can ofcourse level up free, I don’t hate paying for apps games books movies music etc(Subscription) but what I hate is we can’t almost level up without paying( Free) on any of your games than a very few I guess almost all are completely paid, there will be paid gifts in a game but if everything is locked and we have to pay to unlock is horrible because afterall I use to doubt is it for kids as they can’t pay, improve

  37. Cade Madisson Dominguez says:

    I would like to rate 0 because it costs money which is the game is getting so boring that I’m broke it was so boring without the stands free if I owned this games I will make it to adds instead of the money paying thingy and the Barbie dream house will be 0 B if I owned it cause it has alot of GB can’t it be 0B?

  38. gabriella says:

    first this game is really fun its just that every time you get done with ur cake or whatever you are making there is an addd but other than that the game to perfect

  39. Sophia Inos says:

    I was thinking about playing this game, but it really sucks that I can’t even get ANYTHING for free. Just, let us get free Strawberry Shortcake games without paying. You suck, sto pid game!!! 👺🤬💪❌🔪

  40. ta b says:

    I installed this app through play pass and then there was a request for purchase and it did charge me. This play pass is a fraud I should not get charged.

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