Sci Farm: Space Village Life Apk Download New*


Grow your farm with friends and family. Harvest crops and enjoy farming!
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September 19, 2022
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Sci Farm: Space Village Life Apk Download New*

A beautiful large farm and town and village construction on-line simulation recreation. Care for lovely animals on your the town, and revel in harvesting what you plant on your farming simulation recreation. Revel in village lifestyles in house!

Sci Farm: Area Village Existence Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

Did you ever watched a dawn from a village existence house station the town?

Sci Farm: Area Village Existence Apk Obtain New*

Each morning your day begins with plant, harvest and feed animals. It’s a good looking and satisfied farming town – village simulation recreation. Village existence used to be by no means such a lot amusing!

Sci Farm: Area Village Lifestyles Apk Obtain New* release

Do you know extraterrestrial beings are looking forward to your orders supply? So time to reap.

Sci Farm: House Village Lifestyles Apk Obtain New* apk

It is vitally glorious to farm, harvest, beautify, and customise your individual house station. Each day and night time lovable animals are right here. Care for them for your the town and village and feed what they like to! Farming was once by no means such a lot a laugh!

Sci Farm: Area Village Lifestyles Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

Industry along with your giant farm visitor: extraterrestrial beings coming from in all places the universe and organize your house station to develop the farms animals for your the city and extra.

Sci Farm: House Village Lifestyles Apk Obtain New* mod apk

The tale starts some day within the 12 months 2470, when an enormous meteor used to be hitting the earth, the Sci Farm: a large satisfied farm, harvest and simulation of lifestyles group is about up with the objective of protecting and increasing the earth’s existence to surrounding planets of their the town village and house send. The group is going world with the release of numerous house stations.

Sci Farm: Area Village Lifestyles Apk Obtain New* apk mod

On this recreation, you’ll be despatched to such a house stations as a supervisor and also you should attempt to extend your house station by means of generating and acquire animal DNA, meals, and crops; promoting them to citizens of different systems. Are you in a position to stick in this project?

Do you suppose you’ll arrange an area farm and harvesting station? So let’s get began on your personal farm simulation the city.
Revel in house city-building and farming and simulation town and village video games.
The day is began so handle lovely animals, feed them, farm, harvest, and extract DNA.

Zoo Control, farm, village, and city-building is extra a laugh whilst you harvest plants for your village the town.
Greater than 30 builds to design your individual spaceship station and town. Discover deeper area and feed the lovable animals for your village existence in area. Natural break of day of many stars in sci farm, town and village lifestyles the farming recreation.

Sci farm options:
♦ Particular farm recreation abilities ♦ Glorious product to plant and harvest
♦ Many sorts of animals to feed and deal with.
♦ Other futuristic units, structures, and applied sciences to expand the most efficient area station.
♦ Most customizability and more than a few sorts of decorations to your farm.
♦ Adorable and funny-looking characters from other races of people, extraterrestrial beings, and robots.
♦ A buying and selling machine to shop for from and promote to different avid gamers.
♦ Participant unions to create and develop into a member of.
♦ Talking to different avid gamers, like their stations, sending them items, and taking part in coop occasions.
♦ Buying and selling with particular alien races like jelly other folks!
Experience town simulation sport and village development and spot your large farm town will develop sooner than you’ll be able to consider, As it’s A Sci Farm with particular farming simulation recreation options.

Scifarm is unfastened to play, even though some in-game pieces will also be bought for actual cash.

Scifarm is an internet town simulation sport (Web connection is needed).

Harvesting vegetation stars quickly!
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40 comments on "Sci Farm: Space Village Life Apk Download New*"

  1. OYASHEEE says:

    I really enjoy it! Excited to see what the future holds. Although I did suffer some weird crashes when building something new, luckily I found out I must not move the object and just let it build in the default position and then I can move it. Other than that, I have not encountered any other bug.

  2. Jeri Troxel says:

    Its a farmville type game thats fairly new. What sets it apart is you have am unlimited amount of builders, the colors are fantastic, and the expansion time is alot shorter. I really love it so far its very addicting. It is a new game and there are a few kinks but over all they are very minor.

  3. Mohammad Dariaan says:

    A nice & good game! Isn’t brilliant but satisfying game & acceptable if you like peace & quiet. Not so crazy thrilling game, OK!?!

  4. Darren Donges says:

    i like the game but it gets a 1 star for now theres no facebook login so it links over from android to IOS devices & when u go to buy packs on your android the amount of the packs dose not show up & it wont let u use the same email on another devices

  5. No Name says:

    Game crashed at level 10 andis now unplayable. FIX IT NOW!!!!!!

  6. 100000 200000 says:

    Bundle ad pops up level 10…clicking x does not close out ad..unable to continue in game

  7. Travis Vest says:

    It’s a nice cute game that’s easy to play.

  8. Leon Welch says:

    So far, I’m enjoying it. A little bit more of a spread out with less initial room for “usual” buildings (or versions of them) that is necessary usual common standards, which most games use as necessary tools for playing. (Troops, resource, tech, defensive materials! So, I most certainly am going to continue progress and will have a much more thoroughly thought out opinion to be more applicable with sufficient time to have processed a fair & justifiable theory….

  9. RosenrotRtLiebchen87 says:

    game is fun but i can’t verify my email, partially because the email i got is all in a language i don’t know. there was a link i clicked but the page just had a logo and that language again, and nothing else loaded on the page

  10. Sammie Uniwammie says:

    Pretty cool game and I like space too I’ll update ya when I play a little longer just got it yesterday

  11. Anthony Jackson says:

    Pretty fun i suppose a little tycoon game about you creating a farm in space Pretty neat concept tbh.

  12. Alejandra Tobón Ossa says:

    I just downloaded it and the server is not available 🥲. The grafics look good. But I hadn’t the chance to played it more than 2 mins.

  13. Pixie Ghibs says:

    Im enjoying the look of it and the idea of it. Its a fresh fsrming game But theres no way to gain coins faster so im stuck in a stand still where i cant upgrade my storage because i cant make coins but i cant plant more seeds cause my storage is full. You should make it so we can earn gold easier and more so we can actually play the game..

  14. Sherry Armstrong says:

    Super cute game. Music is so relaxing and the person who does the Bobby voice omg so adorably EDIT.. after getting done with first scishow, kinda stupid to choose between 3 rewards with all the work we do, why not get all 3 of them ?

  15. unkle cheese says:

    Its okay. Lost interest when the game wanted me to check my timers every 5 minutes

  16. carlbrent liedeman says:

    I like the game alot so please keep on updating it and adding more content to it, like maybe something to do with fishing, weather changing different plants to harvest feom etc. Really is a great game and it has potential to be even better so keep up the good work and i cant wait for more.

  17. Icp Love says:

    Love it awesome the animals are cute and graphic r great

  18. deborah hawkins says:

    Wonderful space game, lovely graphics and quests are exciting. I love the idea of farming animals and space technology quests. Game is new to me and refreshingly different from standard farm games, deserves 5* well done!

  19. Buddy Coleman says:

    It’s a cute little game. A decompression tool.

  20. Kittikat Takesabreak says:

    Annoying. On level 2 and still stuck with the tutorial. As if this wasn’t enough, the tutorial keeps trying to force me to spend gemstones just to speed stuff up. This happened twice and now I’m uninstalling because I refuse to be told what to do.

  21. Z Puff says:

    Cool idea and graphics but shortly just turns into a “waiting game”

  22. Lindsay Grubbs says:

    UPDATE: they have resolved the save issue and i am not thriving in my space venue. Beautiful colors,cute characters and animations, overall well designed. Good game to tap on to burn some time. Can put down and cone back to at any point and pick up where you left off.

  23. Stephanie Watkins says:

    Love the game so far, I suggest fertilizer or watering to shorten grow time

  24. Madison Williams says:

    The game is fun just so laggy, it takes forever to load and all in general is just laggy on my end at least. I’ll say if you have a iphone is not laggy but if you have a LG or Android or anything like that I wouldn’t get it, so much lag.

  25. ש ע says:

    scishow event full of cheaters that finish it instantly, aside from that the farming and progress mechanics are nice

  26. Envy says:

    Too much hand holding and unecessary internet connection

  27. Katrina Sample says:

    Interesting and cute, but desperately needs an option to shut off push notifications.

  28. Jasper Ellis says:

    I really, really wanted to like this game, but it has the same issue as every other farm game- your storage is CONSTANTLY full. I don’t mind having to manage space, but I constantly have a full storage, when I only have a couple of each item. I can’t full any orders because I don’t have space to stock up on enough stuff to fill them… Even after upgrading. Super disappointed because again, I did like this game. But it’s too frustrating.

  29. sara nasiri says:

    This game is great and fun. i play every day

  30. Tina Gutman says:

    The game is cute but pretty buggy. The notifications are constant and incorrect. The timers on items don’t work right. Items disappear from inventory. I really enjoy the game, but the more I play, the more issues I notice.

  31. Yandere Beef says:

    This game is only made to take up space. I downloaded this game because it looked fun but whenever I try to open the app it kicks me out.

  32. John Colon says:

    Can’t even play the game cuz it keeps crashing

  33. Darla Mccain says:

    Love this game!!!

  34. Sanchita Deb says:

    It’s like a normal farming game nothing extraordinary this only looks different but the game is like normal farming game only some things are different. do de honest this game is not that good not that bad

  35. Kimberly Love says:

    This is a cute game I really enjoy playing

  36. REN JIE TENG says:

    This game is very fun, but it is too lagging

  37. Calico says:

    It does’nt have ads it,may not be offline but its soo cool if you love sfi and farming. Its soo cool. Thank you Developers (i cant spell) for making it ads free and enjoyable 😁😁. All the support to you!!! 😄😄

  38. m-c-h malte (mchMadness) says:

    k i sincerely thought at first, ih meh no maybe we’i’ll see, turns out this is a Gem, first flance yes/no/stock in the mid (just pls GoOn just give it a try..;, but yeah so far so good id say im totally so far loving this 1Game’lots .. maybe yes lots of only interactive part would be for repetitive moves could get maybe boring for some but still (pls just go on people and give it at least one try for any lovers off those kinda game its one off my favourite so far) thanks to ur team the works 🙂

  39. Halba IgienicaV says:

    Pancakes make me feel hoorny 🥞

  40. Cassie Holloway says:

    It’s cute, I enjoy the concept, however, it’s a money grab & the storage is always full! The orders start off hard & its hard to fill them when you have no room to save items needed 😤 MEH

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