Rite of Passage: Heart of the Mod Apk


The past isn’t set in stone, and now’s your chance to change it!
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Big Fish Games
January 17, 2018
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Rite of Passage: Heart of the Mod Apk

Play the trial without spending a dime! Pay as soon as & whole the journey!

Ceremony of Passage: Center of the Mod Apk apk mod new

Soar into the center of the hurricane of the century, the place a vengeful spirit has woke up from an historical temple to wreak havoc at the climate. You’re for your strategy to assist your pal, Professor Mann, but if your airplane unexpectedly malfunctions, you’re pressured to eject and parachute to protection. Are you able to in finding your pal and lend a hand him combat this peculiar phenomenon prior to it will get out of keep watch over?

Ceremony of Passage: Middle of the Mod Apk mod apk

• LEND A HAND THE PROFESSOR RESTORE HIS STORMCATCHER! Is that this a case of climate experimentation long past incorrect? Or did Professor Mann simply unintentionally bump into a secret that’s been saved hidden for years?

Ceremony of Passage: Middle of the Mod Apk apk

Dodge the damaging tempest thru blustery hidden object scenes.

Ceremony of Passage: Center of the Mod Apk apk mod 2022

• USE YOUR SENSIBLE TELEPHONE TO CRACK THE CASE All of the trendy gear are at your fingertips to unravel stormy puzzles and electrifying mini-games.

Ceremony of Passage: Center of the Mod Apk apk mod

• PLAY A BRAND NEW ASHEN UPWARD THRUST JOURNEY WITHIN THE BONUS RECREATION Proceed this mysterious tale and revel in further Collector’s Version exclusives together with collectible Hurricane Clouds, morphing items, and extra!

Ceremony of Passage: Center of the Mod Apk release

• In finding 1000’s of hidden gadgets, plus resolve heaps of mini video games and puzzles!
• Free up this unbelievable Collector’s Version to achieve get entry to to all the wonderful bonuses and extra gameplay!

Ceremony of Passage: Middle of the Mod Apk

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40 comments on "Rite of Passage: Heart of the Mod Apk"

  1. Demi Atteworthe says:

    This game, so far, is just alright. There’s already a ton of character interaction, (which becomes a bit of an interruption at times) & lots of back & forth, which can tend to get frustrating. I didn’t love the demo tho, especially since it’s super short, so I’m not going to pay to keep playing right now… I do, however, think it’s worth coming back to sometime down the road, especially after reading lots of reviews that say the game is really good, becoming so esp after the demo, SOOO, I’LL BE BACK! Lol.

  2. Genell Alexynthia says:

    Absolutely one of the best. We had no problems on our Huawei tablet. Music was good, something we appreciate. Excellent graphics and some really innovative puzzles. Morphing objects in the HO sections, good maps good hint system, too. A decent storyline which makes a change and very few arbitrary placings of odd objects. Basically, it all made pretty good sense – apart from the water cooler which needed a new spark plug! That gave us a laugh, but it was the only extreme weirdity. Agree with Susan (below) some of the dialogue had the ends clipped off. Overall though 10/10 for enjoyment.

  3. Rhian Bryden says:

    controls worked with no issues I really enjoyed this game, good story, only issue was I had to exit out of the game twice, it wouldn’t release the first time around. but I would play again.

  4. Maximillian Raydon says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this game. Some I find boring as they are all much alike but this game kept me guessing a bit. would recommend this game for all level of players.

  5. Madison Rawling says:

    Over all pretty good but one flaw is the hidden o ject scenes the slide bars aren’t sensitive enough and don’t move properly or not at all. This is very annoying when there are a lot of objects to find it is almost impossible.

  6. Roswell Bronson says:

    Liked the story part, But the hint and skip were entirely too long. Had to many skips, almost made you forget what the story was about…

  7. Suzanna Leea says:

    Love this one too, hate to admit it, but think I’m addicted😕 the artwork is beautiful, storyline good, controls very responsive, puzzles are a real treat, I sometimes skip them, I can’t wait to move on but I always go back to them in the extras . you people are so talented, keep making games! Would recommend this game 100%

  8. Deven Lyndon says:

    paid for this game after the free trial, and continued to play for awhile with no issues, then when I exited the game for a time I returned to play again but when I pressed the play button it keeps going to restart but won’t connect. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times with the same thing happening everytime. what else can I do or how can I get a refund?

  9. Aeoelric Collby says:

    What on earth? The game is horribly laggy and the buttons unresponsive. Couldn’t even get through tutorial. Maybe it is not designed for Android 10. It crashed at phonecall with professor. Will be uninstalling!

  10. Diannie Burris says:

    I like the game but I don’t love it. The graphics are beautiful. The storyline is weak and the hints aren’t great. Others may really like it tho. It does have a bonus game and a guide. It is worth the $2.99 but I wouldn’t want to pay more.

  11. Acwellen Rheda says:

    O M G!!! THE BEST hidden object adventure I’ve played in a while!..the puzzles were incredibly unique. The hidden object scenes were FUN. Smooth gameplay. Moving between locations effortless. Beautiful graphics. This was so damned FUN!!! I hate I finished it. Bonus game continued the story…was a beautiful story by the way. Refreshing. VERY WELL DONE!! NEED MORE LIKE THIS🤗🤗 thankyou developers!!!!

  12. Elva Clemence says:

    I initially gave a good rating, but now I’m having trouble with the game and sent an email to developer and now it’s asking me to download some kinda help APP. Really? I just bought the full version of the game and now I can’t play further!

  13. Iola M says:

    Fun and captivating, good graphics and story line. Love the variety of puzzles.

  14. Nang Shwe says:

    In the 1st hidden object scene, dragging pencil to eqn: many times doesn’t work & can’t also take out the continent piece.

  15. Janet Lemon says:

    6/3 update. My home network and my tablet ran software updates this morning. I tried unlocking this game for the millionth time, AND IT WORKED! Another game by Big Fish that I’m unable to unlock. Claims I’m not connected to the internet.

  16. Deborah Daw says:

    I like this game my one issue is you have to tap an item several times before you can pick it up which can be quite frustrating I would have given it a 5 if not for this.

  17. Mrs Swiftly says:

    Enjoyable and passed the time, was not really difficult enough prefer puzzles to be more challenging. Did like the extras screen though.

  18. Linda Pletcher says:

    Interesting story line. Lots of help. I’m enjoying the game so far. The only problem is during HOP the interactive parts don’t go together very well. Have to keep trying 20 Times to get them to connect. Got to chapter 6 to earn Life and Death Token. The inventory gave me 3 puzzle PC’s to complete 4 pc puzzle. Tried for hrs to figure out. Help told me to go to spot there was no puzzle pc. Duh I only got 3. Not starting over have to uninstall. Waste of $4.99 and time.

  19. Jan Tweety says:

    Excellent graphics, music and story. Problems with lack of directions in mini games. Also difficulties with trying to pick up items in the mini games and HOG,s. Because of these

  20. Laura Willems says:

    The hints take too long to charge and then you might get hint about an item and not a hint for what you really want in that moment! I chose drizzle mode and I’m still stumbling around trying things! Taking the gum off with the warning sign then using that gum to repair the hose is stupid!

  21. angie bennett says:

    Great game to start with but unfortunately had to uninstall due to a glitch in the wardrobe HOP…. Couldn’t complete the equation with the pencil despite trying for half an hour…. Very disappointed as I was really enjoying the game

  22. Terri Comeaux says:

    Like the game ALOT! Enjoying the story line. Herd but not too hard, challenging. Keep the games coming!

  23. Mary Mem says:

    I’ve only been playing hop for 4 months. They have made quarantine much better. I’m enjoying this game. It seems a bit primitive, in a low budget kind of way. An example is their lips don’t move when they talk and you have to tap the screen to advance the speaking parts. I like the lightening!!! When I get stuck, I find a manic meeks walkthrough on YouTube. She cracks me up 🤣

  24. Gabrielle Gordon says:

    One of my favorite games to date! Awesome graphics, characters, puzzles and story line. I didn’t have any issues with gameplay and if kept me going back for more. I finished in just a few days but the game was lengthy enough to last longer for most people I just couldn’t put it down!

  25. Anthony Robertson says:

    Hey I thought the trial was great. It’s got a lot more action than most the hidden games I’ve played and the graphics are really awesome.

  26. Anna Saliba says:

    I am so disappointed. Most of your games are listed as not available in my country and the very few that are I can only play the demo. You have no free full games at all. I would gladly buy them if you made them available in my country. Regards Anna

  27. Dee Tee says:

    Great game. Graphics and story very good. Items sometimes difficult to select. Bonus content allows you to find collectibles you may have missed, but no opportunity to go back and find them.

  28. Belinda Kilby says:

    There is a glitch in the game where you have to brush a painting, very disappointed as I can’t progress after purchasing the game

  29. Shay Turcotte says:

    Good game to play, I’ve purchased a few from other developers,and halfway into game froze!,,,,, not this one!! Impressed with that,some of the items were a little hard to see ,,ie,,, tree branches or rope,,, but good game play after all,,,,,story line seems almost stalkerish,,but had good outcome in the end,,,,,well worth the money,,,,am happy with this purchase🙂

  30. Kristi Sparkman says:

    Not great as far as these games go. Many functions dont work. I ended up not being able to finish the game due to a malfuncton on a hidden object game. Wouldnt recommend

  31. Beth Stanfield says:

    Definitely worth the money! I love the voiceovers and the games are challenging but satisfying.

  32. Crystel h says:

    Thought it might be a good game so I bought the full version after the sample bit but stuff won’t work properly it won’t react to me tapping on things plus I get past a mini game where I match the outline to the rest the object the slide things won’t work. Needs to be fixed

  33. Suzanne Stauffer says:

    Unusual storyline that some might find offensive, with a monk who has entered into a physical relationship with a woman. A strange blend of Eastern and Western religious beliefs. Actions are not always logical, so be prepared to tap at random and use whatever objects you have. Maybe it’s because I’m playing on a tablet, not a phone, but objects have to be placed in a very precise spot in order to be used. Controls on some games are touchy. Language issues, as usual, with unfamiliar or incorrect names of items in the HOPs, or general terms that apply to several objects.

  34. Handan Milne says:

    I have really been enjoying the game and the game has an exciting , enjoyable story and with good, interesting characters in the game.

  35. Kate Williams says:

    Not free-to-play like their many, many other games. You’ll get about 10% into the game before you have to pay to Unlock.

  36. Lourdes Torres says:

    Outstanding!! The graphics and design are awesome. No glitches or lagging. It played beautifully on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8inch tablet. Not too difficult or too easy. Well worth the modest price. Thank you! 😊👍

  37. Dr Mark Helfand says:

    it’s a very good game with a story. The only issue is it takes 2 taps to enter a room but 1 tap for everything else.

  38. David Oberlin says:

    This game is one of the best I have played. Storyline is interesting and graphics and scenes are amazing!

  39. Mentouhi Lawrence says:

    Would have rated it higher. LCan’t get pass the hose and bottle. I keep filling it. It dumps the water. I did this several times. The hint only tells you to either hit the hose or fill the bottle. No direction after that. Game was great until I hit that glitch.

  40. Laufey Sasaki says:

    Love the storyline. Little different from other games I have played, and I have played hundreds. The mini games are not same old same old and the graphics are great. Good job guys well worth the money.

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