Rabbit Evolution: Merge Bunny Mod Apk New 2022*


Combine and create mutant rabbits in another Tapps Games classic!
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Tapps Games
November 25, 2022
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Rabbit Evolution: Merge Bunny Mod Apk New 2022*

I’ve were given ears for days and large enamel, and I will deliver you eggs however I’m now not a chook. What am I? An unsightly waiter? No, dummy, a rabbit! It will not be Easter, however it’s no doubt bunny season for the addictive Tapps Video games Evolution sequence, so get able to pull, drop and dare, as a result of your new favourite puppy will probably be a hare!

Rabbit Evolution: Merge Bunny Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

Mix’n’match on your heart’s content material and fill the sector with lots of adorable, fluffy and infrequently reasonably horrifying rabbit mutations. It’s so lovable you’ll wish to hug your display!

Rabbit Evolution: Merge Bunny Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

Every other Evolution vintage from Tapps Video games!

Rabbit Evolution: Merge Bunny Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new


Rabbit Evolution: Merge Bunny Mod Apk New 2022* apk

🐇Pantheon: a brand new position for best beings to seem down on us mortals and chortle at our distress 🐇Impostors: be careful for impostors looking to scouse borrow the highlight from the rabbits

Rabbit Evolution: Merge Bunny Mod Apk New 2022* liberate


Rabbit Evolution: Merge Bunny Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

🐇Drag and drop equivalent rabbits to create new mysterious creatures
🐇Use rabbit eggs to earn cash, purchase new creatures and make much more cash 🐇Alternatively, fiercely faucet a rabbit to make cash pop from their eggs

Rabbit Evolution: Merge Bunny Mod Apk New 2022*


🐇Different levels and plenty of rabbit species to find 🐇A mind-blowing tale with hare-fying twists
🐇The sudden mixture of creature evolution dynamics and incremental clicker video games 🐇Doodle-like illustrations
🐇Various conceivable endings: in finding your future 🐇No rabbits had been harmed within the making of this recreation, best builders
It’s bunny time from Tapps Video games, hunny!

Please be aware! This recreation is unfastened to play, however it incorporates pieces in the stores for actual cash. Some options and extras discussed within the description might also should be bought for actual cash.


40 comments on "Rabbit Evolution: Merge Bunny Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Erwyn Bin says:

    I think that the bunny was cute at first,but as it evolves it gets funnyir and weirder!I LOVE THIS GAME

  2. Aenedleah Alexanda says:

    Great game, me and my friends challenge each other and had a deadline and loser had to buy the winner something

  3. Faron Seger says:

    I love this game mainly because I have 20 rabbits in my back garden 1 of them has died . How you ask her jumped of the stairs and broke his hip,leg and a rib. But we still love him as much as we do eny other rabbit.

  4. Mikey Lexia says:

    Amazing game just like the rest but 4 stars because of the ads.

  5. Diggory Burney says:

    The ads are absolutely obnoxious. You can’t do anything without watching a 30 second ad every time. Also as a game that has a dozen or more versions that are pretty much just copy-paste, it’s pretty redundant.

  6. Tolan Aldus says:

    Some ads are annoying to watch when they keep popping up, but its really cute and addictive as well.

  7. Nevaeh Elrick says:

    its really fun but can u add more colors and more bunnys or cat dogs dragons and like make it to where you can make like some baby bunnys where one baby bunny is blue and another red like something like that anyway im going to be suggesting more game ideas and more stuff to add and by the way im a big fan i downloaded all of the evolution games and if u want to now my age i am ten years old and i am a artist and i love your games so bye and keep makeing evolution games so byeee😀

  8. Beadwof Christopho says:

    my friends introduced me to these kinds of games and Im sure glad they did 😂 Im loving it. Great job!

  9. Nels Adain says:

    I love rabbits I have 5 pet rabbits BTW so that’s why I downloaded the game and can you PLS make the rabbits look less disturbing

  10. Aldrid Joran says:

    If you like any of the other evolution games, you’ll love this one too! Cute, easy to play and great for killing time.

  11. Avalee Daryll says:

    I love this game I have been looking for this game and i have finally found it I love how the rabbits look like keep up the good work

  12. Chrystian Shandley says:

    Game is a lie. Paid for cash item. Still forced to watch ads.

  13. Flint Tarrence says:

    It’s a cute and fun game, it’s time consuming and I love seeing the new rabbits you can make ☺

  14. Awstin Elyta says:

    As always, another terrific game by Tapps! Bunnies and eggs are so cute!

  15. Nechten Elston says:

    The game is great but the problom is that it takes up too much storage. I have no apps and cannot buy it. When that is fixed I may give it five star but for now just lower down the storage.

  16. Jazmina Clemintina says:

    Bought some gems that were supposed to remove ads and still getting them. Waste of money…

  17. Elvyne Hayes says:

    Super cute, super fun, and it reminds me of my own rabbit, Creampuff!

  18. Posy Edla says:

    I think it’s a great game to play and super entertaining to play and the rabbits are so cute! Rabbit evaluation rules! #rabbit evaluation

  19. Eartha Ffraid says:

    It is really fun, although it takes so long to get 1 box. I wish there was certain spacing and every 5 taps you would get 1 box. I hope this review is helpful.😊😊😊

  20. Ozzy Faine says:

    Would be higher if they didn’t make the worst noise every 0.1 seconds

  21. Cuthbert Bernard says:

    It’s really cool! There’s one problem though, on my Samsung Galaxy a50 you can’t see how many coins you have got (the top part is cut off) Please fix this problem.

  22. Amberly Andonis says:

    This is a very good, time passing game! I also love rabbits so that’s one star added to the four. Thanks for creating a game for rabbit lovers!😊👍🐇

  23. Ro Randkin says:

    I like it ,its really funny and if you like mutations with rabbits then this game is for you

  24. Wynfrid Ambere says:

    I was forced to watch a mandatory ad every 3 mins. The game isn’t that damn fun or interesting to put up with the ads.

  25. Shelba Orvin says:

    Not bad of a game. I really like the series of evolution games by Tap games. Keep up the good work.

  26. Yetta Leeland says:

    It’s a great game and great time killer, but you might get bored after a while, but I didn’t really. Amazing graphics, they’re very cute! Defiantly recommend if you’re ever bored! 🙂 <3 stay safe during quarantine guys!!!! Wash ur hands and stay safe inside! This is a great game to play in quarantine! Byee! <3

  27. Stanford Dellana says:

    Omg there is No way to Exit that horribly click-tap fashioned game 🤦‍♀️🤯🔫 dear God I love bunnies but 🤷‍♀️😵 what exactly is the point of the game!

  28. Ron Sheppard says:

    Rabbits are cute and unique but this game take it to another level.

  29. Sharon Powers says:

    Won’t open I had this game for months my 6 year old played it everyday. Now she can’t play it at all. It force quits as soon as she opens it. Note 20 ultra 5g

  30. Kayla Cranford says:

    Terrible, downloaded it crashed as soon as it opened, uninstalled it then reinstalled it and it did it again

  31. Sara Chidouin says:

    I enjoy this, I play it when I’m bored and its very fun, and I love being able to color the bunnies to look like Monokuma

  32. Heather Skipper says:

    It’s twisted and funny and super cute. The descriptions are the best.

  33. Zywia Wilkowska says:

    It’s a fun tapping game, and I LOVE the monthy pythons Holy Graail reference, but for some reason I can’t use the wardrobe, every time I try I can’t click anything and I have to exit and start the game, which is a pity, as I love the hats in all the evolution games. It also lags a fair bit when I open many crates at the same time, but this is probably my phone’s issue.

  34. Silent Awareness says:

    The ads will make me uninsall. I should only see them when I’m gaining something in the game otherwise it’s off putting and I’ll find another game

  35. Acacia Halko says:

    Ads just pop up when ever they want how are you supposed to even play this when ever 2 mins there’s another ad.

  36. Eric Gutierrez says:

    To many ads every time I went to buy a new one it would give me an add fun game but not worth it

  37. Jayden Johnson says:

    Game funny and silly! I like the cute bunbuns but too many intrusive adads ): You can pay to turn them off, but I AM JUST A CHILD. NO MONEY. WHY.

  38. croissant boi with a stabby says:

    great game! I remember when I use to play this when I was younger. if you want a game where all you has to do was click and watch what weird and colorful results would happen, this is the game for you.

  39. Kay says:

    TL;DR The exact same mechanics as all of their evolution games, ads every time you open an in-game menu. Ngl I never review games, but after getting a super manipulative and cheap ad saying “Jesus needs you to have a bible on your phone” I decided to review. That’s ridiculous lmao. I’ve played a few of these evolution games too and none of them are frankly unique or captivating. Redundant mechanics. Just a way for the devs to cash-grab with ads.

  40. Bonnabe Untalan says:

    this game is so cool

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