Police Sentri Apk Download New*


Hide & Seek multiplayer co-op madness!
2/5 Votes: 1,947
Todak Studios Sdn. Bhd.
December 5, 2022
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Police Sentri Apk Download New*

Play on-line in a amusing, fast, high-adrenaline multiplayer chasing sport. Taking inspiration from the acquainted formative years sport of police officers and robbers and conceal and search, gamers will likely be assigned as both a police or a robber.

Police Sentri Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

Catch all robbers to win the sport as a police or dangle the ‘money bag’ whilst evading the police till the timer runs out to win as a robber. Robbers can rescue their buddies to flee from the prison and building up the danger to win the sport. Police must patrol the prison so as to keep away from jailbreak!

Police Sentri Apk Obtain New*

RANDOM POWERUPS Accumulate more than a few pieces within the stage comparable to banana peel, hide, lock-pick, cabbage, and exploding kitten to help you in evading and catching or simply to create havoc whilst having a laugh.

Police Sentri Apk Obtain New* apk mod

Robbers can rank up by means of rescuing their comrade from jail. Police can rank up by way of catching a ‘ranked up’ robber. Upper ranks will give a velocity building up.

Police Sentri Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

As much as 10 gamers can sign up for the joys in a web-based sport consultation. Play cross-platform with family and friends on this 2Nd top-down sport.


40 comments on "Police Sentri Apk Download New*"

  1. Syed Salman Shah Syed Ahmad Kamal says:

    Good game. Look forward for improvement. Pls improve the character movement. Quite hard to accurately control. Maybe can include “Capture” button when robber is in police radius (like “kill” in “among us” game) rather than using intercept to capture

  2. Mustafa Hue says:

    It’s fun to play catch-up. After being arrested There are no criminals who can help get a member out of prison.No less rare like the police have a gun and criminals have a stick can hit the police for a moment’s fainting.

  3. RTK Jzs says:

    I have an idea. If you add these legendary characters Abg Hashim “Abg Raguti” and Sargent Misai “From the legendary old time Gerak Khas” I bet I would die to get these characters on this game to play it. 😂😂 seriously these characters was too iconic and very suit to play along with this game and even so. it would attract more Malaysian and overseas players to know about this game. I have playing it and have fun with it. But if you add those characters. It would be twice as fun.

  4. Aeman Baqir says:

    Too much issue. After register take too long before redirecting. 2 stars coz I still cant log in yet.

  5. mang owk says:

    After purchased gold from store i cant login via my email. It keep saying login failed. Pls help

  6. Norzainah Janial says:

    Update; Okay game smooth suda lepas update 👍😍 maybe boleh tambah button/search friends, or maybe can add maps? And guns for the police 🤣 Must be nice tho 🤣

  7. edlenonleonard jumis says:

    Lots of bug, too fast and it’s kinda boring if UR play solo. But I’m not really put high expectations to our local developers.

  8. Rimuru Tempest says:

    thankyou for the response ! it works perfectly fine now . just it will lag sometimes , but i think that is bcs my device is getting heavier . or bcs of bug ? mybe . i isnt an expert abt this . btw , this is a great game ♡ cant want to see what upcoming update would offer .

  9. Nazrul Aimin says:

    Good game and easy to play..recommended for every kind of age to play this game.. Childhood memories.. Enjoy it

  10. YAYU ONNA says:

    This game is the best, you can try to play. It really reminds me of my childhood when I played police sentry with my friends. You should download this game and enjoy the game. TQ 😊👍👍👍 very recommended 👍👍👍


    Police Sentri is the good game by TODAK. it have some mission that must be completed and that is the best game among young. I hope Todak will create more interesting game. #todaklanggar

  12. zurhakim says:

    This game is very nostalgic, easy to play and also fun to play with family and friend

  13. najihah nasarudin says:

    This gamee remember me on my childhood… Its really awesomes and u can play with ur friend and other player! Recommended!

  14. Mus Glucose says:

    a fun game to play with friends. hopefully todak will improve and add more characters in policesentry.

  15. Nooradilah Adeela says:

    Police sentri it’s a fun games..look forward for improvement ..after being arrested there are no criminals who can help a member out of prison

  16. Faiq Rafi Kysar says:

    It’s very challenging game but fun ! The apps working well. Todak is the best 👍🔥

  17. Akhmal Zhafwan says:

    This game is very fun, easy to play and this game has brought back memories of playing police sentry with friends but now it is in cyberspace🥰🥰🥰

  18. Nick Sharzes says:

    For me this is a nice game, it brings back childhood memorries. Simple but really enjoyable.

  19. Amirul Husni says:

    The best gameplay , no lagging or bug , funny game also u guys should try this game .. awesome todak .

  20. Boy95 StudentLife says:

    Very good games. The graphic all okay, the method of play is easy to understand. This game could bring us back to our old memories of 90’s kid. Well done Todak.. ❤❤

  21. NizNaz TV says:

    Wow! A great memorable childhood game ever. Thanks for bring it back, Todak.

  22. Sameer Hakeem says:

    Hahahaaaa ada game police sentri shiak! Best main ngan kawan semua and love the art style 👌 but there bit of an issue bile nak masuk game die error harap yall boleh fix kan hahaaa thanks for bringing back the old days todak!

  23. funni doggo says:

    Too many damn bugs. I can’t join a another match after I’ve completed a match and I’ll have to restart the game to play a match. This is too damn annoying

  24. izwan zaman huri says:

    Fun game and it’s bring back our memories for those yang lahir around 80-90an..hope can built another game that can related to our memory more

  25. Faqihah Athirah says:

    This game is really fun to play but there are many bugs. It is really annoying because I can’t join any room. There’s few times I spent almost 30 minutes to join the room. Please improve this problem. But overall the game is really good.

  26. Golden Carrot says:

    Good game. But have too many bugs and why i cant update the latest version?

  27. Naufal Hakimi says:

    The game is so f fun, I play with my friend like it the end of the world but so many bugs I hope the developer can fix it all soon. Overall the best local game

  28. Hansen says:

    Too many bugs, and people are teleporting over the place even though having a good connections.

  29. D darwisy says:

    I like this game so much but please fix bug and make more map..

  30. AFIQ 059 says:

    Best game I ever played But Please fix the connection (server) problem Because my game always happen to bug By the way, this game brings back memories of my childhood, RESPECT TO DEVELOPERS

  31. Hasbul Izham says:

    Kindly do update regularly.. theres lots of bug in this game.. overall, this game is fun to play..

  32. Thetriathigamer154 says:

    This would be a fun game if it would let me play, I’m not saying it won’t let me past the loading screen, I’m saying when you get in a lobby it’s always shutting down for no reason or the host won’t start, fix these issues

  33. Amier Rizqi says:

    It’s ok but can’t sign in or sign up into the game.. I hope Todak update this game and can settle this problem..

  34. KKarby. says:

    Good Game, One Problem that i only have is that finding a room is a pain, theres like none that’ll appear sometimes and i understand by how small the community of this game is.

  35. nik hakif says:

    even though it’s a bug but it’s ok, this game is just like the game I used to play

  36. Nara Sri Wangsa ꤼꥉꤽꥇ ꤴꥉꤽꥈꥆ ꤳꥁꤿ ꤴꥉꥀ • 300 years ago says:

    I cant log in, this game said your log in succesfully but cant enter the game😭 I have uninstalled and install again but still the same can’t get into the game, help me!!

  37. Aiman Jasman says:

    This game is the best

  38. adem muhammad says:

    Fix bug sign out tak boleh nak keluar

  39. Chomil Hashim says:

    I like this game because this game made in Malaysia☺️

  40. luqman hakim says:

    Nice game, but i cannot register my account since tue first day i install this game, i already sent report but did not receive any reply till this day,

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