PerCity: City Building&Farming Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Relaxing city building and farming game and Management experience
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September 28, 2022
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PerCity: City Building&Farming Apk Download New 2022 Version*

PerCity: Town Development & Farming is a farming simulation and town construction sport. You harvest your farms and take animal’s merchandise, procedure them and promote them. Percity is very similar to town construction simulation video games.

PerCity: Town Development&Farming Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

Invite your mates on your town and sign up for them within the workforce chats. You’ll be able to industry with your folks and assist eachother develop your towns. You’ll be able to construct a harbor with your folks and industry with different towns.
Convoys will cross your town on their manner and ask you for some merchandise, satisfy their orders and take what you want from them. Satisfy conoy’s orders and obtain some merchandise from them which is helping you reinforce your town. Get started your adventure in PerCity: Town Development & Farming, a town development simulation sport and extend your persian town, construct a farm and harvest the goods. Feed animals and use their merchandise and finally, promote what you will have and earn money to construct your dream town. On your town you’ll be able to have: potato farm, wheat farm, soy farm, tomato farm and … additionally deal with animals reminiscent of cows, chickens and sheeps. Develop your town from a small historic town and renovate it and construct your dream town. You probably have performed and loved equivalent simulation town development or farming video games, it’s time you check out PerCity: Town Construction & Farming which will provide you with a distinct revel in from different simulation town construction and farming video games, this time in an historic persian town. Entire missions via farming and rising your town and obtain items. You’ll be able to additionally beautify and customise your town the use of vegetation and superb structures on the other hand you prefer. The extra stunning your town is, the extra likes it will get from buddies and different avid gamers. You’ll additionally consult with different towns and allow them to know for those who like them. Attempt to construct as many farms as you’ll so you’ll make people’s orders quicker. Additionally construct huts and building up your town’s inhabitants.

PerCity: Town Construction&Farming Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* free up

Percity’s options:

PerCity: Town Construction&Farming Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

✔ Construct farms
Develop crops and grains and harvest them

PerCity: Town Development&Farming Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

✔ Handle animals
Feed animals and use their merchandise

PerCity: Town Development&Farming Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

✔ Procedure your merchandise Construct bakery, grocery, mill and procedure your merchandise

PerCity: Town Development&Farming Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

✔ Promote your merchandise Promote what you’re making for your other people

PerCity: Town Construction&Farming Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

✔ Business with different towns Sign up for weekly and day-to-day occasions and business your merchandise
✔ Adorn and customise your town Use decorations and design your dream town
✔ Discuss with different player’s towns and price them

☑️ Greater than 30 other construction to develop your town ☑️ Greater than 70 other merchandise to fabricate to your factories
☑️ Score desk for probably the most a success towns and cities ☑️ Mysterious sections that might release while you degree up within the sport ☑️ Cool shipment ships which create a aggressive setting between you and different cities ☑️ A super revel in from the outdated Persian empire and tradition ☑️ Consistent with Town has been optimized for iOS and Android

Revive the misplaced historical empire of Persians! Construct a groovy town, develop it, and stay your voters glad. Arrange the manufacturing traces, create new factories. Industry with different avid gamers, compete and play within the on-line occasions
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Obtain PerCity: Town Construction & Farming now and revel in a laugh farming and town construction simulation recreation.


40 comments on "PerCity: City Building&Farming Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Elynn Rawnie says:

    One thing I do wish that it could be in English. It would make it easier to know how to play the game. I hope that you can do that? .

  2. Holley Cater says:

    It’s so fun and I am proud of this Iranian game that is very well-made. Although it is very similar to “Hay Day” game and I hope more creativity for Iranian Games,but to a good extent it’s acceptable.

  3. Georgianne Jerrika says:

    The entire tutorial was in Arabic. You can’t change it until you finish, and good luck changing it if you can’t read anything. Then it turns out everything takes forever and you don’t have the freedom to build where you want. It is just an activate the set buildings type game.

  4. Snell Quianna says:

    The game is fun and hassle-free, now I’m playing for a few months, it’s a problem that annoy me. Buildings do not have names

  5. Wilkinson Wilder says:

    Very great, but a little bit of time consuming items

  6. Garnet Jennifer says:

    its really hard to belive that finally IRANIAN PEOPLE made a game , and that game is perfect . Thanks i love it ❤👑

  7. Caliban Hunter says:

    This game is a complete masterpiece….. Everything in this game is so good and complete… If you are a Persian or want to experience a game about Persian empire this game is made for you…

  8. Adyson Cately says:

    this game is perfect . the language can change to English and other languages . this game really deserve six star .

  9. Dimitrius Zinia says:

    awful….sever doesn’t work properly

  10. Bartle Ellymarie says:

    wow just wow as a Persian learner i really dig this game thank you but can you add in English and Spanish versions as well? if you want i can help with the Spanish

  11. Jarrod Fleming says:

    perfect and user friendly

  12. Toft Jessee says:

    It was my best game ever. Really recommend to download,of course it worth.!!

  13. Michayle Lucianne says:

    i can’t even complete tutorial because don’t work correctly

  14. Doron Elmer says:

    Well this is an intersting game. Im personaly not really into games but this is a good. But I had to delete and reinstall it 3 times because if the connection was slow or failed it would not work any more

  15. Landen Trish says:

    Nice and easy to play and relax. Specially I love soundtracks. It’s remind you as you are really in a farm.

  16. Darolyn Christoph says:

    It’s nice game for relaxing and fun downloaded now..

  17. Colvert Allayne says:

    Good game but after a while game is boring Becuase the game have a few bulding until level 9 u have everything and this is not good update game and make game a little hard

  18. Amirali Zarei says:

    Nice but it doesn’t have easily way to catch diamonds.

  19. elham karimi says:

    This game is so enjoyable for me. I spend alot of time every day to make my city that i like it.

  20. So Jas says:

    This game has more problems. It’s too hard to get diamonds. We need spend more time to get what we want . It’s ridiculous game

  21. Parsa Karimi says:

    Very good game is me 2 years to play per city and very nice Persian thanks for creators game good😁😁😁😁😁😁😊☺😂😂😂😄👌

  22. Fatemeh Naghibi says:

    This game is very good and perfect but money very

  23. jalil mirshahi says:

    must be promote . sometimes can’t enter the game and its very slow and full of stop

  24. Bijan Rahimi Monjezi says:

    Good game, but it could be better if to be upgrade in different issues

  25. Mahboubeh Sharafi says:

    This is a while that I have some problems with Shapoor. For example I cann’t buy “bronze Sculpture” whether by watching advertisements or pay diamonds. Hope you solve this problem in new versions.

  26. milad sarhadbani says:

    The game is very good Sometimes when you are not bored, the game is very entertaining

  27. Mahsa Mosavi says:

    Hello, I really thank the creator of this game. I have a request that you make so many money games that you can play the game to earn money. In the new update, I am waiting for such a secret thing.

  28. m mnz says:

    I really liked this game but I have some problems and will send them to you in telegram. But now the prominent one is that I can’t see advertisement link when a fruit isn’t rippened yet while my friends can!

  29. Sarina Rahimi says:

    It’s a very nice and cool game about the activities in the past of Iran, I enjoyed playing it

  30. A Asgari says:

    The game is so fun but the family[khandan]is so bad and they are not suitable for kids because of +18 content. they should manage the content of them

  31. Ahmadreza Darbani says:

    It’s so nice and have great graphics.

  32. Arghavan Glb says:

    I really enjoyed the game, really interesting characters and smooth language, both Persian and English.

  33. Arina says:

    The game is very good, I just wish we could change our name❤

  34. Ajeep Alnour says:

    It’s a very nice game it’s simple, easy, and fun in the same time I like it.

  35. Zahra Eb811 says:

    I really like this game but Do you have any app for the change the place of something

  36. anita khajeie says:

    The game ls soooooo good

  37. Sassy Bong says:

    I don’t like it 😕

  38. Mohammed Amer says:

    It enjoyment game

  39. oto jaliashvii says:

    Would be better if u added skip tutorial

  40. UshaRao K usha says:

    Not satisfied with the game

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