Ninja Race – Multiplayer Mod Apk New 2022*


Fun Running Online Action Racing with Ninjas
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August 13, 2018
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Ninja Race – Multiplayer Mod Apk New 2022*


Ninja Race – Multiplayer Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

Ninja Race is a reside, multiplayer racing sport that includes distinctive Ninja Characters.
You’ll race towards 3 actual other people, together with your Fb pals and random combatants.
The motion is real-time.

Ninja Race – Multiplayer Mod Apk New 2022* release

Soar over hindrances to overhaul your fighters.
Shoot rockets, portals & throwing stars at avid gamers forward of you to knock them again. Drop punch packing containers to sluggish competition in the back of you.
Outfit your persona in Ninja Garbs and different a laugh costumes.
Taunt the contest. Sign up for a league and climb the leaderboards. Leap on in.

Ninja Race – Multiplayer Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

SPORT OPTIONS • Race actual other people • Compete in real-time
• See Fb pals • Grasp superior powerups
• Leap, then double leap!
• Customise your gown • Taunt different gamers • Sign up for a league
• Climb the leaderboards

Ninja Race – Multiplayer Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod


Ninja Race – Multiplayer Mod Apk New 2022* apk

>> Set up Ninja Race lately. It’s UNFASTENED!

Ninja Race – Multiplayer Mod Apk New 2022*

Thank you for taking part in!


40 comments on "Ninja Race – Multiplayer Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Osman Frisa says:

    The game is awesome, but i have 2 annoying problems, i can’t take my daily rewards I DON’T KNOW WHY!! And the whole time the game disconnect internet, so i have to quit and reenter again all the time and I DON’T KNOW WHY EITHER!!!! Can you fix that? If you don’t I’m gonna uninstall the game and give you -000000 star!!

  2. Aler Gifford says:

    😀I absolutely love this game!!!where has this game been all my life,if you are a fan of ninjas and love competitive racing platformers,than I totally recommend that you download this awesome game!🤔 right now i think that this is one of the best online multiplayer games I have ever played(… Don’t worry it does have one offline mode where you race bots.)it’s still pretty cool!☺️…pls keep on making fantastic updates!

  3. Ardria Dorrit says:

    Very good. Hard to find a game sometimes, remembered playing this years ago under the game’s previous develper, backflip studios. Hope this game reaches it success because its actually fun playing with other people. One more thing please have dedicated servers.

  4. Cleme Cordelia says:

    Changing my review from 2 to 5, quite addictive and interesting multipliyer game. But some add-ons if added could do a lot in improving and upgrading the game: 1: Addition of custom comments or real life chat. 2: Introduction of fire hurdles 3: Post chats with the players and formation of groups.

  5. Genette Sequoya says:

    It’s awesome. I like it. But 20 days reward is supposed to be a chest of jade after claiming initial characters. But that can’t be claimed. It’s probably a bug. Please fix it. All claiming process needs improvement.

  6. Vince Stoner says:

    Great racing game, if you’re into the multiplayer racing games, like Fun Run. I played this under the old developer and I’m so glad they brought it back.

  7. Blandford Cloyd says:

    the network has too many glitches. it keeps kicking me off saying i have no connection. it keeps slowing down and speeding up gameplay. I’ve even been first in races with no other person at the finish line. and the game doesn’t award me first place. this game seems like a poor execution of a great concept

  8. Maralyn Westin says:

    gamplay is amazing, simple yet very addictive.. but there is some annoying bug when the game resumed from the OS, it can’t connect until restart.. please fix it then i’ll give it 5 star

  9. Atley Attheaeldre says:

    The game at first was very fun and easy to play. I enjoyed it very much. but when I tried to go back on it later, it said I have no internet connection when I clearly do because everything else on my phone that needed internet connection was working fine. so now the app won’t work and thats pretty annoying to me. so if you could fix this, thanks. if not, your game sucks.

  10. Kayleen Rand says:

    I’ve been playing the game for a couple of months without any big issues. But now everytime I open the game the Daily Rewards Calendar pops up automatically and won’t let me close it, so I’m not able to play at all. I’ve cleared the cache and even uninstalled and reinstalled the game, but the problem persists. Please help.

  11. Veeda Audry says:

    This game is cool and stuff, but my problem is that i can’t buy anything either was it with gems or coins, and by anything i really mean Anything! And what is worse, i bought “30 cards MegaPack” which is with Real Money (SAR2.99) and still i didn’t get anything, it said (There was some issue while purchasing the Card MegaPack) and now i’m at least asking for my money back!

  12. Destiny Leatrice says:

    It’s not bad, but it would be more fun if it has a chat, clans, championships and more trails, maps to choose where to run… Like this it’s a bit boring…

  13. Hewitt Andrea says:

    I love this game however it has its problems. One of the main problems is that it’s constantly disconnecting from the server, it has happened several times. Another is not being able to redeem achievements. Buttons won’t work when you press them. Will give 5 stars when these matters are addressed.

  14. Radford Sherill says:

    game is a lot of fun, especially with friends but very glitchy. I wish there were additional characters and costumes…I’m not really fond of what they currently have available.

  15. Maude Carie says:

    good no great game. but the connection is a bit off. need another update for bug fixes. I can play online with randoms just fine. but cant even join a lobby with someone sitting right next to me. please fix and will give a 5 star.

  16. Joceline Avery says:

    I give it a good review it is a good game for multiplayer and the challenge to become more skilled. Just so.wthing that bothers me is that, why did you guys and the team behind “Ninjump” characters are not there. Can you tell me what happened or why they are not there. Other wise it is pretty good!

  17. Orik Deanda says:

    The game is amazing and I’m glad it was remade since I loved ninjump dash, the only problems are it’s almost impossible to press claim on missions and some abilities don’t affect people sometimes.

  18. Benny Roan says:

    Its cool and the characters is awesome. The Boosters is super great and the rank. And add a sword button if you are the front of the ninja and he come in you, the character you use can attack/slay/swipe the sword the player using the button.And i love it. Its the best racing game, ninja game, action game, ever. And the custumes is great. Its fun and addicting racing game.

  19. Frisa Clyff says:

    Overall the game is pretty good, it’s a good time killer when I’m on my breaks at work. My only issue is that it seems like it takes way to long to find opponents, but I think it has a small player base. Looking forward to updates or a sequel

  20. Arnett Daffeney says:

    I wish I could give more stars but you seriously test my patience. It can be such a good game and can be so worthy of 5 stars, but you almost never find players online and you are too frequently disconnected from the server in the middle of a game. Most times, it is difficult to invite and add a friend to a game too. I would love to change the rating but please do something about these issues.

  21. Audry Bridge says:

    DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING! I really like to play this game, but there is no one keeping the app updated or fixing the bugs. I’m assuming it could be due to covid-19, but who knows? I tried to purchase the “February deal,” which said the purchase did not go through, tried again and said same thing. Emailed support after realizing that I was charged twice and got nothing. All I wanted was what I purchased and a refund for one charge. Nothing happened so I’m out $20. Should’ve known better. 😡

  22. H M says:

    Lately I can’t buy any more costumes or any packs of powerups…been waiting on these issues to get fixed by themselves because most other bugs do but it’s been a long while since then so maybe they wont get fixed on their own so idk that’s the only thing I don’t like about the game,regardless I love it.

  23. Muzafar Rathoor says:

    Hi, me and my friends has been playing this game since 3years. Its so much fun to play. We have a problem its been month now, we cant purchase anything, neither we can convert diamond into coins, will you please FIX this problem, because we cant enjoy without fire power. We are waiting ….

  24. Dr. Geet says:

    Excellent game to play when you are bored…… The only problem is that the game has not been updated from a long time due to which sometimes you may get unable to purchase some costumes.

  25. Rahim Mohammed says:

    I like this game alot but the model of the characters from ninjump dash looks better and could you put the ninjump dash servers back up and allow a person to create a name and play . And in the pictures of the game it is showing ninjump dash characters and also it would be good to add the more characters. Please make it easier to get gems. And can you make abilities for all the characters other than the ones worth gems. Linking ninjump dash accounts would be nice to add. And we cant buy anyth

  26. Ar Va says:

    The game should be called ‘Disconnected from server’. How does one hold on to the lead on the leaderboard when you constantly get disconnected from the server. Not to mention the sore losers who quit races when they are about to lose! Else would have given 5 stars!

  27. Salil Prashar says:

    Lots of fun Playing with friends but needs improvement. Lots of bugs need update to fix. E.g. some times can’t claim the prize as claim button doesn’t work. Once minimised can’t connect to friends need to restart. Some times got disconnected during game even playing on wifi.

  28. Someone Random says:

    Not that fun, anyone who gets ahead will just drop punch boxes at the top of all the stairs and then they’ve basically won. One of the few times I was beating someone with one of those fancy characters you can buy, I was in the lead AND I mean far ahead and then time slowing cards were just spammed right before I reached the finish line and I got teleported and lost.

  29. Ipsita Panda says:

    I really enjoy the game but everytime it gets disconnected in middle of the game which is really frustrating and it happen everytime I try to play. Lots of improvement is needed.

  30. tharun says:

    This game is a world level ranking game. But you want to put many costumes and you want to make a new option as when we are play matches and we won that time the exp only want to upgrade our ranks not after 24 hours do not upgrade. And we lose the match that time exp want to decrease. This is the only problem for us. You want to change this problem.this problem may be cost more currency.but you want to change this. You must change

  31. Merlin Rainbow says:

    Would be 5 stars but: I can’t claim daily mission rewards. 😕 I tap on the claim button and only the middle mission can ever be claimed. Please fix this. My powers go straight through other players such as the punch box. Others can drop one in mid-air and I am punched. Why doesn’t this work the other way around? Same with portals, the other player flashes but isn’t sent back, why? Sometimes when I come in second, I am pushed into 4th when I finish the race and get negative🏆when I shouldn’t?!

  32. Joshua Eze says:

    It’s a nice game…..very fun…but only online….. they’re supposed to create an offline mode too…..i believe it could be better…..and the characters costs too much …apart from that it’s a lovely game….y’all should try it

  33. Tiaan says:

    I have been playing for so many years, even since before the name changed. But I can’t claim daily rewards and I can’t make any purchases whatsoever. So I am stuck with what I already have. It’s now a game where new players are stuck with a single red character to play with. Multiplayer works at least. It’s the only thing keeping me playing

  34. Sami Amir (SharPPERover_2146) says:

    This game is good but there’s one problem I am experiencing right now which is I cannot be able to purchase anything that I earned from coins and diamond, so please fix this problem of purchase system. Please also revive this game and bring those characters back which got deleted later. The characters deleted were: ( Monkey, Dragon King /Knight ) Those characters were cool. Please bring those characters back to game. I can rate this game 5 star but because of one problem I rated 4 star ⭐

  35. Kee Pats says:

    The game is good so far, but there are also lots of bugs and error, you cant purchase anything on shop due to error, And you cant claim the daily mission even if you finish it. Gonna uninstall it later if its still not fixed.

  36. Mayukh Bose says:

    This is very competitive and I personally like that very much but the main problem is that we are not able to buy and equipments, taunts and also characters!!!…So I request the developers to please 🙏 fix this issue….

  37. Zainab Syed says:

    I used to play this game back in 2014, it was really fun. I downloaded again, but now it has so many bugs and errors, I’m unable to purchase anything! I would appreciate it if you could fix this game.

  38. cruz cortes says:

    Developers do not maintain the server nor can you buy anything with coins or diamonds, and lately you barely find anyone to play with, sad because it is a good game. fix it.

  39. Mehmet Koc says:

    i purchased some boost cards but even though the payment was successful, i didnt get any boost cards. It wasnt very expensive so its all fine but thats a shame, really…

  40. Mason S says:

    Just like back in the “Ninja Jump Dash days” where I was ranked 21 in the world, this game still suffers from the same fundamental issue, connection. Particularly the ‘Mega Box’ drops. Playing against apt competitors, a highly effective strategy is dropping Mega boxes just you pass a racer or just before they pass you, as to bump them back. This is the most infuriating mechanic for me as when I attempt to use said strategy, it won’t work. It puts me and others at a MASSIVE disadvantage. FIX IT!

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