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A big magical world with charming characters and creatures
4.6/5 Votes: 30
Plummy Games OU
December 16, 2022
4.4 And Up
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MiraMerge Mod Apk

Welcome to Mira Merge – a large magical global with captivating characters and creatures this is ready so that you can discover huge lands stuffed with stories!

MiraMerge Mod Apk apk mod 2022

Merge in combination items to determine extra advanced and pleasant pieces, unblock and discover new puts by way of matching and mixing clusters of equivalent items, and construct superb castles.

MiraMerge Mod Apk

Key Options:

MiraMerge Mod Apk apk

⭐ DISCOVER! Accumulate components and uncover new recipes to make your characters glad. Each and every new persona is helping you get nearer to the island of your desires.

MiraMerge Mod Apk unencumber

Merging is straightforward and a laugh, however you’re loose to make use of other methods: merge 3 items to get a extra advanced one, or accumulate 5 items to get further bonus and rewards. Turn out to be a merge grasp and the magician of the mergeable gadgets!

MiraMerge Mod Apk mod apk

Mine the stones, bushes, crops, gem stones, cash. Fit large choice of pieces, construct greater constructions and superb castles, and make the most important mixtures you’ll be able to consider!

MiraMerge Mod Apk apk mod new

⭐ BUSINESS! Whole quests, ship items to different lands for rewards and spice up the improvement of your international.

MiraMerge Mod Apk apk mod

⭐ THRILLING PUZZLES! Entire distinctive fit puzzles to earn further rewards and surprises.
For those who love merge video games Mira Merge goes to be your very best global! Simply play it!


40 comments on "MiraMerge Mod Apk"

  1. Alina Nita says:

    Nice and entertaining game, no disturbing commercial

  2. julie cormack says:

    Great game but has stopped at level 12.game will not go higher but can still play game..

  3. Tina Smith says:

    It’s ok it’s just one main board takes lots of energy to do things

  4. jeannetta mcmillan says:

    I am not very happy with this game; they give you the option to delete your profile to be able to start over again, but when you start your new game, it won’t connect.

  5. lucy molyneux says:

    I absolutely love this game. I’m still playing even though there are no more levels available yet, but they are working on it. 💜

  6. Viv Ley says:

    Game is not evolving! Cannot remove stuff no longer needed. Levels aren’t progressing

  7. Avril Kerr says:

    Would have been a 5star but updates not fast enough so stuck on level 13 for weeks. Due to uninstall

  8. sara piesse says:

    Love playing Mira merge just wish energy didn’t run out so fast how much are paid expansions please

  9. Joe Arias (Lummox) says:

    Can you make the tutorial any more annoying? First I have to merge your way, then when I’m trying to play, the game interrupts me with more tutorial (Did I mention how annoying it is?). It seems to me that you created this tutorial to teach children how to play, so why not advertise it as a childs game.

  10. Anne Espinosa says:

    Update MiraMerge, PLEASE..!! I wish that extra items could be sold..

  11. Katie Collis says:

    It’s a really addictive game, and I find it relaxing, it’s just so frustrating there aren’t more levels! Please release level 15 asap!

  12. Gail Donnelly says:

    Love this little game, great for passing time… only I have been at the end of level 14 for some time now, I’m doing the ‘work ‘ but not getting anywhere haha. It’s stuck. There is level 15 right? Pointless to carry on really. Ahh well. 🙂

  13. kay bloor says:

    Wish it would sort the leveling up out as it sticks on level 14

  14. Laura Crossey says:

    Was really enjoying it, but like others have been at level 14 for ages, and nothing else is happening…pointless now really…

  15. GHOST GUY says:

    Ive been really enjoying this game but I’ve cleared everything on level 14 and been on it for over a month, levels need releasing faster

  16. Susan Holloway says:

    Love the game. When will new levels be available.

  17. Jacqueline Spence says:

    Where is level 15? I’ve spent real money on here, and it’s been stuck on level 14 for ages, I won’t be spending any more money till new levels come out 😥

  18. Vanessa Poulter says:

    Mira Merg is so beautiful, theres not much of a story to follow. It’s also difficult to obtain stars to reverse the cursed land to get to the buildings so that you can make the orders up. Please make it easier to obtain stars in other ways not just by completing orders.

  19. katie says:

    I have been playing this game for awhile now..i seen to be stalled on level 14. it says more levels to come but none are there. What is the point of playing this game if it doesnt advance in any way. I feel i am just doing the same thing over and over…for what

  20. Gerarda Jefford says:

    I’m giving this game a three star rating because it is a really nice game to play and have been enjoying it throughly. Problem though is like others I have been stuck on level 14 for ages !!!!! Its been that long I have amassed 14 maximum stars. I’ve contacted developers via email and messenger but nobody gets back to you, not good. If they gave only developed up to level 14, please just let us know. If they read these hopefully we’ll get a reply because it is actually a nice game to play.

  21. Emma Chambers says:

    Great update but when are new levels coming ??????

  22. Sammy Rhodes says:

    Stuck on level 14 getting boring now doing same stuff over and over

  23. Garry Mealand says:

    I wish they would have done more than 14 levels it’s getting repetative now sadly

  24. Sally Holland says:

    Wish there was more lands to open I’m level 14 I cant get any further with the game. Dont get me wrong I love playing the game but could add more to this game. Hints why I’m giving it a 3 stars for it. Please sort it out or I going have to delete the game off my phone I don’t want to but I will

  25. June White says:

    I’m stuck on level 14 for the 2 month’s please hurry up with next levels

  26. Janet Dugdale says:

    Was a great game but now it keeps freezing only works for a few seconds

  27. Andrea Montgomery says:

    Since the last update the game keeps crashing! Please sort it out.

  28. Seeley Redman says:

    Great game but still at level 14. No more mushrooms. Now tells you when bushes need cut and when orders are ready,which is better. But must be well over level 14. Now running out of space for the stars gnomes . Will have to stop playing until the game is updated. Game has been updated, but when you try to go into other land at level 15. Doesn’t do anything? Do I have to do more with my fairies,homes,gnomes. Game was deleted how can I get it back?

  29. Tabitha Reeves says:

    Absolutely 5*+ fantastic game, one of the best out there, and not only that, the support team are quick to respond and help rectify any problems you may encounter……. Highly recommended….A1++++++

  30. Samantha “Samie” Smale says:

    Since the update on the 26th Aug it won’t let me do it it just keeps going around and around on the app im gutted I love this game it relaxes me when my mental health strikes PLEASE HELP

  31. Sharon Pardoe says:

    Love this game being playing it a while there is no pressure to get things done you do it at your own pace the graphics are good the characters are cute I cannot find any fault with this game well done developers give this game a try its different from other game well done

  32. Natalia Marina says:

    I really enjoying playing this game. However, i did not like the last update .

  33. donna faye says:

    Love this game lots of fun

  34. Garry Mealand says:

    MIRA MERGE wow awesome game now, well worth waiting for the extra levels, theres so much to do in the game, new items to find new menus to make and items, of a score out of 10 id have to say a excellent 8 no, adverts to annoy you, you can buy albeit a little price for some things sadly, like the extra islands, with economy as ut is at the moment if they were cheaper id pay for them, i bought the 1st one, but the others are out of my price range but MIRA MERGE is well worth downloading

  35. Maxine Simpson says:

    Great graphics and addictive game

  36. Yvonne Mccart says:

    Very nice and relaxing game

  37. Sian H says:

    It is really fun when you merge cool stuff 😍🤩🦄

  38. Lex Cobardo says:

    Edited: Still hoping the game could be played offline too. I really loved it but I don’t have internet connection most of the time and I just want to play the game anytime. Please change it. Will definitely change my review..

  39. Angela Buckley says:

    While I have been rating this game as a 5 previously, since the last update the number of uses on a workshop has gone back to 1 and you have to use diamonds to open more. As I already had 4 on each workshop I now have to purchase what I already had. I appreciate that you gave a gift of diamonds when the change was made , but do not think this is a gift if you have to purchase what you already had

  40. Debbie Tyler says:

    Y have I got to update every few days???

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