Minetap 3D: Idle-Merge RPG Apk Download New*


Fun & relaxing game for every merge games fan. Mine, craft and complete quests.
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October 20, 2022
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Minetap 3D: Idle-Merge RPG Apk Download New*

Minetap Three-D is an idle clicker with merge mechanics and crafting. Additionally, there’s an journey, the place you’ll combat zombies and different monsters or even construct your village. Get started your epic mining journey at this time – click on, faucet & rock!

Minetap 3D: Idle-Merge RPG Apk Obtain New* liberate

Our first merge recreation Minetap is for each and every fan of the pixel graphics. And Minetap Three-D is a long-waited remake for the ones avid gamers who love a extra fashionable and great informal graphic taste.

Minetap 3D: Idle-Merge RPG Apk Obtain New* apk mod

Revel in mining and treasure searching, entire quests and stage up your persona. Craft your final weapon and slay epic monsters! Have you ever ever dreamed of being a hero and saving the sector? Then faucet to play and develop into a legend of crafting.

Minetap Three-D: Idle-Merge RPG Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

Merge the assets and construct extra advanced fabrics at the workbench and forge. Turn into a craftsman. Mine, craft, stage up! Accumulate stone, coal, ore and different blocks. Create treasured gem stones, epic armour, guns and a at hand pickaxe. Construct your village, battle zombies and different more than a few monsters. Be the most efficient a number of the heroes of tapping, titans of merging and legends of crafting!

Minetap 3-D: Idle-Merge RPG Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

Digging, mining, crafting and development – the whole lot is to be had at no cost. Whole quests, get a greater pickaxe, dig deeper, merge assets, craft & select up apparatus, use particular boosts to hurry up the method – grow to be an epic miner and craftsman. Quickly the entire wealth of the Block Earth will probably be yours! Let’s write your identify within the chronicle of heroes!

Minetap 3-D: Idle-Merge RPG Apk Obtain New* mod apk

In-game options:

Minetap 3-D: Idle-Merge RPG Apk Obtain New*

– Benefit from the all-new 3-D graphics
– Cling your pickaxe and dig out dozens of blocks to mix and craft
– Acquire treasure chests to gather extra mining assets – Merge the similar blocks to get epic fabrics – Use tough boosts to hurry up the crafting procedure
– Craft apparatus and armour – and degree up your hero to develop even more potent – Take dozens of difficult quests
– Take a look at your success within the treasure mine – get your unfastened praise day-to-day

Minetap 3D: Idle-Merge RPG Apk Obtain New* apk

Dig deeper! Select up all of the treasured assets whilst mining & clicking & tapping!
Minetap Three-D is a great sport, the easiest idle clicker for brief offline periods.
Are you bored? Spend hours and hours on this easy but extremely a laugh merge idle journey!


40 comments on "Minetap 3D: Idle-Merge RPG Apk Download New*"

  1. Jeannie Jones says:

    So I tried on both versions of the game and it does the same thing, after you get the monster hunter skin no more skins pop up even though but can see there are 10 more skins after that. Do you have to be to a certain progression of the game for thot last ten to show up.

  2. Ashley Bookie says:

    this game reminds me of minecraft I like it so far but the graphics are awesome the game play is good I really like it a lot

  3. Liam Prodger says:

    Whenwver I try and load the game up it crashes and only work sometimes

  4. David Cuatt says:

    Let’s see what breaks first your finger or the screen from all of the tapping.

  5. crypto generate says:

    Horrible game I build Smith House on lvl 2 buy 6 gold bar and I can’t use because I can’t scroll my items in bag down why? More time need fight with monsters where I hit 15 and spend many time on kill this monsters at this moment this game is good only when you not forgot clear your backpack every time because layer you not use if block go down when you can use

  6. Jade Racicot says:

    buttons are hard to hit for tutorial

  7. Cory Peterson says:

    Decent game until it starts to force ads without hitting anything to activate the ads I smelt and go to take the iron bar put and an ad pops up I didn’t even hit the x2 button

  8. Kpop Baby (ChildOfKPOP6575) says:

    I love the style of this one a lot more then the other and I don’t really have a problem with anything other then I’m getting achievements that I shouldn’t be getting. I got the achievement for getting a diamond and I wasn’t even there just yet. Still haven’t gotten there. I also personally don’t mind that’s it’s taking bit to get everything. I’ll five star if the achievements get fixed

  9. Celtic Bracelet says:

    I’ve been playing the first one, and there are several things that I like about this version, but while I am willing to watch ads to get the boosts and upgraded blocks, I find it frustrating that I also get ads just for opening up the crafting table or things like that.

  10. Chaos Smith says:

    Honestly tired of forced ads. I play plenty of games that have ads only for benefits. I literally downloaded this game because of an ad I chose to watch on such a game. They also don’t hinder play with loot boxes or shove $50 ‘on sale’ (value $99, really?) in your face. I’m even more tired of responses saying they have to, plenty of games don’t force ads. Was watching at least 1 ad every 10 minutes, but forced ads forces me away from that.

  11. Bryan Stevenson says:

    After the tutorial it will not let me craft fix i cant pick anything up in the crafting menu i just scrolls please fix this

  12. Justin McPharison says:

    Forced ads that will brick your phone.

  13. Richard Reid says:

    No stars it will open and as soon as the chest pops up to open the game quits out on me puts me to my homescreen I don’t even get to finish tutorial… i give you one because i can’t post this without putting up at least one star no that you deserve it.

  14. Isayia Palacio says:

    real nock off from the mine tap game that’s been out just a more bold look to it

  15. Twiztid_Angel730 says:

    Love this game. Very simplistic to play. Ads are not intrusive, can choose if I want to play the ad for bonus items. Can easily pass tons of hours getting lost in the game. Loved the original so this 3D style has the look of upgraded graphics and a smoother feel and UI

  16. Irin Rey says:

    Honestly the game is good so far. My biggest complaint, the thing preventing me from actually wanting to sink money into this game, is the fact that the inventory is just not very responsive. It takes 4 or 5 tries to actually pick up materials and put them in the smelter. I’ll be happy to update my review when this is fixed, and I’ll probably use my money on this game as well.

  17. Travis Higer says:

    I like the game alot, but the crafting can be a bit unresponsive at time. Almost like the it gets confused on if your placing resources in the table or if your swipe down.

  18. Michael Carrasco says:

    i really like it it’s like a minecraft but without walking or running and i was hoping that the creator would update the game so if i smelt or melt an ore it would give me more then one of the ore and i would also like it if i put an iron block on the crafting table i would get 9 iron ingots to make it more easy but other then that its great

  19. Brad Sliter says:

    So the game is really good but trying to move items to craft and smelt is a nightmare. Im tapping each item a dozen times before it finally registers and let’s me pick it up

  20. Richard David says:

    much like Minecraft and just as fun

  21. Giulliano Cortez says:

    Maxed out my village after 5 days of solid playing. Need more village upgrades.

  22. Brian Hardy says:

    So, great all in all, however, there are two major issues. First, the ad removal doesn’t work, and two, after upgrading the settlement building that increases block level by 1, it went straight to cake that became unmergable. Effectively, I can no longer progress. Edit: Changed to 1 star. Reinstalled to see if it was random glitch and all progress reset, and it didn’t restore all of my purchases. $ wasted.

  23. Stephani Morris (InAhPets SirRom) says:

    Spent the money to get rid of all the ads and still getting them. If it just gets rid of some of the ads then I just want my money back please. Thank you. Other than that it is a decent game to pass the time just a hair slow when you go to grab an item.

  24. Lee Case says:

    I would give it a 5 star but the game doesn’t want to work right. Every time I go to make things on the craft table or smelt things it wants to scroll instead of moving the item.

  25. Blair Broderick says:

    Repetitive tapping, and finicky controls. Could be better if new blocks didn’t have to be opened from chests. Crafting management is finicky with the inventory scroll fighting dominance over just dragging the item. Smelting should just start when fuel and ore is in the furnace. Why does this game have to make my hand so sore? I do like the progression and graphics, did you have to pay for the likeness of Minecraft?

  26. Natanka Hodge (MissKere420) says:

    Would be five stars but it stopped working

  27. Lucinda Likins says:

    This game won’t let you play.you can open it but after that it doesn’t work.it needs to be fixed

  28. king smiles says:

    Worst game ever I loaded into the game and it just keeps kicking me off

  29. Nikki Barnes says:

    Fun but incredibly laggy

  30. Juhan Toomingas says:

    Same as the first, less than minimal changes (ruined the inventory responsiveness for example). Forced ads and hundreds of “optional” reward ads make this feel greedy and sleazy. Do not play, it’s not worth it, as the ads will get more intrusive over a short time. Also devs, don’t bother posting your cookie-cutter “we do ad because free game!” spiel as a reply. There’s a difference between greed and just monetization (read – NO FORCED ADS) – learn from the game Sandship for example.

  31. juan toledo says:

    This game is so cool and fun I wish you a happy Christmas ok bye now.

  32. Deadsword90 Daniel says:

    It keeps kicking me out, fix it and then I’ll give five stars

  33. Alex Mendoza says:

    very fun to play

  34. Mª Pilar Pereira Castro says:

    The game is good, but I found a couple of bugs that make it difficult to play: -The bow is not working when appearing on the battle when I click to use it -After upgrading the settlement building that increases the block level by 1, it went straight to nearly 20-30 blocks, so I have to start buying previous blocks to be able to play Also, I suggest making it cloud save, so we can move it to another device if necessary. By the way, is there a discord or something where report other bugs?

  35. Brian Savoir says:

    No way to backup game data and progress. I had to restore my phone, lost so much time. Glad I never paid for anything. How can you charge for a game and prevent backing up of data.

  36. Amora Swiftstrike says:

    game is actually alot of fun. when it doesnt crash your phone

  37. Lady Loki says:

    I haven’t been able to play it.. As soon as it loads and it begins the tutorial, I get kicked out of the game.. This is the first time I’ve said anything about it.. I’m hoping you can fix it or tell me what I can do.. Because I actually play the non 3D version and really enjoyed that one..🤩🤩

  38. Ivon Lopez says:

    Hello, I am wanting to put more than one piece of iron, gold, diamond and coal ore into the furnace so I don’t have to put iron, gold, diamond, or coal ore into the furnace one at a time. The rest of the game is very fun, but fix this and I will give back a 5 star. Thank you. ❤

  39. storm metcalf says:

    very good game to pass time and to play just a couple little things 1. game when crafting the hold time to move to crafting table just a tad to long. 2. game could use a tiny bit more of polishing. nothing game braking or anything just noticeable sometimes.

  40. susan xu says:

    I love this game

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