Megapolis City:Village to Town Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Build city from township on farm town village. Grow city to megapolis city story
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April 4, 2020
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Megapolis City:Village to Town Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Build your town township – construct homes, decorations, embellish the streets. Develop wheat and corn, cow and rooster on village farm close to town township. Construct a dream town – handiest for your resolution depends upon what your town can be!

Megapolis Town:Village to The town Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

Probably the most in reality gorgeous and comfy town builder. Construct a town from township, roads and sidewalks, plant plants, develop your town to township and megapolis. Arrange playground on your voters, make buddies and citizens glad. At your disposal dozens of surroundings, cafes, eating places, villas and houses. Take the teach to ship items to the neighboring town. Masses of amusing quests and a private competition waits you to your the town 🙂

Megapolis Town:Village to The city Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

Turn out to be the mayor of a nice town on this planet. Make a selection the trail wherein your town will develop. Develop into a real patriot of your town, evolve your town to township and megapolis.


40 comments on "Megapolis City:Village to Town Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Dustin Aldis says:

    Everything cost gems. This is one of those apps that is designed to get players to spend real money. Not this player though. Uninstalling.

  2. Bazil Edrie says:

    This game is actually fun and have great graphic. But I kinda dislike the gameplay. First, you cannot rotate any building, so that’s not really useful to decorate the city. The roads, once you buy them, you can’t move them. The only option is to delete it. And it wasn’t cheap. And my biggest problem was that one of the most sought out items can only be available if you buy them using gems. And gems are hard to come by. You must pay. So, it was fun while it last, but now it’s time to uninstall it

  3. Avelyn Donilda says:

    Another one bites the dust, I am having trouble logging in to my account with this game in particular. It won’t let me login to my account with Facebook, it’s still glitchy and it needs to be fixed immediately because I don’t want to take it off like all my other disappointed farming and building apps.

  4. Anastazia Yoline says:

    Overall the game is good, but why many buildings need to buy by diamond? I have many coins and few diamond, but the higher level need new building and it must buy by diamond. It’s like I have to buy diamond with real cash and I think games is only to play, not to pay

  5. Rapere Wynn says:

    Very addictive game but the storage fills up way too quickly. Not enough gems and mansion is to expensive.

  6. Dillard Hedy says:

    The game is great this is the only game that I’m interested in. but i would like it more if there will be new updates for the games. more building and lands to buy more crops and challenges

  7. Jacolby Walton says:

    great game, only complaint is it always freezes up when i try to build sidewalks

  8. Mickalla Laurian says:

    game starts off great but quickly becomes frustrating. U need diamonds to do pretty much everything but they are very hard to earn unless u want to spend money on. game asks me to add municiple building in order to expand however I can’t get that building until level 53 I’m on 24. unfortunately do to the fact that without diamonds the game is unplayable I will be getting rid of it today.

  9. Andrah Wittatun says:

    its a great game, too bad it needs to buy some gem in order to avail some quest.

  10. Penny Biecaford says:

    the game is great at first but its hard to earn diamonds and everthing needs diamonds to purchase…its even too expensive to buy the banana plantations which i had to purchase with 70 diamonds! I had to uninstall cause of that.

  11. Ermid Briant says:

    I get rid of it today. To be able to get and build other stuff you need to have jems. Plus your storage easily get full because of the way you get the stocks from rice and hen farm, (you farm for stocks but at the same you get rice and eggs but you cant use it in shops to produce goods so it just stacked in the storage) cant get rid of some items and the things you need to upgrade storage (as well as building establishments like houses) are limited like the tools for cutting trees.

  12. Briggs Taliesin says:

    Starts off fun, but you quickly realize that unless you spend a bunch of money, or jump through a bunch of hoops to do promotions that spam you or make you pay for them, you can’t get any further in the game. Not Worth It. There are many games just like this that are completely free.

  13. Marlow Scelfleah says:

    this one is better then the first cartoon city because it lets you connect to Facebook only thing is you play for gems with the earn gem games and still dont get them like i have played 4 games to earn over one hundred gems but never received those gems , thats the only two things isee with issues. good addicted game🙂.

  14. Darleane Kerrie says:

    l very liked this game, the graphics are nice and its so easy to play. The level ups are not so difficult to achieve. But evesince I upgraded my game, it gets so slow and it stops and freezes in the middle of the game. Pls fix it! I will give u a 5star if you will fix this problem!

  15. Janise Ern says:

    my brother is most like this games and this game is more and more interesting game and many levels are containing this game and another things house buildings fruits vegetable accept this is more interesting

  16. Trentin Johnny says:

    Boring game. It requires too much gems to continue games.. building time is like 9 to 10 hours… ultimate worst game.

  17. Serenity Meilyg says:

    Have played several games designed from this company and after playing for several days each one has quit working. I have emailed and asked for assistance but no response. If you want a game that works forget this designer.

  18. Philip Pressley says:

    this game is fun at first but when your storage got full and you can’t find other ways how to expand it also some factory like the banana plantation need to buy and you can’t find ways how to get it because the only option is gems which is no other option but to purchase it which is annoying.

  19. Hartman Evelyne says:

    Really like the game, but keep getting an error that say app is still in development. Will upgrade to 5 star when errors are fixed and all features are available.

  20. Bradley Eller says:

    It’s fun and interesting!! The graphics are great!! I like the scenery!!

  21. Angel Guangco says:

    I was in level 29 and I was enjoying it so much when it suddenly stopped working. What’s happening? Please fix ASAP.

  22. Gabrielle Thompson says:

    I love this game so much , i have only been playing it for a month or so and it is a great game, it is so amazing and fun , but unfortunately i had to delete it because they have you spending so much gems and it is hard to earn it back plus sometimes the game just goes off but other than that its good but im hoping you guys can fix that .

  23. Rebekah Boble says:

    You are already asking for money…and the game is wanting money. I just got started…I guess this will end soon…you should let the players get hooked then start asking for money in the game…

  24. Grey EYES says:

    I just started this game, I really enjoy playing it. But I would suggest that allowing players to rotate building . I will adjust review more as I play.

  25. Marynoll Cardenas says:

    So far so good, but some basic comodities needed to be purchase with diamonds. Come on give us an option to purchase it with diamonds or coin.. Thanks..!

  26. Krystle Nash says:

    It likes to set things to be done in 4 hours but time never counts down and i tried uninstalling and reinstalling and cleaning data nothing fixes it

  27. Christine Nel says:

    Beautiful layout and buildings. Too busy collecting money from houses. Does not tell you how much wheat each item needs. How can 1 burger take a whole farm of wheat. ect eat. What a pity I have to quit.

  28. Robert Jackson says:

    The game was fun when it first came out but through the years and so called updates, it’s all about the money. before You only needed gems to do certain things now you need them for everything, and now you have to have extra materials to finish buildings. It’s stupid, to get gems you have to spend hours playing other games, so when are you going to have time to play this one. Don’t bother!!!!

  29. Nana Hemaa says:

    It’s sad I can’t install it… It will download but can’t be installed… Have tried every possible way given to me to fix it but nothing works.. used to be my favorite game…😒😒😒

  30. Vanessa Kay Crawford Atchison says:

    The graphics are really good chasing the cat, tapping bees , car parts and equipment for rnr king ,I’ll give 5 star as i go but so far 🤗😃🤣🥳and now iam stuck not enuff wheat to make burgers or put on the train…

  31. Genelle C says:

    So far, it’s rather cute and quaint. I can also play offline, which is a bonus.

  32. clu says:

    This game has potential really, but the gems are the main problem here, a lot of buildings need to buy with gems to built it but gems are not easily to gain so it is hard to continue the game, you need to purchased gems so if you’re broke like me this game is not really for us. It’s just sad. I’m unistalling it now. I had fun but it’s really expensive.

  33. Linda Johnston says:

    Needs an edit mode & the option to put 1 road piece at a time. Everytime I try to put the road where I want, it automatically connects to the other roads & it takes up too many places

  34. Sassy Gal says:

    I love the game but hate that it’s so heavily gem-dependent for you to build things you need. The cost adds up fast. No thank you. Uninstalled after paying enough!

  35. Mama Deutsch says:

    Can’t rotate buildings, if you want to delete a road it costs to buy new. The coins get in the way. Redeeming quality, the gravies are nice.

  36. Sabrina Richardson says:

    I enjoy it but really need to make easier to get tools like with give some when your getting your coins. Thanks

  37. Deviya Gurbhagat says:

    Nice game just started playing .but as for diamonds it’s to hard to get them . Overall game is ok. 3 stars e enough for this game.

  38. Emenere Ephraim says:

    Yes, I like this game, it’s easy to play and very entertaining. Plus it doesn’t kill my battery. “Thank you” to they producers of the game.

  39. Bhakti Rathod says:

    Its hard to get gems, so please do something for gems, without it we can’t buy so many things.

  40. Kathrine Jackson says:

    It has potential , but it’s basically an expensive dead end. there are no more challenges, after you finish the 24 tasks there’s nothing else to do. no more land to buy. therefore no more expansion . houses cost gems and pearls instead of being able to use all the many thousands of coins you accumulated . it’s also a bit glitchy. people get stuck in places. it needs work to be honest . it’s sad because I’m looking forward to doing more

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