Jungle Marble Blast Mod Apk New 2022*


Jungle Marble Blast is a marble shoot game with the theme of Egyptian mythology.
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November 29, 2022
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Jungle Marble Blast Mod Apk New 2022*

********** Greater than 2800 ranges **********

Jungle Marble Blast Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

Jungle Marble Blast is a marble shoot sport with the theme of Egyptian mythology. It’s simple to play, however in point of fact addictive.
Your purpose is to transparent all of the marbles earlier than they achieve the tip of the trail, and in the meantime, reach Marbles and Mixtures as many as imaginable to get the perfect ranking.

Jungle Marble Blast Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

Jungle Marble Blast Options:
★Cool powerfull pieces like bombs、colorball、meteorite rain
★140 scenes and 2800 other a laugh ranges,extra will coming quickly.
★Good artwork,excellent track,excellent animation results.

Jungle Marble Blast Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

The way to play:
1.Faucet display the place you wish to have to shoot marbles.
2.fit Three or extra similar colour marbles to make blast. Three.Change the capturing marble by means of touching the marble emitter. Four.You’ll use props to make the sport simple.

Jungle Marble Blast Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

Obtain it Now!! Revel in this egyptian mythological adventure!!!

Jungle Marble Blast Mod Apk New 2022* apk



40 comments on "Jungle Marble Blast Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Faer Colten says:

    It’s very addictive until you get to the ICE stage and then it starts to freeze up, popping up more ads than the usual friggin 20 after each game!! Not to mention, I keep getting to end of a hard level but it won’t let me get out of that screen. So I had to uninstall and reinstall, then I lost about 10 completed levels …ugghhh!! Pissing me off!!

  2. Hollie Weald says:

    This is a pretty fun game, BUT! There are just too many ads. There are full ads between every single level, partial ads every other chance they get, and more ads for virtually anything you click on. I know you guys are in it to make money, but you have got to calm it down. This is just a waste of my time and there are tons of games just like this with less obstructive ads. Uninstalled.

  3. Hugo Jenella says:

    Too difficult to get 3 stars on the first levels. There should be an explanation as to how to achieve 3 stars. The ads are all the same. Since there have to be ads until I make a purchase, there should be a better variety. Balls are hard to control when switching colors. If you have big fingers, you accidentally shoot the ball. It’s lots of fun though and I’m pretty much addicted!

  4. Hollis Griffith says:

    The game would be great, except for all the 30 second ads. They’re far too often, too many, and incredibly disruptive to the game play. 5 second or 10 secind ads I could live with. But, do the math around waiting for 30 seconds, many times during a gaming session… Yeah, I’ll be uninstalling.

  5. Brihany Kamelia says:

    Fun, challenging, but sometimes ridiculous. most levels are challenging enough to be fun and sometimes take several times but a few get to the point where its so impossible to win that you either have to pay or wait forever for new lifes, only to waste them on losing once again. Levels should be fun but not near impossible.

  6. Maddox Brayton says:

    Easy to play but the game is programmed to make you fail! When you’re near the end of a level, the Color of the balls is always what you don’t need. On some levels, the chain is way too long that you can’t hit any groupings fast enough to avoid losing. On others, you need to hit a ball 3 times, any color, to make it change. Others yet need to be hit by a specific color! And, when you score bonus items or coins, the award graphic covers up the center that it’s hard to see the next color! Awful.

  7. Damarcus Lynd says:

    still glitchy when watching ad (gift). the game freezes with no ad and has to restarted. i thought this taken care of. i uninstalled before the last update then saw where you said it was fixed with update so i installed the game again….which started me all over..with the tutorial….it was ok for a while but the problem with the ads started up again….about every other game or so. I really like this game but getting tired of restarting it. 😒

  8. Lyudmila Nodens says:

    I enjoy the game, but it has false advertisement. It was shown you could choose ad free if you purchase something, anything, regardless of the denomination. I purchased the .99 option for additional coins. The game still has a multitude of ads (even after emailing the developer who stated it would be adjusted after the next update). I’m still waiting. I would definalty like my .99 refunded or promise as instructed, keep it ad free.

  9. Makenzie Lass says:

    I don’t mind ads as an income, it’s how it works in life. But… after the very first level, a half screen ad (for Facebook) pops up and there’s no “x” to get rid of it. Only the arrow that takes you to Google play or an install button. So after 1 level I’ve uninstalled it. It might be a fun game but I’ll never know. 🙁

  10. Wynfrid Edlyn says:

    It’s really unfortunate that I have to give this game a one star as I do enjoy it. It’s a good play on a classic and is really fun when playing. The bad part comes in when I have to go through a 30 sec ad after EVERY game play. It gets very annoying. I could deal with ad every few game plays but having to go through long ads after EVERY turn, is a major buzzkill. Looks like I’ll have to download another version of this game, hopefully one that doesn’t have so many ads.

  11. Maurice Kurt says:

    One spends at least twice as much time watching ads as one gets to spend playing the game. There IS an option to purchase an ad-free version by purchasing packages of whatever tools, but the least expensive of these is $9.99 which is far more than reasonable for this kind of game. For this reason, I am choosing to uninstall as soon as I am finished with this review. Otherwise a fairly decent game for its type.

  12. Myrtilla Aud says:

    I’ve played this game on and off for awhile. Normally, I like it. But I find it very odd that at some levels just as I’ve used boosters & couns and am about to pass a level, all of a sudden, IT FREEZES! And of course I lose along with all the boosters. It NEVER freezes when I am not advancing well or when I’m not going to pass. “Technical difficulties” ONLY occur when I’m advancing and it feels like a bully ploy to get users to purchase additional lifes and boosters. 4th time on level 715!

  13. Heron Freed says:

    It is the classic with, IMHO, too many added on power-ups, tasks, and twists. Ads are only 5 secs long, but after every single level. Shows an ad when you leave the game that has a tiny ‘exit’ button on the edge so that you can’t hit it if you have a case on your phone. has to be force closed everytime. That is disingenuous. docked 2 stars for shenanigans.

  14. Kimberli Molly says:

    Neat game. It’s a redo of an old game Zuna (or some a name). It does landscape for a tablet! Simple shooting mechanism. The boost modes are a bit cryptic and hard to get quickly. But the rest is smooth and, so far, each level is a small bit harder than the previous. Screen drawing is fast, very responsive, no lag, nice ball physics – pretty game.

  15. Webster Rheda says:

    The game is fun and runs smoothly BUT…the ads are excessive. There is one after every level! Ofc you can pay to remove them, but honestly, I was ready to uninstall after about level 4. I couldnt focus on the game enough to decide if it was worth putting any money into for all the ads. They even have the home screen split to run ads….😮

  16. Cassy Cristhyan says:

    Fun BUT the updates though. I had to completely remove the game from my phone because it kept freezing, and reinstalled. Same issue. So uninstalled but after a few days decided I really missed the game and so I reinstalled. In 1 week so much of the game is different and not at all what it was before. It went from being an enjoyable fun game to now having to pay to advance even at low levels. SAD! Not sure I’ll keep it , found some others similar.

  17. Stephaney Trina says:

    This is fantastic.i played this game on a bar game machine. I’ve been looking for it. There are so many challenges and rewards to help you in the game. As you get up in levels, it speed’s up. The thrill of completion, with the shy of relief, I got through without losing. This game is everything, and it is great for a true gamer. Thank you so much ❤️😺

  18. Sam Rand says:

    I thought when the offered the update it would resolve some of the annoying problems they had. Instead it created more problems. The game is always crashing in the middle of play. Also it will show you have 6 life’s but many times you will get 2 or 3 before it returns to zero and you have to go thru the adds again to earn 6 more lives which you might or might not actually get. Although this is one of my favorite games it’s time to find another with far fewer problems.

  19. El Bo says:

    Cool game, but the fact there’s an ad after every single level is annoying. I don’t mind ads as long as they’re well done. The best ones are usually little banners at the bottom of the screen that don’t interrupt, slow down & generally allow the game to continue to be played while still having the ad present. Constant disruption of gameplay to show ads is always a mistake because it makes me not want to download the game or whatever the ad is promoting. Deleting the game now.

  20. Adam Swartz says:

    Fun, but not without it’s issues. I have been enjoying the game and have made it decently far in, to stage 250ish. Basically what you would expect with this type of game. The game isn’t very generous with it’s in game currency and there are 2 different subscriptions or battle pass that try to push on you. The ads aren’t too bad in game so that wasn’t a problem for me. The biggest problem I’ve had, is that it seems at least once a session the game freezes on me and I’m running a galaxy s9+.

  21. Ashley St John says:

    sometimes you just want to play a game. You dont want to be forced through endless tutorials. You dont want a million features and bonuses and distractions. You also want to be able to leave the game easily if needed. App forces you to click on the ad because exit game box is very tiny and is sharing borders with the add. All in all, waste of time.

  22. Laurie C says:

    After hours trying to get this game to play, uninstalling, reinstalling, utilizing every ounce of patience I had, when it finally played it was so slow. My time is too precious to spend over two minutes staring at someone’s logo. And when the game would constantly restart, and when I was losing levels because the game play was too slow, I finally said “KuYou!” And deleted it for good. I went back to the marble game I was trying to replace. I didn’t like it much, but at least it was playable.

  23. Meredith Gregory says:

    This game is really fun & entertaining. Just started playing it like an hour ago, although I have played marble games on my old phone, this phone is newer, a larger screen & better graphics & am happy with the game. Is it possible to request a rating later into the game as it is hard to fairly rate a game after playing for a short time, perhaps an option or button that says, “not now, later”.

  24. tina marie (PrincessLibra16) says:

    Had fun until reaching 1135+. The balls move way too fast and it’s impossible to win without spending money on a bunch of boosts. I’ve wasted too many boosts on one level! If I can’t pass the level in 5+ tries, it becomes boring and makes me irritated. I haven’t played in days because of this. You’ll get more interaction & money from me when I can mindlessly play without getting needlessly frustrated.

  25. aercalima says:

    Pick a better version, don’t try this. It’s a chance match of what color do you get and what do you need that never shows up, making it unnecessarily difficult compared to similar games. “Free” boosts don’t actually help meaning you’re going to close the app feeling far more frustrated and disappointed than you started. The design of it is well enough.

  26. Jason Voorhees says:

    I love playing games like this to help when I’m having anxiety. Instead, it gives me anxiety. It’s ridiculous to be having the balls moving so fast, two different directions, and have barriers that take multiple hits to destroy them going on all at once. Also, I should be getting three stars for finishing so quickly, but I don’t. Uninstalling.

  27. Caleb Suhl says:

    It’s OK up to the point where some idiot designed a round where the only marbles you can shoot at are the ones right in front of you. I tried that trash about 5 times then uninstalled. Not downloading this again. It was fun like I said as long as you could play the field, not just shoot at what’s right in front of you. When you have to just hope you get the right color, a game of skill has now become a game of luck. I didn’t download this to see if I’m feeling lucky today.

  28. miss star nunya says:

    I don’t appreciate being held hostage on ad pages. If the X’s won’t work at least allow us to back out some other way. Instead, you automatically bring up the google play app, forcing me to put the game in the background, which then forces the game to restart from the title. If I only had to do this once I’d be ok, but THREE TIMES?! Uninstalled.

  29. T Lev says:

    This game is ok but it constantly crashed after playing an ad. I got a new tablet and it would still crash and it took several tries to get it to load the cloud save. After it loaded I found out it doesn’t save anything but the levels you’ve played. No powerups, no coins, nothing! I can’t even start over because there’s no way to reset it. What reason would I want to keep the game? Most definitely won’t spend money on something that won’t save across devices.

  30. Nichole Joslin says:

    Good graphics, easy controls, but too many ads and the game cheats. There’s a game mechanic that sends the balls flying forward and on more than one occasion had sent them right into the end zone of the level despite having cleared the board. This isn’t making the game more difficult, it’s cheating to force people to buy level ups and vip cards.

  31. Ashleigh Horowitz says:

    It’s fun, but that weird mechanic that zooms the balls forward is terrible. Like, I get it but warn me? It’s always as I’m shooting. There’s also no tutorial for using features, you’ve gotta just guess. The daily rewards thing doesn’t have a button or a timer and sometimes doesn’t come up at all. I’ll close and open every few hours and nothing, so I get put back at the beginning of the week because the game didn’t feel like it? I’ve also won like 600 gold in recent prizes but I didn’t get it?

  32. Kacie Bourgault says:

    When a level ends, it’s very easy to accidentally push an option to pay 1000 coins or use a rewind to keep playing. I have done this more times than I can count and wish I could get that money back. It’s very poor placement of those buttons. This would be a 4 or 5 star if that were fixed.

  33. Chris Wiley says:

    There are ads, but you’re not bombarded by them. However, the bigger issue is the gameplay. You will randomly fire your reserve ball rather than your primary ball when you tap the board. This results in the throwing off of you chain reactions. The game also has a very weird scoring system and the criteria for getting 3 stars has no rhyme or reason.

  34. Shannon Frey says:

    I like this. This is good and I’ve noticed your changes on it lately however I have 2 little issues with it. 1 try to fix it to where when you are fixing to lose you get colored balls that you can’t use so your stuck to throw it out and then that causes you to lose. 2 when you end up losing it gives you the option to watch video or pay coins for another chance and I have hit that coin one numerous times and didn’t mean to. So have it ask again are you sure you want to use. But still a good game

  35. Ronni Lea says:

    I like this game, but there are a lot of ads and no way to purchase the game itself. Also really irritating when you work so hard to get the coins and when you are playing you accidentaly pay 2000 of those hard earned coins to continue on a level that you never would have used those coins for. There should be a confirm button for that.

  36. Nooraan Khan says:

    I love this game, totally addictive, been playing it for 4 years. Only problem is that when I got a new phone and transfered all my apps, all my progress in the game was lost. 4 years of playing gone. Im really bummed and disheartened that i no longer want to play the game and start from scatch. Would be great if there was a sign in/profile setup when beginning the game so users won’t lose their progress when changing devices to avoid this sadness from occurring.

  37. Sue Irwin says:

    Not getting my booster after watching the ad. Game sometime’s won’t load. After watching an ad it won’t let you click off on the x. You have to back out and then you lose your power up. So right now you can’t play the game.

  38. Genevieve Brophy says:

    Your adds are too long and too many. Some of your adds are scams. Like the vodacom add. It doesn’t allow you to exit the add. If you press on the exit button it takes you into the website. The only way to get out of the add is to exit the game. Then you loose your prizes and have to start again. I don’t recommend this game.

  39. Britt Roobies says:

    Simplistic and decent. However I have an issue with the intrusive ads (both sponser and game related). The game itself isn’t fun enough to allow me to overlook the issues.

  40. aida da says:

    Absurd move and time to score. the game won’t load after watching ads n keep crushed..need to spend money to pass the level n the cost is so expensive!!! Level 532 is absurd!! Time so slow n the move is faster than ever!! U guys r nuts!! U need us to pay more money to play??!! Unbelievable scammer!!

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