Jungle Marble Blast 2 Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Jungle Marble Blast 2 is marble shooter game with the theme of Egyptian Temple
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December 14, 2022
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Jungle Marble Blast 2 Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Jungle Marble Blast 2 is marble bubble shooter sport with the theme of Egyptian Temple.
It’s other from Jungle Marble Blast.We have now added many new options.
Your purpose is to transparent the entire marbles prior to they achieve the top of the trail, and in the meantime, reach Marbles and Combinations as many as imaginable to get the best rating.

Jungle Marble Blast 2 Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

Jungle Marble Blast 2 Options:
★Daily praise and Famous person Treasure chest.
★Good artwork,excellent tune,excellent animation results.
★Cool powerfull pieces like Lightning、FireBall、Hammer.
★100 scenes and 2000 other amusing ranges,extra will coming quickly.

Jungle Marble Blast 2 Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

The best way to play:
1.Faucet display screen the place you wish to have to shoot marbles.
2.fit Three or extra identical colour marbles to make blast. Three.Switch the taking pictures marble via touching the marble emitter. Four.You’ll use props to make the sport simple.

Jungle Marble Blast 2 Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

Obtain it Now!! Revel in this jungle marble bubble shooter adventure!!!


40 comments on "Jungle Marble Blast 2 Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Orval Scelfleah says:

    I used to play zumba back in the day and actually if they just had the little ads on the screens like they do between rounds instead of making you watch 15 second videos every time you do AnyThing I think I would like this better. For one thing the graphics really nice. The game play isn’t choppy like some of them but I’m only on like level 8 or 10 so out of date later but for now a fairly solid four stars. Had to take one due to the relentlessly ads.

  2. olubanjo adesola says:

    The game is nice, interesting, and almost addictive. It’s basically amazing. However, while playing a particular level, a notification popped up and said ‘Upgrade. You must update’. This happened less than a week after I did the first upgrading. Upgrading is meant to be a choice and shouldn’t be enforced. My phone has an issue with installing apps at the moment & can’t upgrade. I’m really tempted to uninstall this game as I cannot do any other thing on the app because of the upgrade notification

  3. Sherry E says:

    This game has beautiful graphics, nice u can turn off the music, but it’s got too many damn gimmicks. 2 many extraneous things that u don’t need in a game. I play games on consoles such as Zelda, Resident Evil etc. All I wanted was a reasonably simple marble game. I sure didn’t get it with this game. They even had little cards u collect. Game does not look like pictures. Also, would be a good thing 2 have somebody on staff that can read and write English! “You will lost.” Come again? Not great!

  4. Kenny Keicher says:

    I’m playing this on a Chromebook and it seems like the shooter should move as the mouse moves. Also the game play seems sluggish. Before the game starts, you are stating “Clear all the ball!” It should be, “Clear all the balls!” Why so many ads? You only pay $25 once to put a game or app on the PlayStore, then you don’t pay again to put more games or apps on the PlayStore.

  5. Janice Klein says:

    I bought vip privileges twice and didn’t receive them. Totally screwed up my game. Afraid to buy or try to buy as I don’t get my money back. Mind you it’s 9.99 to buy. That’s a lot of money to loose. I liked the game until this happened. Yes, there are lots of adds but you don’t have to see them rarely unless you want bonus points. Your game has some money problems.

  6. VvyY Geei says:

    I hate it! To much ads! After I finished the level ads will pop up and it’s very irritating ads is too long to watch , I don’t recommend this game.

  7. Hentie Smit says:

    It is a good game but i got stuck at level 1231 and cant finish it. I dont know joe one can finish this stage.

  8. Ronald Cummings says:

    Good game so far! Enjoy playing for now! We will see if I continue to play in the future! Cautiously optimistic but way too many ads as you play the game!

  9. Diamond Scepter says:

    Am so thrilled with Jungle Marble Blast 2 it’s has the right title for this game, it’s simply a BLAST. The colors of the Marble, the side games!! The release of the flies, the affects, the levels, intriguing. It’s a very unique marble, eye have other Marbles Game on my board but this one here, is top Notch, sincerely Marble Enthusiast Diamond Sapphire Scepter. 10/6/2022. Yes five plus 5 more stars a Ten Star Rating

  10. Tiffany says:

    One star because there’s way too many ads popping up. If there was no ads then the game would get FOUR stars

  11. Jocaju3 says:

    Too many ads, one after each level. So you spend just as much playing as watching ads.

  12. Heidi Geib says:

    Fun when it works. It is relaxing and reminds me a lot of Zumba. Ads don’t bother me either. Several times though I get booted from the game, and don’t get my rewards. Going to see if Marble Blast 3 is better.

  13. Aaron W says:

    Soooo many ads.. 1 ad per level, or more. It’s ridiculous how many you see. In many cases you’ll spend more time on ads then playing the game.

  14. james perez says:

    This game literally sucks I’m done with it every time you get done don an ad on and then you press on the screen and it takes it to the Play Store and then goes back and you have to wait for your game to pop up and load again this game sucks big time I do not recommend!!!

  15. jessen porter says:

    I like the game. it’s fun. The ads are too loud!!!! I like to play games while listening to podcasts and the ads hurt my ears. And I’ve had 17 ear surgeries and don’t hear well.

  16. Samuel Lee says:

    I don’t know why step in around 91 level the FPS so lack in my phone. Don’t know that’s my phone problem or can be update or solve this issue by game development?

  17. Aaron Willard says:

    Fun miss the oid one was fun to play I really enjoyed this version as well just started playing it though so I hope I continue to enjoy it hope it gets harder and harder just like the original one did

  18. Harold McLaughlin says:

    Okay enough game but I subttact stars for ads that dump me straight out of the game. Had it with envasive ads. Developers need to curtail ads so envasive they ruin games. And any ad so overly annoying as to disrupt other games… I will NEVER download your products.

  19. wimmu c says:

    Good enjoyable game. The adverts are too annoying. Too many 30 secs. Even, if you cleared the stage, please check the adverts again. Some is not functional. Better, 5 secs and 15 secs adverts.

  20. jessica travise says:

    Was great and played daily but now my life’s disappear I can play one time and it says no more lives even after watching video for free life

  21. diana grace portugal says:

    Enjoyable game, ads are a bit too much. Up until recently it works fine, now I get negative lives every time I my unlimited lives expire

  22. Shiron Walker says:

    Game was fun but for some reason it says I have 5 free lives play one time and my lives drop to two please fix the game was enjoyable

  23. amir hosseini says:

    The music on game is so boring, its a 5sec music which plays over and over and after some minutes, starts to annoying your mind…

  24. Corinne Roberts says:

    For the past few days it tells me I have 5 free lives but after I use 1 life it drops to 2 left. What do o need to do to fix this? I had to uninstall and reinstall and it started me back at level 1 from level 95 even though I paired it with Facebook.

  25. NormaT says:

    I have been searching for a marble shooting game for awhile and I have found it!! This is a awesome game that I enjoy playing for hours daily!! Best game ever…

  26. D Thomp says:

    Game is not good enough to endure the ads!!!!

  27. Celina Samira says:

    Very interesting game. Its help the brain to think faster in decision making in respect of wining.

  28. Carin Blanchard says:

    Very fun easy to understand bonuses. Only complaint commercial between every round

  29. Hell Noo says:

    Ads after every level, just uninstall this apps full of ads..

  30. Peter Smith says:

    It’s got a bucket load of good graphics, prizes and challenges. 4 stars because of ads and because it is too easy. The balls don’t fire fast, which I would prefer.

  31. nix pix says:

    The game is pretty fun but is has too many side gimmicks and WAY too many adds. It’s too annoying to be worth it. I’m posting this right before uninstalling the game. If you don’t mind more adds than game, this might be perfect for you.

  32. Abdallh Koraitem (Gohan) says:

    Not a bad game but too much ads and annoying list of options

  33. Ta Juan Cavett says:

    Very relaxing game time Killing game. Really enjoy playing this in spare time.

  34. Deborah Jones says:

    Fun. Easy to understand. A LOT of ads, after every level.

  35. Sandi Pringle says:

    Fun & challenging! Pretty..fast moving and maddeningly addictive 👍🙂

  36. Tamara Rowan says:

    The game is sooo fun. Unfortunately way to many ad’s. I understand the reason free games have to have ad’s. However there is so many it just makes the game not to fun. After almost every time you die you have to watch a 30 second ad bla! I don’t mind a few ad’s here and there. This is just one of those games that you spend more time watching ad’s then playing the game.

  37. Mokgadi Matshavha says:

    2e8c947c8b0a43f6a149bb254c5e157a that’s my id on the game. I bought 500 coins special but it was never credited to the game. The money went off my mtn account.. I feel scammed.

  38. Edaj Atsituab says:

    Total waste of time. You are no longer playing a game you are just watching advertisements. They said you have those special skills for 10mims but then pop ups keep showing for few minutes before you can use them. I don’t see anything good with this app so I would recommend my friends not to install it. Why don’t you change the app’s name to “Advertisement app”. Want to argue? I can do this all day. Fight me.

  39. Sunilas As says:

    l reached the last level there is no more levels Please add more levels

  40. Uduud Ushddd says:

    I’ve been playing this game almost 1 year. Recently i had update this and now it isn’t good to play because of to much ads while playing. Recently I can’t play this game anymore it’s siad the game is not responding anf automatically shutdown buy itself 😥😥

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