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November 16, 2022
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Gardenscapes Mod Apk

Welcome to Gardenscapes—the first hit from Playrix’s Scapes™ collection! Remedy match-3 puzzles to revive a fantastic lawn to its former glory!

Gardenscapes Mod Apk unencumber

Embark on an adventurous adventure: beat match-3 ranges, repair and enhance other spaces within the lawn, unravel the secrets and techniques it holds, and benefit from the corporate of fun in-game characters, together with Austin, your butler! What are you looking forward to? Construct your dream lawn!

Gardenscapes Mod Apk apk mod 2022

The sport options:
* Distinctive gameplay: switch and fit, repair and embellish the lawn, and revel in a singular storyline—all in a single position!
* Loads of distinctive match-3 ranges * Dozens of in-game characters you’ll be able to make buddies with
* A ravishing puppy this is at all times there to cheer you up
* An in-game social community you’ll use to take care of on all of the newest * Other spaces within the lawn with distinctive constructions: damaged fountains, mysterious mazes, and plenty of extra * A group that comes first—become neighbors together with your Fb pals!

Gardenscapes Mod Apk

Gardenscapes is unfastened to play, despite the fact that some in-game pieces can be bought for actual cash.

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Taking part in Gardenscapes? Be informed extra in regards to the sport! Fb:

Gardenscapes Mod Apk apk

Questions? Touch our tech strengthen at

Gardenscapes Mod Apk apk mod

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Gardenscapes Mod Apk mod apk

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40 comments on "Gardenscapes Mod Apk"

  1. Andrea Crocker says:

    I love but hate it at the same time… have played it for a long time… used to have a better storyline, but seems not much thought goes into it anymore.. the higher the levels the more its forcing you to pay to win… it doesn’t give you enough moves.. when u don’t have enough moves and just need one more move to beat it then you either continue replaying the same level a hundred times until u may get lucky or pay.. why not have an option to watch an ad to get additional moves?

  2. Denise A. says:

    I be have been playing this game for several years and found it fun. However, gets increasing impossible to complete levels..and only occasionally would purchase upgrade or boosts. HUGE mistake as then it makes it more unlikely that level can be completed without additional purchases. Have been “stuck” on levels for days…some 5 days…and so not fun.

  3. Steve T says:

    As of the mid June update, the game now lags, and can take longer to load than before. Plus they added some unnecessary annoying sounds to the ones they already had. Poorly executed. The levels get more difficult as you go, encouraging you to buy special skills to pass. But I think the shameful part is they encourage moves that are not the best ones to make; encouraging you to waste a move so you don’t pass which brings you to have to purchase the special skills to do so.

  4. Elizabeth Smallwood says:

    This is a fun game, but you must spend money or Google points to unlock its full potential. As I take Google surveys to get points with nothing else to spend them on, it works for me. I really like some of the areas, especially the fantasy based ones. I still go back and decorate for holidays. I do wish there were more choices, and I don’t really like the makeover sections. The renovations are better. Really loving the dragon and hobbit hole, though.

  5. Shayla McMahan says:

    Beyond infuriating. I’ve been playing this game for quite a few years now and even though the developers like to repeatedly comment about how the game is free, once you’ve spent even a dollar on it, trying to beat levels without special moves is a lot harder. There is no reason that the rainbow blast charge, has more charge up on a super hard level than a regular level. I’ve been stuck on level 2999 for over a week now and I’m to the point I’m probably going to un-install. Something needs done.

  6. Sandra says:

    SSDD. Ugh. I just used 4 ⭐ to add lamps and NO choice, they were just plopped down! LOTS of choices? Wrong! Again, the further you get the more stars required & you might win a hard level to get one, maybe two easy one’s before right back to a hard level & the wheel spin is a joke. It’s turned into a money pit without regard to player enjoyment. The games are fun but as we open new areas, requiring more stars & with their goal being our money, we’re the ones being played.

  7. Cari Campbell says:

    This game used to be fun and more rewarding, but now it is almost impossible to beat a level without using power ups or extra moves. Yes, technically the game is free to play but if you don’t pay for coins and power ups then be prepared to be stuck on a single level for days. It then makes it next to impossible to finish an event without spending money. It’s not fun to play anymore so I have found other games to play that let you watch ads for rewards.

  8. Dariel Marquez says:

    The game used to be fun. I didn’t have a problem paying some money once in a while to get boosters or some help. But now with the update it’s practically impossible to beat a level without spending money. The authors of this game are very barefaced, it’s ok if they ask for money I understand, nothing it’s for free, but they should consider and being smarter, attracting new people and keeping the old gamers with doable levels instead of requesting money so shamelessly. I’ll uninstall the game.

  9. Robyn Bennett says:

    I absolutely love this game! I’ve been playing for years. My favorite thing is when you can buy decorations for a plot of farm. Like the hogwarts one was so much fun. The dragon was too! I miss the extra decorations we used to be able to buy with garden bucks? I wish an option like that would happen again. However. I love this game. And I will play until there are no new levels. Great job guys!

  10. Patrick Arnold says:

    Zero stars. There are better, free to install match-3 games out there. This one is definitely pay to win and it’s designed to sap your $$$. There are a bunch of levels that are easy to pass, regardless of RNG, but at least every few levels, there is one that almost requires boosts or paying for additional tries. I’m not saying every level is impossible without boosts, but a lot of them require just the right RNG to complete with the allotted moves. The reward to time-suck ratio is atrocious.

  11. Tracy Meisenbach says:

    The game cheats. It cheats to make you buy coins so you can finish levels. You can have 1 thing left to do and it won’t count it so you have to pay 900 coins to keep playing. It does this a lot. Homescapes does it too. The game is worse no. Really full of bugs. It crashed my kindle repeatedly. Be careful playing it can mess up your operating system

  12. Jenni Lucas-Brown says:

    I reduced my stars from 5 to 2. There are forced challenge levels specially designed to take your power ups or break your streak. They’re thrown in often so streaks are non existent now. When I rarely win one, the rewards don’t show up. I used to buy the golden ticket and it increased probably of winning. Now it’s a waste of money because it does nothing to progress you. Don’t bother with bonus games, you won’t get enough tickets to complete a renovation unless you spend alot of money.

  13. Ashleigh Roper says:

    I recently returned to this game again because I missed it and it’s fun. I’m dismayed to see that now there are challenge rounds which you have 1 chance to defeat. They are almost impossible, and I lose all the special skills I had up to that point. I bought the season ticket but am stuck on a hard level with no power ups left so my money has been wasted because I would have to spend more to buy tokens or special skills to progress in time. It’s gotten too hard and I am going to uninstall.

  14. Katrina Martinez says:

    Been playing this game a while, loved it. The new changes are not great. The challenge levels are a joke, they are super difficult (I know, challenge), but it just takes away all the power ups you’ve earned. And now the 15 minutes of free bombs if you actually beat it was removed. The latest update has changed the appearance a bit, but they stopped showing if I’m still on free lives or if I’m losing a life. If I’m repeatedly losing (it happens) I can’t tell what lives it is until they are gone.

  15. LaCoroin Myers says:

    Game great for passing time but HORRIBLE when it comes to being forced into the challenge stage or races….. that should be optional but it’s not. Also when you beat a level why does more stars go to the bank instead of you, you only get a few but the bank gets more. That’s another way of forcing you to spend money!!! I haven’t played in wks because of those specific things.

  16. Michael McDonald says:

    Dropped from 5 to 2 stars for the same reasons a bunch of other people have stated. The games is more set up to get you to spend more and more money to complete levels. The challenge levels are terrible because you only have one shot so they become streak killers. I’ve played and enjoyed this game for years but now it has become just a cash grab. I’m done spending money for nothing. Until this is fixed I will continue to play but I will spend no more money. Thanks

  17. Olivia London says:

    I enjoy the game. It is hard enough to make me strategize, but easy enough to not frustrate me. There are many times I can only try a more challenging level 5 times before I am out of lives, but am patient, and try again later. I miss the garden bucks/deco, like the renovations, love the adventures, and don’t really care for the makeovers. I haven’t bought anything or been able to complete many renovations, but still have a lot of fun playing game, and have almost made level 7500. Thanks!

  18. Mama Bear says:

    I initially had a lot of fun playing this game. Then I got addicted, and I started buying (more than I should’ve). You’d think the rewards would match the levels achieved, NOPE!!! I’m over this expensive yet cheap game. Even the creating of the gardens got boring. BTW: I’ve gotten cheated out of several awards at several levels.

  19. CR says:

    Updated the game today on 8/29/22 and the graphics now are horrible. It’s almost like it’s a new 3D design maybe. Like others have said, the challenge levels are impossible to beat and I know it’s so that you can fail and purposefully lose a life. When you get the 30 minutes of free lives, you should be able to save that and use it for later. There should be an option so you can skip an extremely hard level. I have used some money before but I wish the coins cost less since 900 coins is pricey.

  20. Deleted says:

    I’ve been playing since 2015, I’m on level 4,451 and have spent AT LEAST 200$ on this game over the last 7 years. I love the game play, decorating the garden, and the thrill of beating an intense level. Why only 1 star? The new update is AWFUL! Everything looks wrong it’s not the same game anymore. When it gets changed back to normal I’ll go back to 5 stars. I just tried to play today and it looked so different I couldn’t think straight. Bring back the og gardenscapes 😭

  21. Gordon Rayner says:

    Game was fun at first. It could run into some money because it was hard to get coins. The games got harder as you progressed. But easy games aren’t easy anymore. The game is no longer fun, but frustrating. So, while I did not mind spending 2.99 for coins, I will no longer waste my money for the frustration. Gardenscape could have been better, but it is now ridiculous.

  22. J H says:

    I’ve been playing this game on and off since it’s original release in 2009, now on level 9642. It’s sad to see how they’ve turned this from a fun but challenging game into a frustrating one that can’t be beat without purchases. There used to be difficult levels, but with a few lives and a power up or two, they could be beat. Now the “easy” levels are almost impossible to win without paying for extras. I know everyone loves money, but this is ridiculous guys. You’ve ruined the game.

  23. T Greenwell says:

    Absolutely frustrated with super hard levels. I want a game that is fun and being stuck on a level for 2 weeks is not fun. First 4000 levels super fun and nice way to waste time. Now looking like it is pay to play. Some players on team are on level 10000 + no end in sight. Misleading about the mini games – so rare they shouldn’t include them in the description

  24. Patricia says:

    I used to like this game I’ve been playing for quite a long time and it’s a good time waster on breaks so I usually buy the seasons ECT but the challenge levels have gotten way out of control sometimes they are every two levels I beat. They are nearly impossible without spending money or boosters which is bs. I won’t be purchasing any more seasons after this

  25. Tara Smith says:

    No matter if I play this game on my phone or laptop…it messes up. Why can’t this game ever stay without issues? Just when your winning or getting in a rythm, and I see the number on the lower left handside getting before I have to try again…it stops at 8. Al usual, it don’t go down to zero. Looks like you are going to have to scrap this game and start from scratch in order for the developers to get it right.

  26. Roblyn Perkins says:

    The game is impossible to beat without spending money. I uninstalled for almost a year and only beat the level when I reinstalled because of in-game welcome back powerups. It would be great to be asked to participate in the races instead of automatically being entered. Let us keep our power ups if we fail the challenge levels, we’re already losing significant prizes if we don’t beat the level. I’ve been playing this for years but am getting fed up. I do love that there are no ads.

  27. DeSimone Jones says:

    I haven’t spent money, Im well over level 2000, and I read a review I very much agreed with. The writer said loadtimes and animation for just about everything are slower and reduce time on valueable hard to get bonuses. (not in those words) Taking days to pass a level, understandable. loosing bonus time not by choice feels like being cheated. Not being given all the required pieces on a level board needed to pass feels like being cheated too. Keep playing

  28. Colleene W says:

    Started out fun and addicting, but it getting very tiresome. I really loved it, now it’s soooo frustrating!!!! Some levels are extremely hard to pass, It costs 900 coins for 5 extra moves. Yet the amount of coins won for each level is so really low. 🤔🤔🤔🤔 I’m contemplating whether to uninstall. It would be great if the amount of lives were increased to 10.

  29. Kristin Bass says:

    Love the game but be prepared to spend money as you reach higher levels if you want to progress in a timely fashion and not have to keep playing the same level for days. I agree with others that it is frustrating to lose all power ups on the difficult level. It would be nice to have the choice to participate in the level rather than automatically trying and losing everything. The prizes for those levels aren’t really on par for the risk. But great job to the talented people constucting the game

  30. Erin DeSimone says:

    This was my favorite game. I play it so much that I frequently run out of levels. However, after upgrading to a Pixel 7 Pro, it no longer works. The game gets stuck in full screen mode, not allowing you to exit. Even worse, it causes the home screen on the device to reset frequently, erasing all your shortcuts and widgets. It is definitely too buggy to play now.

  31. Latrice Williams says:

    The game is very challenging and fun to play in relaxing the mind. The puzzles are very different each time in trying to create or design the garden space as you open them up. However their comes a point when the puzzles become to challenging in playing and it gets difficult to move forward on continuing building the current garden space. Although having the option to choose your own pieces in style each space is great and some puzzles are easy to do.

  32. Kristin Bassano (Kiki) says:

    it’s a great game to pass the time I’ve been playing it for a few years I’ve even bought stuff at times it’s not bad. It does take up a lot of storage and data which I was ok with. but of course it seems like a lot of these games are recently doing now, it seems every level is lagging very badly ,also its freezing and restarting itself only to keep doing it even though my roommate has the, best of the best sir, internet you could get.Pleass please fix I really love your game

  33. Jessica Benning says:

    I used to and at times still love this game! However, the further you get the more impossible it gets to beat levels. I’ve watched the game cheat me out of moves, and don’t EVER pay for season bonuses –it seems as tho the closer you get to FINALLY completing one, you get stuck on levels so that you never finish unless you pay more. And if you do beat it, surprise, super hard level next with no bonuses. Not to mention the “cost” of renovation events are kind of a joke.

  34. saltygunnervet usn says:

    I really used to enjoy playing this game, however, it seems every third round is a “hard” round that takes days, sometimes over a week to conquer. Very seriously considering uninstalling and spending more time playing similar games online. Fun game. Just wish there was a back button for a move that is a mistake. Also when there is free play, would be nice to resume if you have to stop. Not everyone has three hours to play continuously.

  35. A Moore says:

    Great games overall! I gave it 4 only because I do appreciate the challenging levels, but getbored if I have to play several sets of lives, use all my boosters and spend too many coins to have even a small chance. Its much more enjoyable to win a challenging level while figuring it out on your own even if it takes a few lives, rather than money. I’m sure it’s difficult for developers to find the balance for us!

  36. Jeremy Lincoln says:

    It’s just like every other rip off game app! You start playing it for a while and it’s a lot of fun, but then the levels get so difficult, it’s impossible to advance unless you purchase additional moves with coins until you run out of them, and then you have to start buying them. In each level there’s more and more you need to do with less and less shots. The levels get almost impossible to beat, and you can’t advance any further unless you pay for additional moves. It becomes no fun anymore!

  37. Tammy Lim says:

    Please please reduce the amount of memory needed for cell phones! It’s 1.5gb!! Great game, however i absolutely HATE that it takes you back to the main “home”area after every level completed. I wish they would let you go from one level to the next without having to deal with the 30 seconds of wasted time going from play screen to home screen to play screen again. Otherwise the game is super addictive.

  38. Jon Olson says:

    For those of you who love spending a week trying to beat the same level and are disappointed when you finally beat it..don’t worry because 5 minutes later there will be one just as hard. If you happen to get on a streak the levels are easier to beat, but don’t worry about that either..they have unnumbered nearly impossible levels they force you to play, which kill your streak. If you’re lucky enough to beat one, there’s no meaningful reward. It’s a fun game if you love torture or love spending $

  39. Sumitra Franklin says:

    In the beginning, I sincerely enjoyed this game and spent a lot of free time playing. As I’ve reached the more advanced levels, it’s like it takes several sets of lives to even pass certain levels. When I purchase the coins, it seems to make passing the levels even harder to drain you of the coins or you lose so close to finally conquering the levels, seemingly promoting the buying of more coins! That seems kind of underhanded to me. It’s moving me closer to just removing the game from my phone.

  40. Patty Tornow says:

    Two lazy, disheveled girls sitting with an empty pot hoping to catch gold is terribly sexist, but that isn’t actually what the game play is. It’s just another match at least 3 symbols game. The game play is pretty good. Too bad it isn’t what they pretend it is in the ads. The ads are also fraudulent about the graphics, and they interfere with anything else you’re listening to.

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