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Do you like puzzles and adventure games? Then Family Island is for you!
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December 12, 2022
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Family Island™ — Farming game Premium Apk

Immerse your self in an unforgettable international of journey with a contemporary Stone Age circle of relatives!

Circle of relatives Island™ — Farming recreation Top class Apk free up

Consider what your lifestyles could be with out trendy era, what would you do? Possibly you can discover territories, construct homes and even whole villages; farm, harvest, or perhaps you could possibly overcome new lands.

Circle of relatives Island™ — Farming recreation Top rate Apk apk

You will have a chance to be on a barren region island along side the heroes of the Circle of relatives Island recreation and check out your self in numerous roles: farmer, cook dinner, explorer, dealer and lots of others.

Circle of relatives Island™ — Farming recreation Top rate Apk

? Listed below are some extra options of our sport:
★ Discover wild territories, resolve puzzles, to find hidden gadgets and set on an exciting journey to new islands.
★ Construct and enhance your little town in the midst of the sea.
★ Get started your personal circle of relatives farm! Harvest, develop vegetation and craft helpful items to industry with different characters.
★ Cook dinner wholesome and engaging meals from the substances that you’ll be able to to find at the island.
★ Customise your village with stunning decorations! Make a choice flora and vegetation that fit the atypical landscapes of your village.
★ Meet ordinary animals: island hamsters, wild goats or even a dinosaur are looking forward to you!
★ Lend a hand a circle of relatives continue to exist on a barren region island.

Circle of relatives Island™ — Farming sport Top rate Apk mod apk

And that’s not all! Circle of relatives Island is a farm sport stuffed with sudden twists and fascinating journey!

Circle of relatives Island™ — Farming sport Top class Apk apk mod

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40 comments on "Family Island™ — Farming game Premium Apk"

  1. Mary Klemzak says:

    This is a really fun farming and island management game. However, a latest update makes any energy boosts exit out of the game completely. To fix it, I do clear it from recent apps, and then open it up again. This is annoying. Please fix it.. Also, during events and quests, many items require a lot of energy. Often using most of what the max energy is. Very frustrating. It’s great to have gifts and occasional opportunities in social media, but sadly, they’re never enough.

  2. Brittany Smith says:

    Ads crash it most of the time. It’s fun to play but annoying when I’m trying to watch an ad for more energy and the game continually crashes. Then there’s the fact that energy costs do not equate to resources gained, or recovery of energy. It’s a grind unless you spend money, and without money can’t complete special events. Lastly, nearly all of the review responses are canned/copy-paste so they don’t take the time to respond individually.

  3. Deseree Kilgore says:

    It’s been a fun game, a lot to do, intriguing. And then it just had me do this update and I’ve gotten kicked out of the game 6 times in a row every time I’ve tried to hit the energy ad button when it pops up or just doing tasks. The update causes glitches. May want to fix it before you lose players.

  4. Jessica Frazer says:

    Ad crash bug makes game unplayable. I love this game and spend $ to support it but now I cannot watch any ad to gain rewards – app crashes every time. I have followed the troubleshooting steps repeatedly and provided a video to support. If your business model relies on ads – and you can’t play for more than a couple minutes without watching an ad or spending more $… the ads better work. Unplayable until this is fixed.

  5. Lora H says:

    Game is fun to pass time, however the amount of energy and items needed to finish basic tasks it getting to be crazy. 15-30 items which take quite a while to craft and purchase items for which takes days…not really fun anymore as I’m not spending money on more energy. Even if I did it would take so much. I wish they would really consider lowering the amount of items needed to build or complete a building, the special islands are even worse make those quick to get through at least.

  6. Casey Anderson says:

    Game was fun until it recently started crashing everytime I try to watch an ad for extra energy or rubies. Now it’s annoying that I can’t complete tasks on the extra islands since I can’t collect the energy from the boxes that require you to watch the ad first because it shuts down the game and doesn’t give the energy. Even though you watch the entire ad and it crashes once you hit the “x” to go back to the game, after the ad is over. If this gets fixed then I would rerate it to a 5.

  7. Joshua Ventura (Kooken) says:

    Currently, I am only level 4. The tutorial of the game does a decent job of guiding the player on how to play, but it does drag on a bit and holds the players hand for a bit too long. So far, the game is a simple click, clear, and create game where you clear island debry by clicking on rocks, brush, and other landscape. Then build things to sustain your characters. The game is decent, nothing revolutionary, but it is a pretty decent way to kill some time.

  8. Keri Conant says:

    I’ve been enjoying this game for a while now. I get lost in this simple farming, Island building, puzzle solving game! It’s got some catchy coastal sounding background music, interesting puzzles that are formated in a a way I’ve not seen before and The game gives many chances to get more energy or rubies. The only suggestion I have is to make the game multiplayer.

  9. Nichole Mader says:

    Game crashes. Every time I watch an ad to get a bonus, it crashes the game. I watch the whole ad like I’m supposed to, and then because it crashes, I never get the bonus. And trying to submit a support ticket is impossible. Edit: I have tried the troubleshooting on the site. It still crashes. As for reaching out, trying to find the “contact us” button is not available. I have looked everywhere.

  10. Lanae Dresch says:

    It was a great game up until this most recent update. I was trying to buy more in game credit and energy, and somehow it is no longer connected to my husband’s Google account, then when I tried to figure out why it switched me from local to server and I lost ALL of my data, INCLUDING everything I PURCHASED. SERIOUSLY, unhappy with this! Y’all really need to fix this! Or you will definitely lose me as a player!

  11. Brooke Bertrand says:

    It was fun for a little while, but now it’s not. I’m not even that far in and things are getting to be really expensive. To break a rock takes half my energy. Some crafts take way to long and it’s impossible to keep up with feed for the animals. I’m not paying for energy on an app or anything. I really was enjoying the game until things were costing 34+ energy to break and I only got 72. Also some crafts like to upgrade the house need 10+ of one item that takes 3+ minutes to create. DISAPPOINTED

  12. Mallory Carty says:

    I love this game! My main issue is the ads crashing the game. I try to do the ads for free energy/rubies, but I’ll end up watching it like 5 times before it finally works instead of crashing the whole game 🙁 EDIT: Thank you for fixing the ads! However, the game has really gotten ridiculous. You can’t finish anything without paying real money, and now multiple events are being done at the same time. It’s disappointing 🙁

  13. Emerald And Khonshu says:

    Got this to get rewards in a different game, but I actually really enjoy it! I get a little bummed when I run out of energy, but if I didn’t, probably wouldn’t put it down. This is perfect for my little ADHD brain. I don’t get crashes a others seem to. I play on a Galaxy s21, if that matters. Love this game! Only downer is the multiple pop-ups with offers. It’s a little exasperating, but it only happens on start-up, so not awful.

  14. Yvonne Emory says:

    Losing interest quickly. It was fun at the start. But quickly turned into being able to do one thing with the energy available and then waiting hours for energy to do one more thing, ultimately taking days to accomplish one task. The video chests often don’t have ads available. I’ve seen the developers responses and it doesn’t seem like they want to put effort into keeping players interest in the game. Seems like all the reviews say the same thing, everyone can’t be wrong except the developer.

  15. Jeff Ramsey says:

    An excellent game, until they started making the goals so difficult, that you had to spend a lot of money to finish. It used to be that several dollar energy purchase could be enough to get all way to the end. Now, I’ve spent over $10 and nowhere near end. So plan to enjoy what you can free…otherwise waste of money. Previously, I didn’t mind occasionally supporting developers, but the idea that I could end up over $500 a year (10 per week), was a definite no go.

  16. lisa bettis says:

    Starts out fun takes too long to build up energy though so you can only play for 5 to 15 minutes at a time unless you want to spend money I always play these kinds of game on the computer way funner, you can actually make progress. I wouldn’t mind a couple more ads just to get more energy and the team thing you should be able to give each other things or at least energy! Trading with one another would be cool too and once you place a building you’re stuck with it not location even if it’s block

  17. Tyler Ray Matters says:

    This game is very glitchy and unplayable. Like a freeze as it still moves. Can’t click on things on the land. The icons can though. Just can’t really gain progress. Only see what you have to do. Maybe 100 clicks gets it. Very, very glitch. Clearing cache doesn’t help. It’s like look not play. Very little to be done. Also too much storyline goal. Not really free play. Thing in a line. Honestly can’t click on things for most part. Only icons. Needs serious update. Too much at once. Won’t continue.

  18. Robin Henderson says:

    UPDATE: DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME REQUIRES TOO MUCH MONEY. The game is fun if you have plenty of time to build and plenty of money to spend. Most buildings have several level to upgrade and each level requires more and more building materials. Some with long wait times. I did like the different islands you visit and play on as well, but like the main island, the building supplies are hard to get and the quest are impossible to complete unless you purchase rubies. Which is their end goal of course.

  19. Jim “Danger” Hanson says:

    Game looks nothing like the advertisements, and the tutorial was so incredibly off-putting I could not finish it. Game does not understand the principle of “show them the basics, then let them try it for themselves”, instead it’s just several boring minutes of a bouncing white hand telling you where to click and how to spend your money on the game like an idle clicker game but with less interesting graphics. I might give it a go again some other day, but this was disappointing and offputting

  20. Shaina Torres says:

    It’s addicting but very hard to complete goals. You think you get a lot of energy but it quickly disappears just chopping down a few trees. A new adventure island is every 2-3 days. You try to complete the adventure and don’t have time or energy to upgrade home island. The story, graphics and game itself is great, but it gets discouraging when you can’t move on in the game, unless you spend money. I don’t because I know even if I bought 500 energy for $2.99 it would be gone before you know it.

  21. Paula Couch says:

    Good game. Nice graphics. Plenty to do. Environments are unique. Quick structure building, is nice. Reward system seems better than most. I like the way you use ads to reward players, but only if they choose to watch them. This game has great potential. Energy runs out very quickly. I know I could buy energy, but with how fast it’s used, it’s not worth it to me. A one time fee for a version without energy requirements would be better.

  22. Cindy Herms says:

    The game is initially fun. But they set up adventures that you can’t win unless you spend money. A lot of money. With time limits and impossible goals. It was the first app I’ve ever made a purchase and I regret it. They’re not even subtle about it. You want to try to finish a adventure and the very last item is a big slap of the face with another near impossible task. I spent money to get there and bailed on the very last thing, not finishing and feeling used. Not fun.

  23. Julia Darnell says:

    I only started playing this game in order to earn points through Mistplay but you can only play maybe 5 minutes at a time. I will say the game is awesome, it never crashes, and it doesn’t blow my phone up with ads. My reason for 2 stars is because it takes WAY too much energy to gather materials and forever to regenerate energy. The event islands are impossible to complete in the 2/3 day deadline without spending money.

  24. Ashlee Wright says:

    When I first started the game it was GREAT!!! Made to level 11 in 3 days!!! BUT then after playing for a few weeks, the energy that was given via the inbox stopped and its extremely hard to get energy!! You have to upgrade this and upgrade that and it takes RIDICULOUS amounts of parts to do it. The islands are changed every 3 days, so there’s NO WAY you could ever finish a quest… even if you paid real money to buy energy you would need a ton of it to get to end of quest in 3 days.

  25. Diamond Girl says:

    Truly love hate the game. Started playing the game because of another game. Every 3 days there is new adventure, which is impossible to finish unless you spend ALOT of money. Since starting the game, not once have I completed any adventure. I don’t even get halfway through even spending money. So I decided just to play and let game refill itself. Might take longer to do upgrades, I now use adventure to gather things I need for upgrades and making things. Once a month I spend money. Thanks.but no

  26. Alena Wade says:

    The game is fun to play but it requires wayyy too much energy and time to perform basic builds. The quests are fun but not possible to complete in the short time span and again requires wayyyy too much energy. If you plan to play for long, plan to spend lots of money – lots. It’s the only way to win or get close to winning. And currently, it’s not loading.

  27. Michelle D says:

    This game is very addictive and fun to play until you realize the only way to complete a challenge is to spend money. Unfortunately I have gotten so wrapped up in trying to complete and challenge that once you make the purchase you end up still not being able to complete. It just seems like there is never enough. Most tasks seems impossible without spending money. I recommend never spend money on these games. They are made to be difficult so players will soend their money.

  28. John Harag says:

    While this game can be kind of fun and looks really good visually, it’s entirely designed to provoke impulse purchases. Literally the only way to complete an event is by spending money. Naturally, this makes contests Pay-to-win by default. There are also technical annoyances. If you don’t have a top-tier device, it won’t be able to keep up with all the little animations the game is always processing, which slows down play to a crawl. So, meh.

  29. Noone Anon says:

    The game itself as well as its controls are relatively straightforward. The visual style is vibrant and eye catching. Though the colors can make for difficulty when gathering overlapping materials across the map, this resolves itself when the player becomes more familiar with the various materials. The interaction between the family is well paced and overall a interesting way to present narrative. I’ve given Family Island 4 to 5 stars for its entertaining overall mechanics and visual style.

  30. Sherry Messenger says:

    Its a fun game the whole 3 minutes you can play it. Clearing 2 objects takes all your energy then you have to wait hours to get it restored just to only be able to play 3 minutes again. Takes way too much energy to clear objects. Only way you make real progress is to spend money. Which is really sh!tty for the people playing the game who don’t have the money to spend. Not nearly enough rewards during playing either. And there are barely ever any videos to earn rewards. Wish I’d never downloaded.

  31. Marie Laveau says:

    Fun game but it got to the point where it kept disconnecting from the internet repeatedly so I uninstalled it. Edit: I downloaded it again and it keeps closing randomly, especially after it first loads. I’ve cleared the cache and done everything I can think of, nothing helps. I also made an in game purchase and it closed immediately afterwards, and I never got the free bonus items. Aggravating!!!

  32. Kerri Mahoney says:

    This game is very fun but the side quests are repetitive (they rotate islands every few days). After a certain point, it also requires A LOT of energy and resources to complete the missions. For timed quests, this requires you to buy more energy or miss out. I also see my game has reached MAXIMUM XP status at Level 66 even though there are features that require Level 70.

  33. Bobbie Duchemin says:

    This is a pay to play game and it’s NOT cheap! I re-installed it after taking a break and the creators are getting even greedier!! Who has 100+ keys and gold tools for what is supposed to be a fun event. I blew through 6000 energy in less than 5 minutes and haven’t been able to finish the last few events. The game is fun but not for the cost. Debating on deleting again.

  34. Lindsay Gallegos says:

    The game has a good story and visuals, but it has become too hard and takes a very long time to accumulate all of the items needed to complete a project. It’s taken me a month to finish upgrading a house and I play the game often! It’s also difficult to get gold tools. It seems they’ve also stopped giving as much free energy through their socials and you tube too. Overall disappointed at this point.

  35. Mariyaam Crus says:

    The game actually gets kind of addicting after reaching higher levels it’s like a puzzle trying to find all the items needed to construct necessary items. You probably shouldn’t waste your rubies too fast as they are harder to earn. You can spend real money to buy more if that’s okay with you. Other than that it’s a pretty fun game.

  36. Jan Nay says:

    I enjoy playing. You can level up without spending money. However, if you want to complete an event, there’s absolutely no way unless you spend. A lot. You might get halfway but everything costs so much energy that you have to give up or spend money. I’ve spent way too much over the last 8 mos and won numerous events. If you don’t have the money to throw away, you’ll start to get frustrated. Even spending several times in an event, It comes down to spending more or give up.

  37. Marina Berglund says:

    ZERO STARS I have been playing this game for about two years. Never finished a single timed adventure event. When I first started playing the game support always said you can finish events without paying real money… never happened. I told myself I wasnt going to spend anymore real money on the game, about a year ago, so many horrible changes made in the game…. but I recently found out my husband has cancer. Stupidly spent $100 trying to complete an event for once. Still didnt even get close.

  38. Charae Thompson says:

    Events don’t last long enough to complete unless you’re willing to spend real money on the game. Maximum energy bar level should automatically rise with each level up in points as the current level doesn’t provide enough energy to do more than clear out 1 item at a time with most cases being no more than 2 before current energy level status being exhausted. Make the game time consuming, slow moving and not as interesting as previously thought.

  39. Leanna Joachim says:

    Super cute and not frustrating. Unlike other games this game isn’t impossible for free. Energy comes back quickly tasks are done at reasonable times and gems or extra perks aren’t such a rarity. I don’t get bored but I also can put the game down if I need to because it’s a nice mixture of addicting and satisfying. I Recommend it to all ages ☺️

  40. Sky Lucas says:

    I enjoy playing this game! And it’s easy to earn energy and diamonds without having to spend money, which is greatly appreciated! With a few changes it can be even better. If I’m using at least 85+ energy to destroy a tree, rock, etc. I should NOT keep having to use energy to completely destroy it. As well as thr cost of gathering resorces is too high. Having the option to add friends and help them would be nice as well as being able to rotate items in camp.

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