Duck Evolution: Merge Game Apk Download New*


Combine mutant duck species and start a ducking evolution!
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November 29, 2022
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Duck Evolution: Merge Game Apk Download New*

When coping with evolution, once in a while you’ve gotta duck!

Duck Evolution: Merge Recreation Apk Obtain New*

Mix many various duck species to create new and stepped forward a-quack-tic birds and single-handedly get started a ducking revolution! Make sure that you duck in case the beams of ducking awesomeness come zooming your manner!

Duck Evolution: Merge Recreation Apk Obtain New* apk mod

Combine and merge a various array of species and play with the regulations of quack physics at your recreational, so long as the ducking evolution of the species helps to keep rolling like water off a duck’s again!

Duck Evolution: Merge Sport Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022


Duck Evolution: Merge Sport Apk Obtain New* mod apk

🦆Pantheon: a brand new position for preferrred beings to appear down on us mortals and snort at our distress 🦆Impostors: be careful for impostors seeking to scouse borrow the highlight from the geese

Duck Evolution: Merge Sport Apk Obtain New* apk mod new


Duck Evolution: Merge Sport Apk Obtain New* apk

🦆Drag and drop an identical geese to create new mutant creatures. You’ll be able to even give them very ducking names, like Donald, for example 🦆Use duck eggs to earn cash, purchase new geese and make much more cash 🦆Alternatively, fiercely faucet a duck to make cash pop from their eggs

Duck Evolution: Merge Recreation Apk Obtain New* liberate


🦆Different levels and plenty of duck species to find 🦆A mind-blowing tale with ducking twists!
🦆The surprising mixture of alpaca-like evolution and incremental clicker video games 🦆Doodle-like illustrations
🦆Open-ended gameplay: benefit from the freedom!
🦆No geese had been harmed within the making of this sport, best builders
Create sufficient geese to begin a brand new duck country, dominated via a duck and his duckess.
An overly ducky duchy!

Please word! This sport is loose to play, however it comprises pieces in the stores for actual cash. Some options and extras discussed within the description may additionally should be bought for actual cash.


40 comments on "Duck Evolution: Merge Game Apk Download New*"

  1. Briant Jayde says:

    It’s very satisfying. I love the idea of merging games a lot!!!👍👍👍

  2. Aiken Colbie says:

    I Love This Game, As I Love Ducks And Think They Are Cute, This Game Is Also Like All The Other Evolution Games Which I Like Too

  3. Annis Jamese says:

    it’s really funny and cute.

  4. Lynzee Jett says:

    i think it’s fun and cool to play also very addictive

  5. Irah Oswine says:

    I love all the evolution games for birds! Please make a wren evolution so I can love it!

  6. Tessa Brockman says:

    it’s a good game it trulely is but I would let the person figure out on there own how to merge de ducks

  7. Latorry Dawn says:

    as a duck lover, I love this game! it’s so addicting and cute OwO

  8. Janea Averell says:


  9. Roberts Acker says:

    I Love ducks so I downloaded this game and it’s fun so duck lovers you should get this game

  10. Krystal Cecilie says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!! That should explain everything!

  11. Alexsia Raelynn says:

    It’s super cute! I love the little duck sound affects and the funny duck jokes and puns it shows on the screen! 🦆💛

  12. Chalsea Pamila says:

    Good game fun to play just a fun silly game u know 😋😂

  13. Lizette Vi says:

    I loved it, it’s an amazing game! The prople who made this should make Duck Evolution 2! I love it!!! (Minecraft and ROBLOX are still mah favourite!).

  14. Oxley Dawn says:

    Its a quite addicting game, but there is not much too it, it gets boring after a while

  15. Lorian Karr says:

    I love it so fun there is a lot of adds

  16. Jeffery Edrik says:

    Fun, casual game. I started with fox evolution, this one has less glitches (e.g. you don’t lose your hats when you close the game) and some fun little changes like evolution crates and treasure chests for watching an ad.

  17. Ruadson Katlynn says:

    Too many ads

  18. Amber Carilynne says:

    Duck evolution is so fun and addicting. I loved that you could make your ducks different colours and buy them hats. You also don’t have to purchase diamonds, you can earn them buy completing objectives. Definitely download!

  19. Lay Edmon says:

    i LOVE this app so far. It’s so adorable. And i am actually a half duck and half human so i enjoy this 😔.

  20. Bessie Brookanna says:

    Ducks are perfect so it is a no brainier for me to say i love it

  21. Christofer Beamer says:

    This game really helps me when I am really stressed from school and all the other stuff so I would highly recommend it for you and your friends 😊

  22. Lange Acey says:

    It’s a very good game I think they should make more evolution games

  23. Rickard Patrina says:

    uwu i like ducks, and theres barely any ads

  24. Maitena Dwan says:

    Silly and distracting

  25. Apollo Alva says:

    Don’t rate this game. I gave a 4star rating then the ads got more intense.

  26. Tage says:

    Terrible game! Very High Quality! It sucks and its the best game ive played and i love it i play it every day but i hate it and i once threw my phone on the ground and it cracked so i had to get my screen replaced and also my name is the only thing that is a great ideas for the past few years in the world with the plan for the past few days when I get home now I will be able to get a good programe to animate with the plan for the past few days when I NEED the escapists a good day but good game!

  27. J_ Vlogs says:

    Funny ducks and a relaxing game u should really download it!

  28. Zenia Gervacio says:

    The ducks are just so cute😝😝😝😝😝😝 i love this game im now top1 thank you😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😜😜😜😜😃😃😃😃😃😃😄😄😄😄😄

  29. Damani Nicholson says:

    Great game I played it as a child and it is still fun.

  30. Hotdogwater says:

    I used to play these games all the time and they are still great, I swear I’m not a bot

  31. Ann Barte says:

    This game is good for offline times and when you are on a trip somewhere this game is fun! 😁 Thank You♥️

  32. confusedperson 4325 says:

    i really like all the evolution games and i think this one takes the cake

  33. Zailia Sanchez says:

    I can’t even get in to the game to play it at all I would like to play it but it just keeps kicking me out plz fix this or I kill u

  34. Amy Bobier says:

    Buttons don’t work with pixel 4

  35. Ben Toyne says:

    This game is so satisfying, cute and simple! Not many ads, good customization features. A great way to kill time on your phone with no wifi. I love it!

  36. Benjamin Hahn says:

    To many adds but fun

  37. Char Char says:

    I was exited to get a new game,especialy Since it was about ducks.BUT… keeps On kicking me out! PLESE fix this.

  38. Bente Snoek (bentesnoek) says:

    too much advertisement, FIX IT OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR BIGGEST FAN

  39. Vesna Postic says:

    I was allwaya wondering what the little gams are but thare exp points. Anyways i love this game cause it has ducks and i love merge games.

  40. Ella Grieve says:

    I love the game its so cute and fun I can’t give it 5 though because if I click any link it leads me to the game even if its not open so I had to delete it but i recommend it if you don’t mind that

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