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Farm, harvest and explore!
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Blue Cartoon Games
November 7, 2022
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Dream Farm – Family Games Apk Download New*

Away from the hustle and bustle of town,
Abandon impetuous prosperity, Go back to the quiet geographical region,
To be a leisurely farmer!

Dream Farm – Circle of relatives Video games Apk Obtain New* apk mod

Rising a few of greens,
Grazing some farm animals and sheep, Construction some workshops, Elevating a few of fish and shrimp,
Invite some buddies,
Cooking a few of scrumptious fish soup, Consume some skewers of fish fry.
Then construct a hut subsequent to it. The common-or-garden room is anonymous, however stuffed with laughter.


40 comments on "Dream Farm – Family Games Apk Download New*"

  1. Linly Jolina says:

    This game has terrible grammar and the graphics when making the player character kinda looks wonky and also why do a lot of the hair colors turn blue? I tried picking a yellow or blond hair color and it looks blue instead of yellow… And even the skin colors look wonky. I’m sorry but if you want to draw people in you must make the character customization look appealing, not all weird and glitchy.

  2. Kenley Daviel says:

    I like playing, you have to use some strategy to keep things moving to save on warehouse space. Only thing is I am stuck, the airplane hangar wont connect to server for several days

  3. Eus Daralis says:

    well, i love the game it’s really a cute game but i’ve noticed that when I harvest my crops I don’t get the xp pts which makes for slow leveling up I find that to be a problem and I would like to see the problem erraticated.

  4. Deryk Jorcina says:

    the ads is really disturbing.. i even cannot build anything at all.. everytime want to build something ads appear and building missplaced.. i try again and same thing happen.. fix this…

  5. Johnica Chelsa says:

    I really loved the game! My main concern is that, i havent been able to get into the pilots orders once. Usually restarting the game can alow me to get into the regular orders, but it doesn’t work for the pilots orders.

  6. Aldis Cher says:

    game lags every few seconds then pauses and doesn’t move at all. Exited game and restart, same thing happens over and over again. please fix it. i’m using a samsung s8 plus.

  7. Alissa Silver says:

    Great game and I wish I can continue playing. However, when I reached to Level 17, there has been problems connecting to the server and all the sudden my progess was all gone. Unacceptable. Unstalled the game and my time was wasted.

  8. Timthy Caylah says:

    I have the same issue with the others now, can’t connect with airplane pilot, keep failed and failed so I stuck at level 16. I seriously disappointed with this game. Gotta uninstall this app soon if this keep happening.

  9. Chelsy Caril says:

    Just started playing this game. I like it so far, great graphics and cute characters. I would definitely recommend this game. Ill come back with another review as I advance. All in all VERY CUTE AND ENJOYABLE. THANKS GUYS, KEEP UP THE HARD WORK, ITS DEFINITELY WORTH THE TIME TO PLAY.

  10. Rang Gerard says:

    It was so good and smooth before. But recently why it keep lagging (can’t move at all) and can’t even chat or open my guild even tho i alr join. It said no server. I think i will uninstalling it asap coz how can i play the game when is lagging and can’t move at all

  11. Tracy Winston says:

    The game is OK… But if need upgrade building that’s the problem all need diamond alot or to pay game then can.. So decide not to play this and uninstall it. Wish the gamer creator make choices or more event that gain diamond easily at least the game could be play longer. Anyway not suggest anyone who want to play for free.

  12. Bazil Harlon says:

    As I sent the message, there is a lot of broken words which can make it hard to read and learn the tutorial. Like the word “THE”, you had the “TH” on one line, and the “E” on the next. I understand if English isn’t your native language, but there are too many spell and grammar checkers out there hat if you’re going to make a long term game, use them please. I do love the game.

  13. Martyn Randal says:

    Gameplay is nice, camera is zommed in too much, each time i zoomed out to max and i click any building it reset to the zommed in. I played on Vivo V15 and the lag just annoyed me. Graphic is nice. For sounds and music is a bit boring.

  14. Aldys Celiane says:

    Trouble wirh connecting to server. Keeps freezing game. Otherwise it would be a good game.put my review down to 1 star. Really frustrating if you can’t connect to server.

  15. Eean Averyl says:

    Fun game, but it will not connect to the server, so I can’t buy or sell from the market. Edit 3/15: I emailed the developer as instructed for the server issue and was told that the server was being worked on. The next day I was able to view the chat. The day after that, I got a task related to the airport and I cannot access it due to being unable to connect to the server and the chat disappeared again. I emailed the team and got no response.

  16. Alfred Ember says:

    I love the game. It does not take long make stuff. The problem I have with game are: the high flyer I can’t access, the stall does not change to different people to buy from, and some stuff like flour and sugar you have to stay in the game for it to be made. I hope it can be fixed soon. Again I love the game keep up the good work.

  17. Mathew Alexina says:

    I like the game, but at the certain level I cant connect to the server. I can’t finish my mission to complete the order to the pilot. And I read many of users experience the same thing.

  18. Lange Cartwright says:

    I love this game, But there’s something cannot be open, I can’t open “Guild” , everytime there’s always “The server is being connected. Please wait a moment”. I can open it when i first time download this game, but now i can’t open it anymore. And i can’t shared it too

  19. Cherrie Hibaya says:

    I love this game, nice graphics and cute characters. Very smooth to play, no freezing or crashing. Crops doesn’t take too long to grow but the only downside is when you lost ur phone or u have a new device you can’t transfer ur progress. I find the grammar cute lol 😂

  20. H p says:

    Used to love this addicting game. After the update it will end by itself unless disconnected from Wifi or Data. It’s really frustrating. Please do something about it.

  21. Lee May says:

    After going into the game, the whole screen froze at the farm. After exit and restart the game, it’s still the same. If it’s not solved, will uninstall the game since there’s no hope already.

  22. Chris Bell says:

    I love the game but I have lost 2 games now from the game freezing . Only when I select the wheel and go fishing . Game freezes permanently. Not wasting my time for a third go……. not happy at all……

  23. Bunny Taurus says:

    This game is really amazing better than farmville, but you could please fix your server to connect proper. So that the airplane will open. Because it just keeps saying that the connection to server has failed.

  24. Terri Laughlin says:

    I would probably be able to enjoy this game if it (and too many games like this) didn’t force you to play through a tutorial. You should be able to choose to skip or even turn off the tutorial part. I’m only giving a 1 star because I couldn’t get past the tutorial to actually try to enjoy playing but it does look like a cute game.

  25. Chiah Pei Shan says:

    I didn’t get star after fishing. I can’t be connected to the server, it always prompt server is trying to connect but end up nothing come out. My airport cannot function, and lastly I couldn’t connect to a group chat.

  26. Becky Burch says:

    I love the game but it keeps freezing and when it freezes I can’t even go to support inside the game! And it freezes and crashes about every 15 to 30 seconds. So I have to close it back out repeatedly and repeatedly reopen the game to continue playing which is not enjoyable! Please fix it! I have waited for the issue to be fixed for a week now and nothing! I haven’t even heard from support from the email I sent. So I’m uninstalling it now! Worst farming game ever!

  27. Mahmudur Rahman says:

    Worst app ever!! Would not recommend. There is no option to connect fb! No club chat!! People want to play with friends but it is all alone!! The graphics also not so addictive. Very dissappointed.

  28. Karen says:

    Do not download! Game keeps freezing and my pilot didn’t download. Now I cannot progress any further in fulfilling orders. Uninstall and reinstall did not fix the issues. Graphics are great, but too buggy.

  29. Horror and Romance audio books says:

    I liked it at first but am dissapointed now that I even downloaded it in the first place…. It keeps crashing… And sometimes after waiting to produce goods you can’t even receive them… I had to keep reopening it and it was very annoying… If you have anger issues and you love your phone I’d advice you not to download this game… It’s such a waste of memory

  30. kemahwave says:

    Really fun, with beautiful graphics. For some reason I have never had a sale from my stall, and when I try to buy items from other stalls it puts my own stall items in their stall for me to buy. I also stopped getting goals to meet, which isn’t fun. Hopefully there will be an update soon to fix issues.

  31. Kelly Lloyd says:

    I love this game but I bought £9.99 worth of diamonds and never received them so pretty gutted. Be very careful people. This game is getting very frustrating I’m putting items in and then going back for when they have finished to find my items have vanished please sort this game out

  32. sarah bemis says:

    So far so good, but I haven’t played long. I will add to this and the stars as I see it. Update: still a good game, but the airplane part needs fixed. After the plane leaves, you get no clue as to what items you will need for the next plane. You have to hope you have the stuff already ( which you won’t) because you are on a time limit to get all the items before the exp and coins reward part is gone.

  33. Christina Bruce says:

    I like the concept of this game. It does have some similar things of Farmville. I like how you can buy outfits for your avatar but I don’t like the prices of them. I was so excited to get that unlocked too. Another thing is when visiting friends farms is it supposed to be nothing there to see? And when sending plane orders out I end up having to do it twice. This game is NEW so I’m sure there’s still kinks to work out. I just hope it will all be fixed sooner rather than later.

  34. Intel Road Signs says:

    Awesome game! Only thing as with most farming games production takes to long! Would like to see a next new ugraded game, i like it because playing offline is actually just as nice as online. Had some issue where the game stop working when going online but thats not a huge story. So you can start downloading this awesome game. Thank you. Hope to see some adventure games from this developers with the same game play.

  35. Alexa Janell says:

    The game was fun til it froze on my tablet! I uninstalled it and downloaded it again and it made absolutely no difference whatsoever. So it’s going bye bye permanently now! I downloaded it again to see if it’s been fixed unfortunately it hasn’t been fixed and it won’t do anything else so I’m giving this game 1 star cause the only thing that’s good are the colors look vibrant

  36. Zoey Tyner says:

    Occupational Harvest fun!!! 🍓🍑🖤💰 So far this is my most favorite harvest:Farming game yet; I’m 27!!! I don’t spend cash on cellular games; if I did this one would be it!!! I have this game on too of my phone’s; my username is Rayn & another account username 2Rayn! 🥕 🍰 🐐 🐄 My one concern”/distaste is that waiting time for materials & crops skyrockets to 30seconds once you’re around level 10 when the game really get profitable..which seems…a bit unfair in my opinion.

  37. Linda Johnston says:

    Everything is way too expensive…..especially the land expansions……also it would be nice to be able to rotate everything

  38. Cathy Fine says:

    It’s a fun game. The only thing is I’m on level 22 and I’m not getting any clay out of my Mine. I’m really getting upset. I can’t go any farther without the clay. What is going on? I can’t do any orders on my Order Board.. let me know what is going on. Please and thank you. I will delete if no help.!!!

  39. Christine Freeman says:

    The graphics need a lot of work. Cheesy. I miss my Farmville original 🙁

  40. M. Dika Fadillah says:

    Can i login with player id ? I’ve been downloaded months ago and I’ve been installed with another phone, then my progres was back to ZERO ( my character was gone )

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