Delicious – Miracle of Life Mod Apk New 2022*


Help Emily through the ups and downs of her pregnancy!
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June 24, 2020
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Delicious – Miracle of Life Mod Apk New 2022*

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Scrumptious – Miracle of Existence Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

Sign up for Emily for an excessively particular bankruptcy of her lifestyles! Something’s needless to say, her circle of relatives won’t ever be the similar once more after this…

Scrumptious – Miracle of Existence Mod Apk New 2022*

Proper after Emily begins her very personal cooking video weblog, she receives some heart-warming information… She’s anticipating a brand new package of pleasure! However how’s Emily going to mix the entirety that’s occurring in her existence with getting in a position for the child? 👶 🍼

Scrumptious – Miracle of Existence Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

🍼 WELCOME THE BRAND NEW SCRUMPTIOUS CIRCLE OF RELATIVES MEMBER and be part of this heart-felt degree in Emily’s existence 🍼 PLAY 60 TOUCHING TIME CONTROL RANGES and 30 further difficult bonus ranges 🍼 INFORMATION EMILY VIA HER BEING PREGNANT and witness her many ups and downs first hand
🍼 UNCOVER 6 OTHER PLACES and consult with Emily’s Kitchen, a Yoga Studio, an afternoon Care Middle and different tremendous lovely baby-related puts 🍼 HANG AROUND WITH EMILY’S FAMILY AND FRIENDS and say hello to Angela, François and Allison, plus many others
🍼 CUSTOMISE THE BRAND NEW NURSERY and wonder Emily with the very best child room
🍼 CHECK OUT NEW OPTIONS LIKE DAY BY DAY DEMANDING SITUATIONS and tackle a brand new problem degree on a daily basis 🍼 CREATE YOUR INDIVIDUAL SCRUMPTIOUS POSTCARDSand earn the entire trophies to proportion particular messages together with your family members

Scrumptious – Miracle of Lifestyles Mod Apk New 2022* unencumber

Will you be there for Emily when she wishes you maximum?

Scrumptious – Miracle of Existence Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

Having your very personal cooking video weblog and sharing scrumptious circle of relatives recipes with the remainder of the arena doesn’t come simple. 🎥 🍝 It’s onerous paintings – and with a circle of relatives like Emily’s, you by no means know what may occur…

Scrumptious – Miracle of Existence Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

On best of the whole thing, Emily’s in reality drained and hasn’t been feeling neatly in recent times. She and Patrick had been seeking to have every other child, however with none luck. Is it merely now not within the playing cards for them? But simply as they are trying to simply accept this, Emily receives some life-changing information… She’s no longer feeling smartly, as a result of she’s pregnant! 👶

Scrumptious – Miracle of Lifestyles Mod Apk New 2022* apk

Emily and Patrick couldn’t be happier! However how are they going to control the entirety that’s occurring? Making ready for the infant, filming the cooking vlog, dealing with their over-excited circle of relatives… They might use a hand!
Assist Emily thru this emotional rollercoaster and get able to revel in the miracles of lifestyles! ❤
Apply Emily on Fb:

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40 comments on "Delicious – Miracle of Life Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Avelyn Andreanne says:

    I have been trying to play this game for the last two days. I began having issues in the game when I had gotten quite a few levels to completion. Suddenly, the game froze and I was forced to close it. I tried opening it multiple times but it would suddenly close as soon as it was open. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled. I played to level two and it did its Nintendo glitch. I closed the game and came back to it later. This time around, the Nintendo glitch waited until I got to level 6. I am slightly perturbed by this because I love the Delicious games and have played them before on my current platform and never had a problem. Does this game have any glitches similar to my issue?

  2. Antiochus Naquita says:

    I love GameHouse games. The art style is always so cute, the characters aren’t too cartoonish as far as their personalities go, which is a good thing to me, and they can even be relateable. The stories are always so immersive and fantastic, particularly this one. (Warning: Spoilers Start Here) I can’t get over the storyline of this game. Whenever Emily felt bad, I felt bad. And Grandpa Vito, bless his digital heart and soul, was my absolute favorite character. And while I didn’t hate the ending of the game, it certainly was bittersweet and even caused me to shed a couple tears. Thank you, GameHouse, for making such a stupendous game. I look forward to more in the future!

  3. Rubina Rod says:

    Technical issues – please help I really like this game, but recently it keep showing the message has stopped and can’t get past the loading screen. I try unstalled it once but ends up losing all my progress. And yes, I did everything from clear cache, check memory and restart device. Please help.

  4. Bertold Lorenia says:

    I think that you have found a way to make sure people have to pay to play. I hit the play for free to watch an ad to play and it says to check my internet connection. Right after that I clicked on one of the first 4 scenes that are free to play and it worked fine. Thats terrible, bad business practice. I am very disappointed in a company that I have always liked and liked their games. I wont ever play these again.

  5. Myrtle Antiono says:

    Very dissapointed as I am at level 56. I am totally ok with watching videis for the next level but am stuck on 56. When I go to 57 and choose play free to watch the video it says sorry no internet connection but I do have, and then also when I go back to play the levels I already did it shows the video to play the level again. Would have given 5 stars.

  6. Jai Cristobal says:

    Love it but annoying ads. All is great and would be even better if we could change their looks. I can’t complete level 53 i think, I’m doing what it says but it keeps stopping. Very annoying

  7. Aphton Ern says:

    Really great time passer! It’s fun to do, has a boat load of challenges, and a nice story as well. I was interested in this game due to wanting to play something like diner dash and this really blew my expectations out of the water! Actually downloading another one of their games as we speak. Only con is the ad system but they aren’t super intrusive (only one before the gane starts and one after) so it isn’t that big of a deal~ Never spend one dime either. I love this game!

  8. Rheda Anissia says:

    I played this game earlier on in the year and tried to go back to replay some episodes in order to get more unlocks but it seems to have reset my progress, and when I tried to restore it there was just a spinning circle, and nothing happened. I tried logging in with Facebook and everything.

  9. Cornwallis Brihany says:

    I would rate it 5 stars but I can’t get level 11 to load. I beat level 10 last night and it just keeps saying “I’m not connected to the internet please retry” and I’m connected to WIFI as well as my internet🤦🤦 please fix this issue or I’ll have to uninstall. Other than that….GREAT GAME!!

  10. Nety Garnet says:

    i tried to download this game on two different phones, it always downloads till 91% and then it keeps saying “it looks like you’ve disconnected from the internet”, on both phones, it’s really annoying!! I have un-installed and re-installed several times…..same thing keeps happening over and over!!!

  11. Prestin Constantine says:

    Half way through the game I can’t progress as it just keeps saying I have no Internet connection, and then that the next chapter is not available. This is the first I have ever had to uninstall a game completely as it just won’t work. It definitely isn’t my phone either as I did have Internet connection (everything else was working), I have loads of memory as this is a new phone, I cleared everything that was open, tried everything but nothing works. It’s the app. Needs fixing.

  12. Loc Andrey says:

    I have never had a bad experience with any of the games that gamehouse makes, I’ve paid for every game and never regretted it. I love the story lines and how you feel like you are part of the story, the game lasts very long and is well worth the money. I am now subscribed to game house and pay every month and have access to all of their games and I’m so excited! Would definitely recommend their games to anyone 🙂

  13. Brentyn Fulbert says:

    It’s pretty annoying. The story is good. But I have to fight with it ever level to be able to play. Each level tells me my internet isn’t connected. I could have just watched youtube or played a different game with no problems. I have to click it several times and just wait to see if it will finally allow me to play. Also, it really sucks that once I leave the game the background music will keep playing until you go back in and close it a different way. Uninstalled.

  14. Denta Andrey says:

    I love all of the delicious emily games!!! they have nifty stories, the hard levels take more than 1 try, but arent suddenly impossible like other games that are no fun sooner than later. Ive tried other cooking games. they suck by comparison. plus this one let me play through by watching ads. otherwise they’re still good at $10. I’ve had some glitches with paid ones, but I’m sure they can fix it! they’re too awesome. the addition of a daily game is also cool. done way better than some others.

  15. Katlynn Maddox says:

    Fantastic! What a lovely game! A sort of new-age diner dash theme with various chapters and scenes so you dont get bored staring at one location. It even comes with its own storyline which provides depth to the game. Gutted I’ve finished it now, it’s definitely worth it 🙂

  16. Alisea Garnock says:

    Game completed!! I absolutely love it!! No complaints over ads because the 45scs of my life is definitely worth it, how the game freezes for any given amount of time trying to get you to purchase it, is a bit much. Other than that I’m completely addicted to this game and have already downloaded another one but the same creator. Hope you guys enjoy as much as I do! Ps the game for $9.99 or $9.99 a month for full access to your current game and others ad free is too much. $5 is better.

  17. Gildan Nancy says:

    I think this app is great fun. The only problems are that after the first chapter you have to watch an advert in order to play the levels, wich isnt TOO bad cause they only last 30 secs. The second problemis that pretty much after 5 to 10 levels it says this thing about a free trial for tye full game and also another problem is that after every level (yes EVERY level) it loads something although i dont know wht it loads but it looks as if its an advert that loads but idk (i dont know) thanks.

  18. Laureano Carlena says:

    Nothing to complain about. Even tho you have to wait for an ad of 30 seconds every single level to play it free, it isn’t something that bothers. The game is awesome and has some funny storylines and definitely teach us something important in the end. This game was actually my savior of boredom when I was in the hospital for one week, so thank you for this good game.

  19. Corbyn Greyson says:

    Intriguing story line but some themes are better left for adult conversations. The graphics are great and each level has its own challenges. Some levels will only give you 2 stars no matter how well you played or say “Try again” if you missed the goal by a fraction. But, it’s fun to pass the time.

  20. Quincey Cori says:

    What a beautiful game with such a poignant, bittersweet ending. Challenge level about right but no option to change difficulty level. It will take a while to collect enough diamonds to unlock the final trophy, but that can be done by daily play and these levels are a lot of fun. This is what I love about Gamehouse games – as well as a well polished, fun game with high quality graphics, you also get a drama to watch. Also recommend watching the credits for some extra snippets.

  21. Jadrien Kristianne says:

    I love the game and have enjoyed many others, to the point I decided to subscribe, even with my subscription I have completed level 5 with full three stars but cannot go any further, no pop up shows. Just doesn’t unlock the level, I have replayed the level and still nothing.

  22. Robinne Ricker says:

    I would have rated this game 5 stars as I genuinely enjoyed playing it. That is until I hit level 9 and it forced me to wait almost an hour before I could continue on playing for free with ads. That is unless I decided try the “free trial” with a $9.99 subscription per month once it’s over. What a shame… This was such a cute game and I loved the back story, but I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to play it considering how many ads I have to watch just to play a level.

  23. Mutia Amrilla says:

    this game is addicting!! but i feel like some levels with challenges are rigged cause I only get 2 stars no matter how many times I repeated the challenges when I clearly remember serving every customer with full heart and doing other combos and its kinda a big deal cause my fingers hurt and go numb after playing these games. It’s a good game tho!! I finished 60 levels of this game in like 2 to 3 days

  24. Jasmin Jade Arriola says:

    I really love this game But I have a problem… I can’t play level 4… Its always downloading and then it stops on 15% or 22% and then it says “no Internet connection, please try again” even though I have a strong WiFi connection and I would recommend this to my friends if this downloading problem is fixed I won’t delete it… If the downloading problem gets fixed

  25. Fire Forged says:

    Can’t save progress to Google play, which sucks. For every level you have to watch an ad, which is a bit annoying but it’s understable cause the game is sweet and has a nice design too. And we don’t pay for it so, I guess it’s fair.

  26. General Hex says:

    As always, fun game. Worth watching the ads for. The story is good and heartwarming– not totally dumbed down as you might expect from a kids game. The characters grow on you. The music gets repititive for me (as in the other games) but that’s okay, can turn it off

  27. Christabel Joshua richards says:

    I have played this game before to the end i redownloaded and i don’t understand why to play again is a problem. Just at level 11 it stopped. Meanwhile u guys demanded for 51mb at level 7 to download. Again. And it suddenly stopped at level 11, even to watch ads to play d game, its telling me no ADVERTISEMENT, what’s that supposed to mean. I withdraw all my 5 starts down to one. Am not happy

  28. Brittany Dunn says:

    I love that unlike MOST of the other games like this, they don’t make the levels so impossible that you can’t complete it without spending real money! I also loved the story line and that each different level was at a different place. I did not like that diamonds were so difficult to get. I was linked to my Facebook but it said I had no friends and didn’t give me an option to add any. Overall, this is a great game!

  29. Starr westphal says:

    Look I got to level 7 chapter 1 and I even deleted the app and re-download it every single time I try to continue to level 8 it let’s me watch the ads but it won’t let me play the level like I sat there for at LEAST 2 to 3 hours watching nothing but videos to try to get the game to load and it never did I would like you guys to fix this problem if its a free to play game bc I don’t want to watch unnecessary ads for something that won’t even load PLEASE FIX IT thank you and have a nice evening.

  30. Klarity Jones says:

    Big Fan of the Emily Series, but I’d to uninstall this… Way too many ads. I’d watch and still couldn’t play, then watch another, still no play. Force stop, then I can watch ad and play. Now, that doesn’t even work, so pretty apprehensive about the “no ad” option. The ads were so frequent that I stopped paying attention to the storyline because the ads took up too much time. I really enjoyed each challenging level, the ease of upgrades and as always, Emily’s adventures.

  31. Godswillbdone08 says:

    It’s been said several times in the reviews, but it’s difficult to not uninstall the game. The game is great as usual for Delicious-Emily games BUT it makes you watch ads to play, but then won’t let you play. It sends you back to the map. After a few tries to access the level it will tell you that no ads are available and the only way to play the game is to purchase the whole thing or keep trying to come back later. Sad, because this games is a good challenge and could be awesome.

  32. Huda Umer says:

    This is a fun game…BUT….there is one problem that many of us discussed but u would’nt listen. It just stopped after 5th level and i had to watch an ad to contineu which i dont have any problem with but it just never have any ads available…NeVeR…and you have to buy the game and its not even cheap so we can consider. Actually this is the problem with all these games and the heart’s medicine ones too, i love it but i cant play it i know i will unistall it….. plz find a solution for this.

  33. Nomcebo Mchunu says:

    I’m giving this game 3 stars because you have to buy the game just to carry on. And this is not a problem with this game only its a problem with the rest of the games and its not cheap it is super expensive. Fix this problem otherwise I have to delete the game. Beacause i cant play this game from level 1 to 7 and thats it. I have no problem with the ads but the payment I HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM ABOUT IT

  34. Janine Parry says:

    Its a great game. Relatable interesting, emotional and also free as long as you watch adverts. This is a better option for most of us that don’t have the money to play but want to enjoy the games and stories too. I’d just like the witches university game to have this option…

  35. Le Xu says:

    Cute game. Subscribed for it and decided to play other titles. Different tasks each level. Different theme every 10 levels. Doesn’t feel too repetitive. Has a storyline which is nice to see. BTW, I think Emily should fire her doctor. Discover a suprise during delivery means failed prenatal screening. Blood donation by a blood relative has higher risk. Not to mention that relative is unhealthy. Bug: inbuilt photo taking function on POCO F3 shows as left side black and right side cropped.

  36. Chaotic Moira says:

    LOVE that GH games are a full game you can just buy; & reasonably priced. No annoying energy to wait on, or stupid micro transaction spam. Just buy the game, and then enjoy it without the nonsense. Delicious is my favorite. Been playing from its original pc release. I wish there was a little more variance to the upgrades. In this one they didn’t seem to do much that was really notable. In the past you could really tell Emily was walking faster for example, but this time it seemed negligible.

  37. Lajibolala says:

    This game ve potential but the only problem is the ads. I know we can purchase without ads n play free with ads. I rather play with ads n my internet is ON but still its kept saying no advertisement available. It’s happened to all delicious series. The same prob with internet when I’ve such a strong internet!

  38. Melissa Eckert says:

    Very fun game! I LOVE that you can play the entire game without purchasing. Watching one long add to play a level is a perfect solution! Love the way they made it fair to the player and the developers.

  39. JuniorCJ82 says:

    Game literally starts over without warning, sometimes as often as once a week. No way to save anything, so you have no choice but to “start fresh”. Getting REALLY annoying. Has happened at least 4 times in as many months.

  40. Elizabeth Gaffney says:

    No extra money spent! Not going to lie, I hate cooking games because typically in order to get three stars you had to spend actual money on upgrades. I love how this game allows me to play the type of games I love without having to spend extra money. To make if even better the levels switch in a way that keep things different and entertaining.

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