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June 24, 2022
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DDTank Mobile Mod Apk New 2022*

DDTank, probably the most standard internet video games round international within the olden days, is now again in 2020 with vintage artillery aiming gadget and years of checking out and refinement, right here it’s a brand spanking new model that has higher and other PVP gadget and best possible fitted to cellular gameplay!

DDTank Cell Mod Apk New 2022*

-Multiplayer Dungeon: Day-to-day distinctive dungeons, new World Boss gadget, you’ll play along with your companions in combination anytime!
-Artillery Sport: Energy fee mode and Drag & Shoot mode, simple
-Global Server: Play with actual time combat motion in opposition to gamers international!
-Guild Device: Acquire your folks, households, buddies, and comrades and pursuit the similar objective!
-Make Buddies: Meet your pals, households, fans in universe, you’ll be able to even get married in sport!
-Variety of Guns: a lot of guns with distinct traits, you’d be extremely joyful every time you hearth!
-Companions: Adorable and cuddly pets that aren’t only for display! With skills & energy ups you are going to by no means face the enemy on my own!
-Outfits: Particular and complex style set which offer you an overly distinctive persona in DDTank global!

DDTank Cellular Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

The sector might be loopy for DDTank all over again! Are you able for assembly all of the DDTankers all over the world now?

DDTank Cellular Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

Touch us: Fb: https://www.fb.com/DDTankMobile Authentic Web page:ddtank.com

DDTank Cellular Mod Apk New 2022* release

In step with our “Phrases of Carrier” and “Privateness Phrases”, best avid gamers elderly Thirteen and above can obtain and play DDTank Cell video games with out parental consent.

DDTank Cellular Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

Notice: Web connection is needed to play

DDTank Cellular Mod Apk New 2022* apk

Privateness Coverage:

DDTank Cell Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

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40 comments on "DDTank Mobile Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Epiphany Aldwyn says:

    can’t login at all after updating. the fix client button is just “restart the game” and didn’t do anything else. once you can’t login, you have to re-install it over and over again. at least once in every update you have to re-install this game. tried to wipe the data and the cache but doesn’t fix anything. doesn’t have obb files to backup, so you have to re-install to fix this bug! system: Android 9, device: oppo k3

  2. Britteney Halley says:

    I would really love to give it a 5 stars review but my account is gone when the server maintenance is over, It wants me to create a new character when I tried to enter in the server the played last time, which is S9. It would be really bad if my account is gone because It was already level 47 and I’ve played for awhile now. I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE FOR YOUR HELP TO RETRIEVE MY ACCOUNT BACK. As soon as I can get my account, I would rate this game a solid 5 stars.

  3. Casper Baily says:

    It’s a great game that everyone should be play! There are multiple ways to play depending on the weapons you’re using. The maps also can change the way you play with certain weapons. The graphics also made the gameplay so much fun. Really thumbs up to the developer and to those people doing their work well to keep the game in shape. Overall I love this game ♥️👌

  4. Bainbridge Latoria says:

    As a veteran player of ddtank since browser version, I can finally back off from this game with disappointment. The game had been developed to a point where there is no ending to upgrade and new systems for increasing power. Though the new battle skills and strategies are cool, I just felt off the trail from what I used to enjoy playing. I remember that the game used to have one variety of weapons and second gears with surprising upgrade system, some cool skill jewels and level capped on 50.

  5. J Savage Is Only says:

    There are way too many bugs in the game It crashes more often than not Especially when I’m in a match However the gameplay is satisfying and the customization of your character is pretty ok, but it needs work. If there weren’t as many bugs and the customization was improved, it would’ve been 5 stars.

  6. Bojack Horsie says:

    It was really enjoyable and a few bugs were at most, tolerable but now I can’t even enter the server anymore. Repairing the client would just restart the app and then it’s back to connecting to server. Just when I was starting to pay for tickets, this would happen. This is so frustrating. I know it’s hard to maintain and improve things like this, but I hope it will be okay soon. . Goodluck and God bless.

  7. Rockz Rockz says:

    It was actually a nice game. But one of my problem and hate on this game is the balance of “player’s turn”. We’ve encounter on 3v3 casual game that our enemy take their turn for multiple times. Each team should have 3 turns (1 turn to fight each player) but it happens that our enemy have 6 to 8 turns simultaneously and my team has only 3 turns (one turn each player) then the enemy has their turn again. It’s so unfair and so annoying that we end up lose by lack of chance to deal damage to enemy.

  8. Get Outdoorsy says:

    Issues with the game: 1) Skill is not related with this game. The mechanic of consecutive attack destroys the balance. Example, me and my opponent only hit basic attacks but suddenly my opponent gets a consecutive attack. 2) Money based game. Items that the game mission alone gives like weapon enhancers, food for mount, keys and etc can’t suffice. You will gain more if you use money. 3) Rank systems and PVP modes. You will think that you already dead if you fight with a higher level opponent.

  9. Joseph Almacen says:

    There’s a bug on the beach in guild dungeon, my hp doesn’t go down after a series of shots and flight then under the crab. And also, may i ask if the distance covered by the projectile includes those above and outside the screenview. The tv set doesn’t do much damage despite the distance unless it is seen on the screen during its flight. The projectile guide renders the wind useless. And the 10% buffs is unfavorable to those who use the charge fire, maybe make it higher and hard to hit. Thankss

  10. bill yii says:

    If possible I would like to rate less than 1 star for this review. Having to play this game almost 1 and the half months now and needless to say the longer I play, the more fed up I become. Don’t get me wrong, game is fine though. The only thing I fed up are the lag, game crashed and blackout while playing. As far as I can see, the dev only has interest to add server in the game rather than fixing the issue addressed above. What a shame. My blackshark phone with 12gb ram lose to this game.

  11. Lester Nabaja says:

    I love playing this on PC version because of it’s so challenging where u have to measure the angle and distance in order to win in this game. I’m having fun playing with my friends on PVE because it needs lot of strategies to defeat the bosses. We can also move around and relax in spa if we have no more task. I don’t like the system of enhancing weapon (so hard that’s why I quit) Devs should just copy all from PC to Mobile and only change the weapon enchancing system. And UNBALANCE MATCH MAKING

  12. Smile Obispo says:

    The game has potential, but after playing it for a few months, it has become boring. There are very few events. It always lags and disconnects even tho my wifi is working. Recently, it also suddenly exits the game and starts maintenance while you’re in the middle of a match (unannounced). And there’s too many bugs. It’s hard to do f2p since most of the items in the shop can only be bought by tix. Like the tooth fairy pet they sold at the shop that supposedly would refresh, but didn’t.

  13. L U C I F 3 R says:

    Great gameplay, event reward and graphics but still have some much bug, -always crash when playing for more than 10minutes -sometimes can’t use emote -sometimes can’t login with facebook and stuck at login screen Please fix it fast i really love this game! And please make the matchmaking of rank and casual more fair don’t let the low level player face the higher level player that is so sad

  14. Jayson Ho says:

    Clearly the reason why there are many low star in the ratings is the unfair matching of levels in pvp. In addition of that is the consecutive attack..ok you must have high speed but still the matching is unfair..low lvl will match to high lvl with high speed, in the end low lvl dont have a chance to attack. Hello wake up! How many 1 or 2 stars will you allow to change that thing!

  15. Jean Chavez says:

    I really love this game since then. The astonishing graphics and effects takes my breath away. A user-friendly interface that fits for everyone. However, no one is perfect there are bugs and gameplay issues but thanks to all the efforts of our beloved developers who were trying so hard to provide us an excellent experience.

  16. All G says:

    After some time, the app doesn’t open properly and it returns me to this play store page. There’s no update but it keeps glitching so I uninstalled it. It’s difficult to download it again because it takes up big storage space and it takes a long time. I am trying to download it again. In gameplay, it is alright. It’s almost the same as the desktop version and its so easy to play.

  17. Volt Uycoque says:

    Fun to play but matchmaking is absolutely horrible. Matchmaking in rank and normal match also other custom match should be base in power score of opponent. As of now, you get to fight over-powered and money-powered opponent. Such a waste to a good game. Another issue sometimes when character is at the edge, and when you fire. You fall down. Please fix this issue, i been playing this game almost 8 months.

  18. Thien Bui says:

    I like this game very much but i’m having some bug problems. Whenever i want to upgrade my weapon i can’t click on the back button. If i want to check the battle pass i don’t see anything. If i want to click on the yellow button at the weapons my game will give me an error. Please fix this so the game doesn’t crash or stick in one screen.

  19. Khine Mon says:

    I really liked playing DDtank a long time ago so I tried to look for it on mobile. I was happy that most of the aspects are similar, but I was disappointed to see that you rarely get good outfits unless you spend money. It’s also a lot harder to get other items and weapons. Last thing is that the game gets quite laggy so it can be a bit annoying at times.

  20. Dayanaa says:

    Please add buyable hair with dias from shop. Or atleast increase the drop rate of outfits and hair in casual. I’ve played ddtank in pc before and there was a lot of free permanent outfits that you don’t have to spend a lot on. It doesnt even add much to your pow but atleast i want my character to look decent. Also, the game needs to be optimized because the screen freezes from time to time. My connection is good and there’s no app running in background while i play the game.

  21. Matthew Bridges (SacredPolecat15) says:

    When I launch the game it shows the White Screen twice and when it does this the second time has the game in a different aspect ratio, I’m also unable to get off the “connecting to server” screen. Just installed yesterday and haven’t been able to play this yet. I’ve tried uninstalling and clearing cache. Nothing works. My phone is a Moto One 5G Ace.

  22. Julian Topcik says:

    Can’t even play. I’m stuck on the connecting to server screen. I’ve got a full bar connection on 5g UC.

  23. Makari Konoha says:

    Buy to win game very bad .. Even clothes u need money to get .. Pc version was so much better .. U can do everything without need to buy with real money .. Imagine u cant get any hair for free .. They all need real money .. And the system of the game is .. The more u buy the more u get stronger .. Just a very greedy developers .. I miss pc version was so much better at everything .. Were u could get everything u need without need tp buy with real money .. So u deserve 1 star and even worse.

  24. johns tiny00 says:

    What is this game?.. Like seriously when i go up to the rank diamond 2 or 3 it gives me the enemies that are more stronger than me…Please fix the match up ASAP!! THANK YOU

  25. Edward says:

    Red Shadow is way too OP that it made the game unplayable for players with other weapons. And it’s almost impossible to get it without spending real money. The developers only care about money and it shows, what a terrible game.

  26. Gabe Bayliss says:

    It is a good game yeah it would be better if you could collect better clothes without having to use real money but that doesn’t bother me. Lately I can’t seem to find matches with anyone and the server times out eventually even if I use my WiFi or my data it still doesn’t work. I can only do dungeons or training at the moment and it is annoying please fix this.

  27. Anthony Lampera says:

    This game never get old always up to date, never ending surprises and events you will never get bored of this game and a lot of players you will not feel bored also a lot of rewards.

  28. Gamer Knight says:

    Great gameplay and features but I don’t like the occasional delays when doing something in the game. I will not rate this game higher than 3 star until they fixed this

  29. Unknown Name says:

    Bots in the arena without moving anything just hit same object and you whatever having low damage swings without VS REAL PLAYER and no good fashion pop your needs. Lack no English player all and guild, weirdo in fake people face pic different languages in chat do not engage them, this game also contains in mediabook like social media in game. I’m just anti marriage not some care about marriage so much… The game get boring till you level if this is kind of games for you?

  30. Leon Bakaa says:


  31. Blink Swift (BlinkSwift13) says:

    It’s a good strategy game but the strength of the character is greatly influenced by how much you can spend and it would take up most of your time grinding as a free to play gamer, in my opinion. But if you are patient enough, you’re efforts will be rewarded.


    as much i love the game… i just want a great experience man.. not this kind of unbalanced ranked games also i waited to much time on waiting for teammates just to get one shot and dead just fix that issue and i will be happy… i mean i love the game since the PC days but this is frustrating just to dien in first round after long waiting time… please balance the teaming ups

  33. Prince Kho says:

    It can not connect to any server, I don’t know if this works in Africa but I’m not able to play it. It keeps on connecting to the server forever.

  34. Vincent Togle says:

    I played and god level 27, connected it in my fb, and i got dced, and after I open the app again, it got completely erased, and started in creation of character

  35. Nixon Hernandez says:

    This game is great . It was bring back the memory of the old ddtank that I play on computer . I enjoy playing this game . I meet different friend . I give 5s to this game .

  36. russel atentar says:

    I absolutely love this game from the moment it came out until now . I never thought you would be able to improve the game with each update, but you never disappoint

  37. Mikki says:

    The game may have some bugs and i can’t change or add photos using my phone i have to log in onto another phone to upload my photos.. But overall the game is good and it is very nostalgic.. I missed this game on Facebook when i was just young.. Overall its a very nice game 👍🏻👌… Keep on improving the app

  38. Claire says:

    Please fix your app I can’t log in it always says log in timed out or when I’m logged in nothing’s happening when I click the buttons please fix it so I can play again I am 1 of the top players. Hope you can create a desktop version again.

  39. Nina Flowers says:

    Bug to loading i can’t enter the game ping 1000 and my connection is stable but can’t enter the game and beautiful but no gift dress permanent.all expire date.only vip have a permanent clothes.🥹🤧

  40. Jericho Jadulco says:

    Nice game, but it would be good if they would add more content like in the pc version and make the starting Clothes, Hair and Face permanent..

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