Coin Tales – Master of Kings Mod Apk New 2022*


Welcome to Coin Tales-A wonderful social game, spin to be the master of tales.
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December 15, 2022
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Coin Tales – Master of Kings Mod Apk New 2022*

Welcome to Coin Tales-A Blast of a Social Recreation!
Spin and win the jackpot extraordinarily simple. Move assault or raid, cross scouse borrow to get cash with dragon. Sign up for your Fb pals and avid gamers around the globe! Spin to be the grasp of stories!

Coin Stories – Grasp of Kings Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

Revel in those options:
★Spin to earn cash: Spin the wheel to earn cash! Spin to be the grasp of stories!
★ Assault and Raid Buddies: Assault or raid pals and foes to save lots of sufficient loot to construct your village.
★ Dragon struggle for you: Hatch eggs and lift dragon, let it battle for you!
★ Tournaments: Sign up for the fierce festival to combat for the overall rewards!
★ Card Assortment: Consultant gadgets for each and every album, end the set change large rewards!
★ Competition Tournament: Particular Occasions and prizes for various gala’s.

Coin Stories – Grasp of Kings Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

Spin the wheel to earn cash and construct your village. Don’t wish to spin…? You’ll scouse borrow along with your dragon. Invite your buddy from Fb, play with them, and win rewards.

Coin Stories – Grasp of Kings Mod Apk New 2022* apk

Apply Coin Stories on Fb for day-to-day unfastened gives and bonuses!
Coin Stories is a loose recreation on all units with in-app purchases.

Coin Stories – Grasp of Kings Mod Apk New 2022*

Coin Stories does now not be offering actual cash playing. It’s meant for an grownup target market for leisure functions handiest.

Coin Stories – Grasp of Kings Mod Apk New 2022* liberate

Have issues of our recreation?
Please touch us at [email protected] Fb:


40 comments on "Coin Tales – Master of Kings Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Tameika Chestnut says:

    I was trying to unsubscribe because of my poor funding and this subscription keeps making my account go into overdraft. Why is it so difficult to unsubscribe but so easy to subscribe. This is financially frustrating. Other than this I love everything else about it

  2. Davisweets Stevens says:

    Enjoyable game but very expensive…just like real life!!! Addiitionally, you literally have to pay real money for the spins you earned in the piggy bank. I mean come on, that’s ludicrous. It’s just a game you get pleasure from, not some life changing financial benefit!!! OUTRAGEOUS!!!

  3. Tony Shively says:

    This game is ok to pass time. However, with every event the rewards mania bonuses never show up until you are well over half way thru the event. Even then, it’s random at best. I’m sure this is not an ideal part of the game as many players anticipate a bonus once so many tasks have been completed. Please fix the issue with the rewards mania!!!

  4. Kristin Thomas says:

    This is a downgrade review. Not a huge fan of the newest update. It should never take more than 800 spins to rack up 300 bar points, with a bet of 20. Just my opinion. I don’t spend much money on this game, but more than make up with it, in ad watches.

  5. Aniya Shaffer says:

    Great game!! I don’t like the fact that when you get prizes from the tournament it gives you the money for the first one but if you collect more than one it doesn’t give you the money. Also, I’ve spent over 5b coins and still no new cards. It barely gives me the ace cards that I need I always have to either do the mini games or come in 1st place.

  6. James Tritch says:

    I would give this game 5 stars, but for the past 3 days, I can’t really do anything on the game because it’s constantly kicking me out of the game. As soon as I get in the game it boots me out. I just tried to collect my daily login stuff and my rare pack was opening and it booted me off the game before I could see what was in it. Please fix this because my wife’s game is doing the same thing to her.

  7. Amy Young says:

    I played this game for 2 years and quite a few dollars later I was up to level 216. I didn’t have Facebook so when I lost my phone I lost all progress. Now I’m up to level 100 again but I recommend you do not play this game. It’s all fun but it’s rigged to make you spend money. I am now at a stand still where I can’t even get a decent spin and this is where they want me to spend money. The game is fun on the whole but I suggest you get out now before you spend hard earned money

  8. Laurie McCormick says:

    The game is good but does have issues and Custer errors support sucks.i sent them several messages but no response..I completed one of the mission thingy I was suppose to get 4000 spins but it didn’t give them to me.i restarted the game but still nothing ..I want what’s mine I won them so I want them

  9. Rita Sides says:

    This game doesn’t give you the coins you earn from spinning. Only the ones you get from the prizes and some of those do add in. So this makes it hard to buy cards or build. Fix it or I’ll delete it.

  10. Caitlyn Horn says:

    Such nice game but I don’t play anymore. You only get free spins once a month. Rewards are pathetic. Never able to finish any events as you don’t get enough spins. NO support at all, bought some spins, after the purchase, the game closed itself and when going back into the game, never got my 900 spins!!

  11. Sara Benson says:

    The online chat support is terrible never get a reply when needing assistance shocking. Rewards aren’t coming through. Keeps freezing and yet again I’m then not getting my rewards. It’s a shame to cause I do really love the game if only could get the help when asking for it. Would definitely be 5 stars it purely the customer support that Knocks the stars down. Thank you Sara

  12. Angela Hughes says:

    I am getting tired of not being able to play cause when I load game it keeps saying lost connection try again. I have great internet service and have no problem playing any of my other games. Also game pays out good amount of coins, but needs to award bigger amount of spins especially when playing bonus games. Fix all of this, and I might raise rating.

  13. Marlene Nagel says:

    Easy to play. But down the road, this game is to tight. Wheel is so fixed. I have not been able to play longer than five to eight minutes. You lose so quickly !!!! Today, I have 250 spins and it only is allowing me to bet only 10 !!!!

  14. penny simpson says:

    Love the game BUT there is a problem with the coin pay out, any coins you win on spin you might only collect 2 out of 10 payouts. Not good

  15. Danielle Lynn says:

    I really like the game except you really need away to build up spins a little quicker and thankfully you all finally are giving some away on Facebook. I understand you all want to make money off your work it’s only natural, but some people honestly doesn’t have money to spend on imagineer coins. It helps me keep myind busy now that I can’t get around like I used to but there needs to be a happy medium where you don’t have to wait a whole day to play more when you run out of spins.

  16. Marco Alfarrobinha says:

    Been playing it for a while now, no issues. I won a rare Wild Card yesterday, did not use it, and today it was gone. Good bye thieving game.

  17. Maverick Forrest says:

    Never gives you cards you need to complete sets haven’t been able to complete a set in ages just gives the same ones over and over again

  18. Jill Meek says:

    It’s a brilliant game that’s very addictive to play but I love the graphics cause they are so bright and cheerful that my grandchildren love to watch me play it and can’t wait to play it when they are older bless them

  19. Luke Webb says:

    Your game is really slow and when I am get loads of coins they are not going on and it is very unfair that I can’t use them and your village build is slow as well, so I am not very happy with this game at the moment and that is why I only gave two stars for this

  20. John Simpson says:

    For weeks now the game is not adding the coins when you win the boxes,think I need to give this game a miss,they should have sorted it out by now

  21. Eleanor Rigby says:

    Not fun to play. It is very stressful. There are no level-ups, the rewards that they do give are pitiful! If the company wants players, they shouldn’t be so stingy with their spins. I complained, on chat, about everything that happened to me and, because I was exhausted and didn’t want to hear excuses, I left it written down and ended my play session. I never heard back from a soul. These are stingy, greedy, uncaring people running this game. I’m uninstalling.

  22. Robert Bishop says:

    You have to watch on your spins like a hawk you’ll have a 10 BET going on and they automatically turn it up to 300 bets especially when you get up around the 20,000 spins they try to take them off of you quick watch them closely.

  23. jo garcia says:

    If I could give half a star I would, maybe its a game just for people who spend real money, for the past 2 days, we cant send or receive cards and support is non existent And now with just a few hours to go they take the game off line, hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

  24. Penelope and Layne says:

    This game is fun for about a day. New players be warned : the price you pay to build and even buy packs of cards (which 90% of the time you get nothing useful in) increases very drastically as you progress in the game. This game is a complete rip off and absolute trash. Would not recommend.

  25. Rosalind Luke says:

    Getting fed up with the game keeps freezing. Sort this game out getting ridiculous freezing all the time

  26. Sharon Rennie says:

    Everytime I go into the game, I have to restart my phone to get my coins. While playing the game it freezes and I have to restart it again. Could someone please fix this issue? I really like playing the game and would hate to have to uninstall it. This issue is really getting annoying.

  27. Jason Brown says:

    It a alot coin master. I love coin masters so I would probably love this game too.

  28. Jo says:

    I had 8k spins and just excited the app to attend to a call and went back and half of my spins are gone.

  29. Melisa Allen says:

    I don’t normally pay for things in this game, but I did and it’s misleading because the free things I didn’t receive. I wouldn’t have even paid for it if I knew it was going to be that way.

  30. Lucinda Fitzpatrick says:

    While playing the game tonight trying to buy chest. The game would NOT work. I logged out and back in n I w all of my coins are gone. Noone answers back or care to help here I see. Still have trouble with the game NOT giving me my rewards. Again!!!

  31. Marianne Ramgethy says:

    Nice game but every now and again the app doesnt want to open. Its the 3rd day now that i cannot get in.

  32. June M Van Staden says:

    Very good except for the ads that go nowhere. One has to go out completely and then in again. There are about 3 of them. Luno is one of the ads that you can’t go further. You must go out of Coin Tales. It’s very frustrating. Please do something about the ads that freezes. I mentioned Luno yesterday. It is very annoying. I completed Career this morning but didn’t get my reward. Could you please look into it. Thanks

  33. Amanda A says:

    Super fun better than the other games like this. Gives way more spins and coins then the other ones I’ve played.

  34. Suzanne says:

    I just started playing this yesterday and so far I absolutely love it. Unlike others I play I can earn quicker in this game and I love the options of watching a short 30sec or so video to get more spins . The other games like coin master , crazy fox they don’t have that option you have to wait 1 hr in order to play when your given only 5 spins not worth playing. But this one so far I love it and hope it only gets better not worse like the others. 5+ stars from me ! Happy coin tails player 😊

  35. Fmcpiggy says:

    Game has a glitch so it won’t load! Gets stuck on a flickering screen

  36. Shelly Johnston says:

    I love how you get spins to keep playing not like coin master where you have to pay to keep playing.

  37. Tim Lemay says:

    I love this game it’s fun but I can’t give five stars when I can’t get my free spins please fix this app

  38. Slim Covington says:

    I stay up almost the entire night some days playing this game I look up and it’s time for me to go to work,I can’t believe it.Awesome.

  39. joyce pettypiece says:

    Amazing game…. you win enough to keep playing without having to make a purchase every few minutes

  40. Michelle Giese says:

    I have long searched to a game comparable to coin master and you guys have done it! I’m having so much fun going back and forth between both games, but I’m leaning more towards coin tails than I am these days. Just wanted to say thanks again from a disabled woman who longs for things to keep her distracted from her pain thanks again

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