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Become a farmer, grow plants, feed animals and build in a farming simulator
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Goodgame Studios
December 8, 2022
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Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Premium Apk

Big Farm: Cellular Harvest is a farm simulator recreation that you’ll be able to play on-line with buddies, circle of relatives, and farmers around the globe. Construct your personal neighborhood and feature amusing growing the farm lifetime of your goals.

Large Farm: Cellular Harvest Top class Apk apk

Farm with buddies: Large Farm: Cell Harvest is a farming simulator on-line sport that allows you to sign up for up with your pals and create a phenomenal farm village of your very personal.

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Farming simulator revel in: Construct your farm and plant, develop and harvest your favourite fruit and veggies.

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All completed together with your farm chores? Time to appear after your animal buddies: A excellent farmer assists in keeping their four-legged buddies satisfied. Have amusing taking care of cows, goats, chickens, horses, pigs, and lots of different cuddly partners.

Giant Farm: Cell Harvest Top class Apk release

Farm, harvest, and business: Did you harvest further corn however want some strawberries? Out there, you’ll be able to make trades to lend a hand your farming village prosper.

Large Farm: Cellular Harvest Top class Apk

Greater than a farming simulator recreation – it’s a neighborhood: Meet, chat, talk about, and whole joint quests with farmers international.

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Construct the number 1 farm: Beginning with not anything however uncooked seeds, you’ll use your entire farming talents to develop your vegetation till they’re able to be bought on the marketplace.

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Farm your means: Develop hay to your farm. Harvest natural meals and farm-fresh items, all out of your farm village.
Construct your dream farm: Upload antique constructions, windmills, and decorations to create the farm of your goals.
A lot of choices: Make a selection what you wish to have to develop! From tropical end result to natural greens, your farm village is bound to set new tendencies on the marketplace.
Set up your farm village: Distribute your vegetation after each and every planting cycle, sow seeds, water your vegetation, feed your animals, make artful offers within the farm market, and acquire rewards.

Farming adventures: Take part in occasions and farming quests to seek out lacking pieces that can reinforce your farm.
Chill out in your farm: Get away the hustle and bustle of the town and revel in lifestyles for your very personal farm! Take a ruin and revel in some solar and leisure.

Farming together with your circle of relatives: Invite your circle of relatives and revel in farming in combination within the non violent geographical region.
Be informed from farmers international: Sign up for the large Farm group and meet farmers from far and wide the arena. Find out about their farming easy methods to stay your farm village wealthy.
Large Farm: Cellular Harvest sport is totally unfastened to play with not obligatory in-app purchases. Chances are you’ll disable in-app buying the usage of your software settings. This sport calls for an web connection. Privateness Coverage, Phrases & Stipulations, Imprint:


40 comments on "Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Premium Apk"

  1. Jeric Trishelle says:

    decent game but might I suggest the ability to “help” friends farms, maybe “feeding” livestock, “fertilizing” crops, instead of just being able to poke around and look? also, the wait times are a little long, makes a good time killing game a little too drawn out. somehow have an option to build, upgrade and/or demolish more than one item at a time.

  2. Cabe Claegborne says:

    Too hard to complete challenges. Need more land to have the room for what is needed but the cost goes up for every upgrade. You have to pay out of pocket to even obtain anything. UPDATE: My Co-op and I have been talking about how expensive it is to upgrade anything and the game is constantly demanding projects that require upgrades. It’s starting to become less about fun and more about the game making money. I’d rather go spend my money at a casino because at least I could win something back.

  3. Tina Lorrey says:

    i love this game! I just wish y’all would make some changes. like upgrading only 1thing at a time. plus it takes so long to upgrade. you hardly get any gold! everyone you level up you only get 100 gold. costs of buying more land goes up profusely! it’s kind of ridiculous!! You basically have to use your own money to buy. I have only bought the smallest pack. which is 4.99+tax. then you hardly get any gold then. It’s still not enough to buy just 1 piece of land… Please fix these problems..

  4. Narissa Hevean says:

    loved this game.. spent thousands of dollars and countless hours daily since started almost year ago. now they are so greedy they want more cash in order to advance or make any progress. expanding and upgrading is super expensive once you reach a certain level. my last small plot of land cost over $100 worth of game coins. if you want to play this game I’d reconsider, save your money and go on vacation with your family instead.

  5. Niketria Lathan says:

    “Used to be” great fun, but then came endless updates that always seem to come in the middle of challenge projects demonstrating that the programmers really are out of touch. The repetitive updates are becoming seriously disruptive to the overall game experience. The last failed attempt at updating has left several members without the ability to communicate, thereby destroying the co-ops ability to function as a team. As days roll by,the only thing changing is the calender. EPIC FAILURE!

  6. Anabela Anlienisse says:

    I loved this game then all of a sudden started having issues getting on. First it said bad connection. I was finally able to get in the game. Missed the challenge I worked hard to win. All that work gone. Then it got to where the game wouldn’t let me on at all. It will flash up then immediately back out. The standard reply I’ve seen is contact Google support. Guess what, that hasnt worked at all. Tech support has been HORRIBLE and I can get no answers or solutions.

  7. Daleen Janey says:

    Overpriced options, with some eventually being required to progress. expect to hit roadblocks around level 30, and expenses over $50 to buy components for upgrades that can only be bought with cash. upgrades go up almost exponentially, so if you get hooked, you could easily spend hundreds and even more if you’re impatient. Not worth the time investment to discover this after you start getting addicted.

  8. Brandie Windsor says:

    This is a fun game. However, the constant drop of my WiFi because of the app is making this game less desirable. Please fix the issue. ***Update, still have Wi-Fi issues. It is very frustrating when harvesting or fishing and Wi-Fi drops out. Takes too long to sign back in, so I don’t. No Wi-Fi problems when I unload the game.

  9. Bonie Cheron says:

    Not a stressful game but it’s basically a waiting game. There isn’t much to do at a time as most everything takes 30 min to several hrs to complete, you can build/upgrade 1 thing at a time, & space is severely limited. Things quickly get expensive, too, so you basically get stuck doing little things over and over trying to get funds. Progress is slow. Edit: Lousy response lost a star. “Plant more” doesn’t make the game more enjoyable & it’s horrible advice to give players who can’t afford space

  10. Barkley Nikky says:

    It is a really fun, interactive game. They keep you on your toes with challenges and goals. I would have given it 5 star, but you have to update it every month. No choice, no update no play, which sometimes is quite infererating. It 1 in 100 times locks you out. You just need to restart the app and try again. Overall good game though, would recommend.

  11. Shelly Truly says:

    It’s a good game. There’s always events going on to keep you busy but all the time that is needed to upgrade is too long and all the gold coins that is needed to speed things up or to buy certain things is too much. I feel like you’re constantly spending money to level up. Which I find annoying. The game should give you options of earning gold coins, shorten the upgrade time, and use less gold coins.

  12. Bethannie Justin says:

    Good game with some really annoying flaws in the app function. The game itself is super fun and by far the best farm type game I’ve ever played, but I really hate two things that deal with loading the game. You can’t play it when there’s an update to be downloaded or when you’re offline. So if you’re low on data and away from wifi, you’re totally screwed. 2nd, if you navigate away for even a second (ex:an alarm pops up on your phone) you have to completely reload the whole game. So annoying!

  13. Lorri Edwards says:

    Love the game! Hate all the bugs and glitches. Every update they get worse. Chat really needs to be fixed. Can’t communicate with co-op about projects. If all bugs and glitches, AND the price of land and upgrades weren’t ridiculously high. It would be awesome and worth 5 stars. I gave a 4 because I really do like the game. But in current condition, it needs a 2!!

  14. Charity Hendrix says:

    The game itself is fine. Has enough slow and fast paced things to keep me playing and interested. But I have never seen a game that updates this much, and uses this much space, also have this freaking many glitches. It’s bad enough I have to restart constantly to get stuff to work, but it’s worse when I’m having to do that in between updating it every few days (which never seems to be due to bug fixes, but due to adding/changing content that isn’t particularly interesting.)

  15. Savanna Loves This says:

    Fun if you have enough time. Luckily there are teams to cooperate with because some parts aren’t obvious. Growing some crops takes alot of time. Once you get the hang of it though, it’s fun but at first it felt like the progress was slow. I will definitely keep playing. I suggest joining a coop that can help with tips and tricks. There is a tutorial but if you’re the type to click through the info you might miss parts you will need to know for later. Consistency is key in this game.

  16. Denise Wilson says:

    It was a great game when I started playing it just about to start year 4. But now everytime they “upgrade” the game it takes me longer & longer to get the game to update & reload. Now it goes to 97% loaded and stops. It sat there for 4 hours & never finished loading. Sometimes it takes 3 – 5 days before the game will work again. And if you can’t afford to buy, you will not go very far in this game. The upgrades will cost you money. Bcuz I refuse to pay money on a “FREE GAME” I stuck here.

  17. Saphiras Dragon says:

    It’s cute and fun. It helps pass the time. The only problem is the higher you get in levels the more in game cash and gold it costs for everything to buy land and upgrade and it makes you want to quit the game. Make it easier to get gold and maybe cut down the cost for upgrades and to buy land without having to put real money into the game.

  18. Shirley Fang says:

    This game used to be a lot better; before the updates, I would’ve given it 5 stars. Now, however, there are way too many ads. Some market contracts require you to watch an ad for completion, and if you want to remove a contract, you get shown an ad too. There are also ads when you go to your adventure farm. As if all this weren’t bad enough, sometimes the ads don’t even show properly; my screen goes all black, and I have to close and reopen the app. This is EXTREMELY annoying – less ads please!!

  19. Joanne Houston says:

    The game is fun, and I gave it 5 stars initially.. but after playing for several months now, I did lower the rating… Updates really seem to cause problems for a while. And you need to spend A LOT of money to get anywhere in any reasonable amount of time. I wish there were more options for obtaining building materials because otherwise you can’t expand. The sales only cover the dollar or gold costs. It would be nice if it also applies to the building materials.

  20. Anni Autio says:

    I’m getting tired with the ads…especially since it takes a while to mute. It’s not the same enjoyment as in the beginning. In addition, the updates are forced vs timed. In the middle of a timed event the update stops the momentum of everything in progress. Ugh!…And the download size larger than my available phone storage. No good. App is already 1+ GB!!!!!

  21. Joanna Bostick says:

    This started out as a fun game that was very addictive and you didn’t have to pay to progress. However greed has gotten ahold of the developers. The ads have become ridiculous! I have even stopped playing one part of the game because of them. Ads half the time freeze the game and you half to restart to get back to the game. It’s getting to the point were you are spending as much time watching ads as you do actually playing the game. Too much more of this and I’m done.

  22. Squirl Squirl says:

    I’ve been playing for a few months. It’s an ok game. Few bugs, cool but a little repetitive challenges, smooth game play, fair prizes and rewards for viewing adds. There are adds. There are many,many,many adds. But thats life. I believe you can get the adds to stop by making an in game purchase. The prices are fair. There are plenty of ‘bonus’ and discounted packages for purchase. You can also skip, shorten or close some of the adds. Most reward you for watching. All in all, not bad.

  23. Sue Iszczenko says:

    I enjoy the game. However it lags so bad. Doesn’t matter how good of a connection you have. The ADS are a little much (cancel a contract, go to another farm like adventure farm, and a few others) unless you make a purchase, which I don’t. The constant updates are annoying. Recently over the past few months when there is an update, it takes about half the day for the update to install. It’s not my phone because other updated apps are seconds to update. That is ridiculous!.

  24. Angela Liu says:

    When I first got the game, there wasn’t a lot of ads. Now there’s ads everywhere. Sometimes the ads blackscreen, then I close the app & restart the game g go through an ad again to do what I need to do. Another con is the connection issue with the game. At first, I thought it was my problem, then I found out it wasn’t only me. Sometime when it’s reconnecting it won’t get the connection & the game will keep trying to reconnect. Usually I close the app for awhile. This is a fun game minus the cons

  25. Rachel Caldwell says:

    So annoying!!! I am sick and tired of fhe crippling ads! I get that you want to make money, but dang!!! I can’t do ANYTHING without being interrupted by a stinking ad! Add to that the constant disconnecting and reloading. Then you’ve got the purchase packages that take over the screen every time you do anything. I’ve about had it! Thought I had finally found a fun game…but when playing becomes more irritating than enjoyable, whoever runs the show has done something horrendously wrong

  26. Bryan Williams says:

    I have played this game for several years and have a lot invested in it. Every update they add things without fixing previous problems. Now they’ve changed the co-op tournament so that it’ll be impossible for teams with smaller farms to compete. The last thing this game needs is more bells and whistles, while connection issues and bugs keep happening. I hope after the first failed trial of the new co-op tournament, they switch it back to the way it was.

  27. Shawna DZ says:

    Each update adds more bugs they don’t fix. Currently there’s a sparkly bubble when you touch the screen and an exclamation point on the blue book that doesn’t go away, even with restart. Now they are changing the co-op tournament to require all projects, but that doesn’t take into consideration the co-op. Basically, you can play this game well if you spend lots of money and watch their ads constantly. Bad game; not good game.

  28. Rita Rash says:

    Edited – They keep adding new things which would be great if they would fix the bugs. Ads keep popping up everywhere, many with no reward for watching. Chat still regularly has problems. They have taken a decided turn towards money being important regardless of how the game runs. I get that the whole point of making the game is to make money, but if you are going to require me to watch ads to play, the game should be fun and all the fun has been sucked out of this game.

  29. Stephanie Greene says:

    Getting to be too focused on wanting you to spend real money. They keep adding new buildings, meaning you need more land. Land is extremely hard to get the higher your level. They discount the price but not the materials needed which is harder to get. Every update causes issues. Last update added the most annoying sparkle pop every time you touch anything.

  30. C Dye says:

    We used to love this game until recently. There are way more ads now and some of them automatically download when you hit the “x” to close the ad. I’ve never had this problem before. Very frustrating. I’ve already had to uninstall the same app twice that the ad auto-installed. Instead, I may be uninstalling this app next. Please fix this so we can keep your game. Update: The problem ads are from News Break. Multiple ads had the same issue & auto-downloaded when clicking the “x” to close them.

  31. Payal Razdan says:

    Too many pop-ups/ads, takes too long to build up the farm and complete tasks, too many glitches (including errors that result in loss of rewards, having to restart phone, etc). Traveling to the other location was disappointing. I made an effort to build it and then they just changed the location and the work was just gone. I just ignore all these extra “assignments” now. Seems like the game was designed to be played all day and I don’t have time for that. I have a life and work!

  32. Cassandra Cecconi says:

    The graphics are mediocre. It is addicting and it does make the time pass rather quickly. The only issue I see is it every time there’s an update either I don’t receive it until real late or I’m not able to update it immediately. Many of the times I have to reboot it or reset the entire game over. Sadly reaching out by email does no good. Days will pass before anyone answers your email if you’re even that lucky.

  33. HeatherMurray100 says:

    Expanding land takes a long time. It also takes a long time to level up, you need those levels to expand. I know you can expand with gold coins, but realized when you expand with gold it assumes you did with leveling. So I am stuck at a lower level, and need 8 levels to expand again. Maybe try making it that instead of needing so many of each building(for example multiple cow buildings), we can just continue to upgrade the 1 building. Then we have more room for other stuff. Still love the game.

  34. James Scott Self Defense says:

    So the game is nice enough, a city builder basically but you’re on a farm. My problems are that the interface is erratic, there isn’t really an orientation to where you go to find things in the game, leveling up is a slow process and you can only expand your farm every other level so by the time you can fulfill one task you have three more in your que. Speaking of tasks some of them literally can not be completed without a purchase made with real world money. Fun, yes, but it needs organization.

  35. Laidee Victoria Williams says:

    Actually challenging, extremely entertaining, addictive and well planned out. Seasonal activities in relation to real-time holidays. Love that you can actually advance through the game without spending any real money. Of course it takes longer and you do miss out on certain events without spending, but it doesn’t really hold you back unless “real world rankings” is important to you.

  36. Nancy Feldmeier says:

    Would love to give this game 5 stars for how fun it is, but can only give it a 2 close to a 1 star. The game has so many glitches – freezes, loads & does nothing, can’t chat because you begin loading and freezes, continually get bumped you have to log back in, having trouble logging in – it makes it hard to play. These items need to be addressed before any more additions to the game, to make it worth playing. My co-op has lost players because the frustration of the game. Please fix for 5 stars.

  37. Teresa Quinones says:

    I read a lot of the responses to the reviews, most say they are sorry you feel this way, if they were really sorry, they would really listen to the players and stop adding new stuff to the game and work out all the glitches. Chat is extremely slow, very annoying, connections errors that require a restart, game freezing, and the ads.I get ads that require you to click next 3x after 10 secs each, sometimes it takes longer to load the ad, takes away from game play, just trying to get into the game.

  38. B M says:

    Updated: Was a great game. Now it’s too frustrating with all the crashing and bugs!! I can only get on for about a minute and then it crashes on me……… Pretty challenging. Lots of things to do to keep busy. I like that products don’t spoil if not collected right away. I’m not fond of the new co-op challenges and the price to expand land. The lag to log on makes me change my mind about playing occasionally. But overall, one of the best games I’ve ever played. Been playing about 3 years now.

  39. Alex Pinkerton says:

    Ad revenue game for the developers, it seems like just about anything you do besides the basic farm stuff requires an ad. The game gets you addicted and it comes down to either spending money or watching ads for perks. They like to add new features as well, but the kick is to cause an addiction and get you on track to play them, but like the new carnival game the algorithm will make sure you can’t win a level for 20 plus tries. In order to get this many tries guess what, you have to watch ads!

  40. Ryan Jordan says:

    I really like the game, I’ve been playing for almost a year. But the game crashes are getting annoying. Often times, I watch a video to recieve a reward but the game crashes prior to receiving a reward. Now I can’t even get into the game because the ad they first show which tries to get you to buy gold will not close and I can’t even enter the game. I may be forced to find a different game to play if it doesn’t get fixed soon.

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