2048 Cube Winner—Aim To Win Di Mod Apk


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September 7, 2022
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2048 Cube Winner—Aim To Win Di Mod Apk

[2048 Dice Winner]In this a laugh sport, you’ll be able to get rewards through merging cubes, You’ll get pride on this sport. It is extremely playful and may also be performed for every age with very a laugh taking part in modes.

2048 Dice Winner—Aim To Win Di Mod Apk apk mod new

Perhaps you’ve by no means performed 2048 prior to.
Don’t fear, it’s a perfect simple recreation. Simple to attempt and shoot. Consider me, you’ll love with it


40 comments on "2048 Cube Winner—Aim To Win Di Mod Apk"

  1. IC GAMERS says:

    (READ BEFORE INSTALLING THE APP) I like about the game: it was so much fun to play the game is so cool and amazing I still didn’t redeem yet but I will discover soon 1.)I hate the app because there are so many ads and more more and more ads 2.) Every time I got the puzzle the ads came out of nowhere and it made me angry 3.)when I don’t want to watch ads to make the yellow coins more and I will press the (No) button the ads disappear and it made me very very very mad/angry

  2. xTimX says:

    Very misleading almost got to 10000 diamonds but then they didn’t give me any more when I got close to it, then I checked back on the game and they completely got rid of the rewards so now it’s just another run of the mill 2048 game if you’re into that sort of thing, go ahead but you’re gonna have an ad every 30 seconds playing this game some of them u can skip but most are 15 to 30 seconds.

  3. Ananya Sharma says:

    What a scam, the only reason I’m playing this is to get some points for the other games, and it’s so difficult to do that. At 1st they will give you a lot of points but when you have barely collected half of what you need they start giving you nothing at all. LIKE IN AN HOUR YOU’LL GET 10 POINTS WHEN YOU HAVE TO COLLECT 1000 IN ALL. And the ads are non stop, like4 ads one after another then make 1 move then again 4 ads.Now that I have 999.99 points finally it won’t give me anymore. WTH?

  4. Jonathan Phillips says:

    I was saving up for the cheapest reward which is 10000 gems. The catch is that the more gems you receive the less and less amount you get rewarded. I had 9999.20 and was getting .01. I figured I would eventually save up enough slowly but surely. With every gem and coin I get offered as a reward I also get a 30 second or longer ad which is also longer than the amount of time between each move I make in game. I’m now at 9999.99 and it is no longer giving me gems only ads. The game is a scam.

  5. London Hoblet says:

    This is not very good fix the ads! I keep getting longer Ads, I get a add, then make a few moves, get a card THAT I DONT WANT TO CLAIM it makes my claim it then I watch a 30 second add! Then it ends and this happens again!!! And please ad a “no thank you” button if you don’t want the Cards!

  6. Aaliyah Chuan says:

    This game has way too many ads, even if I did nothing to gain an ad it still plays. Every single time I send a cube going an ad plays. I don’t know how long I am able to bear with this but please make changes to that it only plays ads when necessary.

  7. Srijita Sen says:

    Firstly, it’s too slow to earn, you will need atleast a week to collect 10000 diamonds even if you play 3 hours a day! Secondly, the adds pop-up every 2-3 seconds!!! And mainly, it’s a fake app! Trust me, it’s fake, and way too slow, don’t waste hours on this stupid app!

  8. Hashir Khan says:

    You will enjoy this game in the start and you are thinking that we will do it very easy or quickly but when you are near to the given target the reward is getting smaller and smaller and in the end it become the smallest and took large time for even one diamond and it looks like very very difficult to reach the target and your time is waste. I request to the developers to please solve this problem.Thank you

  9. No One says:

    This game is one of the worst games I have played, it content is great but there is too many ads every second there is an ad. I have been grinding for the cheapest amount (10000) and it starts to give you little bit of rewards when so and makes your progress so slow and eventually you start getting around 30 or when rewarded! I do not recommend this game if so unless they fixed there game then it will become a great game to get rewards like getting robux and others.

  10. Vinay Pindoria says:

    The game is awesome but there are WAYYYY too many ads so i have to leave the game and re-open it several times also i can barely can any coins to redeem prizes. But even with all negative talk its still a really great game and its also REALLY addicting and I just cant put down my phone. Hopefully it doesn’t go bad

  11. Shaylen Govender says:

    This has been a horrible experience. I played for hrs with some hope to get the rewards, but I haven’t gotten anything. I need 0,01 gems and I’m not getting it. It has been a complete waste of my time. I don’t recommend getting this app, as y ou will only waste precious time. I wouldn’t even rate it one star!!!

  12. Javier Luna says:

    It’s the worst game you could download I’ve been stuck at 9,999.99 gems for more than a week playing an hour or more per day and all you get is coins but you will never reach the amounts required to get a prize. This game is totally a scam. I don’t recommend anyone to download it it’s just a complete waste of time.

  13. Kayla Garcia says:

    I feel like it’s kinda of a scam almost because I spent like 3 days to a week trying to get diamonds and coins. But I wasted all my time because I was at 9,999 diamonds I was so excited to redeem my robux but then it changed it to 9,999. 56. I lost my MIND! And it is difficult to get robux and coins because they change the amount every like 5 times and it is just really annoying. At the end don’t download this game. It’s just a waste of time.

  14. Emily Gamez says:

    This is Soo annoying I’ve been playing for a long time and I haven’t even got my first prize. And all I get is decimal number even if I watch an ad it’s the same, ITS THE WORST FEELING. But to stop the ads all you have to do is put on airplane mode and no more ads unless you want

  15. Randhir Parbhunath says:

    This game sucks. There are more ads than gameplay. The creators of this game deserve credit. They have made it, so that even if you choose “no, thanks” they will still play you an ad with no rewards. As for getttinf credits for COD etc, you need to accumulate 10,000 diamonds, but as you get closer to the mark, they slow it down so much, that it seems like you may have to watch all the ads in the universe, to come even close… Im currently stuck in 9,999.58. Switch data off n play.

  16. Gabriel Marc says:

    Horrible! From the start of the app, it gave me around 3k diamonds each time i make a huge amount cube, but as time passes, it only gives me 20 diamonds per huge amount cube! And the multiplier chance at the start of the game keeps going on 4x or 3x, but as time passes, it only hits on 1.2x or 1.4x. Disgrace.

  17. Ewald Steyn says:

    Great game, very addictive.. only problem i have is your reward system is broken. I have been grinding very hard and watching every advert for that bonus spin reward but it never goes higher than x1 for the diamonds you can win. Its almost like you throttle the amount when you are getting close to an amount that you can claim a reward. The same goes for the skins you can unlock. Starts off well but eventually you only get 0.1 piece for that skin every time. If this is a problem please fix asap.

  18. Riam Tabujara says:

    This apps really made my day so frustrating. I’ve been playing the whole day and I just want to achieve the 0.10 for me to get the rewards but unfornately I was not able to get it. There are so many ads during the game . This is not a recommended apps. It really give you so much stress upon playing it. Please dont install this app.. It so suck..😓😓😓

  19. Marychelle Salazar says:

    Your game typically scams us. It tells that you can Get rewards but as you get closer to your target diamond or gold they will slow you down with ads, draws that knock you off by giving the least multiplier, and make the cubes high to where you have to combine a lot of cubes to get that one. In short they are telling you that they have prizes but put a lot of slow downs just to make you keep playing their game. I don’t care if you fix your bugs, what I care is that you give us a normal gameplay.

  20. B3 Caiman, Tomas Adrian R. says:

    This game deserves 1 star because it sucks and gets deleted from the playstore no matter what. It was a scam. I used my whole day just to play it but never got to the goal of reaching 10,000 diamonds. I’ve been enduring for almost four days. I haven’t gotten the 0.01 diamonds just to get the 10,000. Worthless game!

  21. Jesrael Terano says:

    This game suck! I only have 9,999.99 and 1 diamond left to get 10,000.00 dias to exchange it in rewards. They always give you coins not diamond. To be straight forward it makes me sick it wouldn’t give you chances of winning. Don’t install this app it waste your time and effort on this game. This is the biggest regret I’ve ever made. it’s scam the people playing this app. They earn a lot of money by watching the ads but they dont want to give you a chance of winning the prize.

  22. Shwetha Thamanampalli says:

    I just need 0.01 diamonds more to reach my goal of 10,000 diamonds, but it’s taking forever to achieve that. And I’m still being forced to watch ads even though I clicked on ‘No thanks’… Gotta give credit to the game designer tho, for making the game in such a way that a simple touch will make you watch an ad forcefully. Plus the rewards are little to non existent. I do not recommend this game at all.. Absolute waste of time

  23. Yashvant Parmar says:

    This is a fake app..Do not download it,they show you a lots of adds but don’t give you even a single diamond at the end..I already have 99,999.99 diamonds.They say to collect 10,000 diamonds but later they don’t give the diamonds…So I recommend not to download this app..If you want real money then try MGamer and Rooter apps.These are really paying out apps,but it will take some time.But these apps are 100% real apps.Try them…🥰🙏🙏

  24. Renee Bejison says:

    You simply can’t win it a second time. Definitely cannot earn enough maybe even in a month. Until now I can’t even validate the reward system since it takes so long to earn. 🙂

  25. Leonora Alfaro says:

    I agree with the other people giving this one stars it’s because at first you get like 200plus diamonds but when you get long playing the game the diamonds kept going down and down like that time it was 200plus it became a 100plus and then it became a 50plus then 30plus then 20 plus then 10 can you please change the game how can we even get diamonds or money if the app only gives me only a bit of diamonds can you please change the game!!! Like update the game to give us more diamonds and money!!

  26. Dirkiong Pao says:

    Bruh they ads are killing me i watched so many ads already I saying it don’t download it is too many ads it will kill you I have been playing continuously just wanna see if this works or not It’s doesn’t goes into 10.000 It’s stuck in 9.999.9 Damn bro I just wasted time and data

  27. nadin Stars nadin Stars says:

    The game isn’t real And I spend time to get 10,000.00dimond and the game stops at 9,999.99dimondand I try alot I hope you answer and you should give us a free rubox because we weast time to get a rubox or uc or whatever you should give us that free things

  28. Ahmad Zawwad says:

    The worse game ever at starting these guys give you like 200+ and when you get to 999,9 you get like 1+ you have to play so many times to get diamonds I will appreciate the game if you update it to 500+ diamonds or I am gonna delete it and my friends have also downloaded this game, so I am gonna tell them to delete it if you would not update it as soon as possible.

  29. Jacinta Iage says:

    Very bad…I wanted more coins n diamonds to be able to apply for a 10000 diamond but all it does is decrease money n diamonds each time i won..

  30. N Ramlaxman says:

    Very silly worst game ever when you play he give you reward like 500 diamond in the target of 10000 after some time close to target he give u 20 diamond and your are very very close like 99999 he give reward like point .001 my brain dash in immediately delete game and cool down

  31. Parveen Kumari says:

    This is a horrible game. It is completely waste of time. If you got 10,000 diamonds you can’t redeem. Plz don’t download this game to waste your time. This is a pretty bad game I wasn’t gave it any star. My rating is 0 star. There are too many ads and the creator is enjoying with these ads. It is complete waste of time and net. PLZ DONT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME

  32. allan andrie ahito says:

    The game is good….. but its always pop ups many many ads but its ok its part of the game the mechanics of the game was easy and easy to play but the only problem is the lag cuz sometimes when you aim and aim its stock and not aim again i hope my reward gave me someday

  33. trish carpio says:

    This game is very manipulating, at the start u get alot of coins and stuff.. but when you have like 7000 or 9000 they start giving u prizes but only a small amount like 1+ and smth like that, besides u rlly don’t get the rewards which makes this game horrible and a SCAM, and there were alot of ads in this game which was annoying. So this rlly deserves a 1 star

  34. Levi Heichou says:

    I have 9,999.99 diamonds,i kept playing but i only get coins,this sucks,don’t download it,it’s just a waste of time

  35. Von Guirre says:

    This game if i click (no thanks) it will ad ad ad ADs and hard to collect diamonds for codm.i will collect 10,000 diamonds there is watch ad when watch ad is done diamonds gave me 1.2 1.1 1x only and dont install this!!!

  36. patrycja maj says:

    THIS GAME IS TOTALLY TRASH!!! I played this And Got like 20,000 diamonds And then I wanted to redeem it but…nothin happened And The higher level u are the harder it gets And less Diamonds one of the levels are impossible so I stopped playing it And ye.

  37. John Carl Carlos Dimasuhid says:

    why is the diamond reduced and then it’s all coins, I’ve been giving it for 2 hours, I hope you can fix it.

  38. Vincent Tan says:

    So many advertisments!! Every 30secons an ad. pops up. So i decided to uninstall the game!

  39. Henry Saikhom says:

    This game is totally fake game . It stuck 9999.99 diamonds. Too many ads, every 3 second if we want or not. Don’t download this .

  40. Fellow Official says:

    This is reason of every player play it 1. So many ads 2.the longest you have play the lower you get 3.don,t aim the skin of you did that ads pop up

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