Princess Gold Coin Dozer Party Premium Apk


The BEST princess coin pusher game - Win crowns, rings, gems, diamonds & more
5/5 Votes: 14,677
Mindstorm Studios
June 16, 2022
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Princess Gold Coin Dozer Party Premium Apk


Princess Gold Coin Dozer Celebration Top class Apk apk

It’s snowing and there’s a birthday celebration at Princess Penny’s palace. Run throughout the snowy palace gardens with Princess Penny to succeed in her Palace. Then lend a hand Princess Penny in finding all of her rings, sneakers, necklaces, wands and crowns whilst amassing the entire cash you’ll be able to within the ballroom. There’s cash and royal prizes all over the place.

Princess Gold Coin Dozer Birthday celebration Top rate Apk

Push cash into the financial institution to spice up your rating, push them within the gutters to get karma, win tremendous cool prizes, move on quests via wonderful worlds, improve your skills & use power-ups strategically to maximise your whole rewards. Nonetheless need extra?! Head over to the spin wheel or the jackpot slots to take a look at your good fortune. Sign up for hundreds of avid gamers on the most efficient DOZER RECREATION at the retailer & whilst you’re at it, even deliver your folks with you & have amusing in combination.

Princess Gold Coin Dozer Birthday celebration Top class Apk apk mod new

The particular prizes are so cool it would be best to accumulate all of them. Were given a couple of additional? Business them for cash at any time & by no means forestall enjoying.
★ Diamond Ring
★ Jeweled Purse ★ Rhinestone Shoe
★ Royal Necklace
★ Sky Lantern
★ Dazzling Diamond
★ Butterfly Broach
★ Princess Wand
★ Princess Crown
★ Princess Trainer

Princess Gold Coin Dozer Celebration Top class Apk apk mod

The particular chips are made simply so that you can spice up all of your rewards. Really feel the joys as they land at the desk pushing nearer & nearer in your financial institution.
★ Gold Bar Chip (rewards you with a gold bar)
★ XP Chip (rewards you with bonus XP)
★ Power-Up Chip (rewards you with a power-up)
★ Blitz Chip (rewards you with a coin bathe)
★ Comet Chip (rewards you with a comet bathe)
★ Portal Chip (rewards you with a portal that strikes all cash in your financial institution)
★ Prize Chip (rewards you with a unique prize)
★ Dollar Chip (rewards you with birthday celebration dollars)
★ Joker Chip (rewards you with probably the most above particular chips)

Princess Gold Coin Dozer Birthday party Top rate Apk mod apk

POWER-UPS Need to tilt the chances for your desire? You might have a ton of power-ups at your disposal to energise the sport desk.
★ Magic Push (allows a longer dozer that pushes much more cash into your financial institution)
★ Frost Partitions (permits a wall of snow so none of your cash or prizes is going into the gutter)
★ Magic Bolts (launches bolts of magic fireplace at the sport desk pushing extra & extra cash & prizes into your financial institution)
★ Palace Shake (The palace shakes & pushes your entire cash & prizes into your financial institution)
★ Dragon Name (releases a child dragon at the recreation desk pushing all cash & prizes into your financial institution)

Princess Gold Coin Dozer Birthday party Top class Apk apk mod 2022

UPGRADES Need the perfect rating to your buddies? For your nation? On the earth? Then improve your skills & you’ll take your sport to an entire new degree.
★ Offline Regeneration (reduces the time to regenerate collection of cash when offline)
★ Regeneration Max (will increase the max choice of cash you’ll be able to generate when offline)
★ Chips Success (spawns rarer cash in your sport desk)

Princess Gold Coin Dozer Birthday party Top rate Apk unencumber

How lots of the 70 quests are you able to liberate? Compete with your pals & see who turns into without equal COIN EXPLORER first.
Feeling fortunate? Head over to the slots & wager gold bars to multiply your rewards. Assume you’ll win the jackpot?!

FORTUNE WHEEL Were given a spin token? Were given 10? Spin the fortune wheel & hold on in your seat because the wheel slows down in opposition to your praise.

See the way you’re doing in comparison to everybody in our colourful group. Attempt to free up the entire achievements to grow to be without equal COIN GRASP!

Spend your entire time taking part in the sport with none nerve-racking commercials or popups. See an advert handiest when you need to & win cash, power-ups, spin tokens & extra.


40 comments on "Princess Gold Coin Dozer Party Premium Apk"

  1. Chassie Wilton says:

    It’s not giving up the bucks gold bars prizes and coins correctly. After playing for a half hour I know that I collected more than five gold bars and one buck coin not to mention the toy prizes it didn’t count . Can you fix this problem please, thanks

  2. Briseida Radley says:

    so far everything great only thing isthe limet on coin droping, but other then that its a great way to pass the time, at least you get more coins n prizes, thank you for this game.

  3. Nuvia Hope says:

    Good way to pass the time. Great graphics and fun features.

  4. Mindi Raven says:

    almost at the end of the game and it froze … all that time playing , and not able to finish ..

  5. Maddockson Jarrod says:

    Very likeable game. Great graphics and easy to use.

  6. Jiselle Barby says:

    One of the best apps I’ve played. Starts simple, but there is so much more to it. Yes, it has ads, but far less annoying than SO Many other games. Don’t change it much, and thank you!

  7. Skelton Castle says:

    I love this game! Very addicting! Nice graphics! The only thing that I do not understand is HOW DO I USE THE DIAMONDS?!!! This is like most coin dozer games! Someone, PLEASE HELP? Thanks!

  8. Hadlee Cordale says:

    very fun to play, well done and not many advertisements interrupting.

  9. Marley Alexa says:

    keep having coins taken from amount at top left of screen one minute I have got 34 coins then 4 and it has happened three times so uninstalling do nit like being cheated

  10. Tasman Linley says:

    I lowered the rating because when got a new phone, I had to reinstall the app and this time I am not getting prize coins. I contacted the feedback through the game and they apparently do not care. Time to delete the game as I’ve maxed out all updates and still not getting prizes 😔 😡 😔

  11. Rang Shelley says:

    I like the game🙂you don’t use up your coins real fast and she keeps you getting prizes and ways to retrieve your spent coins,she is some PRINCESS GHETTO FABULOUS,the dance is cute too. 😊 but I rather her Tiara be upon her head other than that I do like the game 5***** for now.

  12. Sharen Chuck says:

    my game is locked. i dont know how to open it to continue to play. im pretty far in the game and the screen wont do anything. help.

  13. Kristena Fiske says:

    This game is great when it comes to coin dozer. Just wish it went a little faster. And you could get the special items maybe a bit sooner than 4 days or more. But it’s still fun for someone who might be slower.

  14. Ember Rider says:

    This game is really great and I love the little prizes you get with the coins.

  15. Acwellen Arik says:

    game opens. screen is frozen from the outset. happened out of the blue. please fix.

  16. Caron Vonn says:

    It won’t let me sign in to my facebook acct to save progress and gave me an error message saying I needed admin approval or to switch to beta version.

  17. Roseanne Beric says:

    I have bought dozer dollars at 4.99 and not received it. Account has been charged. I will buy NOTHING else.

  18. Arkwright Pinkie says:

    Ive played a fair few dozers…but princess gold is by far one of my favs. Great prizes ,entertaining mini games, and free coin/prize videos always play and pay unlike the others! If u wanna de-stress and have fun doing so ,I recomend Princess Gold Coin Dozer Party any day or night!!!

  19. Oswald Aleiyah says:

    This game is sooo sooo much fun and the adds that they do have are extremely fast!! I’m loving it so far. I’m only rating it a 4 for right now because there is a error not allowing me to connect with my Facebook account, which is strange. I’ve only had that happen on 1 other game and the developer had to fix a couple bug big problems. I’m hoping you’ll fix it very soon because I’m already hooked on this game. If I have to email you separately I can.

  20. Abgail Zadie says:

    It’s ok but coin gain is slow and prize randomization is unhelpful at all.

  21. Clement Stevan says:

    Left this dozer for a while, but came back to see if things changed. Some things have, but overall, it is still fun and relaxing as before.

  22. Lindsley Willia says:

    Diamonds don’t do a thing, $ in the game can barely b used. It only goes up to level 70 & just stops. Doesn’t even tell u it just ends. U collect everything to beat the board, like 15,ooo coins each level then u get 125 coins for beating the level. Makes no sense, waste of time

  23. Harvey Kadi says:

    If 6 coins go over the most you get is triple. If a double coin goes over with a gold bar, all you get is the hold bar. If a prize box goes over with a double or triple coin you don’t get the prize …

  24. Danylynn Joye says:

    How am i supposed to play if everytime i tapped the screen there’s always a popup to buy coins or watch ad?

  25. Destine Albert says:

    So cute! Haven’t played for long, but I have yet to find any flaws or issues yet. Very fun a great way to pass the time!

  26. Anjanette Janiece says:

    Its very hard if not impossible to get potions from viewing a free video, and it comes down the shute very seldom, which sucks bc potions are needed to work the frozen walls, castle shake…etc. Also, ALL my coins…Karma, Coin Blizz, Comet, Gold coins ..etc are Maxed Out (meaning I have upgraded them all) but yet I only get 2 gold when they make it off the shute. I feel my gold should be upgraded to the ‘Max’ also. Just read that this game wont advance past level 70 so…….BYE! 👋🏾

  27. Mike Olberding says:

    this is a great coin pusher no adds i always have enough just a great game cant put it down highly recommend I can play for hours I’ve never spent a dime

  28. Christine Scardina says:

    I had this game about a year ago, my phone was damaged and I couldn’t remember everything that I had installed. I really enjoy the Princess be Dozer . It is addicting to me, it makes me remember all of the festivals and fairs when I was younger. I always found the coin dozer first and spent most of my time trying to win the prizes. Thanks for the game! It’s never boring.

  29. Pinky Burog says:

    am having lots of fun…. and great to spend relaxing time with this game…. hope it will not have any glitches in the future….

  30. Marta Edwards says:

    Well, it looks pretty, but not what I expected. I thought there would be different princesses and you could switch tables for each one and their kingdom. But everything is all the same. While it’s all cool to look at, was expecting something different and not the same thing as all the other games.

  31. Frances Javier says:

    Great way to pass the time. Lots of chances to win prizes and coins. Super cute, too!

  32. Jaime Torrez says:

    This a great time killer🙃 i play Everytime i get a chance.. since i never been to a Casino before this makes me feel like ive had the experience 😆 the faces the lady makes standing behind the coins just makes me laugh everytime🤣🤣🙌

  33. Debbie Redfern says:

    Love the game. How do i speed it up? You get alot of prizes.prizes fall off tabke but never registered happens with crowns and other prizes all the time. Fix your game.

  34. Sheila Taylor says:

    Enjoying this game! Lots of prizes to collect and quests to complete.

  35. Gayle Huddle says:

    Too far it’s okay oh, a little bit boring but maybe I’m not understanding what it all does. But I’ve done similar games so I don’t know. I’m going to still give it a try for another week

  36. Brittany Watkins says:

    No ads unless u want to earn free spin or tokens etc. And since I downloaded it I have yet to run out of tokens. Great game to pass the time.

  37. Krista Barrett says:

    Coins are permanently stuck on left shelf and you have graphics covering the board and gets in the way of playing. Coins don’t move correctly and the “princess” looks like she is waiting for her next fix. If I could put negative stars I would. -2

  38. Robin Buhr says:

    I just had to change my rating. Since the last update there are WAY TO MANY ADS and they seem to pop up in the middle of using anything helpful then you lose the time you would have had for that upgrade/potions. Please reconsider how many coins that you need to pass a level 10000 seems a bit extreme.

  39. Tammy Felde says:

    I love this game, but recently it has become overloaded in adds it seems like every 30 seconds or less an add pops up I have had this game for years and no adds unlit recently. It would get 5 stars if no adds.

  40. living in the moment. says:

    Way too many ads. Please adjust the ad ratio. Otherwise a cute and fun game.

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