Solitaire TriPeaks – Card Game Premium Apk

Enjoy Solitaire Tripsaks Free Card games and start your solitaire tour!
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November 7, 2022
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Solitaire TriPeaks – Card Game Premium Apk

🏆🏆Welcom to taking part in habit unfastened Solitaire sport! Now we have solitaire new card video games for you! Take a vintage Solitaire Tripeaks and experience your adventure! Enjoying playing cards video games and coaching your mind with solitaire tripeaks!

Solitaire TriPeaks – Card Recreation Top rate Apk release

Let me display you our Solitaire Tripeaks Recreation now!

Solitaire TriPeaks – Card Recreation Top rate Apk mod apk

♠ Simple and Amusing, you are going to select up fast!
♠ Giant and simple to learn playing cards ♠ Loads of improbable ranges – with extra at the means!
♠ Day-to-day quests, occasions, job, demanding situations!
♠ A laugh lure playing cards to make the sport more difficult.
♠ Play Solitaire TriPeaks & win additional cash.
♠ Adventure island, liberate new adventures.
♠ Play any place and anytime.
♠ Delightful island perspectives.
♠ appropriate for every age.
+And so a lot more..

Solitaire TriPeaks – Card Sport Top class Apk apk mod

👉Fun & Addictive Challenges👈
Win rapid ! With over masses of ranges to blitz your approach through-there’s no prohibit to the adventures looking ahead to you.

Solitaire TriPeaks – Card Sport Top rate Apk apk mod new

👉Wild Card👈 Want assist in our card video games? Our wild card device will can help you develop into king of solitaire very quickly. You should definitely stay an ok inventory of those playing cards at hand for the instant you get slowed down, since you by no means know when you wish to have them probably the most.

Solitaire TriPeaks – Card Sport Top class Apk apk

👉Featured Designs👈
Our sport is essentially the most easy-to-play with blank and intuitive designs, so you’ll be able to perform your journey easily.

Solitaire TriPeaks – Card Recreation Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

👉How to play👈 By no means performed Solitaire or any tripeaks card video games sooner than? No worries. Tripeaks Solitaire is straightforward to play! Simply entire the primary few ranges and also you’ll discover ways to play! It’s an off-the-cuff, entertaining unfastened card sport for everybody to revel in! What are you looking forward to? Obtain it now!


40 comments on "Solitaire TriPeaks – Card Game Premium Apk"

  1. Sherri Parks says:

    I love this game, but, it really frustrates me when i’ve finished a game and your controls mess up, throws me into a black screen, and then acts as if i don’t even exsist!!! Thanks for sharing!! I hope you can help this situation and others won’t have to experience what i’ve gone through!!🙋❗❗❗

  2. Kitty Vaughn says:

    I love triple solitaire & all I can say about this game is WOW! Great game! Unlike all others, there’s plenty of ways to get extra coins, etc. I r.e.a.l.l.y love this game, great easy to see, cute & colorful graphics, easy instructions, not bombarded with a zillion ads, or blackmailed into purchasing more coins to play. Just sorry I can only give it 5 ☆. Would give it more if I could. Thanks so much for this game.❤ P.S. Not having any black screen problems.

  3. Steven Wallace says:

    The people who made this game put a lot of thought into this game as well as the characters. I think it adds a lot to the games when they have interesting characters that teach us how to play along; as well as having snappy dialogues to entertain us, although some of the dialogues can be a bit corny🌽. I played this one game that had a story, but I could I saw so many spelling and gramatical errors it staggered my imagination how someone who can develop a game…etc. won’t proofread the game😲

  4. Mark Hutchings says:

    It’s a great game, but thrs only 1 problem, when I go to claim on the box on the top left hand corner, the screen starts flashing and cuts the game off, id very much appreciate it if you guys could fix this problem please?.. I’ll then change my rating to 5 stars.. thank you.. 🙂

  5. Deb G says:

    The playing of cards is very good. Only gave 4 stars because when you click on trophy in upper left corner to claim rewards it freezes and cannot get back to map, have to close out of the game. Had to uninstall because game wouldn’t open.

  6. Kathee E says:

    This is an updated, second review. The game has a glitch sometimes after the ads that they are fixing in the next update. Meanwhile, I am half way through the last level and truly enjoying this game. My next goal is to go back and get the full three stars on each game! This Tripeak Solitaire is better than others I’ve played and deleted: it’s winnable, generous freebies, no overuse of one card at a time layouts, and pleasant graphics without being overly cute. I hope they add more levels!

  7. Carol Day says:

    I have played many tri peaks apps. I usually wind up deleting them after a short period. Don’t think that will happen with this one. I love this game. It has become addictive. I come back to it each and every day. I have to recharge my phone and tablet to keep up with my play. PLAY THIS GAME!!!

  8. Lona Temperance says:

    Love this game, but the last two updates have really screwd it up. Was just freezing every now and then after a round. Now it’s constant freezing as to be unplayable. Please fix this because I love to play! Thanks!! Update: Thanks! Works great after recent update! Happy gaming!!

  9. Christine Rinker says:

    I really enjoy this game. Only 2 problems… 1) while playing a game, it will freeze up and I have to get out and go back in, but lose the coins I was playing. 2) it will not allow me to connect with Facebook. Other then those 2 things, it’s great, easy to win fun

  10. Darlene Dixon says:

    Love it! I still love the game however the “Raid” feature hasn’t worked for a couple of weeks. It only shows the x’s and the 3 shovels. No island. And the words “you stole” are jumbled. It’s a fun side game and a great way to plunder coins! I hope you can fix this. I’ll still play the game regardless. Thanks for a great game.

  11. Mary Defossey says:

    I just started playing this App. On level 12 . So far I’m loving this tripeak. There lots of bonus and a daily quest which gives you a chance for more free bonus. They also have a spin where you can win coins or a free round which is good because you have to pay coins for each round. That’s the only reason I gave 4stars instead of 5, the cost per round is a 1000 coins and if you win that round you might get 1200 or less so you would only be getting 200. Lower the cost and people will stay.

  12. Jonnie Sprague says:

    My new fave solitaire game. So far, generous rewards…you can play for more than 5 minutes at a time. Only glitch i found was the “raid” feature, the graphics wig out and kick me out of the game. Other than that, it’s the best solitaire game i’ve ever played!

  13. Marissa Costello says:

    I’m only on level 11 and so far it seems like a fun game but the levels cost 1000 coins from the start! I love all the automatic rewards and bonuses but not one ad has played for free spins, etc.

  14. Sara Barker says:

    I Loved this game but lately when you select ‘Raid’ the entire screen starts flashing uncontrollably and crashes also the prizes you can claim on the left are locked unless you pay for them and the price to play in game coins is ridiculous. I’ve ran out of coins now and can’t play at all as they are so greedy, so I’ll have to uninstall now. Such a shame!!!! 😡

  15. s p says:

    Wonderful solitaire game ! You don’t have to pay or wait a long while day to get energy or coins like in many other games I tried. Many rewards, you can play for hours, at least accotding to my (beginning) experience. Thank you because it’s so rare to find a game really kind of free !

  16. Shaina Wilkerson says:

    This is an awesome game and easy and fun to play. Very addictive Solitaire game and I have played a lot. But all of a sudden it will freeze randomly in the middle of a game and when I click on the “RAID Now” the screen will start flashing (btw I have seizures and a flashing screen can make me have one). So please fix soon (and reply or message me about it) and I will rate the stars better, because this could be a 5 star game!!!

  17. Linda Connors says:

    I really love playing this game!! but I have one problem there are times when I click to play the game at times the bottom cards that you flip over don’t always come up to play is there a way you can fix it or is it something I’m doing wrong?

  18. Virginia Evans says:

    I have tried playing this particular game SEVERAL YEARS BEFORE. Used to enjoy playing it then, and that is still the case… However, the app just won’t stay put… It keeps dropping out during play! Sooo disappointing as I have been having a hard time finding a TRIPEAKS GAME that I can enjoy without some kind of stigma or other issue, ( either they can’t be installed because they contain too MANY MBs, or they’re too demanding, etc…) Thought yours was finally the answer.*6/11/21_won’t stay!

  19. Sherrie Kralovich says:

    Great game with lots of opportunities to earn coins and boosters. Only problem I have is the “Raid Now” function suddenly started flashing and won’t allow me to play for extra coins. Tried deleting and reloading game but still doesn’t work.

  20. Robbie Guttry says:

    I really like this game. I don’t mind the ads, but I do mind that some will auto down load without my permission. Most recent is Dominos Gold. When you press X to exit it it starts the down load and you cannot stop it. This is just most recent example and this is the only game that has this ad problem. You would have more stars if not for the ad issue.

  21. leonora matthews says:

    I got to level 176 and froze and can’t play. It gives cards but doesn’t deal stack of cards I flip through to play level. Tried numerous times and it and everything is frozen. I will have to uninstall and I will not reinstall because I will not start all over at level one. Update: I received a reply concerning my review and did have an update. Although sent back to level 20 afterward, I appreciate their quick responding. I like this game and so i upgrade stars to 5.

  22. Sandee Cooper says:

    This is an excellent game and would definitely get 5 stars except for the Google ads that won’t let you close them. And then as in every other game I have downloaded then deleted as you progress the ratio between how many coins you can win and what it costs to play narrows drastically. Kudos to the ingenuity of the developers.

  23. Amber Arnold says:

    A fine game for the first couple levels, then you get an ad after every level. And it is not like the levels take long! I spent just as much time watching ads as playing the game.

  24. Sue Nadeau says:

    Was loving this game, but the Raid Now hasn’t been working on the last 3 Islands! I see someone else has had this issue, please correct it. I’ve just deleted and reinstalled game to see if it works, if not I’ll get a different game. It started on level 253 and I finally got fed up with it by level 287. I have since deleted this game. Didn’t work that hard just to start back at level 1 (game should have saved my progress, but sadly it didn’t).

  25. J Dash says:

    Frustrated I accidentally uninstalled this game, and once I realized what happened I immediately reinstalled it. Unfortunately, ALL my progress was lost and I am unable to access anything(I was on level 1237). So it started me back at the beginning. I have tried all the tips and tricks to no avail. When I go into the leader board, I can see my previous game listed. It won’t let me click or restore. Super disappointed.

  26. Denise Smallwood says:

    You have problems with the bonuses. When you try to raid the screen is jumping around and you have to close it out to get out of it. Had 290,000 points and could not keep playing because it robbed me of my points. Its fun except when you have to spend real cash to play. Im uninstalling it now.

  27. Silvia Coelho says:

    Love the game but 1st: too many ads and 2nd: after a few islands the games stop making sense. Can be stuck in the same level for 5/6 times and the cards in the deck don’t match with the ones already given. So it have to start again and lose coins. And in the end it’s boring flipping cards without any match.

  28. Taylor Spalding says:

    Ugh the ads are super annoying. At first, they play like every third game. Now, it’s after every single game and they sometimes get stuck in a liip so I have to close it and come back. Sometimes, it plays multiple ads in a row when this happens. Shame, it’s a fun, easy game.

  29. Carol Pollock says:

    It is an OK game, way too many ads. I understand that the need for ads is expected but NOT this many. So far, when they asked for feedback, I have spent more time ignoring ads than I have spent playing. Maybe you ask for feedback too soon. I will be Uninstalling.

  30. Charline Elena says:

    Entirely too many ads there’s more ads than there is play I’m so tired of being bombarded by things I don’t care about for whatever reason that Google play has decided I needed to see. This game is just a disguise for waste and your time. It’s absolutely uninteresting and unrewarding the graphics suck this game sucks.

  31. Marta Garcia says:

    This is or was the funnest tripeaks I’ve played until I got up to levels 185 and up. Yes the ads r rediculous and then more wen they run 2-3 30 second ads back to back. But after those levels,(185up), it freezes after every ad. I love playing so I keep it but once it freezes I’ll stop paying till next time. I don’t mind the ads, they’re needed, but I do mind the freezing, which is on ur side. Not mine. Fix it please. Tis the 1 star.

  32. Jason Kenzie says:

    DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. The game is not bad until you reach the higher levels – above 450. They are absolutely impossible to pass without using all of your coins or help cards. The developers are thieves trying to get you to make purchases. Most of the higher levels have multiple cards to clear with a very small deck pile. Extremely disappointing!! Typical money making scam!!

  33. Rosemarie Harris says:

    This card game is good but is it necessary to have a advert after every game. I understand why there are adverts but not why there are so many. If possible please make this game with less adverts they are spoiling the game. Most of the adverts I see are the same ones over and over again, this is not necessary I’m sure

  34. Chelsea Magee says:

    Great game, good experience, theme is enjoyable, haven’t had or noticed any problems or disappointments. Keep up the good work 💗 awesome job

  35. Evan Tinsley says:

    The game is fun but you lose your card you think you got a lot but they go to fast they need to fix it but I like the game alot

  36. Mrs.whatever usay says:

    Would be relaxing if you didn’t have to watch a ad after every game. Each level you are done wiping out the cards is around 40 seconds so your watching as many ads as you are playing the game.

  37. Linda Osborne says:

    Love this game. Although they could get rid of the guy and ship.

  38. Russell McCulloughthethird says:

    I have always really liked to pay any kind of solitaire .

  39. Regenia Williams says:

    Just installed an uninstalling,Uninstaller,I got a card an after 14 cards no match.BS.I have to give u one star for trying to cheat everybody tho.

  40. Belinda Lattea says:

    I’m enjoying this tried beef quality I like the pictures I like to look and I also enjoy solitaire I’ve been playing it most of my life and my family too it helps me relax get some rest and sleep all night so I’ll be better in the morning thank you for making this app and I really enjoy it Belinda Lattea time 1:22 a.m. date December 14th, 2022.

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