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Solitaire like no other. Experience gorgeous artwork in 2500+ levels.
4/5 Votes: 6,903
MAD Studios s.r.o.
November 30, 2022
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Solitaire Fairytale Premium Apk

Solitaire like no different. Revel in stunning art work in 2500+ ranges. Soothing, stress-free but step by step difficult. Dive right into a fairytale via gorgeous thematic episodes.

Solitaire Fairytale Top rate Apk apk mod

We’re a gaggle of folks keen about growing. We would have liked to convey rest and pleasure from good looks whilst additionally making a problem to our gamers – thus Solitaire Fairytale used to be born. 1000’s of gamers are already taking part in the sport on Fb and on their cellular units!

Solitaire Fairytale Top rate Apk mod apk

Immerse your self in a fairytale recreation with thematic episodes. As a participant, you move throughout the pages of a paranormal Ebook. Each and every web page is a brand new bankruptcy, new theme, a brand new tale. Gorgeous backgrounds, chic graphics, easy animations and soothing song will take you into non violent moments. Whilst focusing your thoughts onto actual demanding situations that gradually upward push in problem, you’ll revel in moments of tranquility intertwined with occasional emotional bursts of pleasure or unhappiness when a degree will get to you.

Solitaire Fairytale Top class Apk

We don’t drive you into bills. We don’t ask on your non-public information or on your buddies. We can help you play the best way you need, up to you need. Our sport has no provides.

Solitaire Fairytale Top class Apk apk

Listed here are the options of Solitaire Fairytale:

Solitaire Fairytale Top rate Apk liberate

♥ 2500+ unique ranges unfold into 160+ episodes
♥ new episodes revealed frequently ♥ regularly emerging actual problem ♥ no provides, no power to make in-game purchases
♥ a sublime thematic background for every episode
♥ calming, soothing song ♥ clean, eye-pleasing animations
♥ collections, rewards, revolutionary map unlocking

Solitaire Fairytale Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

Take a look at it your self. A fairytale international is open to you.


40 comments on "Solitaire Fairytale Premium Apk"

  1. Fae Zay says:

    Wonderful game. I love that it’s a quiet, contemplative break in my day. Very challenging. I often have to repeat levels several times but it’s never frustrating. I would have rated it 5 stars but it’s nearly impossible to get 3 stars on levels even when I think I’ve completed them perfectly. You need 3 stars to move forward to a new chapter. Otherwise, a perfect game. Love it.

  2. Arthes Desaray says:

    beautiful graphics, lovely,peaceful game No ads, as described, even seemed free as described! but a goal in 2nd chapter (need to get runs of a specific number of cards without using deck), but even after reaching goal, using jokers, a booster card, which is given & earned through games( was good) until finding out using from deck resets it back to 0, so used up jokers fast. that’s where they show offers that cost $ to continue. Sorry, but not right. uninstalling

  3. Starling Randall says:

    The game and the theme pluse graphics are great but cant find a way to back out and quit the game. I just unistaled another solitaire game with the same issue. I am unistaling this one as well for the same reason. This makes me pretty sad because i like everything else about the game but i cant handle the aggrivation of trying to get out of the game. My phone doesn’ t have the back button while the game’s open. You need a quit button. Other solitaire games have them.

  4. Liberty Attmore says:

    I love that there are no ads on this game. The game is fun and a good way to relax. I had a problem with the game crashing when I tried to open it shortly after installing but a quick uninstall and downloading again fixed it. This is a game done right and I would highly reccomend.

  5. Anndreya Tanzi says:

    Enjoyable play, nice graphics, booster packs *way* overpriced. Many layouts not possible to solve with cards dealt, esp at higher levels, so you will need to buy boosters. Some can be earned, but not enough so you’ll need to buy. No problem except they are way overpriced. $1 per joker, $5.50 for 5, $10 for 10, $20 for 20, and 50 for $48?! Same for all boosters. $1 per item is just absurb and does not encourage play, but just opposite. So no more game play for me due to absurd prices.

  6. Nia Deena says:

    Love this game. Not like traditional versions of solitaire in any way. No 2 levels are the same. Graphics are amazing. I sometimes use screen cast to send to my 65″ tv. It’s unbelievable how much more fun it is than in my phone or even tablet. Lol. Keep up the good work Guys. I noted below that this game is educational. It teaches thinking, planning, patience, persistence, other things as well I can’t think of rn bc I was up playing most of the night.wish there were instructions on new level/crd

  7. Darvin Britiney says:

    i have to say that this is one of my faves now. its a beautiful game. The cards and backgrounds look great. A good natural feel. And i think what i like best is the no pressure feel of this app. And much thanks to the Dev for the relaxing music. I have no complaints at all. But if i had one wish for this app…. It would be for the Dev to add a few more sound tracks to the music list. I would certanly pay a few dollars a month if the dev added a few more options. Great app!

  8. Riccia Garrison says:

    I just have a question for the developer. I am wondering if I purchase coins to acquire more lives do the free lives still build up over the allotted time period? Some of the sections are terribly difficult and lives run out very quickly. I wouldn’t feel it is worth purchasing coins if I do not receive any free lives as well. Also I have a suggestion, possibly having a purchase option whereby the player could have indefinite lives.

  9. Diana Rodwell-Allen says:

    Love this game,when asked if it was an exciting game I think that is the wrong choice of words it should be is it an interesting game?and I would definitely say yes! Although I love solitaire card games most are now the same old same old, this one is not. I would have given it 5 star but very aggravating when you have run out of lives you have to purchase or WAIT to get more, you should have the option of watching ads. to play on. Also don’t want to add to any thing else on my F.B.

  10. Natalie McCart says:

    Like the game but some levels are too hard. Instead of being challenging they become frustrating and when you’re stuck on a level for days it makes you want to stop playing. There’s challenging then there’s just too much. This game often falls into the latter. Thinking of uninstalling if the levels continue to take days to beat. Which is sad because otherwise I like it.

  11. Neill Castro says:

    Soft, beautiful music. Not distracting or annoying. Then the sounds of bird chirping…playing this game made me feel like I was in the woods. 😊 The graphics were perfect, colorful and soothing. The actual game itself was fun because there are different types of solitaire to play so it kept it interesting. Wonderful game!

  12. Kimberly Reeve says:

    The game is actually fun. However, there are levels where you have to buy bonus items to complete a level. The price for the coins used to buy the bonus items is ridiculous. For $20, you get 200 coins. You can go through 200 coins in a couple of hard levels.

  13. Kayana Koe says:

    I lost track of this game after it disappeared on Facebook some years ago. Glad to see it again. Still as agregious as it used to be, but the part that I always liked was the music motr then anything else. Maybe make the game a bit more forgiving in terms of timers, since thats the worst part that I can honestly say is obnoxious.

  14. Pati Young says:

    Nice graphics, interesting play! Got so tired of my match 3 games, and my Tri-Peaks Solitaire that crashes all the time and my Harvest Solitaire where I’ve played over 5000 rounds. This is a really nice change of pace. Graphics are appealing and gentle on the eye.. You don’t have to remove all the cards, you just have to hit all the goals. Sure would be nice if there was a reward towards bonus cards for logging in each day!

  15. Elizabeth Evanoff says:

    This is not your typical solitaire game which is why i love it so much. I havent had to pay one dime yet and dont see why you would have to really. Just be patient and you will get move lives and extra goodies to help. Sometimes it might take a few trys to clear a level, to figuare out how to remove the cards in a way for you to win, but thats what i like most about it, it keeps you thinking. Great game guys!!

  16. AJ Picou says:

    Looked interesting but game repeatedly froze. Couldn’t get past the first screen of instructions. Same issues occurred when I “tried” playing….game shut down or just stopped working. Lovely game visually, but it doesn’t work, regardless of how interesting it appears graphically, it’s getting an uninstall from me. The Playstore is full of soltaire games; I’ll move on & get a game that actually works. Developers, nice job w/graphics & sound, need to do a bit more “debugging” for me to play.

  17. Rachel Nicole Chenoweth says:

    Challenging. Very challenging indeed. Not a traditional style of solitaire, rather a newer way to play this very old, classic card game. Every level has its own uniquely distinct layout of the cards. There are goals to meet and locks and other blocks to overcome in order to meet the particular goal for that level. It’s not necessarily about getting every card, sometimes it’s just about accomplishing the goal, then you’re free to move on to the next level.

  18. Ofēlija Spektore says:

    A fun little game, that I keep on my phone as backup for when I’m bored. I really like the gameplay, the type of game and the graphics, but the hearts refill a bit too slowly and the levels can depend a bit too much on luck, and getting it just right, so it can get too frustrating to be anything but a time killer when I don’t have anything better.

  19. Anna Jacobson says:

    I love this game. Cool graphics and card layouts and lack of ads. However it is quickly becoming one of the most frustrating games I’ve ever downloaded. As another review said, 99% of the gameplay is luck. You only get 5 lives to solve the puzzles. In some levels I have literally gone through all 5 lives in a matter of minutes. Please change this dynamic. Either make more reasonable levels or give us at least 10 lives to start with.

  20. Colombe Leland says:

    Low-key. Games aren’t timed which is more relaxing for me. Beautiful graphics. Instructions not complete – unique cards need to be explained (such as the cards w magnets). I resent losing lives because I don’t know what the card does. I’d give it a solid 5 stars if it wasn’t for the lack of help.

  21. sabina whorton says:

    Wrote a review on 6/22/20 with 5 stars. It’s not showing up here anymore? I found it, but have to check a box “Show review: For this Device Model”, in order to see it. Somehow, confusing. Anyways, have been playing the game for a long time, maybe 6 years or longer. Actually, played it for years on my PC until it was made mobile. Love playing it, always looking forward to new episode. Don’t like waiting for delayed updates on the phone. Takes 3 days for update on mobile after episode is released.

  22. Leigh Brookover says:

    The BEST solitaire game out there except FOR THE NAME! It’s embarrassing to recommend this game, as friends immediately think it’s for Kids or Crazy Gramma! It’s extremely challenging, and does have great graphics, BUT, needs to be given a New Version/NAME, for those of us who prefer Thriller, Crime, ADULT-TYPE games, instead of Cutsie-pie Fairies! I do like that there are no ads, but that’s probably due to The Name! Don’t be fooled by it though, this game can be a nightmare!

  23. Sarah Hunt says:

    Thank you for this game. I have played it for a long time now, it’s enjoyable, sometimes challenging, pretty boards and layout, with the added bonus, I don’t need to use the internet, and even better NO ads! Thank you 🙂

  24. Oscar Kyser says:

    It is amazing game keeps you going and trying to figure out the next step and it is incredible you need to try it I think you’ll love it

  25. Bonnie Perry says:

    I love this game. Basic tripeak solitaire, for anyone who has never done this type of solitaire, instructions are easy to understand. The best part is that I have not seen any ads yet.

  26. rosina e ravenswaay says:

    Great game but frustrating at the same time. I have been stuck on level 73 for days now and this is not fun anymore. Thinking of deleting it all together for this reason only. I go through 5 lives in minutes. Not fun anymore. Thanks for as long as it lasted.

  27. Deanna CRISP says:

    I love this game but unfortunately I’m not gonna spend money to play it you don’t let you don’t let the person earn the coins that they need to purchase the other items to complete their sets I’ve been playing this game all very long tivery long time please fix it where we can earn the gold coins every time we play a game

  28. J Warner says:

    I was very happy with this game until it asked me for FB and I lost all my game !! I was close to level 200 !! I’m not sure if I want to stay now. I’ve been playing since 2020.☹️ Can you fix this ?????

  29. karen williams says:

    I think this is a well made game. runs smoothly, graphics are awesome as well as the story line. played several hands and enjoying it.

  30. Jamie B says:

    I love the graphics and game which is why I’ve kept it. That said, you can lose all 5 lives quick, sometimes without making a move which leaves you searching for another game to kill time. If I could pay a few bucks for unending lives I would but I’m not paying per life. They go too fast.

  31. C S says:

    I really want to like this game but the levels are so extremely hard that even using the extra help tools it takes so many tries to beat a level that it’s just not fun anymore. Maybe I will try again at some other time but for now, UNINSTALLING.

  32. Gwyneth Martin says:

    Great way to play solitaire! I’m totally hooked, my most favorite game! Still playing (it’s 2022) and some levels take me weeks to clear, but love the game nontheless.

  33. Sheila Nies says:

    Good game i like playing it. I made it up too 800 + hard time finding my email and password so i can play it on my computer.

  34. Angel Trott says:

    I’m increasing my stars to 5 because the game is fantastic! It’s beautiful, challenging and free of the bully purchasing ads. Keep up the great work!!!

  35. Stephanie Emerine says:

    Fun. Some levels are very hard. Just keep trying.

  36. Katly says:

    Really fun just wish there was a way to earn more lives faster

  37. Laura Borkholder says:

    Great game! I got a new phone and lost my progress but the game is so fun that I was totally content to start over again!

  38. Đình Hùng Trần says:

    Good art style, low game balance, should try

  39. Shanamarie Rushing says:

    I like the game, except some levels are impossible to win without boosters and the boosters are expensive.

  40. David Cunningham says:

    Please contact me asap I have several unauthorized payments from you over the last 18 months amounting to over 300 GBP. I have never subscribed or purchased anything through the app.

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