Solitaire – Classic Card Games Mod Apk

Classic Solitaire Game - Play Klondike Solitaire Card Game to Train Your Brain
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November 7, 2022
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Solitaire – Classic Card Games Mod Apk

Solitaire by way of MobilityWare is the unique & easiest Solitaire recreation for Android gadgets!

Solitaire – Vintage Card Video games Mod Apk release

Play Klondike Endurance as of late, the vintage Solitaire card sport enjoy hasn’t ever been higher!

Solitaire – Vintage Card Video games Mod Apk apk mod

Sign up for over One hundred million customers taking part in our Solitaire for Android! Our model of Solitaire is LOOSE and is the most well liked within the Play Retailer! Teach your mind with our Day by day Demanding situations and puzzles for a brand new Solitaire revel in every & each day. Play the most efficient vintage Solitaire card sport on Android now!

Solitaire – Vintage Card Video games Mod Apk apk mod new

MobilityWare is the unique developer of the app Solitaire with Day-to-day Demanding situations. The vintage card recreation you used to play for your pc is now to be had to play on any good software. Mobilityware Solitaire is the most efficient and we’re AT ALL TIMES updating our Klondike Solitaire video games to supply extra of the fun-filled options you like.

Solitaire – Vintage Card Video games Mod Apk apk

On a daily basis you’ll obtain a singular Day-to-day Problem, clear up it and obtain a crown. Earn trophies every month through profitable extra crowns! Play the present day’s deal and replay it as repeatedly as you’d like!

Solitaire – Vintage Card Video games Mod Apk

For amusing and addictive card video games of vintage Klondike & Persistence Solitaire, obtain now and get started enjoying!

Solitaire – Vintage Card Video games Mod Apk apk mod 2022


Solitaire – Vintage Card Video games Mod Apk mod apk

A laugh and Addictive Video games of Vintage Klondike & Persistence Solitaire with Day by day Demanding situations ♠ Play other variations of Klondike Solitaire, together with draw 1 card Klondike Solitaire or vintage draw Three card Klondike Solitaire!
♠ Successful Offers: However beware, you are going to nonetheless have to seek out the suitable strikes to overcome the problem!
♠Try the entire new puzzles with addictive distinctive techniques to coach your mind with the vintage recreation of Klondike!
♠FREE Card Video games of Vintage Klondike Solitaire
– A laugh video games of Persistence, without spending a dime to your telephone – Playing cards come alive with surprising animations, flawless graphics and a vintage interface
♠Exercise your Mind with A laugh Klondike Solitaire Demanding situations – Klondike Solitaire is a amusing recreation of technique with puzzles that any one can experience!
– If you happen to like mind video games, Klondike Solitaire is certain to be a success!

Play Difficult Video games & Liberate New Demanding situations On A Daily Basis ♥ The vintage card sport of Klondike Solitaire is new each and every time. By no means run out of latest puzzles and techniques to coach your mind!
♥ All the time UNFASTENED – Play limitless vintage video games each day!
♣ Statistics Tracker: Monitor your development throughout a number of video games of Klondike and find out about your card taking part in method to get even higher at fixing puzzles!
♣ Customise the playing cards & tables to play video games with your personal taste!
♣ Play video games on-line or pass offline with random offers. No WIFI required to play anyplace totally free!
♣ Take away the Menu and standing bar to make navigation more straightforward on Gadgets which make the most of Android’s Navigation Bar (calls for Android Four.Four or above)

Multiplayer & Leaderboards
♥ Brag about your rankings and sing their own praises in your buddies with the leaderboards integrated in recreation!
♥ Race towards the arena whilst you play with others in multiplayer!
Educate your mind with our nice puzzles and clear up each and every Day by day Problem to obtain a crown for that day. Earn trophies each and every month by way of successful extra crowns! Play our Day-to-day Demanding situations and Solitaire UNFASTENED!

Is Klondike Solitaire for Me?
Do you prefer vintage and amusing card video games? Then you’re certain to like Klondike Solitaire!
Obtain the most productive Klondike Solitaire to be had in your cell instrument these days!



40 comments on "Solitaire – Classic Card Games Mod Apk"

  1. Doctor Wayne says:

    I play the daily challenges and I’d give this 5 stars if the completion animations weren’t so long. You used to be able to skip past the animations and go straight to the scores, but now you’re forced to watch most of the animations; which seem long af when you’re used to the old version. Also, the extra step to close the game is unnecessary.

  2. Carleigh Jalen says:

    This used to be the best solitaire app. NEW USERS: DO NOT INSTALL. Not anymore. The beauty of it used to be the simplicity. As the app description says: solitaire without the bells and whistles. They decided to forgo their winning formula to, surprise, add bells and whistles. Unskippable animations for daily challenges (checking “reduced animations” does nothing, I can only imagine the horror of leaving that unchecked). The crown and the stupid progress bar take forever to update. The bottom toolbar disappears randomly during gameplay so you have to force close and restart the app to recover it. The star that shows leaderboards for a winning deal also occasionally disappears so you have no idea if you’re playing a daily challenge or winning deal if you pick up the game later. The problem with it disappearing is you have no idea if you finished it already or not and have to force close and restart the app again to make it reappear. It also no longer properly saves progress. I used to finish a deal then just turn off my phone or whatever and it would be marked finished with my moves saved. This doesn’t save it unless you actually exit the deal, an extra step that you don’t remember often. It sucks now and it looks cartoonish

  3. Bedford Demi says:

    ****Update**** Saw a reply from developers in the reviews where they mentioned plans to introduce a subscription to remove ads. While I would rather a one time purchase, if the rate is low enough I would be fine with a subscription. This is the best the app has ever been. I’ve had the app for a long time, back when it was one of the few good solitaire apps on google play. It was not great, it had annoying ads that would take a while to actually pop up so I often clicked play again and would end up clicking an ad. I love how I can hide the toolbar now, especially cause I play this as a wind down before bed so I’m often laying down. I love how I can remove the timer and stuff, so I can just have fun. Only thing I would want is to remove ads. I play this game so much and would love to support it but the ads make my phone act weird. I would be willing to pay $0.99-$2.99 even to get ad free. Thank you for the update! And thanks for the game!

  4. Kensington Clarabel says:

    I’ve played this game for years & loved it. They recently changed the graphics & it is awful to play now! It comes up slowly. The color scheme is hideous with any card back & background I use. And the the trophy color scheme comes up very slowly & the trophies are ugly. I won’t be using this app for playing solitaire anymore. I’ll have to look for a Solebon version or a Brainware version.

  5. Phil Osrik says:

    No need to look for any other Solitaire app. It’s smooth and uncluttered, isn’t bogged down by obnoxious ads, and the gameplay is simple and intuitive. I was a little worried when they updated it since a lot of app makers tend to go overboard and take away what made the app great in the first place, but MobilityWare just took an already great product and gave it a fresh coat of paint.

  6. Chelly Aldrik says:

    This new update is AWFUL. I’ve had this app since shortly after it came out (Dec 2011, I think). I’ve had it on every single smart device I’ve owned; from an iTouch, to several smart phones (android), to my Kindle. I love that it’s available in all those app stores as well. If I was running out of space on a device, this app was off-limits to being deleted. I’ve spent countless hours playing on this app and listening to music. I’ve also found the ads to be less annoying/extensive than other gaming apps. But all that love I have is going out the window with this new “leveling” update. I was hoping there was a setting to turn it off or hide it, but there’s not. It’s there after every single game or when you bring up the play menu. I could NOT care less about being competitive with Solitaire or what my “title” is. I play this game to relax, not get amped up about my score. Super disappointed. However, if this is changed and the update is removed or the option to hide it is given, I’ll definitely change my review to a positive one.

  7. Cordelia Lavender says:

    With the newest update I get way more adds, which I’m fine with bc I really like the game, but I will hit the exit and it will ALWAYS take me to the adds download page, which is really annoying. Even when I’m extra careful to hit the exit (x) on the add. It will also randomly take me to the adds download page, even in the middle of a game. I’ve had this specific solitaire for many years and over different devices only for it to seem to get worse as the updates go by. I’m not a fan of the levels or titles so I just ignore them for the most part.

  8. King Kit says:

    The levels feature should have an opt out. My main concern/annoyance is every other deal I start it refuses to move my card, timer starts and every attempt to move a card counts as a double move like pressing undo, forcing me to close the app and restart the game, negatively impacting my personal statistics. This update is the worst and makes me not want to play anymore. I’d be better off pulling out an old fashioned deck of cards or getting a different app. Reconsidering my loyalty since 2012.

  9. Daly Holdon says:

    The latest version is a clear case of listing all the best app development practices and then doing the exact opposite: light letters on dark backgrounds, not notifying users when they complete daily tasks, advertising the statistics but burying them so you need 3 or 4 clicks to get to them, and then there are those horrendous ads, many of which can’t be skipped… utter trash. The worst thing is, the previous version actually had most of those features right: you could get to the stats easily from multiple places, the score progress bar was visible at almost all times, you got little pop-ups when you completed tasks… and then they turn it all into this heap of trash. Unbelievable.

  10. Dionne Steva says:

    I’ve played this game for years now. But the ads have gotten to be too much. Glitchy ads that run fo 30 seconds and won’t let you close them. Back when I had an iPhone I had paid a couple bucks for the ad free version, which I’d gladly do again, but there isn’t one on Android. Won’t get more than 3 stars ot of me with the annoying ad issues.

  11. Kelsay Aeker says:

    It’s a great game, has great graphics. I dont think I’ve ever played the same hand a second time. However. There’s a bug that’s been bothering me for a while now, bothering me more than the repetitive ads that I have to sit through. I have the sound option off, and no matter what I do, aside from turning my phones volume down, the sound wont actually turn off. It’s really irritating. I’d like to see that fixed rather than find a new solitaire app, but each update gets more disappointing.

  12. Farlow Charlie says:

    I love playing solitaire. But the ads are beginning to drive me crazy! and there are some ads which freeze me out. If I don’t open them and purchase something then I can’t get back to playing solitaire. I must close and then restart my phone or go on the internet and spend an extended amount of time before I can get back to playing solitaire. it is extremely frustrating!

  13. Maci Mechelle says:

    Had to delete this because of alarming ads. One kept coming up black and red, saying that the tablet memory is full and I need to delete things. (It’s brand new with 2 games on it.) Another had a big red and black blinking screen saying it had a virus. My Mom almost fell for it. She was freaking out because she thought something was really wrong. One click and worm installed. I don’t need malware when I have a real deck of cards. Very disappointing. If there was negative star rating I’d use it.

  14. Chelsey Anjela says:

    I’ve played this game for years on many devices, but I can’t take it anymore. The ads after every hand are ridiculous. Many only skippable after 5 seconds. Might not sound bad, unless you have a media device connected and it stops your music/podcast to play sound you can’t mute. Granted, you can pay A MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION to get no ads. I would have gladly paid a one-time fee for an ad free version and have requested it before, but it is sadly not an option. I’ve found a replacement this app.

  15. Olney Maed says:

    Lately the game freezes then shuts down and restarts. Frustrating when right in the middle of a game. Update: rarely does it now. This version of Solitaire is my go-to game. Update: Hasn’t frozen up in quite a while so upgraded rating to five stars. New goals for additional points makes it more interesting. Appreciate not having many ads and can skip them after a few seconds.

  16. Tammy Miller says:

    I look forward to the daily challenge each day. The ads can create crashing from time to time that cannot be resolved with basic troubleshooting steps. The only workaround is to uninstall and reinstall. Then you lose your stats. If you kept track of your stats, the support team will manually restore your crowns and levels based on your memory or recollection (so much for accuracy). It is disappointing that the app doesn’t keep track of your levels or crowns when you switch devices.

  17. Misheya says:

    Hello wonderful people! I am experiencing a very aggravating issue with your lovely game. I enjoy listening to music or to an audiobook while playing this game however, whenever an ad plays it stops my music/audiobook. I don’t mind watching ads (I appreciate the 5 second dismiss option) but I do mind the fact that the ads hijack my audio functions. How do I prevent this frustrating issue from happening?

  18. Kimberly Bronson says:

    I’ve played this game for years but uninstalled it yesterday. I have no problem with ads for a free game but these ads have gotten so bad that it is no longer enjoyable. Some are 30 sec. long or there are 2. Some force you to go outside the app to download something else in order to get back to your game, or click “maybe later,” when you have no intention of ever getting the item, they move the x around so you must hunt for it. Used to be great, totally annoying now. 😞

  19. Michael Destefano says:

    Have been playing this game for several years, part of my morning ritual. Find it challenging and mentally stimulating and a great way to start the day. My only complaint is the ads that now require a 2 step dismissal. I also thought that ads were limited to a 5 second appearance and then could be dismissed. ‘Taint so. There are an increasing amount that run longer and then reappear over and over again with each new game. Still over all its a fun way to spend some leisure time when I have a few

  20. Abbegail Machelle says:

    The game is good, but the constant interuptions of ads is out of hand. I understand the need to advertise to make the game free, but ads everytime you play a hand is aggravating. Then you have the ads that just don’t stop until i quit the game. The game is my relaxation, but the ads are making it hard to enjoy playing. Then you repeat the same ad over and over again. I usually will play for an hour or more. Can not do it with this because in between every hand a damn ad . ugh!

  21. Jamie Conner says:

    I have been playing this game since it’s release and I HATE the new version with the levels and titles, please give an opt out or you have lost me. I liked it because it was UNCLUTTERED! Just because you have a screen doesn’t mean you have to fill every bit of space with junk. Quit trying to compete in a field of junky games when you have a sure bet to begin with. Give an opt out setting. Finally had enough, just uninstalled both of your Solitaire games, too distracted by unnecessary changes.

  22. Conn Godfrey says:

    Been playing this for quite a while – level 277/King. Anyway, my issue at the moment is that it seems like Android 11 is breaking the app. I got a new Samsung S20 FE yesterday, and the game was fine – even brought my info over. After a couple of System Updates, including the last, going from Android 10 to 11 (just released from Verizon a ew days ago), the app will load and then automatically minimize after displaying the screen for 2 seconds. If I bring it back up, I get the logo screen and it does it again. Rebooted the phone, rechecked for app updates – no change. I don’t want to uninstall and take a chance that my progress will be lost, but I need to know what you want to do next to get this back and working correctly. Update: Working with the development team. We’ve got it narrowed down and I’ve figured out a workaround for anyone else with this issue: Turn OFF WiFi and turn ON Airplane Mode, then load the App. Once it’s loaded, switch the settings back (Airplane OFF, WiFi ON). Seems to be normal at that point. Glad to see the developer(s) responsive and interested in getting things working!

  23. Kim Thames says:

    Nice app but crashing a lot lately and trying to close some ads is horrendous. The “X” is so tiny or way up in the corner so you can’t actually reach it if you have a case on your phone. I don’t mind ads in free games, but these are horrible. Also, app was fine for years but I think since the last update it keeps freezing and crashing in the middle of my games. Still playing because it’s a decent app, but if it gets any worse I may have to switch to something else. Playing on a Google Pixel 5.

  24. Jon Meilstrup says:

    This used to be game I could enjoy during a few minutes of free time, and I was fine with the ads since they usually had a skip option, or at least the ability to close the ad once it finished. Recently, however, I’ve been getting ads that will run until they finish and then won’t let me return to the game, forcing me to close the app and reopen it. I can’t in good faith recommend an app which has ads that prevent me from being able to play the intended game without closing and reopening it.

  25. Corey Smith says:

    Have been playing for years, was great, now it sucks, do not download!! I could deal with the occasional ad, I understand that, but this latest round of ads breaks the game with no way to get out of it. No “X”, even if you let it finish, and if an “X” does appear, it is non functional, crashes the game. You have to quit it and reopen every time. So sad that your engineers picked ad profits over functionality.

  26. Amanda Plattner-Taylor says:

    I’ve been playing this developer’s Solitaire for years. The ads have gotten WILD. They used to be a bar at the bottom of the game that would cycle through ads. Now they seem to be between every single game, and it’s not a quick pop up, it’s an entire LONG video that you can’t seemingly skip (I couldn’t even exit the app, it forced me to watch the entire thing before being able to entirely exit). The game is good– but a monthly sub to get rid of ads? Bring a one time fee, please! 🙁

  27. Bree D. says:

    The game is fine, but the ads are RIDICULOUS. You literally spend more time on ads than on the games themselves if you’re a fast player. You have to click every ad THREE times to get through, each with a minimum time before you can click. This is not a glitch. It’s deliberate. Fine – I’ll buy it and remove ads. Whoops! No can do. You can only *subscribe* to it so you have the pleasure of paying them over and over! No thanks. I’ll find another app that lets me buy and go on with my life.

  28. Kyle French says:

    The ads changed. There is no way to get around them. After watching until the first ad completes, clicking on the X only opens a new ad. Clicking on the X on the second ad brings up yet another ad. And when you finally get to click on the third X it opens the play store! I spend more time watching ads than I do actually playing a hand. Off to dollar tree to get 2 decks of cards for $1. It’s quicker to shuffle and deal a hand than to deal with these ads. To top it off, it turns your volume off.

  29. Radradish says:

    Not great. Played for an hour total and it was rough. Each round is 1-3 min, and you will have a 15-30 second ad after each round, whether you solved it or not. The ad will also stop whatever you’re listening to, but won’t pause it either, so you’ll have to hit pause and play before and after each ad… Every 1-3 minutes. If you close the app while an ad is playing, it will crash your music or podcast player. My entire phone has slowed down and apps stall and crash since downloading this app.

  30. Sam Lg says:

    Love this game, but these looooooong ads (and now videos, UGH!) that basically require you to close and restart the games are really getting old. I don’t have a problem with ads in general, but they’re really getting out of hand in both length and frequency. In particular, the Casino ads are ridiculous and have no visible ‘X’ so, once again close the program and restart! Uninstalling.

  31. Shannon Marie says:

    I’d give it a 5 star review if the ads weren’t after every single game and they weren’t multiple ads that take FOREVER to get through. Just waiting for the close button on the ad takes several seconds and then trying to even find it and suddenly, oops you’ve hit on the ad and it’s taken you to the play store. It gives me anxiety to play instead of relaxing me. I downloaded a different one that still has ads, but not after every game and that doesn’t take so long I could have played a game.

  32. Matt Ashe says:

    I’ve been using this app for years. It has given me countless hours of enjoyment. I recently changed phones and installed it. Fist thing I noticed was that the cards looked different; sort of like Solitaire in the old IBM OS-2 operating system. Then the settings we’re all different. I wanted to select pick 3 cards. That elludes me till now. Then there is the matter of ads. I had to check a couple of times if this was the mobilityware version. Sorry guys, but you lost a long time user.

  33. Buddy Parsons says:

    I spend a lot of time playing games. This is one of my favorites. Until recently it was fine. Your ad creater needs to go back to school. The way the ads are setup, some of them make me shut down the game. Only way to close it. Ads are not fitting in the screen display. I recently started playing word wiz and the same thing is happening. More frequently then solitaire. I have no issues with ads. Game is free that way. I just wish I did not have to restart games. This is so you can get it fixed.

  34. Kelly says:

    It was great – until recently where long ads started popping up every time I lose a round or get “no useful moves detected”. No thanks – I don’t know why they changed it, but there are plenty of free versions of solitaire out there with just a few ads, so I’ll be uninstalling and downloading one of them instead. Greed leads to failure.

  35. Mary Ellen says:

    I have played this game for a long time and have enjoyed playing, until recently. You use to be able to click out of the ads quickly, within a few seconds, still getting the idea of the ad. Now you have to watch the entire ad (30 seconds +) then wait for the second screen to exit out. Only with some ads, it takes you to a white screen that requires you to exit out of the entire game to get rid of it. I feel like I’m being held hostage with the ads, unless you pay, your forced to watch. Bye

  36. Raine Crowe says:

    I started playing this game again this year. The ads are too long & hard to ‘x ‘ out of, but I would have still given this game 4 stars. Tonight the ads were brighter & flashed like a strobe. This kind of thing can cause seizures. If this isn’t fixed immediately, I will uninstall the game. There are plenty of other free solitaire games available.

  37. Sherida Glover says:

    Update: The developers listened and the game is back to being the relaxing experience it used to be. Old review: I used to love this version of solitaire. The ads would give me an X to click on to exit out of them in 6 seconds. I recommended it to many people because of that. Then they introduced a pay tier and now ads go to a second screen and don’t offer an X out until you go to the app store or exit from the game and go back.

  38. Alaska Angel says:

    Great way to waste your time. Skippable ads between most games, NEVER an ad during a game. Daily goals and challenges are good. NEED TO STOP THE MOVE COUNT AND TIMER ONCE THE GAME IS SOLVED AND AUTO-FINISH BEGINS. I also like that you can choose the difficulty. Not sure how other players are beating games in 30 seconds or less and under 100 moves??? How is it possible??

  39. Kevin Wilson says:

    The most recent update increased the number of ads significantly, making them more obtrusive. I used to play in Multiplayer Mode until my opponent dropped out before I saw an ad. Now there’s an ad between every hand and the game doesn’t signal that the opponent is leaving the game. When I reach the next plateau I’ll probably uninstall and find another way to pass the time

  40. Ryan Cluff says:

    Latest update significantly changed experience. the ad behavior is too overbearing (much more frequent, very slow for the”skip” buttons to appear, and multiple levels of “skip” required before continuing to the game), and made it so I can no longer listen to other app audio while playing. I used to love listening to audio books while playing solitaire, which is not possible anymore.

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