Solitaire Cat Islands-TriPeaks Mod Apk New 2022*


A completely tripeaks card game! There's no need to wait for hearts to refill!
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December 1, 2022
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Solitaire Cat Islands-TriPeaks Mod Apk New 2022*

A very best sport for you! Introducing Solitaire Cat Islands-Tripeaks! A fully TriPeaks solitaire recreation! There’s no wish to stay up for hearts to fill up!

Solitaire Cat Islands-TriPeaks Mod Apk New 2022* unencumber

★Classic Solitaire TriPeaks!★
Solitaire Cat Islands is a soothing recreation the place you play card video games whilst you go back and forth in a mysterious international.
It’s amusing and simple to take hold of! Experience vintage Solitaire TriPeaks gameplay!

Solitaire Cat Islands-TriPeaks Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

♣Fun with cats!♣
Do you prefer… cats via any likelihood?
Meet essentially the most pretty, superior cats which might be unique to this sport!

Solitaire Cat Islands-TriPeaks Mod Apk New 2022* apk

♠Mysterious phases!♠ The sport graphics make you are feeling such as you’re in a fairytale!
It’s about time you place off on an journey with cats to an astounding international.

Solitaire Cat Islands-TriPeaks Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

◇Challenge and gather!◇ Transparent the tough phases, and gather extra cat buddies! Particular rewards wait for you!

Solitaire Cat Islands-TriPeaks Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

♡Sit again and loosen up!♡
This recreation does no longer require web connection!
You don’t even need to look ahead to hearts to replenish!
It’s utterly loose, so have a laugh enjoying this sport up to you wish to have, any place, anytime!

Solitaire Cat Islands-TriPeaks Mod Apk New 2022*

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40 comments on "Solitaire Cat Islands-TriPeaks Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Anna Banana says:

    This company always does the best solitaire games! I’ve purchased no ads in their other three games, however this game is lacking a few key things where I did not buy this time. Changing card fronts, backs, and tables is locked behind a continuous pay wall! I used to enjoy trying to unlock all the cards, so this is extremely disappointing. Also, it’s only Tri Peaks, no other solitaire games. This game is beautiful and well polished, but their other games are better for long-term play.

  2. Cas Henthorne says:

    very fun. however, many of the ads I’ve been getting automatically pull up their Google play page at some point during the ad. This is unacceptable, and seems like it could pose a security risk for users.

  3. Alexis Stowell says:

    Game is fun. Love the art style and the cats are adorable. The only thing I don’t like so far is that the skip tickets will be used first when watching an ad (I know that sounds crazy but I rather choose wether I want to use them or just play the ad).

  4. The Lawrence Family says:

    I really liked this game. Levels don’t get harder so you can always have a relaxing game. Cute story line. Only downside was that when I reloaded app on new phone my game progress didn’t transfer. Edit: I am a fool who didn’t know how to get my game on a new device 😄 Thank you for the help stickyhands!

  5. Klaudia K says:

    Great game that is really enjoyable, and more fun with the little stories you get after each chapter. One star down only because the so called “ruby currency” seems impossible to earn, and I can’t seem to find a way to actually earn it. Shame because I really want to complete all the cat collections at some point.

  6. Hazel Chew says:

    Unskippable ads make it really annoying because they require you to click into the game and redirects you to the store page before allowing you to exit and return to the game. It’s cute and fun, but I’m uninstalling because I don’t like being forced to interact with the ads even after time runs out.

  7. ArcticOkami says:

    Went in to the app store looking for a normal game of solitaire for those random moments i wanna use my brain, and now an hour later I’m addicted to this adorable game! Unlike all my others, I don’t have to wait for lives to refill, which makes for much more enjoyable streamline playing. I don’t even mind going out of my way to watch an ad, because then I get bonuses out of it! Suffice to say, its a very enjoyable experience. 😻

  8. Jacob R says:

    I wanted to love it and gave it multiple chances but it’s too easy. I have 20 wild cards and 19 of the +5 card bonuses saved because it is so damn easy. Maybe it could be used to teach TriPeaks to my 5 year old, but otherwise this game is worthless. It’s a shame too because it was an interesting idea.

  9. Aourie says:

    Really love the game! However, sometimes I feel like the coin payout doesn’t make sense. Sometimes I’ll get twice as much for times when I need to use a lot of items vs barely anything for multiple combos

  10. Ashleigh Kenworthy says:

    I’m really enjoying this game so far! It’s cute, fun, and relaxing. I am noticing a bug with the new update, though. The games that are supposed to have the incrementing and decrementing cards no longer have these cards. The added challenge is missing and the game looks like an ordinary level. I’m only noticing it since the last update.

  11. Ben Trigg says:

    I have loved this game, but I’m incredibly disappointed in your decision to switch to alternative card layouts. I enjoyed that your game was the rare instance of a traditional tri-peaks game with an interesting concept. Now it plays like every other tri-peaks game out there and it’s definitely less fun than it was. The addition of the counter for number of cards left is great, though. With the new layouts I’m now looking forward to finishing the story and moving on from this game.

  12. Grace Moore says:

    Apologies for my earlier review (I can’t seem to edit it? Not sure why), after a bit of playing the new structures are growing on me! They’re a bit annoying sometimes but it’s not a dealbreaker for me. Still not a fan of the removal of the free undo and of the new restart price, but… Eh. Don’t really care that much I suppose. Cute game, fun storyline.

  13. Crystalline Lavender says:

    I really love this game! I play it pretty much every day, and collecting my little cats has become a constant in this chaotic world. I just got the update with the more diverse card layouts though, and I’m honestly not a huge fan. Maybe it would be good to have an option to choose between the normal tri-peaks and the different layouts? I don’t like being forced to play the different ones every time, I’d much prefer the usual.

  14. Gretta Bunn says:

    Love this game, it’s cute, the music is really relaxing, and you can collect cats! Not a fan of the newest update though with the different card layouts. I find it difficult to see all the cards when they’re scattered around and I’ve found I’m having to end games or use items a lot more now so it’s taken the relaxing feeling out of the game. Would be better if we could choose the card layouts (either original or different)

  15. sushi says:

    EDIT: WOW this new update is BAD. First off, I start the game and it freezes in the middle of the cards shuffling into place- the menu still responds but the game itself is borked. I thought, whatever, new update, bugs are normal- and then I see that restarting a game has a GEM COST NOW. Coupled with the removal of the one free undo per game, this is a sharp pivot away from being a relaxing game that doesn’t demand microtransactions, into being exactly as awful as all other games on the store.

  16. Erin Carver says:

    Really enjoying this game. It’s a great solitaire game to pass time at a bus stop, or waiting for an appointment, etc. My only complaint is that catnip is so important, but you get it so slowly (unless you’re willing to watch ads or lean on the cash shop). I wish there was something like a plant seeds/idle to grow/log-in to harvest mechanic to help me be more motivated to log-in throughout the day, instead of “I play for dailies and then I don’t touch it.” Still, a very cute and charming game.

  17. Owl Pirate says:

    I’ve only been playing for a week now, and I am hooked! I am in love with this game.. it is adorable, fun, and addicting. Story line is cute, the graphics are beautiful. This is a very relaxing game, your not pressured to do stuff, and best of all, no commercials in your face, every second! (unless you want to, and you get very nicely rewarded for it too!) Everyone did a wonderful job on this! 5 stars..🤩

  18. Link Breza says:

    I like the game there is cute cats and themes the levels are fun. Theres also cute things you can dress up your cat with. But I have text problems, sometimes the pages of text letters or words are missing. So if I watch an ad for more cards in a level after the ad ends the options page will pop up. But on the options page letters will be missing. I tried closing and opening the app but it still happens if also happens with other text in the app it’s annoying.

  19. Katherine Carr says:

    Enjoyable solitaire game with cute characters and storyline. The newest update kind of ruined it for me though. Edit: I tried to give it a chance, but there are no tripeaks layouts anymore, I can’t see half of the new layouts properly and most levels are almost impossible to win without items. I absolutely do not like the restart cost – either you can keep a good win ratio OR you can have the characters. I no longer enjoy playing this game and will be uninstalling.

  20. Lick It Stick It says:

    Most addictive game I hav3le ever played. I love the story and collecting the cats. Wish more outfits and special offers were around. Too bad updates are slow. The extra hidden objects games should give out rubies even after the three you win. Make catnip easier. I do not mind paying for more stuff! I love this game!

  21. Alan Billano says:

    Generally I enjoyed the game, the art was cute and I’ve gotten fairly far having just finished getting the sunken ship in chapter 11. I’ve been fine with the ads and overall gameplay. Would’ve rated 4 or 5 stars but I literally just recieved an unwinnable level. The type where you unblock two paired cards, except one of the paired cards is underneath the other one. There’s no way to finish and after an over 1000 game streak it’s pretty frustrating. 2 stars since it was fun before.

  22. Kandie Jordan says:

    Thanks for making it available to play offline!!! I’ve been playing this game for a little bit. this game is very cute and I love the characters and the story and tripeaks!! I do have to say with the update before this one they had changed the layout of the cards and I’m actually really glad because it does give a more challenging gameplay because your eyes have to adjust to the way the cards are. Sideways, angled, etc. So I really love this game! it is very cute adorable cat solitaire!

  23. Mona says:

    Nice game, always something new with the card game to ensure it doesn’t get boring. Has lots of cute and fun characters. Good reward system and some fun challenges. Graphics are fantastic and colorful pictorials. Not a lot of adds. Very family friendly. Love this game. I recommend trying this game, you will not regret.

  24. Meya Dionisio says:

    I love this game! It’s a great mind-sharpening game for you. The items are nice, but I really like the challenge of not applying the items and just winning the levels by yourself. I have been looking for a game that’s fun, involves thinking, great game for car rides AND…. BINGO! Thanks for making such a cute and fun game for the brain! 😁

  25. Velvet Remedy says:

    I’ve chipped away hours of boredom and work days on this game. The ads are slightly intrusive, playing an ad every 5 games or so, but overall it’s tolerable. The story element adds just enough motivation that it doesn’t feel like you’re wasting time.

  26. Chelsea Huguet says:

    The game is cute and the quests and mini games are nice additions but the ads are too long and some of them are impossible to close, forcing me to close the app and restart.

  27. sarah B says:

    Love this game except for the constant ads for the ‘wordscape’ game that go on and on, and and pop up randomly. If they were interesting, fine, but they’re not, they must be a good deterrent, as they show how boring the game is. It spoils the game, i keep playing because i love the game, the cats are so cute!

  28. Caroll Wallace says:

    it’s a real cute story and I think adults would like it too if they like cats even better if not it’s still a cute story and lots of incentives to just keep going first day I pleaded I played for an hour and a half of course I didn’t have any chores to do but I still had fun

  29. Ruby Gloom says:

    The amount of nonsense I had to go through TO GAIN ACESS TO THE SETTINGS BUTTON was ridiculous. LET PEOPLE ACESS THE SETTING STRAIGHT AWAY, RIGHT WHEN THE GAME STARTS, SCREW GOING THROUGH 3 TUTORIAL BEFORE I GET THERE. I don’t even want to play this anymore.

  30. Vincent Price says:

    Art is very cute and gameplay is pleasant, not frustrating like in some mobile games. That being said, there’s a chapter about a “tribe” that’s not great. The other chapters are about imaginary worlds, but indigenous people are actually real (just presented stereotypically here). The main problem with this is that one of the collections unlocks a w*ndigo set piece. That’s a creature from a real current religious practice, and you’re not supposed to say its name. Would be better to patch that out

  31. Patti VanHorn says:

    I absolutely love this game. I enjoy the graphics and the cats and their adventures. The game challenges me to pick the right card. This is my stress reliever after work. ❤❤

  32. Melody Pope says:

    Cute game, nice graphics, I enjoy the levels like with the cheshire cat or “frozen” cards…but it sure doesn’t take long to get to a pt where you can’t win a game without using all your power ups, and half the time you still don’t win after using them all. I get that yall gotta make money but it just feels weird

  33. Vi Coulter says:

    This is a cute and creative game. 🙂 It feels like it gets a little harder at just the right rate. It appeals to one’s gambling weakness, so I recommend setting an app timer on it.

  34. Ariel Wakeham says:

    Not too many adds I feel. I did recently start playing, but so far I’m loving the story and the art. I also feel like the game does not do too much, or have a surplus of unnecessary features you have to spend actual money on.

  35. Robin Berling says:

    Too many ads that interrupt the game while you are playing a hand, then it freezes up the phone and then you have to restart the game. Is it really necessary to show all those ads like that, back to back to back to back…geez

  36. m-c-h malte (mchMadness) says:

    beautiful – loveable really entertaining game. A1+ to your team for this game, thanks!

  37. Steph says:

    This game is so neat! The art is well done, the characters, the game play, well done to the team that created it!

  38. Ina Verina Rosali says:

    Love them cats! Even tho the plot makes no sense to me ahahhaa

  39. AjustedData374 says:

    The game itself is fun but needing a gb of space for every update makes it not sustainable.

  40. Mary Gillies says:

    All around wonderful game – the animation style is pleasing and all the scenery is adorable. The ads (so far) have not been intrusive and I’m hoping it stays that way

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