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A perfect match of twisty adventures and challenging puzzles
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December 9, 2022
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Riddle Road Mod Apk

Young journalist Abigail Fletcher is set to head on an enormous journey! 🧳Numerous locations📍, tough mysteries🦄, thrilling tales of a small American the town Oldbridge🏘, difficult puzzles🧩, and new acquaintances 🙋‍♀️ – that is principally the whole lot one may just ask for! Sign up for Abbie and discover all of her circle of relatives secrets and techniques, train the villains en path a lesson or two, and apply carefully the entire plot twists! 📖

Riddle Street Mod Apk apk mod new

Key options:
🔸 Impressive places, magnetic characters, and plenty of difficult duties! You might be about to mend the previous lighthouse, repair an deserted manufacturing facility, remedy the thriller of an previous locomotive and what no longer!
🔸 Revel in mini-games for your personal style! Hidden gadgets, in finding variations, and lots of different sorts of puzzles – that’s precisely what you want for a super destroy! You might be no doubt as much as the problem!
🔸 Addictive solitaire ranges with various mechanics – play one card up or one card down out of your draw pile and you’re all set for luck!
🔸 Don’t put out of your mind about robust boosters that can make any tough solitaire degree a work of cake! Transparent the puzzle board with a couple of faucets? Simple!

Riddle Highway Mod Apk apk

Abbie can’t look forward to you to sign up for her at the journey, remedy all varieties of mysteries, and crack puzzles and solitaire ranges at the means! Get started your quest to develop into a real detective and a solitaire professional!


40 comments on "Riddle Road Mod Apk"

  1. alanna salzman says:

    Was maybe a 3 star game until they updated the game and locked the levels behind a pay wall. Now you can attempt to solve one level a day and if you fail you have to pay to retry. You also have to pay for new levels. Levels are frequently impossible yo beat even if you play perfectly because the cards are randomly assigned. 0/10 Uninstalled.

  2. Jenn Elischer says:

    Nice game, but pretty much a money suck. Everything costs. It costs to play, to keep playing, to progress in the game, to buy coins you’ve already earned. Fair graphics, nice soundtrack. A confusing storyline that goes off in several directions at once. There are better solitaire games out there. Nice try, though. Too bad you got greedy. Uninstalling.

  3. Vera-Ann Talamoa says:

    It took a minute to get used to the new update, but I’ve built a nice buffer of coins and the game gives a lot of chances to get more coins. The characters and art style is great. I definitely recommend if you’re into intriguing plots and challenging solitaire.

  4. Victoria Haag (Viki) says:

    Really enjoy playing this game. Problem is it cost a ridiculous amount of gold coins to buy the +5 cards, or a single wild card and increases by as much as double almost if you need to buy another +5 cards. Disappointing for players on a monthly fixed disability income for example. very, very disappointing. I am very willing to I watch advertisements to increase gold, get boosters, etc. I would have easily given 5 ★ otherwise. Very unfortunate.

  5. Star lite says:

    It is fun. And not over the top with advertisement. When I play a game, if every second I move and there is an advertisement, I will delete. Ones that are not over the top with advertisement, I tend to purchase. I want to actually try out a game without being bombarded with advertisement. I may end up purchasing this one.

  6. Mark Cotter says:

    It starts off well. Nice story line, enjoyable solitaire type game. However, after about level 100, it becomes near impossible to actually win a hand on the first try without spending money for help. It was taking on average 3 to 5 times of replaying the same hand to win. And when you need 3 hand wins to move the story forward, it was no longer enjoyable. Basically having to play 3 hands up to 15 replays to finally get the stars to move forward. It got boring quickly at that point. Uninstalled

  7. Mirthrandor Baggins says:

    It started out fine, but rapidly went from a pay to win game to a pay to play game. The only way to play without spending money, is to build a large enough coin base before starting a solitaire game. This means collecting coins once an hour,and finding all the hidden coins that you can. After each solitaire game, the amount of coins needed continues to increase to the point of the absurd.

  8. Joseph Valentine says:

    I like the game but as you move up in levels and hit games that cannot win you run into the big issue: the amount of coins needed to start a game keeps increasing… but… the number of coins you win each level is very small. That means you either need to buy coins or be patient and only play a game or 2 at a time until coins recharge. Rewards foe winning a level need to be rewards and allow to to play longer. I have been playing a while and ready to move on if this does not change.

  9. Jen Raymond says:

    In the beginning I loved this game, but now after playing so long I don’t win as much. Always comes down to the last card and can’t get the right card for the final play. Then have to start all over again, and spend more coins. Didn’t have any ads in the beginning, now there is ads. I have to spend so many coins before am able to win 1 level.

  10. Jill Redd says:

    like playing different types of puzzles in the same game. You don’t need to spend real money if you choose the give up option. The game eventually let’s you win the level with out buying any extras. Love the story line behind all the puzzles. Just quit play tries to expensive now at 10k you really don’t want poor people playing.

  11. Teldryn Sero says:

    Just a little sound problem. The game sounds are super duper low, and you can barely hear them over the background sounds. Anyway they can be boosted, or add a slider to adjust it ourselves? Overall, it’s a fun game. Loving the story and the artwork is adorable!

  12. Zana C says:

    Had To Stop. I really enjoyed the story line, the characters, and the games involved, but I had to stop playing. The coins needed to play doubled and tripled. I had to pay for two or three five card extras to finish a game. Usually the cards I got had three of four of the same cards. It was too coin consuming in just the beginning of the third level. I could see that by maybe level ten but not three. Too bad I really was enjoying this game.

  13. Peggy R says:

    This is a fun game. So far it doesn’t take a lot of brain work so it’s perfect for when I’m feeling lazy or before bed. The graphics are very good and the variety of puzzles keep it interesting. So far there aren’t any ads! I will remove a game if I start getting too many ads. I do recommend this game for all ages. its fun. I gave 4 stars because its a little too easy. If it gets a bit tougher I will change it to a 5 star rating!

  14. Sandy Walker says:

    Very cute game! Great graphics, variety of game play and intriguing story. The only thing I wish was different was the card game – so many weird card types. I’d rather just play that card game as is without the fancy card types. And now they’ve added gambling. Keep it simple, devs! I get tired of playing the card game as it seems to take a lot of stars to make very slow progress in the story. Wish it was faster! Surprised there’s no ads yet. Thanks for making a fun game! 😊

  15. Alicia Hopkins says:

    Started out really loving it. But quickly went thru all game coins and not enough options to gain the needed coins to advance. The gameplay and the idea is great. But balance is very off, cost more to play then winnings. I spend to much time waiting for small daily coins. But when on a lucky run it’s fun. Really to bad.

  16. Tammy Davis-McKinney says:

    I absolutely love the game and story line. It’s addictive. But DISAPPOINTED the levels get extremely difficult. I am level up in 2000. And it is extremely hard to get coins to keep playing. Need to have the extra 25% win ad after EVERY play, but boost it to 50% or 60%! I cannot keep sinking money into the game to keep playing! Too expensive. Also ran out of episodes. We need more episodes plz asap.

  17. Courtney Sands says:

    It costs so much to play a level and you don’t even win back more than 300 coins. That’s ridiculous, seeing a level costs at least 3000 coins to play. This was fun but when you are playing they always give you the same card. One time I pulled 5 queens in a row, which doesn’t even make sense. And they want you to buy coins… LOL!! I would if it were actually worth it but it’s not. I loved this game before the ads too. Now it’s just like every other one out there. HUGE buy in.. NO PAY OUT.

  18. txtriciaok says:

    Love the game! The problem is after you play a while the cost of coins necessary for playing as opposed to the coins you earn is so disproportionate that you have to not play or purchase coins that will be spent very quickly. I made a purchase to try to have a balance to be able play for a good while daily. It’s just impossible unless you have the $ and can spend quite a bit regularly. It’s a shame because the game is fun and challenging…One of the best games of its kind

  19. Ange F says:

    Warning: this game is ADDICTIVE!!! A good game of strategy as you try to make the longest runs of cards possible. I wish there was a wider variety of puzzles aside from just cards and the odd puzzle here and there (they are also extremely too easy). The cost to play the puzzles increases along the way, but thankfully the game’s creators provide little mini challenges and rewards all throughout the game (and on a daily basis) which gives ample opportunity to earn more coins.

  20. Leanne Slankard says:

    Really like the game, however, when you opt for the larger amount in the “purse” by watching an Ad, one Ad keeps locking up the game and you get nothing because you have to force stop the game to be able to play again. Very frustrating. The Ad is by Yohana. Otherwise it would be 5 stars!

  21. JG says:

    Why is it when you beat a level without using boosters that you only win about 4% more than what the level cost, but each booster cost 150% more? And it’s barely once out of every 5 attempts that’s even possible. Cut the scam, match what each level cost if you win, and give 50% back if you lose. Then I’ll keep playing and keep paying the real money towards it, otherwise bye! I wouldn’t go to a casino in the world with them odds and obviously this game is pay to play.

  22. Donna Penny says:

    good idea for a game but a bit too easy needs to be more difficult for adults, more for the younger age group. however it does seem like theres a storyline to follow and its going somewhere ot just aimlessly tapping the screen to pass levels. if made more challenging for the older person i think a large variety of people might enjoy it, good for a change.

  23. Jamie Cockshott says:

    Update: Great game,I’ve had this game a while now (on level 1546), love the freebies,mini games etc…, only problem is sometimes (not every time) when watching an ad to gain extra coins etc… the screen just goes completely blank (as if your phone is turned off) & I have to reload the game. Everything is still saved etc… so this is more of an annoyance than anything else. Keep up the great work.

  24. Gavin Evans says:

    Having issues at level 405!! Every time I attempt to go on to this level (405), it loads up the cards, and then boots me out of the app completely. I’ve tried resetting app and also uninstalling and reinstalling it. But nothing. I’m not happy ad I’ve recently spent a few pounds on in game things. HELP!!

  25. Uci P. Mulyadi says:

    Overall it is really good, amazing visuals, fun gameplay, great SFX, interesting events, I love everything about it. BUT. Listen to me, developers. Have you ever tried yourself how your level is extremely hard to pass that it needs an ultimate luck to be able to go to the next level? And do you realise that it keeps wasting your coins when you fail those levels, and you need days to finally play again with satisfying coin amounts? DON’T REPLY ME WITH A TEMPLATE.

  26. K Tavane Griffith says:

    Regretfully uninstalling. Once ads were added, the new version was unstable and barely playable. So many problems with ads! They don’t play, they don’t work (players can’t exit out of credit karma ads to get rewards, etc) They should be paying users to test the beta. I contact the team daily for issues and it’s just not fun anymore.

  27. Mrs. Jacob E. Hamburg says:

    Loved this game. Cute graphics and storyline. Play as long as i want. Until the latest update. Now i get ads randomly between levels. It’s so difficult to find an enjoyable game that won’t hit you with ads. So, when an ad comes up, the game gets closed. Uninstalling is highly likely.

  28. Theresa Sampson says:

    Was fun to start off prizes were good, games were challenging but possible. But now unless you put some serious cash into it you won’t be able to make it through the different levels. And the storyline just seems to drag on forever. I play games to relax and when they have the parts where you have to click the cards in 10 seconds or miss them that just adds to my stress, ruins the fun for me. It’s time for me to delete and try something a little more fun but less stress, goodbye Riddle Road.

  29. liliya grinfeld says:

    I like this game, it’s nice story, and graphic, but I hate these hard levels solitaire games, with chains, ropes, curtains, and all other stuff that you have to beat, why can’t it only be a classic solitaire game with out all these problems? Unfortunately I have to uninstall it, too bad, I would love to go to the end, but too many problems.

  30. Syida says:

    Every features is really amazing and been playing this game for a while. But now everytime i want to start playing, my screen went blank or it hang..then restart the game i will loose money..so frustrating as you know it is not easy to get a money. Please help to fix this issue. I have uninstall and install back the game, the issue remains the same.

  31. Ann Marie Davis says:

    After playing the game for several months, I have come across several issues. The option for watching an ad for +3 cards is nice…..except when I have to keep tapping on the card til the ad finally pops up. And there have been times where the ad DOESN’T pop up and I have to forfeit the game. For the Board Game, the board jumps to lower winnings then how many dice were played (played 60 but winnings were at the 40 level). It should change to the 40 level when there are 40 or less dice to play.

  32. Chrissy says:

    I wanted to really like this game but the amount of coins it takes to play a puzzle is more than what you can obtain by beating a puzzle. Not all scenes have interactions that produce coins and having to wait an hour for the wallet to refresh is just not worth it. Events give coins but the only way you can get rewards is by beating puzzles which you can’t do if you don’t have enough coins to play. Also there are grammatical errors in this game. Seems like a subpar game that was thrown together.

  33. Teri K says:

    Have to draw 5 very expensive extra cards 99% of the time. You never get a match on the first card during game play. The rewards aren’t enough to compensate for constantly having to draw 5 extra cards. There are daily missions, but it’s the ones that you can only accomplish 3 at a time and of course one of them is to play with your cost raised by 2 or 3, which would cause you to run out of coins even faster. I don’t really like games with a story anyway. Don’t remember any ads=expensive.

  34. Michelle Smith says:

    I love this game. It’s challenging. Love the graphics and the story line. It’s fun. I’d give it 5 stars but it’s too hard as you go along. I love a challenge but unless your spending money, you only get to play a round an hr. And it’s most frustrating when you can’t get past a level. It takes you days at one game an hr. And most ppl have to work and can’t log in every hour.

  35. Heather Davis says:

    So basically you lose WAY more than you win and have to wait an hour to play again. The rewards aren’t sufficient for you to actually be able to play enough to get invested in the game. It’s pretty much lose and wait. No mini games to earn tokens, no timed free play to earn. Nothing that really makes you want to keep playing.

  36. Gail Florance says:

    An enjoyable game, good story, but the story moves so slow. 4 stars to extend a ladder!!!! You seem to have a winning streak, then a losing streak. Will continue for now.Nothing has changed, getting too hard, I’ve lost the thread of the story. Now it’s 4stars to put a ball in a bowl I mean really!!! Uninstalling.

  37. underrated music says:

    Don’t bother playing or spending real money. You’ll just lose them all on rigged levels and trying to earn more coins that aren’t even enough to last a few days of game play (if lucky). They make it seem like the side games are there to help you gain coins, in reality they’re there to drain the coins you spend so long trying to save. Also, don’t listen to their “every level is winnable” reply. They’re only winnable once you spend real money/waste your coins on boosters & extra cards.

  38. underrated music says:

    Don’t bother playing or spending money. You’ll lose them all on rigged levels and trying to earn more coins that aren’t even enough to last a few days of game play (if lucky). They make it seem like the side games are there to help you gain coins, but they’re there to drain the coins you spend so long trying to save. Also, don’t listen to their “every level is winnable” reply. They’re only winnable once you spend real money/waste your coins on boosters & extra coins.

  39. Jennifer Kruger says:

    great game! keeps enough going on to hold my attention but not so much that I feel rushed. cheerful graphics and cute story. great job!!! Update: I have gotten to where I can’t play without spending money. Please make things less expensive so I can use in game coins. Or maybe a one time pay.

  40. zach rishling says:

    This game is having an identity crisis. Not only is it falsely advertised as a “puzzle”game, it’s a pretty boring and repetitive solitaire game. For the game it is, it seems well designed. But the false advertising pisses me off. No thanks!

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