Mighty Heroes: Multiplayer PvP Apk Download New 2022 Version*


A multiplayer fantasy card game designed for mobile! Build your deck and win!
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March 17, 2022
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Mighty Heroes: Multiplayer PvP Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Mighty Heroes is an authentic fable card recreation designed from the bottom up for cell. Gather superior playing cards, create your deck and duel different gamers on-line in thrilling 1on1 battles!

Mighty Heroes: Multiplayer PvP Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* unencumber

– OVER One hundred eighty PLAYING CARDS – Accumulate and discover ways to use they all – 10 DISTINCTIVE HEROES – Every one with their distinctive game-changing talents – HAND-DRAWN GRAPHICS – Uncover superior, top of the range illustrations
– ON-LINE PVP – Duel different gamers in multiplayer suits – DEEP GAMEPLAY MECHANICS – Simple to be informed, tough to grasp!

Mighty Heroes: Multiplayer PvP Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

Transform one of the most Mighty Heroes and lead your unswerving armies to victory! Forged tough spells that adjust the tides of fight! Problem different avid gamers from all over the international and stay combating for dominance in an awe-inspiring land of unbelievable creatures, valiant knights and omnipotent mages.

Mighty Heroes: Multiplayer PvP Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

Mighty Heroes takes the concept that of a collectible card recreation, and with ingenious gameplay and really planned aesthetic possible choices makes it shine on cellular. The sport is designed to be transparent and comprehensible even on a smaller display whilst conserving the intensity and tactical versatility of the best titles within the style.

Mighty Heroes: Multiplayer PvP Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

With its unique tackle card interactions and struggle, Mighty Heroes is certain to attraction to each fanatics of card video games and fully new avid gamers alike. The sport is simple to snatch at a primary look. Simply get started a fit and stay finding regulations as you pass – it’s that straightforward! Stay enjoying, and you’ll be finding new cool interactions and chances repeatedly!

Mighty Heroes: Multiplayer PvP Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

Along with that, the sport takes some inspirations from the preferred MOBA style to stay issues thrilling and unpredictable. Each and every of the ten to be had heroes has personal, distinctive persona and three tough abilities that can be utilized throughout battles. We will be able to even be introducing new heroes with long run updates!

Mighty Heroes: Multiplayer PvP Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

Make a choice your heroes, mix their particular talents with playing cards of your opting for and stay finding new potent methods to stay you on the best of the sport!


40 comments on "Mighty Heroes: Multiplayer PvP Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Aragorn Ryleigh says:

    I am a new player, and I do like the game, put their is a issue, the game crashed on me twice in the middle of my play, the other thing is with the new addition to the game are you going to have some packs set up, so we can get better characters, or a way to pay for single cards and not just with the dust? As I said it is a good game, and I am enjoying the game over all.

  2. Shandy Welss says:

    The concept of the game is fun, very similar to Hearthstone. Unfortunately the game is currently riddled with a wide variety of bugs that many players exploit to give themselves an advantage in ranked play. The development team must either be short staffed or not realize there is an issue because no efforts are being made to combat bug abuse or improve the game itself to get rid of connection issues and other bugs that are present. With improvements I’d rate this game 5 stars, but it needs work.

  3. Jerael Bartholomeo says:

    Its ok. A bit similar to heartstone. Dont like that minions dont defend just attack, so that kills a bit of tactics. 35 hp for heroes is a bit too much, games last too long. Nice grapfic system. Need more cards. Card packs are ultra ultra expensive. In total, it has potential.

  4. Marian Renfield says:

    A fresh experience in the CCG genre! I picked this game up months ago and I’m still very much in love with it. Pay to play/ Pay to Win doesn’t exist here and the game really focuses on what you as a player can do instead of what cards you have. With a helpful community and devs that constantly communicate with the players I see a bright future ahead for this game!

  5. Helton Gard says:

    Lovely game inspired and identical to hearthstone. Still many bugs to solve, which all lead to an unfair and unbalanced game. 1)sometimes creatures dont attack 2)sometimes their effect dont work 3) i clicked surrender by accident, didn’t even asked me if i was sure and i lost the game, even though i was a turn from winning

  6. Carrington Robertia says:

    So far it’s awesome but youve got to add some boss fights in the campaign when you add it… Make it more of a unique/challenging story. Also, it would be great to have dofferent game board backgrounds (snow, forest, lake, etc). Overall i love the portrait mode gameplay!

  7. Jacquanette Evans says:

    Hi Devs. This is a good game but i have a problem here. Sometimes the game stopped and exit to my phone home screen while loading a battle. This is a bit frustrating especially if I’m trying to play in Arena because I automatically got a Lose for that battle. This problem become worse after the recent update. I’ve been kicked from the game 5 times in a row and I’m losing a lot of trophies. Hope you can fix this soon. Edit: The latest update has fixed this problem. Thanks Devs

  8. Brinly Neued says:

    It’s a fun game but when in battle there should be a replace option to switch out one card and get another card instead. It will obviously be totally random and only to be used once per turn. Apart from that one thing it’s a great game

  9. Tessie Dessiree says:

    Overall pretty good. The UI isn’t great and some aspects (buying/opening packs, editing deck and attack selections) aren’t very smooth, additional being able to queue up actions would add to that. Otherwise enjoyable and seems pretty valanced so far.

  10. Harlen Faune says:

    Pro: The game mechanics are similar to hearthstone but the variation comes in with heroes belonging to dual clans which makes you think about synergies to overcome situations. There is a lot of scope for improvement Con: Since heroes need balancing like increasing the cost of power or turns before it can be used again. If you make a deck of rare or better cards probability of winning is very high without thinking about synergies.

  11. Lanette Cathia says:

    Feels very cramp. Every thing is supersize. You only have max 5 units on board but on the other hand 3 hero skills. With one you can use in every turn but the other 2 more powerful skills have a cooldown. Combat wise it’s feels like a downgrade from eternal or hearthstone. It’s simplified.

  12. Heardwine Pete says:

    The tutorial was a little short, I think they should invest some more time in that. Overall I’m very please I’m sure someone notice that it’s very similar hearthstone but hey I’m enjoying the stress already only 5 games in.

  13. Chill Jorcina says:

    Game is great, it feels like a nice blend of magic the gathering and hearthstone with enough of its own mechanics to be unique. If you like constructed card games you will enjoy this game as well. I’ve been playing for a little while and doing well without spending any money. Between daily quests and arena runs you make enough currency to buy like 3-5 packs of cards a day so it definitely doesn’t feel p2w. The game is still developing and I love that I can get a headstart on such a cool game!

  14. Ravinger Candace says:

    It’s definitely a Hearthstone clone, BUT it is its own thing. Easy to pick up if you’re into card games, not as big as HS mobile so don’t wait forever in loading screens. Still in its infancy so if you’re tired of getting wrecked in other card games install this one to be on an even playing field w/o buying your way. Some cards need balancing, but otherwise I’m in it for the long haul. Please consider getting on PC. I’d love to stream this game.

  15. Galahad Dwana says:

    The ranking system is not balanced, novice players with basic cards, fight with the hard opponents with different level. How to win if like that. Less widely available cards, special powers of hero characters are unbalanced.

  16. Kacey Allin says:

    Really good game and am enjoying myself, although there are plenty of improvements that should be made. Great QoL example, when you are making decks in the deck creator you should be allowed to see cards you don’t own and be able to create them. Having to back out of the deck and go to collections for this is clunky and unintuitive. Other complaint is the items you get for disenchanting a card vs what is required to make one is way out of whack. Should be 50% of the card creation imo.

  17. Katlin Dominique says:

    Its a very easy to play game, fun, and one of the best card games I’ve ever played online, you can actually get legendary cards without spending real money. And they are adding a story mode. I honestly hope that this game does well and continues to grow. It’s truly a good game

  18. Cloyd Birdy says:

    I think it’s very fun. But a lot of the times I feel like I’m just playing against a computer. I wish there was an friend request button so I can play some of the other players that I’ve had good games with before is that make sense? Anyway three stars it could be five with just a little tweaking

  19. Diggory Teressa says:

    I feel the devs behind Mighty Heroes must be gamers themselves because they took a very well established formula and really improved upon it. The heroes are all very interesting and well designed, each having access to 3 hero powers that can be used to support your decks strategy. I also love the artwork! Sadly, i feel that some will dismiss it simply as a clone when i think the devs are to be congratulated on their efforts to build upon the formula. Keep it up you’ve done a great job dev team!

  20. Annabelle Rance says:

    Pros: All currency can be earned, easily, in-game. Artwork, atmosphere, voice acting and asthetic are all top-tier. Phenomenal job. All cards can be crafted by saving up material, including the Golden cards. No RNG here, unless you want it. Dev Team seems passionate, excited for future content. Cons: Store items can be a bit pricey, it’s actually much easier to grind for it. Lacks some QoL features atm. Some Leaders are very bad compared to others. Unusually-paced duels. 10/10 95/100

  21. Helton Jenalyn says:

    Really good balance and card animations, you can play without transactions although I recommend a few of the deals, pretty good value for the price, also tons of heroes to play as.

  22. Tiane Lynet says:

    Interesting basics, a variation of hearthstone. Very poor balance in heroes, very little content, poor matchmaking, definitely bots controlling some of your opponents, glitches etc. Might be good someday.

  23. Cadawg Kristalena says:

    Nice, short tutorial. It’s easy enough to win with a free starter deck (currently 4 wins from 5 matches). The game mechanics are different enough to make this feel new. Love it so far.

  24. Areal Calanthia says:

    It’s honestly not a bad game. A good alternative from the inspired favorite. I like the graphics and visuals, but the sound effects and voice acting is quite bad and mediocre to say the least.

  25. azmii says:

    Some feature still bug. For example when u delete deck. U cant make new deck after that keep getting error. That a huge bug and should be fix fast. The game play is good and simple. I enjoy playing.

  26. Dave says:

    I’m really enjoying this game. It plays similar to the other CCG’s out there but it focuses more on placement of cards in the battlefield. And I particularly like the vertical profile while playing. I haven’t had to pay any money and I can earn 1-3 new packs a day by focusing on the daily challenges. I’m looking forward to the story mode that’s coming soon.

  27. Sacha Frenette says:

    For the most part, I absolutely love this game. However, there are sometimes little glitches here and there. At the moment, when the game starts up it’s prompting me to claim my season reward but every time I do it gives a message saying “Internet connection unavailable. Please check your connection. (M17)”. I have no problem with my connection other than with this game. Unfortunately this is preventing me from playing the game at all.

  28. Amar Duranovic says:

    It’s alright. The arena is entertaining but there’s a lot of botters because you get more back than it costs to enter (which is nice in terms of F2P) but you meet a lot of bots and it also has a tendency to freeze often (when opponent concedes, runs out of time, etc) essentially forcing you to close the app and take a loss even if you have won. As a result of this, it’s hard to give it more than 3 stars. It’s a mediocre time-killer but it quickly gets repetitive and, the skill ceiling is rather low, and it freezes often enough to be annoying.

  29. Daniel Grey says:

    This game is among my fun and worth playing list for sure, only wish there was a system for upgrading cards just to add to the list of rewards and of course that’s other the current upgrades from normal to gold. I eagerly await the opening of the campaign version.

  30. donald green says:

    Used to be a fun game, but since I stopped making purchases since I have all the cards unlocked it seems my decks are now always stacked expensive on draw so no early plays to drawing my progressively weaker cards as the game goes on. Essentially guaranteeing a loss no matter how I restack my decks. Uninstalling and never looking back.

  31. Wuku says:

    Update: Game problems fixed, this is actually a pretty fun game! Raising from 2 to 4 stars. Whenever I try to start playing(I’m only on the tutorial)I get a message stating “your session has expired, the game will be restarted” continuously. Guess it’s not supported anymore. Shame.

  32. K Bowers says:

    Great CCG! I have been playing for about a week and I am impressed. Not sure why some reviews say its unfair because i have not experienced that. Its not pay to win either. It lacks a campaign mode right now and there isn’t a lot of cards, but i feel like all that it is missing is worth the wait. Well done developers!

  33. Hame Kharpuri says:

    Simple to understand, simple to play, no p2w mechanics, legendary cards are a grind but they’re not over powered, many low level cards can overcome them if played correctly. I was on a 34 winning streak with only using an assassin deck with no level 7+ cards. Edit 1: network bug has been fixed, I can play it again, let’s go! I love this game!

  34. G “760MaTiC” M says:

    Love the game. But I almost have all the cards. It would be nice to have more cards added to the game. And the only real bad thing is, when I watch a ad to double my reward, I don’t get my reward, sometimes I have to watch 4 ads till I finally get it. 🤷‍♂️

  35. Carniveus says:

    After playing for a while, I have revisited my review. Whether you want to play aggro or control, this game actively punishes strategy. The best decks can just play cards with reckless abandon. It has potential as a ccg, but needs work. Fun in short bursts.

  36. J Mc says:

    Its fun, but has serious issues with disconnecting & forcing you to shutdown app then open up hoping you haven’t skipped too many turns to have a chance. If you play often it happens to either you or the opponent about 20% of games!

  37. Igor Martinovic says:

    Great game overall, free for the most part and in deapth when you start gathering one color duplicates which stack 2-3 per deck, a nice change for me comming from a different game. Seems a bit fresh on expansions!

  38. Synth Wave says:

    Great game!!! I have tried lots of card games and I find this one very fun and addictive. I would definitely recommend it to others. Please add more cards, expansion packs and story.

  39. Seattle Sauce says:

    Edit:still no campaign/single player mode. So down a star……. Original:game now works. Has a lot of potential. For that only i give 4 stars. I only like solo campaigns (as too many idiots ruin pvp for me) and unfortunately this doesnt have a solo campaign option. States story mode is coming soon. Once it does (if it does) i will up to 5 stars. Could be a really fun game if so.

  40. Aswordジャヤット says:

    just play but pvp suck,, played 5 times but always meets reconnecting n ain’t playing player… hope there’ll b system that let reconnect n ain’t moving player just lose automatically

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