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A fast-paced strategic card battler from the creators of Magic: The Gathering.
4/5 Votes: 3,324
Wizards of the Coast LLC
November 8, 2022
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Magic Spellslingers Premium Apk

From the minds at the back of Magic: The Collection comes Magic Spellslingers, a fast paced strategic card battler filled with heroes as distinctive as you. Play with hearth! Command a kraken! Struggle from the shadows! Select a Spellslinger who suits your playstyle and persona.
Will you carry the warmth with Chandra? Scouse borrow the display with Kaya? Encourage your squad with Ajani? Make a choice from a various roster of Spellslingers, each and every with their very own skills, methods, and strong playing cards so that you can unharness on combatants.

Spellslingers is your gateway to the arena of Magic. Sharpen your abilities with demanding situations for each first-time mages and battle-tested veterans alike. Soar into the struggle at house or at the pass, and slice via your festival with fast paced suits which might be simple to pick out up and a laugh to grasp.
  WORKFORCE UP WITH BUDDIES Sign up for a staff to proportion sources and decks with your mates, then problem them to a pleasant fit. Chat, strategize, and stage up your recreation.
  MORE POTENT WITH EACH PLAY  Liberate new playing cards and Spellslingers as you play. With quite a few methods to highest, new heroes to liberate, and bragging rights to earn, Spellslingers is where to grow to be a champion of your personal league.

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40 comments on "Magic Spellslingers Premium Apk"

  1. Sir Not Featured in this film says:

    This game is basically just hearthstone but with a magic coat of paint. And while that is not a bad thing what is bad is the amount of game breaking bugs. Sometimes it takes 2 tries just to open the game on mobile because it hard crashes. It’s a coin flip whether or not when u connect to a match it will actually put u in regardless of what type of connection I have. Ontop of that you can’t even finish a game without having to restart since sometimes it just doesn’t load the victory screen.

  2. David Wright says:

    Very much enjoying this game. Easy to get into for new players as well as long time veterans. Biggest issue is the amount of bugs at the moment. I’ve lost games during events because or disconnecting from the server or the game freezing. Other times you finish a match and have to close the client because of not returning to the menu. Fix the big issues and its an easy 5*

  3. Jamison Fullerton says:

    The game is great (could be 4 or 5 stars), fitting nicely inbetween core MTG and hearthstone. I enjoy the variety of planes walkers and working with teams helps make card crafting much more affordable. I have enjoyed each strategy I played. The biggest downfall is the frequent “disconnects”. I get the disconnect message sporadically when first launching the app, trying to find a match, saving a deck, during the middle of a match, when reloading after a mismatch d/c. It’s not a good look.

  4. Joey Linares says:

    This game is a lot of fun, but there’s a huge problem, its that people will wait their turn timers out. The turn timer is way too long, enabling people who want to cheat their way up the ranks by making their opponents forfeit. No one wants to waste 30 minutes on what should be a 5 to 8 minute match. If the turn timer gets fixed, I’ll give this the 5 star review it deserves.

  5. Austin Lewis says:

    Play on PC! Game plays well, but has an awful mobile user interface. The fact that it’s not possible to cancel casting a card(which can be done on PC) is such a joke, especially with the awful touch detection that makes it easy to select the wrong card on accident. Made an account through Google at first but once I realized how terrible the UI was made, I wanted to switch to PC. So I made a Wizards account and linked it, which just made me play tutorial again if I wanted to play again on mobile.

  6. Austin Taylor says:

    I’m a longtime mtg player and this is a really refreshing way to play! Art and animation team really nailed the aesthetic. Spellslingers offers a great alternative for those who are interested in magic but are intimidated by the complexity. It perfectly captures the feeling of magic without huge blocks of text. Really impressed by this game!

  7. Mitchelle Capulong says:

    Fun card game that kinda feels a little like a Hearthstone clone, but enough to where it still gets a unique experience. Some decks and Spellslingers feel way stronger than others, but doesn’t deter much with good strategy. My few complaints come from the ingame UI. Artifacts are placed extremely close to the ‘End Turn’ button and deselecting a card is trivial. Many times I find myself ending my turn or playing something I didn’t intend to. All in all, minus the issues the game is excellent.

  8. Nene Rapp says:

    One of the best card games I’ve played in a while. I feel the game respects my time and play style. I like collecting a bit more than battling and I feel like this game gives you enough ways to get new cards without having to spend money. To be competitive I’m sure you’ll spend money but my f2p experience has been great. My only gripe is if I pick a card while playing it won’t always let me cancel it to put it back in my hand, it just makes me play it. Please fix. Thanks for this great game.

  9. martin thorne says:

    I’m having a lot of fun playing the game, these are some issue that need to be looked into. 1. Game registration as opponent turn when it your turn, delays game and cost people their turn. 2. Game randomly denied you the chance to assign blockers, so all their attack goes through. 3. In events mode, it randomly disconnects matches. 4. Randomly cast a different spell than what you are trying to cast. At the moment I give the game a 3 out of 5. Once these are fix I say it 5 out of 5.

  10. Travis Agaman says:

    Good game, I like it more than Hearthstone, less punishing play and more fun rewards. Needs some changes, mostly a “fast animations” option that lets you cut out long animation screens, chiefly the victory/loss animation and character intro screens; cool the first few times after that its awful to watch constantly. I don’t think it would hurt to let teams have more than 25 members. The crafting materials tab is totally useless? Also, please add Tezzeret, an artifact-themed planeswalker.

  11. Snore Lax says:

    So only been playing a few days and it has some fun elements but have noticed a couple of big problems for me. In the shop 1 pack costs 200 gems, buying a group of 5 costs… 1000 gems. No discount for saving. In League matches which I’ve barely started playing, there desperately needs a mechanism to prevent immediate rematches. Happened to me twice, both cases against better decks with higher quality cards, so not very competitive losses. Last, everyone starts with Chandra. Give us a choice.

  12. Chevee Dodd says:

    Way more fun than I expected! I thought this would be just another Hearthstone clone and in some ways it is, but in many ways I prefer the way Spellslingers handles things. Traps are more interesting. Lands are fun. Some of the randomness is a bit extra, but games are quick enough that I don’t care much. My only negative is Ashiok. I can’t stand playing against her just because her animations take longer than the game.

  13. GAMEZIMULATOR. GameZimulatoR says:

    Update gotten little bit better still overall facing the same issues with this app previously. Win or lose the game play just standing there also won’t let me return to the lobby after match completed. Guessing the magic spell lingers developers never going to fix that. Like the moblie game.

  14. D H says:

    Would like to actually try this out, but every time I start the app up, it immediately tells me I’m disconnected despite being my internet working perfectly fine. I’ll change this rating if I ever get to play. Update: Changing from one star because the issue is now fixed. Turns out having an private DNS host causes issues with the game, which is a bit weird since I’ve never had that issue with any other game before.

  15. martin kirchner says:

    My phone is struggling to run the game, which I understand, it’s a cheap phone, but the frustrating part is I can’t even check the settings to see if I can turn them down because the game forces my phone to play a cutscene that crashes the game and the worst part is I see a skip video button but has editor only in parentheses so it doesn’t work. Can’t rate the game fairly if I can’t even play it, but guess it’s my fault for no being able to but a better phone.

  16. Filip Breber says:

    1. game is very simple, paced, fun and beautiful 2. game art is minimal and simple 3. menu character animation, end game character animation and in game character animations are draining battery very fast…we dont need that animations, instead we need simple pic art like loading screen, and “light” game…one match drains 6% battery and phone is hot…so i cant play game for too long…i can see dat the problem of every MTG mobile game so far…pls fix that devs

  17. Paul Cousins says:

    I’ll rate 3 stars for now…..(Reasons: It seems I have to quit and restart the game after every single training level,it just doesn’t move on to the next level on its own. I haven’t even got to playing a real match yet !! It’s not quite,TES: Legends,but…. I’ll give the game a chance,its looks like great fun and a lot of work has gone into the development of this game,so well done to the Dev Team). So,only time will tell if i can rate it for 5 stars,but thankyou anyway..!! :))

  18. Will Strege says:

    The game is pretty fun. The matchmaking needs some work. Battling live opponents is fun until they quit before you can deal the final damage; there needed to be a concede deterrent, especially as you are chasing challenges for gold. Conceding is fine against if you’re completely outgunned and they are intentionally prolonging the game, but that’s rare. Overall good game.

  19. error says:

    The game works smoothly on my phone, some of the cards are “perfectly balanced”. Whenever I am going up against someone the game wouldn’t let me play my turn and would skip me to allow my opponent play. Fix this issue please… i and most of the players would appreciate this immensely.

  20. Javier Veron says:

    It’s a good game, but the app itself is incredibly bad. I’ve lost incountable games because of bugs. In a PvP game! Bugs like using a card you weren’t picking to use, or like literally not having your turn while your enemy has 2 turns. And it is not because of the connection, I can assure you. Idk why this happens, but it’s terrible having no turns while playing rankeds.

  21. William Brantley says:

    I’m having trouble with the game not completing matches when I’ve won, which seems like a bug. I like the presentation and the graphics are very solid. I used to play MTG a long time ago, and to see it in this format is interesting, so I wanted to give it a try. I’m willing to give 5 stars once this particular bug is fixed.

  22. charles palke says:

    Looks like it could be a great game if it ran smoothly, but it’s hyper resource intensive and very frequently softlocks at the end of a match instead of bringing you back to the main menu. Not sure if softlocks happen while playing on a more powerful device.

  23. Peter An says:

    The game crashed (and it crashes alot, doesnt seem to be made to run well on phones), while I was unlocking Chandra in the tutorial. Now the game is in a locked state where I dont have Chandra and I don’t have a key. Cant believe this was passed by QA….. Like why would you end up using the key if the character didnt even get unlocked? Cant even see what the error screen is since there some random text bubble covering it.

  24. Archdar Aneso says:

    After 3 weeks of playing. I have to change the review from 4 to 5 stars. Some bugs are fixed. Very good gameplay, very free to play friendly. The team system to share resources is great! You can get your desired epic/mythic card in just few days. I hope WOTC continue to support and improve the balance of this game. Will update the review again in 1 month.

  25. Sandu Daniel says:

    As a former MTG player, this game has the perfect balance between playing Magic and having less complexity for a more casual approach. Has the mechanics of Magic with a splash of Heartstone, and I quite like the result and the fact that it keeps the core (you choose if you want to block or not, you attack the enemy, not his creatures, very important piece of strategy). Game runs smoothly, no bugs and no dragging problems like other reported (Android, S21+). F2P possible with time investment.

  26. Georgios Gavanas says:

    I think that this game needs a Campaign Mode, telling us the story of each hero. Sometimes I just need to play with an AI opponent, and Training Mode doesn’t suit up my needs. Also, sometimes gameplay seems a little slow, maybe because of the many transition effects. Other than this, a very very nice game!

  27. Joel Speegle says:

    Game is fun, beautifully animated, and has great pacing! But more often than not, the game won’t connect to the server and will get stuck in a limbo state before a match begins, ultimately leading to an error message that only clears after you close the app entirely.

  28. Daniel Campbell says:

    The game’s design is solid. The problem is that it’s a buggy mess. Constant lag, frequent crashes, card effects throwing errors when played, etc. I hope they can get it under control before the game dies a slow death.

  29. Ryan Swanson says:

    At one point the game was fair and balanced to all, but it’s skewed currently toward people who have played forever or who have cash to bulk their stuff up from the go. I’m sure if you have the time and desire free play will get you to where you need to be, otherwise you are going to be wrecked by high level players. The game looks great and is fun, but gets ridiculously high level too quick for me to not be frustrated. Read up on strategies, be more patient than I am, have fun and good luck.

  30. Tobias Goforth says:

    Wonderful game, I’m a huge fan of MTG. Sadly, there are way too many bugs for me to give this game a higher rank. I’m F2P and I have an okay enough time on ladder. And I’m sure if you did pay money there’s not much needed to get what you need. The bugs though. I’m on mobile, and the app just isn’t stable. It crashes unless I reload the app after every couple of matches, and there are sometimes issues during the match where the turn changes over but you can’t do anything except emote. Fixes soon?

  31. Steven Berg says:

    I actually really enjoy the game however there is one HUGE issue. Bugs. Game breaking bugs. I somewhat regularly have entire turns skipped. Even more frequently a card will not play when you go to use it. It will turn invisible and be gone for the remainder of the game. This has caused me to be eliminated from events. Lose ranked games, etc that I otherwise would have won. Glad to see then releasing new content but maybe make your game playable before focusing on content.

  32. Mart L (DutchDeckhand) says:

    The game is a far cry from Magic the Gathering, but fun nevertheless. The bugs however were not. From disconnects to having to reboot the game to getting a random game loss now and then (3x so far vs Ashiok, with almost full health and plenty of cards in the deck), this game isn’t ready to be taken seriously yet. Lots of potential though. It drains batteries, and has lots and lots of unskippable and annoying animations.

  33. samuel mina (Sammy) says:

    Good playing platform. This game is fair not pay to win as i observed. The downside is that, it can’t link my google account (my first account) to wizard. Instead it created a different account. The game doesn’t respond when you link your Google account to wizard. I just want to continue my gaming progress into different device.

  34. Robert McDonald says:

    I may have given a higher rating but I’ve been stuck for a day and a half unable to even start the game. I installed it and it immediately said I needed a 400mb update. I went through that and then the game just never moved forward. It’s been stuck on a loading screen showing the update is complete. If I could I would include a screenahot of what I’m experiencing.

  35. Mark Morphew says:

    The game has potential, the only issues I find is the slow loading splash screens, long animation and moving cards onto the board isnt snappy/quick. Speed up the game and it will be perfect. Update: connection issues mid game even with fast internet (100 Mbps)

  36. Patrick Vaughan says:

    Updating to 1 star until I get my copy of Heads I Win Tails You Lose!!!! It’s a great idea, but its too hard to get new cards and build decks that can actually do anything. It’s too pay to play. Starter decks get trounced and kinda stuck with them until you pay to get packs or gems to craft.

  37. Just Bondo says:

    Upon multiple attempts to install, the app constantly fail to download all the graphic resources for playing which left many cards without art displaying only black. It also made it do that the moving effects were often just large black squares dancing about the screens.

  38. Emmett Higgins says:

    The developers are absolutely inept. They took the longest running most successful CCG ever and ignored three decades of balance and careful development and ignored it. The game shares little with the IP they have licensed. They don’t test the product before releasing it and it shows. Terribly unbalanced and buggy gameplay leads to exciting but ultimately unfulfilling user experience. I own every card and the game is still unplayable.

  39. J P says:

    Unbalanced after new patch, are you serious with these gutfire devil’s? It’s all anyone is gearing their deck for, I could do the same but I chose not to because what’s the point of a game of one card is dominating. 4 losses in a row due to those things, please balance! Update, well there are 2 ways to win now, empty you deck with Jace or gutfire devil’s, game isn’t fun anymore, unbalanced update and I’m not getting on the train to just win. I’m out until this all gets balanced, was a fun game!

  40. William Venomica says:

    It is so much fun and enjoy playing this game. But the game suddenly can’t play and always stuck at the loading screen. I think the game got a lot of bugs, hope they can fix it as well.

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