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November 30, 2022
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Hearthstone Apk Download New 2022 Version*

From the studio that introduced you Global of Warcraft® and Overwatch®, comes HEARTHSTONE®, Snow fall Entertainment’s award-winning collectable card recreation! Gather tough playing cards and create mighty decks. Summon minions and sling a spell to grasp keep watch over of ever-shifting battlegrounds. Wield a masterful technique and outwit all avid gamers who dare problem you.

Hearthstone Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

Every card brings to existence an odd skill; use technique to craft your deck and suave tips to flip the tides of those PvE and PvP battles. Whether or not they’re minions, a spell, quests, or heroes, a Hearthstone card can dramatically exchange the duel with robust results and loopy interactions. Play as a suave rogue, a formidable mage, or every other of the sport’s ten Hero categories – they’re all unfastened!

Hearthstone Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

Enjoy the magic, mischief and mayhem with your pals. Struggle with buddies and sign up for the hundreds of thousands of gamers across the fireside to experience Hearthstone, and OBTAIN LATELY!

Hearthstone Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

AN EVER-EXPANDING WARCRAFT UNIVERSE. Cross into fight along with your favourite Warcraft heroes like Illidan Stormrage, Jaina Proudmore and extra. Discover iconic places from the loved Warcraft universe as you grasp your deck, acquire playing cards, and collect tough mixtures, on this fast moving card sport of crafty technique. Grasp the surprising and grasp keep an eye on over the battlegrounds of Azeroth.

Hearthstone Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* release

PLAY THE HIT SPORT MODE HEARTHSTONE BATTLEGROUNDS. Invite your folks to play Battlegrounds with you, the place 8 heroes compete in a PvP auto-battler. The closing one status takes all of it! Will you find yourself with the Battlegrounds crown?

Hearthstone Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

GRASP AN ALL-NEW RPG MODE WITH ROGUELIKE COMPONENTS: HEARTHSTONE MERCENARIES. Collect and customise your dream crew of iconic Warcraft characters. No want to construct a deck, simply grasp your Mercenaries and bounce into battle, choosing the proper talents that can assist you vanquish your foes. Grasp an all-new RPG and have interaction in epic struggle. Use your profits to improve and equip your workforce of Mercenaries with the skills and treasures had to struggle via roguelike maps and triumph over an all-new fight machine. As your Mercenaries growth, so too will their fighters, so use method to tackle harder, ever-evolving enemies. Which of your Mercenaries will earn their glory?

Hearthstone Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022


Hearthstone Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

HONE YOUR ABILITIES: Apply in PvE adventures, face fierce competition around the globe in real-time PvP, and duel the most powerful Heroes within the Warcraft universe. Jaina, Thrall, Uther, and Illidan, and extra!
BOUNCE PROPER IN: A laugh introductory missions convey you into the sector of Hearthstone’s intuitive gameplay, just a few seconds till your first duel!

DUEL EPIC HEROES, GLORY AWAITS: Defeat difficult warring parties around the globe in real-time PvP, win and craft your deck the usage of loads of distinctive playing cards – your assortment grows with you on this CCG.

8-PLAYER REVEL IN: Are you able to take your abilities to the Battlegrounds? You and seven different competition take at the roles of acquainted Heroes immediately out of WoW historical past, craft robust forums of recruited minions, and duel on this auto-battler till a unmarried winner is topped!
AGGRESSIVE RPG MODE WITH ROGUELIKE COMPONENTS: HEARTHSTONE MERCENARIES: Uncover new techniques to play with this all-new RPG. Roguelike maps and apparently unending group, treasure, and talent combos make for a novel roguelike RPG revel in with each fight. Say good-bye to development and balancing 30 card decks. As an alternative, make a choice which 6 Mercenaries you assume has what it takes to take down your warring parties and protected your bounties. Development as you play to release new skills and kit that may make your Mercenaries extra robust and liberate new techniques to struggle!

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40 comments on "Hearthstone Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Morgan Fleuretta says:

    Game is great! You do have to grind A LOT if you want to build competitive decks and not pay real money, but it’s doable. My issue is for about the past year, when the game is updated it makes me re-update every single time I open the game. I used to get around this by uninstalling the game and re-installing the newest version. But now that doesn’t work for me anymore. Until the issue is fixed, game is essentially unplayable to me.

  2. Kimball Parley says:

    Serious problem with app functionality. The app quits your progress after only a few minutes in the background. If the connection to the server is broken, the game will be lost, even in single player mode. Cell phone games should be able to rest in the background for long periods of time without quitting. This allows a player to play in 5 minute stretches and still have a seamless game. Blizzard didn’t get the memo.

  3. Gill Maddox says:

    I’m having a ball with this game. Addicting! You need to evolve with the cards. The animation is fun, and I love that each class has to level. Just like in WOW. Only thing I have an issue with is that the solo quests are ONLY pay to play after the first encounter. You have to pay to open additional encounters. But overall, fun and fabulous game!!

  4. Laureano Edwy says:

    Love the game, but its poorly optimized for mobile devices. I lose a lot of time waiting for the game to catch up with animations, especially in Battlegrounds, running on a high-end tablet and phone. Generally it’s not unplayable in Play mode but in battlegrounds playing on mobile is almost impossible because of the optimization issues. Too much of your turn is wasted waiting for animations to load that you can’t be competitive.

  5. nestor lopez says:

    This is by far my favorite mobile game. Infact i have been playing this ever since it came out on PC. I would give this game 5 stars, but the app crashes constantly. Blizzard can never return to me the 100s of arena matches I have lost due to disconnects. The worst part is that the game takes forever to reconnect you back and if you actually make it back you miss like 4 turns. I have a pretty decent phone (G8 Thin Q) that should have perfect specs to run it. This has been a problem for years…

  6. NitroCheese says:

    If possible, use the pc version. the mobile version of this game crashes during every match and is extremely slow. It’s impossible to even load a game because at the start of your turn the game crashes and takes too long to reconnect, meaning you lose. I like the game, but considering they haven’t fixed this problem that’s been going on for over a year even though they said they would fix it, I highly advise you dont play the mobile version of Hearthstone unless you have to.

  7. Daniel Watanabe says:

    The game itself is fun, but the app is incredibly buggy. It takes a long time to load, some of the on screen buttons are placed to far toward the edge of the screen (will pull down the android menu when you try to click them), and there seems to be an issue when trying to create or log into an account. Unfortunately these issues make it unplayable for me.

  8. Bashort says:

    I used to love this game, but it’s been managed slowly into the ground by some very greedy decisions. The new rewards track system is a terrible addition that’s not only made the game crash more and have tons of other technical problems, but is easily the worst battle pass system I’ve seen in any game. It’s really too bad.

  9. crewd00d says:

    I’ve been playing the game for a few years and you’d think that putting 4,000 dollars into the game would give me a pretty robust collection…. Nope, I am still missing the majority of legendaries from the newest expansion after paying 80 dollars for the mega bundle and 20 for the season pass. The barrier to entry and the cost to stay up to date is so draining and demanding, I’m debating ever putting another dollar into the game I love if something doesn’t change soon.

  10. Edmond says:

    I love this game, but I love it because I’m a long time player with enough collections to continue. The game is extremely punishing for new players with their reward system, making it virtually impossible to play for free while having any resemblance of a collection to make a reasonable deck. As if it wasn’t enough, recent rework on rewards system made it far more difficult to do so. All my friends have left this game at this point, and I can’t recommend this game to any of my friends, either.

  11. Adam Achter says:

    If the app loads and also allows me to login, then it’s a fun experience. So far, UX is inconsistent and terrible when it comes to setting the app up/starting it. Loads slowly, then reloads multiple times when you try to tap sign in, causing a small loop. Then if it eventually gets to the sign in page, the email/password fields disappear, making it impossible to continue.

  12. Leeann Porter says:

    I love Hearthstone. I’ve played it for years. Ever since the battlegrounds update I have had so many issues with it. The most annoying one is when it has an update I cannot play because I have to wait until the update is available on mobile. The achievement page freezes on occasion and when it disconnects it freezes a lot of the time. I’ve been considering not playing anymore because of the trouble I have to go through.

  13. David Abraham says:

    Long time player. Mostly lost interest thanks to an annoying trend: making new set cards so powerful, that decks that don’t include them become obsolete. I used to be able to remain competitive after a new set release, if I already had a strong deck. Not anymore. This gimmick to try to force you to have to buy new sets has had the opposite effect on me. Used to spend a lot on the app, now I will not spend a penny. Edit: Upped stars because of additional Modes. Battlegrounds and Duels are fun!

  14. Dylan Smith says:

    This app is absolute garbage with all the errors it constantly has: kicking you out of games, forcing updates that you’ve already downloaded, a pink screen of death where the UI is unmanageable, extremely slow loading times for trivial functions. The game and different modes are great and very entertaining, but the app itself, in time, completely ruins any positive experience. I played this game for years and only recently redownloaded it, it’s a shell of it’s former playable self.

  15. Cheryl Lemanski says:

    Love this app SO much, but… the updates! So many updates! And unfortunately, you can’t play while it updates, so if your connection is slow, you may be waiting a while to play for some of the bigger patches. No limit to lives, which is great. Edit – some of the recent additions to the game make it less fun: there’s certain quests/specific cards which are extremely difficult or near-impossible to succeed against, and they’re not easy cards to get. 1-2 wins followed by 10 stompings = ugh.

  16. Tim Carroll says:

    Until the bugs are fixed no one should download this. Only seems to be getting worse. Not even sure why I try to play anymore, especially arena because I’ve lost so many games from random disconnects. Just played a game and was disconnected every turn and lost because of it and that was finally enough for me. Uninsalled. So may different bugs I’ve lost track but the disconnects are the worst. Unplayable buggy trash. Period.

  17. Vanessa A. says:

    genuinely the single buggiest game I have ever played. 50% of the time it just gets stuck forever instead of loading into a match, it crashes so often just trying to navigate menus, and a million other little things that mean you have an extremely slim chance of ever actually being able to play anything. and it’s not my phone, it’s practically this bad even on PC. it’s just a total mess.

  18. Kyle Gonzalez says:

    This game has taken a huge dip in quality. Buggy UI and laggy games are just the start of it. I can’t even play on my own wifi network as the game says it cant connect me but works when on LTE. Games will freeze and crash often, resulting in a loss. Certain parts of the menu will just straight up stop working like the shop button or the disenchant button. Game lags even when just browsing menus and collection. Generally just a poor, unpolished experience compared to its past and other card apps.

  19. Zeb Hickman says:

    I have been playing Hearthstone off and on for almost 2 years now. Love the artwork, lore, voiceovers, and gameplay. However this game took a turn for the worst with it’s bugs and glitches to the point of almost being unplayable. Blizzard get it together! Some people should definitely be fired for messing up such an amazing game.

  20. Brad O says:

    Updated Review. I love this game but the devs seem to not know how to control the bug issues. I cant finish the Mercenaries tutorial because it crashes my game every time I try. I get kicked from Battlegrounds at the load screen and sometimes during a match. Also the same kicking issue in normal Hearthstone. Then it takes forever to try and log back in. I would buy the season pass thing but with all the bugs it doesn’t seem worth it

  21. jared wahn says:

    Constantly disconnected. Don’t bother playing on mobile. Edit: 1 star. you used to be able to buy some heroes, or a battleground pass with gold you accumulate in the game. They have now changed that to a new in game currency, runestones, which of course you need to purchase. They have been pushing very hard lately on making you pay money for this game.

  22. Arthur Tesdall says:

    The mobile app has always been a little janky but the recent update has completely killed the app. I cannot even log into the menu. It just keeps failing to connect and timing out. To squeeze additional monetization out of it without providing any additional quality in the fundamental stability of the mobile app is egregious.

  23. Frank McGinnis says:

    Would NOT recommend at this time. I’ve been playing hearthstone for…man like 10 years. But, the most recent update is going to make me uninstall. Introducing the runestones currency which is only available for real cash, and the fact that certain big advantages in battlegrounds can only be gotten through runestones is ridiculous. At least when it was coins it saved me a dollar or two to get the battlegrounds season pass was something. Turning into pay to win.

  24. Go Yames says:

    Terrible app-full of bugs and glitches. For years mobile is lacking attention. The screen resolution has been an issue for me regularly, with buttons literally clipping the edge of screen and disappearing. Similarly in game the UI is poorly designed and doesn’t get the attention it needs to account for the small text on cards and seeing anything when a figure on a touchscreen covers what you select. Patches and fixes to PC client don’t even make it to mobile 4 months. Game is too expensive.

  25. Chris Degroff says:

    The app is unusable. Keeps saying “Closed” on the splash screen and won’t load the game no matter how many times I try to reconnect. The game concept is great. Blizzard has gotten more and more terrible over recent years about focusing on improving gameplay and fixing bugs. Once they fix the app, I will come back and probably feel safe once again making occasional purchases of card packs and the like. Until then, I’ll have to hold off.

  26. Branton Wingate says:

    The mobile version is just plain awful. Not a single game I’ve played in the past few months hasn’t not be riddle with connection issues. I don’t think blizzard is focused on getting it fixed either. Paired with the new rune stone system being contrived I would leave this one alone, which sucks because I enjoyed the past two expansions that have come out or I would if it was playable.

  27. Ben Freeman says:

    1. Even though I love this game I would give 0 stars if I could. 2. The mobile version has a bug [0% in black box when entering a match, that forces you to reload game] that makes the game nearly unplayable and the only effort to fix it is a “work around” that might resolve the problem for a matter of minutes and any mention of this bug is ignored. 3. All these new features are being added but outside of the last max deck increase they’ve been basically useless or unwanted (runestones).

  28. Nights89 says:

    It’s basically turned into a pay to win game. Also mercenaries it’s horrible game mode and if you don’t play it, you have to re roll quests and you lose out on exp. I would recommend playing this game if you plan on spending copious amount of money or spending a lot of time to be able to complete with other players that are spending money due to the cards be dependent on the expansion they’re released on.

  29. Douglas Jay Ellsworth Jr says:

    Battlegrounds used to be more fun as you were able to purchase the battle pass using the in game gold, however now they are requiring you to spend money on the game. There is another in game currency that you can use, however you can only get it by purchasing with real money, effectively making you have to pay out pocket no matter what. There is already enough in the game that they charge for, and they should make some concessions to the free to play side of the game model.

  30. Mauricio Trotman says:

    Honestly, I loved this app in the beginning. Became my go to game during the lockdown but now it has gotten so buggy and it just kept getting worse. Would get randomly get disconnected from matches multiple times, even though my connection is perfect, game would sometimes bug out and I’d have a miniature screen and would have to restart app, and the app always needs to update when I open it now even after I reinstalled. Got to the point where it’s unbearable. Uninstalled

  31. Will Leamon says:

    Used to be my favorite game ever. It was always so polished and you could feel the effort of the team just playing the game. Now? The game is a shell of itself. Insanely glitchy. EDIT: This game straight up is no longer functional. The loading screen always tries to update the game and never makes any progress whatsoever. I’ve been trying to play it for months on my phone but I’ve never once gotten past the first screen. It only works once after reinstalling and then you’re back in the loop.

  32. Wobbegong says:

    So, so many bugs. Heavily relies on having a huge collection and Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) Each expansion, which is 3 a year, removes the experience points tied to the achievements of the previous expansion. Why? It’s not because the new achievements for the new expac have new, different exp points. I know it’s not because when they pre-load the next expansion in to the app with the achievements, you can complete the new achievements and claim the experience for the old expansion rewards track!

  33. Robb Tilley says:

    I’ve loved Hearthstone for years, but I’m giving up for now. Between connection issues & glitches it’s pretty much become unplayable for me. I have satellite internet, & even the slightest hiccup in connection is enough to boot me. By the time I reconnect, at that point I’ve usually lost rounds and it’s concede or lose. Without all the issues it would be a 5⭐ for me but as is, I can only give a 2. I’ll be back if they ever get things running smoothly again. It’s a shame:. I really love t

  34. Jago says:

    Not only did yall make something that could be earned through gameplay purchase-only, now my turns end without the rope animation every now and then. I love being asked to pay for a worse product. It’s my favorite thing. Oh, and now I see that I can buy the option to earn things through gameplay. How fun!

  35. Jesse Jones says:

    The app is no longer functional. Continually kept trying to update, and would get the notification of “update 100% complete”. I would go to the app and it would still say “update initializing” and the loading bar would never fill. I’ve tried force stop, clearing cache, and uninstalling and reinstalling. Now I just get the start screen (the one w the double doors) and nothing else. I haven’t been able to use this app in a very long while

  36. Kris Cabana says:

    This game used to be one of my favorites and still is, however the mobile version went from being one of the most polished and seemless mobile games to being complete and utter garbage. The game disconnects and is constantly crashing in the menus and don’t get me started on while in game. The app is a 0 star for sure, just stick to playing on your pc.

  37. Kyle Monroe says:

    Haven’t played the actual game in a few years, but battlegrounds is extremely fun. Unfortunately they locked options behind a paywall that you used to be able to spend grindable currency on. Rank doesn’t matter, so you can just quit over and over till you get what you want, but now there’s 1-2 quitters almost every match, which throws off balance.

  38. Sean Cutler says:

    Ok so I’ve been playing hearthstone for a few years and the game itself is great the modes the free things you can earn the lore in solo adventures and the competitive aspect is amazing. However sometimes there are glitches like for example I completed my rewards track and am supposed to get to pick my hero but it hasn’t been working. So please fix that. Don’t make the game pay to win keep plenty of options for players to earn packs to keep the game alive. Make sure you keep the game balanced.

  39. Ricky Kazuya says:

    Very addictive battling system that’s moderately easy to learn but very satisfying for how deeply strategic you can build your own personal decks. I’ve been playing for years, the new battlegrounds & mercenary modes are very different than the original Hearthstone they really should’ve released them separately as optional ad-ons that carry their own prizes or rewards for investing the time into them cause don’t have time to do just the normal mode & all story modes before I can even get to them

  40. Devin Perry says:

    Battlegrounds is an absolute blast. They’ve done really well with the various updates over the past couple years. However, the RNG feels bad sometimes. If you use a 3rd party tracker that shows the stats, it demonstrates that things like 3% losses happen way too often. It should be happening 3% of the time, not every other game. Not exactly sure how this game handles rng, but it could clearly use some attention. That’s the only reason I won’t give it 5 stars right now. Still though, fun game.

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