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Play a top-rated card game with twists and challenges in each solitaire hand!
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April 27, 2021
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Fairway Solitaire Blast Premium Apk

Play one of the most top-rated unfastened card video games with twists and demanding situations in every solitaire hand! Accumulate prizes and tool ups, cross on quests, play Day-to-day Demanding situations, compete in tournaments, and extra!

Fairway Solitaire Blast Top class Apk mod apk

The foundations are simple! You play one card upper or decrease to transparent the board, however the puzzling combos could have you the usage of your mind to overcome each problem! You’ll at all times have one thing amusing to do in Blast Solitaire with masses of various card palms performed on fantastically illustrated and wacky surroundings! Revel in solo play or watch your friend’s development when hooked up thru Fb! Beat Day-to-day Demanding situations, to find collectibles to win a laugh prizes that fortify technique and recreation play, and compete in opposition to different gamers or your Fb pals whilst you sign up for a match

Fairway Solitaire Blast Top rate Apk apk

Transcend Klondike solitaire and problem your mind via making use of technique and common sense with the Blast Solitaire card sport! Use particular energy up playing cards to strategize the best way to beat each and every degree problem. Particular energy up playing cards will allow you to undo strikes, shoot a card off the board, turn the playing cards between black and pink, shuffle the playing cards, shoot a number of playing cards off the board, and extra!

Fairway Solitaire Blast Top class Apk apk mod 2022

When you revel in solitaire plus the demanding situations of video games like Mahjong, phrase seek, and puzzles, then you’re going to love Blast Solitaire! Blast is solitaire, however so a lot more! It’s tougher than Spider solitaire, extra a laugh than Pyramid solitaire, and extra thrilling than loose mobile solitaire!

Fairway Solitaire Blast Top rate Apk unencumber

McDang, Son! Don’t simply play solitaire, have a BLAST!

Fairway Solitaire Blast Top rate Apk apk mod

By means of downloading this recreation you might be agreeing to our privateness coverage: http://www.bigfishgames.com/company/privacy.html; and our phrases of use: http://www.bigfishgames.com/company/terms.html

Fairway Solitaire Blast Top class Apk apk mod new

OPTIONS: A laugh and unfastened gameplay you’ll pick out up fast!
Rewards to your good fortune within the recreation Day by day Demanding situations Particular Tournaments of various issue Collectables to win prizes!
Rewards in your growth and achievements
No squinting! In the end a recreation you’ll see on a small display 700+ ranges with extra at the method always! Particular “bonus” playing cards to assist your technique to your subsequent transfer Leaderboards to peer your mates and their rankings whilst you attach thru Fb Identical however extra thrilling, difficult, and a laugh than vintage Klondike, Spider, Pyramid, or Unfastened Mobile solitaire Stored development you’ll proceed on any tool while you login together with your account. Don’t put out of your mind to make use of Fb so you’ll be able to to find your friend’s development too!

Fairway Solitaire Blast Top class Apk

Practice us on Fb! https://www.fb.com/FairwaySolitaireBlast

Experiencing problems? Please talk over with https://www.bigfishgames.com/help/fairwaysolitaireblast


40 comments on "Fairway Solitaire Blast Premium Apk"

  1. Nolene Berkeley says:

    Thix was always my favorite go to game and was fairly advanced in the game. This the 2nd time I have had issues with not being offered tournments to play . Now the levels are more difficult to play the course holes and cant progress witnout tools you need. I quit buying them so maybe thats the issue. I contacted Bigfish the first time and was allowed tournments again and now nothing. I still get daily challenge and watch an ad. Uninstalled on 2 androids. if you dont pay you wont win

  2. Ruhdugeard Emmalene says:

    I love these type of games and this one in particular. So far, all have the same flaws of becoming repetitive and/or ramping up the difficulty curve too high to be enjoyable. But I’ll play happily for quite a while, reach one of the above points (as I do in many games) and stop playing. The difference about this one is that a year later, I’ll download it again and start over As long as I don’t connect to Facebook and load up my old impossible saves, I can play it over again from the beginning

  3. Cleveland Lorian says:

    I’ve been playing Solitare Blast for a couple of years now and I love it. Its fun, its actually free with very few ads, and its available to play offline. There seem to be endless levels and losts of different options of game play. The only change I would make, and it may already be available, is the ability to reset the game without having to reinstall it.

  4. Leea Kady says:

    sometimes the levels are challenging, but enough to keep u trying, and where u can get thru them, then feel accomplished that u did. The in game rewards are generous, the graphics and overall enjoyment is great. I would recommend this game, I catch myself playing longer then I probably should. Its great to pass time, and feel developers arent greedy, a definite plus. Because they are generous with in game power ups and rewards, I wouldnt feel cheated or bad spending real money as a thanks.

  5. Nickie Taciana says:

    I used to play this daily, but uninstalled at about level 450. I reinstalled it again, but I’m unable to connect to Facebook to retrieve my past progress. I submitted a ticket with no reply. Other glitches seem to have manifested since the last time I used it, including display glitches when collecting stickems and a randomly dissappearing bottom bar, neither of which can be fixed without restarting the app. Given the length of time since the app was last updated, I suspect it’s been abandoned

  6. Brittnee Nan says:

    Very time consuming. Love it! 🤗 best Solitaire game so far. I have played many big fish games and Solitaire games. This one is the best. Why? very different. The animated toons are great and keep me laughing even after I’ve seen them do the same things. Very cute creatures running around the screen. 😃 I just started the game. Just wish it was more people playing. Well worth the play, even between breaks, changing classes.👍 The only flaw cannot connect to FB and retrieve same game points😣

  7. Bliss Agness says:

    It’s super addictive, I actually lose track of time playing it. I am not much of a game person but this game has grabbed me and I’m hooked. The graphics are good even the music is good all In all its just a really good, fun game. It also keeps your mind going especially when your trying not to make any mistakes. Thanks guys keep up the good work.

  8. Devona Deryk says:

    Love the game, hate how buggy it is on my phone. Every few levels I need to close and restart the app. It won’t let me choose a level, certain animations get stuck on the screen, or the game just freezes.

  9. Barrclay Wait says:

    WTH BFG? There was no notification about an update, but EVERYTHING has changed. The animation has all been modified to the point where it all appears to be moving in slow motion. The music, which used to be fine, is now the same obnoxious fragment over and over again. It’s mind-numbing. There was nothing wrong with the game and if it ain’t broken you don’t mess with it. It is no longer PLAYABLE. I suspect I will be uninstalling. 😑

  10. Dajanae Marleigh says:

    I like the game but it keeps glitching, particularly the tournaments which now frequently start on hole 7, 8 or 9 and have all the levels checked when I haven’t ever played them. What’s up with the latest update? I can’t turn off the sound now and it’s not as smooth. I think I’m done with it and I’m just going to delete it. Besides, there’s no reason why you need my contacts.

  11. Ginna Donie says:

    You changed the game. It is so slow, it’s NOT funny. Changing the format has taken the enjoyment out of it.I have also lost my proper set-up. I was aiming for the 300th daily challenge goal. I was over the 200 mark. I’m so angry. It WAS the one thing I got to enjoy playing, after work. If it is not changed back , I MOST definitely, will NOT recommend your games to anyone. Sad how things get changed, when there was nothing wrong with it. IF IT’S NOT BROKE, DON’T TOUCH IT.

  12. Bennette Jacoueline says:

    Most recent update makes the game almost unplayable. The icons at the bottom are too small to click without a stylus. Please change it back!! Also so many glitches! Levels seem to repeat and my streak has reset, despite the fact that I played the daily game. I can’t turn the sounds off either!

  13. Parkin Jerry says:

    This is a great game, however, I just updated and now it’s having issues using boosters. Please fix. Addendum: Still having a lot of issues. I have to play the daily challenge several times before it actually registers that I’ve passed. It keeps moving me to a new course before I’ve passsed the previous one. There is o update, so I’m going to have to delete it, unless these things are fixed. It’s not y device, either. It’s brand new and all updates have been made. Please fix….

  14. Liz Delman says:

    It’s quite obvious the developers made a cash grab. I haven’t played something this bad since Candy Crush. The game makes you think there’s some skill involved with a random set of cards. It’s actually designed to make you buy power-ups and lives because there are rounds that are impossible to beat unless you play them over and over to try and get lucky with the right setup. Stay far away from this trash! It’s a typical Facebook-style game which runs like garbage and has greedy game mechanics!

  15. mallorykay28 says:

    I wrote a previous review and at that time given this game 3 stars. The reasons were mainly glitch related. Im changing my rating to 1 due to the updated version is so much worse on all playing levels. Its not only more glitchy, but not it also lags, and i cannot do the simplest of things, for example, i cant even change my card backs. It displays the wrong cards to be played onto, and it does not register cards i tap when in fire mode or any other special modes. I will be deleting, sadly.

  16. Chicken Noodle says:

    This was one of my favorite games. However, it has become super glitchy. It takes forever to load and end a game, it takes winning the same level multiple times to register, and most of the time the cards do not even loads correctly. This is especially annoying on levels where you can’t make a mistake because even if you tap the card, it does not go away. I was really hoping the update would fix things, but it seems to be worse 😥

  17. J Westmoreland says:

    Long time player, but after a break, it’s almost unplayable due to glitches. Stickers covering cards in perfect games. Hanging up at the end when the board is cleared and having to force stop the app to move. Or one game where the cards just wouldn’t turn over when cleared. I even shuffled and still a whole board of card backs. I got a screenshot of this nonsense. Its awful. I guess I’ll try again after a few more updates.

  18. Theo says:

    Terrible update. It used to be a great game, but lately whenever I play it restarts the wrong level, doesn’t give me rewards/stars for completing levels(which sucks if you use 10 powerups for a difficult level), or it’ll show quit options when there is still a full deck. Not playable or enjoyable.

  19. tim ellebruck says:

    I don’t know what you guys have done but the game has become glitchy and clunky since the last update. On average it takes 3 or 4 attempts before the daily gives credit, yes my game logs in and connection is good. Half the time the background graphics don’t render correctly when a board loads. You guys took a decent app and made it junky.

  20. Alley Williams says:

    Cards do not flip over. There are special cards you dont have a choice but to play. Thats fine. But for some reason there is one card that wont flip over. I have had this happen on every level. Which means i have to quit the level, lose my progress on that round and wait for it to happen again. I am only 5 levels into the game, and cant advance since i cant clear the board with the card stuck unflipped. Im not playing anymore levels like this, so im uninstalling it today.

  21. Shaunee Wolfe says:

    I have been playing this game for several years and all was good until the whatever change occurred a short time ago. I have uninstalled at least twice and the game still tends to freeze and will not give the drop down to purchase 5 more cards when you run out of cards. This has happened to me so many times, I have lost count! Most of them I only had one card left to play!!! Rating now would be game sucks!!

  22. Tina Currie says:

    I’ve been playing this game for over 4 years now and have stuck with it because there’s always interesting challenges and it’s fun and entertaining. That is up until a few days ago. The game has either a major virus or the gamers decided to update it. Whatever it is it sucks! I thought it was just me, but my husband has had same issues. The game is sluggish, just to name a few problems. Please fix or we’re both calling it quits, which will be a shame because we both did so enjoy it.

  23. Melanie Harrington says:

    Irritating to say the least! It started out pretty cool & I really enjoyed the app. Now it just hangs up on levels, doesn’t want to flip over cards or give credit for ones left & ultimately doesn’t want to finish the games which started on course 3 & now that I’ve gotten to course 5 it’s gotten even worse! Motto e5 please fix these issues so I can still use this game!

  24. Melanie Harrington says:

    Irritating to say the least! It started out pretty cool & I really enjoyed the app. Now it just hangs up on levels, doesn’t want to flip over cards or give credit for ones left & ultimately doesn’t want to finish the games which started on course 3 & now that I’ve gotten to course 5 it’s gotten even worse! Motto e5 please fix these issues so I can still use this game! Course 3 threw 6 all holes are messing up!

  25. Judina Keaton says:

    Still stuck on Level 1545 is not clearing all cards. They stay face down and aren’t playable or there is nothing on the screen. Have had this happen elsewhere. I had a much higher level reached but because I had the same issue on another level I reinstalled it. Now having the same on another level. I have all but stopped playing anymore. I really enjoyed it until the last update.

  26. Kathy Campbell says:

    It’s a fast-paced game with each level different and challenging but has major glitches. Game freezes and cards don’t turn over. Stickers freeze on the screen. Complete game without a mistake is a joke. It says mistake made when you flip a card. This happens on all courses and holes. Don’t know who wrote this program but he or she should be fired for gross incompetence. You’ve obviously hired someone who could write a good program . Thanks. Still a few glitches but overall a much better game

  27. 1 MadGina says:

    This was a great game until the update. Now the animations are slow. The cards don’t pop and the booster horseshoe looks huge and out of place. You can’t use the same boost 2 times in a row and the cards in play look smaller. Overall the quickness of the game is gone as well as the fun.

  28. L SM says:

    I have played Blast for several years. Now too many glitches and is not fun at all. No prize when l get to the end of the holes. No way to open the Watchthem. Win 3 medals but only 2 post on board. My sister has same problems. Had removed and re installed. Lost over 10 000 tokens. Very disappointed. Dec2020 Getting worse. Can’t even play at all. Claims no internet. Unable to establish communication Very frustrating. Need to uninstall . Lose all boosters and token. No fun

  29. Krystal Cristillo says:

    Loved it until all of the useless updates. I’ve played just about daily for the past 6 years, and every single time there’s an update, the game doesn’t work. This time in particular, has been the longest the support team has gone without fixing it. Opened my ticket a week ago now, and have just been told to do steps I’ve clearly already said I’ve tried, and the error messages continue. If the game works for you, never ever ever update it! There haven’t been any new levels in about a year now.

  30. Crystal Ortiz says:

    I really really love this game ❤ im hooked, but its so annoying that it gives me options to watch an add for power-ups, stickers, and lives but every time I try to watch one it doesn’t let me. It has never, not even once, let me watch an ad. It just kicks me off, other than that the game is amazing. Please fix the problem

  31. Lori Engle says:

    I’ve been playing off & on for years. I play gin & spades but it’s interesting how often I come here 1st. This game is very addicting! I grew up playing all kinds of cards but I have never gone back to regular solitaire. At 63 sometimes I can go a little slow, it’s great not to be on a timer, ads for money in fact I can’t remember when I last saw one. Even today I have been playing for about 2 hrs. No ads & time goes by quickly. Fun!!!!

  32. kay c says:

    Game constantly crashes during play, I get 3 stars am almost done then it crashes so I loose again. I’ve contacted support and get the same repetitive scripted answer. I’ve spent money buying coins to finish some levels to loose because the game crashed, I uninstalled & reinstalled I removed all other apps to try to fix this, I’ve turned off my phone & turned it back on to try to fix it. it seems this has been going on since the last update. I’m seriously thinking about uninstalling permenantly.

  33. Leah Bible says:

    Its fun but I got into levels 400+ but started having problems with the daily videos so I had to Uninstall & reinstall. Once that was done lost everything my progress all the real money I had to spend everything. Ridiculous, made it un fun

  34. Bryan Ashcraft says:

    No updates to fix game issues. All I can do is the daily challenge, have not been able to collect watchems or cheevos for the last few months now. The game used to be fun, not anymore. If I could give it zero stars, I would

  35. Adam says:

    It would be very good, except for one bug that makes it unplayable. On many levels, there will be one or more cards that are frozen to the layout. You can’t remove them, and the boosters also can’t be used to remove them. So you can’t complete the round.

  36. Grace Lou says:

    Recently downloaded on Android phone, am having trouble with game freezing, not finishing paying me off so I have to re-play same game over and lose tokens. Never did this a couple of years ago when I had it. I really like this game but I’m not moving forward because of it “freezing”, I guess. Please help. 2022. Have new game downloaded. Seems to be doing good so far. 👍

  37. Bunny Wolf says:

    This game has been on my devices since I discovered BIGFISH. I enjoy it everyday. Ive taught many how 2 play. Blast is the most fun. I can play it on line 2 gain coin then have the wild cards saved 4 when Im offline. Its my “Go To” 4 stress relief & fun. I’m adding more praise for this game. Always fun. Thank you.

  38. Jamie Turner says:

    I understand this is one of your older games receiving no new attention. I love the game even through glitches ad issues (it says everyday that there are none to watch when we use to be able to do it daily). As those do bum me out from time to time I still love the game. Been playing for years. During tournaments I can tell still so many play. Could you please consider at least 1 update to expand the game further and allow us to love it more! But please don’t get rid of it Favorite game ever

  39. Danny McLeland says:

    I fixing to Uninstall , it keeps disabling the browser so I can’t connect to Facebook. This was moved here with smart switch and Google. I think I will wait a few days to see if ya answer. Well I went ahead and took it off and put it back on.and it still will not let me connect to Facebook. And my app about security said it a risk.

  40. SGT Death says:

    I played this game for almost a year, loved the daily challenge. But in the last couple of months seems as if there are server issues. You will crush the daily challenge and then it doesn’t give you credit for completing. Yesterday, day 251 it did not give me credit for completing and I forgot to try again later. So this morning I was back to day one and uninstalled the damn game. Enjoyed the game very much but don’t like being jerked around.

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