Duel Heroes: Magic TCG & CCG Mod Apk


Fantasy card combat! Let’s experience the worldwide PvP card strategy game
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March 26, 2021
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Duel Heroes: Magic TCG & CCG Mod Apk

Duel Heroes: Magic TCG card struggle recreation is a straightforward on-line TCG (Buying and selling Card Sport) designed for the cardboard recreation fanatics. Acquire playing cards and construct your deck strategically to grasp keep an eye on of an ever-shifting snowstorm battlefield. Leading edge gameplay means that you can get started a card struggle with gamers all over the world anytime & any place. In case you are a CCG or TCG participant, when you like buying and selling playing cards, in case you like video video games totally free, you can not leave out Duel Heroes: Magic TCG card combat recreation.

Duel Heroes: Magic TCG & CCG Mod Apk

It’s move time, Duel Heroes! The joys & fast moving TCG is only one finger faucet away!

Duel Heroes: Magic TCG & CCG Mod Apk free up

⚔Easy to be informed and Unfastened to play: By no means performed card video games prior to? Now not an issue! Duel Heroes has a chain of amusing introductory missions serving to you transform the grasp of playing cards. It’s all about talents. The honest gameplay lets you develop into a most sensible participant together with your methods.

Duel Heroes: Magic TCG & CCG Mod Apk apk mod new

🚀Ultimate Roguelike Journey: The mix of Roguelike and TCG provides magic and sudden gameplay enjoy. All elements of Roguelike create extra amusing for the cardboard sport. Problem your talents via taking adventures and get able to step into arenas.

Duel Heroes: Magic TCG & CCG Mod Apk apk mod

🤝Enjoy The Excitement of Assortment: Loads of distinctive minions, superb spells and traps are ready to be accumulated. Discover and command EPIC heroes to combat for glory.

Duel Heroes: Magic TCG & CCG Mod Apk mod apk

🤔Craft Deck and Wield Technique: Craft your final deck with playing cards, together with a lot of Warrior, Mage, and Dragon, to defeat the enemies. Never-ending mixtures create quite a lot of technique chances. Grasp your deck and battle strategically.

Duel Heroes: Magic TCG & CCG Mod Apk apk

🌏Online PVP with Gamers International: Within the PVP video games mode, you’ll problem avid gamers all over the global in actual time, combat your manner via a couple of arenas the entire method to the highest. Superior rewards and glory are looking forward to you!

Duel Heroes: Magic TCG & CCG Mod Apk apk mod 2022

🗺Anytime, Any place: 3-5 mins combats provide you with fast, handy get admission to to the cardboard sport enjoy regardless of the place you’re!

🤝Have Amusing with Buddies: Shape a guild to construct your very personal fight neighborhood. Problem your guild individuals and buddies to two participant video games for personal duels. Carry your mates, let’s duel.
Obtain Duel Heroes and your entire wishes might be met. Glory awaits, Come and sign up for Duel Heroes as of late!
Apply us to get information and updates. fb: https://www.fb.com/duelheroes


40 comments on "Duel Heroes: Magic TCG & CCG Mod Apk"

  1. Brigg Lancaster says:

    veeeeeery cool! the characters are AMAZING!!!!!!!! AND even though i lose lots of times lt does not change the graphics,gameplay and controls but this game and others out of all of them this one is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dottie Jearldine says:

    Developers are clearly and unapologetically moving in a direction of making the premium currency much harder to obtain without spending money. If they focused on making a better, more accessible game then I’d be inclined to spend a support, but I have a policy of not spending money on free games that force you to spend money. It’s a bad business practice and it makes for a terrible community among the playerbase. DELETED, not recommended.

  3. Vernie Nolene says:

    Extremely fun. The F2P experience is balanced enough for you to grind a real good deck and the game mechanics are simple and easy to understand. However, the amount of cards from packs is three and luck is a HUGE factor for getting good cards. Also the game suffers connection issues while using other phone features while inside the app. Enjoyable so far. Nice job.

  4. Kally Butch says:

    I just don’t understand the greed of these developers anymore. Mechanically this is one of the greatest card games in the App store, but if you want anything resembling a tier 1 deck you’re going to be spending thousands. Its easy to progress in the beginning but the paywall hits fast and hard. Just look at the amount of Mythics and Legendaries in this game. At almost $2 a pack you will need to refinance your home to be competitive. A shame, because this game is fantastic.

  5. Brihany Delisha says:

    Very fun game that can be played for hours. It’s like hearthstone on a smaller scale with different minions and spells. Cards are fairly easy to obtain, including legendary and mythic, especially if you get the pass or whatever they call it. My complaint is the limit of experience and gold you can earn even after PAYING for the pass. I paid to play this game, but my progress is halted by a daily limit. That is not ok. Also, the mage cards are a bit unfair with their abilities. Remove limit for 4☆

  6. Alair Charlotte says:

    EDIT: So, when the game FINALLY decided to not bring me straight back to the loading screen, it gave me an automatic loss. Cool. What a waste. The game itself, is great. However, I’m doing adventure… get to the boss… and I’m stuck on a 100% loading screen. I’ve tried restarting the app, several times, and it always brings me back to the loading screen without moving forward. Basically, I cant even play the game anymore. Please fix!!

  7. Rosco Athelstan says:

    It looks like a promising game… BUT: 1) The tutorial sequence seems unstable. I had to learn how to summon a 2 stars unit but in the end I was left with only one card in hand (2 star archer) and I couldn’t summon it… IN TUTORIAL 2) Is there a surrender button? I was stuck with my last card in hand, I couldn’t play it, I had 260 life and I had to pass my turn until a bunny with 10 attack kill me…

  8. Arietta Sheldon says:

    Damn good. Would like some UI updates to make it smooth, less laggy and janky. Maybe some improvements to the card menu, so you can grade cards by type – like all Knights together to compare what you want in your deck. Still well worth your time and effort. The short, snappy games are so much more suited to my mobile gaming than the long and drawn out games of other titles.

  9. Jamy Chill says:

    Good game but unfortunately had to take stars off for it not staying open in the background that long and there being a problem that the game shuts down if you interact with a notification while in the game. Looking at other reviews this seems like a problem that hasn’t been fixed for months.

  10. Iva Fox says:

    I like the gameplay a lot!! I’d prefer it if it had more versatility when it comes. To cards, but it’s still new in a way, so I can’t expect too much…. Keep up the good work, Duel Heroes comoany!!

  11. Neti West says:

    This game has so much potential but what is really annoying is the fact that the decks often times dont randomize the cards correctly, sometimes I’ll play and there will be cards I haven’t even gotten a chance to use yet. there is also no button to shuffle your deck so you end up stuck recieving the same cards over and over, many times I’ll just get trap cards and no monsters or a whole bunch of two star monsters but none of my one star monsters. I end up losing cos my cards are not randomized

  12. Brinly Giles says:

    I love the game but you all have to work on the problem of get loss of rewards due to connection error, I say this because two times I have lost the rewards I was claiming after winning battle. One was in pvp, the other was in duelcity I played alot and had opened a chest requiring 40 keys which had advanced pack scroll, coin and exp but lost the rewards saying ”error” when claiming. Either the rewards should be available in the inbox for collecting or be reclaimable as connection is stable.

  13. Jadeline Athelstan says:

    Takes way too long for the quests to return, you should shorten it by like 50-75%, 24hrs is ridiculous if you haven’t spent money to get cards. It takes way too long to acquire cards, 20-30 gold for winning a RANKED battle, and 1 pack(3 cards) is 1000 gold. It’s definitely a P2W game as it stands, us free players need a chance to get good cards quickly as well. Otherwise the game takes much too long and it isn’t even fun anymore. Otherwise the game is pretty fun to play in general.

  14. Charmain Bruns says:

    Very fun game. You have to play it differently than other card games due to traps playing automatically but still very fun. EDIT: you have 700 packs for each expansion that is insane. Lower the amount of legendaries in each box to 1 and allow us to reset the box.

  15. Gilda Kristiana says:

    You can see my review history. That will show the progress of the game . Now the common problem I saw in game is that the game coins needed to be more easy to get. Getting a mystic card is so so hard . I mean u gotta pay to get it. Even legendary card is hard to get by . The game need this makeover and than I am sure the game will grow and be a nice game. Game has huge potential

  16. Alexi Lindel says:

    Its sure a pay to get cards, but i don’t think its a pay to win situation, because for those pay players will mostly battling each other, if you are a free player you’ll be 70% dealing with players same rank as you, with really normal battle cards, and sometimes you’ll win over paying players due to luck on the draw of cards. It’s a fun game if you’re a free player

  17. Ashleah Collier says:

    It could have been a very nice game, but the development stopped a long time ago and the funniest part is duelling vs people who actually spent a lot of money to win.. Yes it’s extremely p2w and you can easily spot them as certain cards are available only on purchase. Shame!

  18. Albertina Sherman says:

    Okay at best. I would advise anyone playing, that this is a PAY TO WIN game. Game play, if you have the money, it can be fun, however, if you do not buy all of the packages and invest real world money into the game, you’re going to be losing often, especially in PVP, which feels infested with money players. It feels like you hit a wall after the tutorial aspect, and there is no incentive beyond that. The art is fun and whimsical, and the music is reminiscent of a medieval fair.

  19. Norberto Hareleah says:

    It’s a fun game to play. Good alternative to hearthstone and fast pace. FTP is acceptable but cards are hard to get. Need more variaty of synegies. Currently only dragon / knight / wizard are feasible. Bandit and goblin are incomplete. Need a new name since it doesn’t stand out and hard to search. Need more updates.

  20. Κωνσταντινος Θεοδωριδης says:

    Dear developers, love your game since the last update I have a problem. I won 2 matches in a row and at the finish instead of giving me the rewards in gives me an endless loading screen. When I close the app the game starts normally again but it didn’t count my victories and my quests didn’t progress. And it’s not an internet problem since the game runs smoothly during the duel

  21. Meghann Ertmer says:

    I had a problem and you were very fast at helping. I did win a game and you gave me a draw. One time no minions were in play and I damaged the other players here and it stunned my minion. I’m not sure if I’m not familiar with the rules or if these are just bugs in the game.

  22. Alexandru Marin says:

    This…might actually be good? The game is clearly inspired by other games and systems but it is like merging the best aspects of other things. The design is a bit cluttered and clearly not the best but there might be actual passion behind this. So far, I have not experienced pay 2 win or RNG-heavy mechanics…which means this game has the potential to out perform giants like Hearthstone?! I’m positively shocked. Hope the game keeps improving and gains popularity!

  23. ابو احمد القحطاني says:

    I loved this game I just start to play and I played for a long time I can’t wait for the updates and improvements. there are some things need improvements like when I back to home screen or another app and get back to the game I should start from the beginning it should be back where I left second thing is the cards 🃏 that have random effect it always goes to the favor of the opponent (cpu) I hope these things will be fixed and improve soon.

  24. Wyatt Brown says:

    This is my favorite mobile card game but now its unplayable. Every time I win it says defeat and I fall down and down the multi-player tiers. I have 20+ screenshots of all the times this game has cheated me out of wins. And there’s no way to actually report things to you guys cause feedback just goes to the Facebook page and they’re not even the developers since I spoke to them!!

  25. kraden18 says:

    Please fix bugs! Game would freeze after after victory and I’d restart the app but now my game keeps crashing when the game instructs me to follow the tutorial. Solid game mechanics! Looking forward to being able to play and increase rating to 5 stars! Yes it’s fixed and I’ve been enjoying the game so far, ty dev

  26. Kentarou Tamura says:

    So game is actually great and I really enjoy it. What I don’t get tho is that every now and then the game glitches. I’ll clearly win where my opponent plays no cards. Then at the end after I beat them it says Defeat. Seen this a few times now so there must be a hack or bug. Please fix!!

  27. Calen Radwill says:

    This game is just another pay to win. I’m only level 12 or 13, but already the enemies that I’m encountering have decks stacked with multiple duplicate monsters and one-hit-kill spell cards. With as much as packs cost versus the rate that you can win diamonds and coins and scrolls it becomes obvious that plenty of money was spent to build those decks. This game (in my opinion) is nowhere near enough fun to spend even $0.99 on. I’ll be deleting this immediately after I post. I would’ve rated it 0

  28. Pete Hutton says:

    This game is missing basic tactical elements of a card game. Which traps trigger when and where on the board heroes get placed when you play them. Some skills are based on card placement and you can’t make your own plan around this. Traps can be burned through by opponents and there is nothing to stop it and plan tactically. Also can the devs please tell me where the trading is in this supposed “tcg” give us basic tactical elements and this will be a good game.

  29. Daniel Claridge says:

    Good game. Prity well balanced decks with a number of different deck options to play and to play the cards and combos. Seem to be able to collect all cards with time, so with patients you could end up with all cards in the game as a F2P. This game does need Clan battles and a knock out tournement would be outstanding. There is not much done by dev’s there is a new deck since starting but it’s over powered and needs balancing. Needs more action from devs with content and bug fix’s

  30. Azmain hossain says:

    For me the game experience is literally very bad, i am playing this game for quite a long time but still there are bugs like when you play adventure mode, they sometimes make you load the game again and reconnectiom problem occurs often which ultimately causes the end of the fun.

  31. Josh Fyock says:

    A surprisingly smooth, and fresh card battle system that is very easy to learn whilst delivering a high level of complex strategy that seems to be neatly tucked away, hidden in the shadows, just out of sight of the beginners starting out fresh. But, it soon becomes visable as you get acquainted with the full collection of traits and abilities given to all these beautifully designed and carefully balanced cards. Tip: Pick and stick to 1 hero or deck style to get top teir cards the fastest

  32. X Belormoroth says:

    After first few hours i can say it’s very nice game. BUT. There is 1 thing that is annoying. When you run out of cards you dont get damaged. You INSTANTLY LOSE. So if i have already won and it’s just matter of time BUT only because one of my cards got “draw 1 card” i get instantly defeated. Thats just dumb and should deffinately be changed. Also undead cards are WAY TOO OVERPOWERED. I was having fun before I have lost 7 times in a row vs undead deck. So thanks but no thanks. Uninstall

  33. thesleepybard always waiting says:

    Good strategy somtimes draft feels unfair, but it would be nice to have a better way to get gems, definatly pay to win model for competitive play. but the fact that it somewhat translates into challenge mode is a bit disappointing. this game needs better free daily rewards and quests that give you adventure tickets, it’s a really fun and robust battle system and good co-op but free to play players should be given more stuff to do that.I have enjoyed my experience but time will show if it lasts.

  34. Micheal Oluwaseun says:

    I just played the game it was kind of interesting, but tge most annoying part of it was that, after completing the tutorial, i cant move forward the game keeps on crash, i dont why, if this issue is been resolved i will rate the app 5 star because it is a wonderful app

  35. Matt L says:

    Undead and Scourge cards ruined the game. The game hasnt had an update since MARCH 2021, so no balancing of said cards for quite a while. I was about to buy myself a season pass, Thank god i didnt. As i played on all anyone ever uses is undead cards. I learned it the hard way and almost every reviewer has complained about it. I do too. As a free to play, let’s be honest, u wont get anywhere unless u play for days/weeks and even then the best you’ll get is like 3 packs a week. How sad.

  36. Dominick Fellows says:

    It’s completely obvious what’s holding this game back. It’s such a sweet game and I have put about 100$ in this game if not more but I won’t put another dime in it until they balance the game out. I think everyone can agree on that. The scourge is way to over powered. I get it’s the way you make money but you’d make a hell of a lot more if you balanced it out, And the training or challenge missions are rediculous and shouldn’t be 98% impossible like that.

  37. MrJbinchrist says:

    Changed rating to 2 stars. It used to be good but developers gave up on it and it hasn’t had an update in a year now. The worst thing is that if you beat a high level player by making them surrender it will still come up as you lost and you will not receive any coins for that match. I hate that this game has been treated this way. It is very fun but I am done now with it. Why should I care when the developers don’t???

  38. Caio Azevedo says:

    The game is good is actually 3~4 no argument about. Need updates more regularly and they should make easier to get the advanced cards, but all this is nothing really disturbing. I won’t give a good grade because there is a lack of new content. And the community we are begging it for a long time now.

  39. tefik zeqiri says:

    Pay to win. I’ve put in 500 dollars and have 1 viable deck. Every deck in ranked is scourge. Burial wilderness needs a nerf. Crafting materials you get after disenchant is a joke. If you give me doubles of an epic I should be able to get an epic back. Pvp has to many bots playing, if you aren’t playing a bot you are playing scourge. Need to rework th buying system completely to retain more players. It will take a free player a year to make a competitive deck. The game is super fun tho!

  40. Eko Rambitan says:

    I DO NOT recommend this game. You have to pay to win, you need to spend real money to buy good card. Even if you have good cards, you wont be able to take it out of your deck while the enemies always able to use their best cards anytime they want. Its not a bug, the game developer just dont want you to win with non-paying card deck.

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