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Build Decks, Trade & Collect Cards on Everything in the Universe & Battle PVP
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November 29, 2022
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Cards, Universe & Everything Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Cards, the Universe and The entirety (CUE) is without equal CCG the place you accumulate and industry hundreds of playing cards and combat them in epic video games.

Playing cards

It’s about the whole lot!
– Card duels: Pug vs Loki, who would win that battle?
– Technique: Would the mythical T-Rex outwit the magic of Houdini?
– Accumulate & combat: Napoleon vs the enduring Sphinx!

Universe & The whole lot Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

Play playing cards, construct decks, business and combat in a flip primarily based technique fight card sport the place skills, strategic decks and combinations will mean you can turn out to be a champion.

Playing cards

CUE is a unconditionally distinctive buying and selling card recreation. Gather and industry to construct without equal fight decks with nearly countless issues: Bears, Dinosaurs, Nebulae, Zeus, Houdini, Samurai, Pika, the Solar, legend Isaac Newton, Volcanoes, Kings & Queens, Calculus and so a lot more! Accumulate playing cards with historic characters, animals and items from our truth!

Universe & The entirety Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

Accumulate and struggle playing cards with distinctive talents, then stage up decks with new playing cards and duel towards avid gamers from all over the world in CUE’s iconic arenas! Fight decks in House, Historical past, Existence on Land, Palaeontology and Science ranges. Use RPG solution to turn out your card deck is the most productive.

Playing cards

Card amassing hasn’t ever been so amusing! Card minutiae teaches you details on quite a lot of topics – Science, House, Arts & Tradition, Palaeontology, Historical past, even characters from legend, mythology, fable and, smartly, just about the whole thing. It’s best in case you like quizzes, minutiae and fantastic info blended with artful gameplay.

Playing cards

Play playing cards with buddies on-line! Use your very best fight decks and solution to duel pals. Gamers can take part in weekly CUE Leagues and occasions with pals or solo! Business playing cards with any person and obtain new playing cards free of charge in a protected setting.

Universe & The whole thing Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

Sport rewards, trophies and epic new collectables wait for – climb the leaderboard to win giant in-game prizes. Card duels and fits give day-to-day loose rewards. Card creditors, are you able to construct your CUE card assortment and earn new playing cards to overcome the contest?

Playing cards

Obtain CUE Playing cards and get started card gathering to create wonderful fight decks on this epic TCG RPG!

Universe & The entirety Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* release


Playing cards

TCG Card Decks:
– Fight decks: Create the usage of a spread of epic CUE playing cards with magic talents impressed through the actual international, Filled with details & minutiae on the entirety: Science, Tech, Engineering, Math, Basic Wisdom & extra -Try your hand at deck development & play playing cards to create robust, devastating combinations!

Universe & The whole lot Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

Fight playing cards in CUE Arenas
– Gather playing cards & struggle in opposition to different gamers to grow to be a champion
– Comprises House, Historical past, Lifestyles on Land, Science & Palaeontology and extra

Playing cards

Play with Buddies – Construct fight decks to duel pals in epic motion packed weekly PvP CUE Leagues and occasions – Business playing cards at no cost in a protected atmosphere

Universe & The entirety Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

Sport Rewards to Earn:
– Play day-to-day to earn LOOSE distinctive rewards & construct your CUE card assortment – Accumulate trophies & climb the leaderboard to win giant in-game prizes

Universe & The entirety Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

Weekly Occasions
– Tiles come with: Animation Showdown, Thirst for Journey, Magic Get In combination and fireside Zone.

– Winner of 3 UNITED KINGDOM App Awards: “Very best Recreation”, “Absolute best Indie Recreation” and “Training App of the 12 months”

– “A forged, out there, well-balanced card battler that any one can dive into and revel in” – Gamezebo

– “CUE Playing cards boasts a profitable aggregate of delicate humor and eclectic minutiae. It’s appropriate for teaching youngsters and a laugh adults – or a laugh youngsters and teaching adults, for that topic.” – Droid Avid gamers
So When you love CCG or TCG video games and are loopy for on-line PvP card video games, then CUE Playing cards is the very best problem. It combines all of the options you’re keen on together with UNFASTENED card buying and selling and crafting, 3000+ collectables, it’s suave, strategic, totally distinctive and is packed filled with amusing info and trivialities

Phew. That’s a *lot* of onerous promote. We’re going for a lie down.


40 comments on "Cards, Universe & Everything Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Brandon Perry says:

    I would bump it up to five stars, but for rewards instead of getting gold satisfyingly out of a pack it comes in a box and it takes longer and i overall just hate it. It ruins the experience of getting a reward which was one of the biggest driving forces and goals in this game. The people ive talked to agree. Other than that its fantastic

  2. Npc: N8 says:

    Fantastic game! I absolutely love playing it! However it won’t stop CRASHING at the most random times!!! I might be trying to build a deck, or it might be in the middle of a game, or I might be trying to load an ad to gain a few more gems; but it just crashed again…. Also, there needs to be a sound and more obvious visual indication (that doesn’t interrupt the player from reading card descriptions) when the 10 seconds left in the turn counter begins.

  3. Thomas Kennedy says:

    The game is great! But! As a trading card game player there are a few things that feel to be a bit lacking such as; 1) allow players to click on cards on opponents side of the field, after flipped face up, to read them. Also, allow a small amount of extra time per turn in order to read opponents cards 2) players should be able to click on their own cards to read at any time. 3) allow players to message people in their friends list. Players set status to offline to avoid league challenges.

  4. erin mcdaniel says:

    the game I’ve been waiting for. it’s competitive, creative, educational, and FUNNY. super hard to get bored of gameplay because there’s so many different ways to compete. deck building is simple yet complex and extremely satisfying. I wish there was a higher limit on trade tokens, especially when I haven’t gotten a chance to use then for the day and I spin more on the wheel! bummer! but just a mild inconvenience in the grand scheme of it all. love cue cards, keep up the amazing work 👏

  5. Alexandra Bland says:

    I’ve had to restart the game about 15 times now. While playing the tutorial and following the steps as told, I end up loosing two rounds in a row on Challenge 4 then it freezes, but if I ignore the last step to skip and save energy, I can’t continue because I don’t have enough energy to make the correct move it wants for round 3 and won’t let me continue.

  6. GrimmVisage says:

    The core idea of the game is brilliant, for sure. A very unique concept with a ton of amazing mechanics. Unfortunately, it’s turned itself into a bit of a cashgrab. Too many releases are just random garbage spewed out to keep 100%’ers and whales buying more, and the rate at which cards release is incredibly overwhelming. Good game, greedy management.

  7. Nat Lpz says:

    Really sad to have to stop playing, but the newest update kicked me off of a league match and now I have to do the tutorial which I can’t skip. Great game, but horrible update. Fun while it lasted. Samsung S21 Ultra Edit: It was an unfortunate update but I was able to keep my progression after a fix was issued. I was also given some cards and coins to make up for it, which was nice.

  8. Megan Evans says:

    *UPDATE: Thank you for listening to our feedback!* Latest update makes me sad. The bonus animation that appeared when you pair the right cards together disappeared. And the screen ‘shakes’ when a big hit is delivered. Not a fan at all. Overall, it’s a fun deck building game, I have enjoyed it tremendously. The constant release of new cards is a great feature, allows you to change up your deck up. The tag lines on cards can be quite amusing. Fun info on the backs, don’t skip out on those!

  9. Aj Hansen says:

    This is my favorite phone or tablet game! I mostly enjoy the collecting and trading of cards in the game. That does not mean the league games are not fun. They are extremely unique in that with hundreds of cards to choose from deck building is as intense or as simple to put together. With all the abilities on the cards strategy is all over the place in a good way. The creators of the game are very active listening to players from problems to suggestions! can’t stress that last point enough.

  10. ExoQuirk says:

    Solid game overall. The wide variety of cards can seem overwhelming at first, but it makes up for it with a simple battle system and mechanics that still allow for lots of strategy. The weekly changes to ranked also stop a couple of decks for dominating for a long time. Also nice to see a card game that doesn’t rely on months of grinding or many microtransactions to get a competitive deck. There are occasional bugs, but the devs usually fix them quickly. Would recommend!

  11. Axel says:

    I really like this game, i even recently got into leages and its so fun! When i started i thought it was interesting was that even if you lose, you dont lose your spot. But with the new update i almost dont want to play leages anymore because if you lose, you lose your spot and its not enjoyable. The rest of the game is pretty great

  12. Cory Scott says:

    Fun and Strategic card game, easy to learn hard to master. Developers are still in full swing bringing new cards and fun facts alike. My only descrepancy is that I often experience a bug where the ad will not load to make a 2nd free spin on the wheel, and I have to back out to main menu. Since the wheel button cannot be clicked on again until the “cool down” timer runs down, I cannot close and reload the app to try and get the ad to load. I ultimately & commonly lose out on the 2nd free spin.

  13. Jamin Anderson says:

    I normally don’t leave reviews, but I thought this game deserved one. I am a big fan of card battlers, but sometimes they can be overwhelming. This one cuts the mechanics down to just a few, but without sacrificing strategy. I love the card variety, and it makes deck building fun. Love the game and would highly recommend!

  14. Jeremy Foss (Likafoss or Gjnxio) says:

    Very cool deck building game with a nice trading system. The UI and menus need a lot of work to make the game easy to use and learn though. Seeing what cards and categories are connected to each other is one of the most frustrating chores I’ve had to do when just learning a new game. Please add a way to look at other cards and categories mentioned on cards in the collection. That will at least get 4 stars review.

  15. Mason Walter says:

    Well finally after many many attempts to get through the first loading screen it finally got through to login, and it will not login. It just keeps on going back to sign in with Google or sign in with email. I tried to reinstall I tried to restart 20 plus times I’ve spent about a hour trying to play the game and haven’t had any luck. Hopefully this can be fixed soon with some sort of compensation for the players that want to play but cant.

  16. Dana Huffman says:

    I haven’t a clue what I’m doing (yet) but it’s fun just collecting and reading the cards. I play the game pretty much to get coins and gems to buy more cards, and it doesn’t matter if I lose. The games are off-puttingly fast-paced, especially as small & hard to read as the card images are, but I do OK just picking out the highest numbers I can find. One of the few games I’ve found that doesn’t try to force you to buy stuff. Biggest flaw is lack of basic help files; all social media & no index!

  17. Ian Payne says:

    If you like card games, I highly recommend CUE but it does come with some annoying flaws. The game seems to crash on me when I’m in the middle of building a new deck and the partial deck does not save. I have learned to figure out what will go into my deck before I actually build it but it’s still annoying. Also, occasionally when I try to type something in the search bar it can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 mins for the search bar to pull up.

  18. chaosmech2011 says:

    This game is pretty good. Simple but good. It’s horribly unbalanced with a few absolutely broken cards in it, but anyone can get them so it is better than it could be. The changing leagues keep it fresh, and the info on the cards is fun to read. The new Quest system is OK, u think I liked the daily objective system better though. You need to reload the game after quests refresh or else they won’t count towards your progress.

  19. Mosiah says:

    Overall a really great game. Continually being updated with the ability to collect so many different cards. Also, strategy styles for the leagues mode change weakly so if you’re unlucky one week you might do better the next. Strategic, Fun, and even a little educational. (If you read the card backs.)

  20. USP45Master says:

    Amazing CCG ! The strategy of the game can seem abit simple at the start but after learning “cycling” and other systems the game gets very complex and fun, espically if chasing top 100. Leagues changing weeking is an amazing system and implemented impeccably! My only issue is some cards that inflate the “mana” cost of your cards … but it does add to the strategy of deck building and how to get around those decks. All in all an awesome CCG I highly reccomend and has become my #1 go to 🙂

  21. robert jobst says:

    I love the many different types of cards and all the different things they chose to represent. It requires thoughtfulness to build competitive decks. Matches are not quick, the animations definitely slow down game play (to each their own on the topic) seeing the opponents cards takes away any advantage of surprise. All and all a great game for any card collector out there.

  22. Cathy Illman says:

    I’ve been playing this for over a year and spent a lot of money on it. I love this game except for one giant flaw – it constantly crashes. I’ve sent in probably over 200 error reports and contacted the developers a handful of times and gotten sincere apologies, but nothing gets better. In fact it has been getting worse. I have the latest version, I have logged out and back in numerous times, I have cleared data, cleared cache – NOTHING helps. I haven’t built a new deck in months. Not fun anymore

  23. Yuma YT says:

    It was fun, but I feel like the trade system is too difficult to use for someone like me who is shy and too afraid to ask something of strangers. The gameplay is fun when the games are close, and is thrilling too. The cards are very unbalanced, though, and if you’re missing the best cards you’ll probably get beaten badly.

  24. Jerry Madsen says:

    This is one of my favorite games. However when it comes to deck building there should be an option to save your progress as you build your deck instead of having to start all over every time you back out. Because sometimes i dont have every card that i want to add to a deck. That gets very frustrating and makes me want to throw my phone across the room.

  25. Adam Cason says:

    This game does a decent job at giving you plenty of cards without having to shell out money. Granted, the bountiful loot grabs are awesome most of the time, you could easily spend too much money on boosters and such. Watch your wallets, it’s fun, but it can and probably will get at least $20 from you before you un-install it. 🤣 Game dynamics include deck building and rebuilding. Weekly shuffling of rules and modifiers to keep it fresh. There’s plenty to do with excess cards.

  26. Maya Robedee-Molino says:

    I would otherwise give the game 5 stars because I love playing, but I’m rating it two because of a bug the devs just don’t seem inclined to fix that gas been persisting for weeks. During matches, always in the second round the game will get stuck in the draw phase and just endlessly loop saying each player has disconnected until one quits out of the game giving the other a win, and taking a loss themselves. Please fix this devs. I love this game and have spent scads on it. But this is blah.

  27. Shwa Gonsalves says:

    I think overall its a good game. Bothers me you need to rely on trading to complete certain collections as drop rates for some cards are almost impossible. Maybe with the addition of a way to unlock a card of your choice once in a while it may make the game feel a bit more fair and balanced as now having certain cards can result in an overall depressing experience.

  28. Jonathan Huszar says:

    CUE is, in my mind, the best of what an original trading card game can be. The development team has put an incredible amount of work into every facet of the game, and it shows. The Balance is excellent, art design is well done, and the entire game is well stylised and humorous. Rewards are handed out generously but not in a way that removes challenge from the game. The skill ceiling is very very high so there’s plenty to learn and improve on even in the late game. Easily my favorite mobile game.

  29. Matthew Poore says:

    Easy to pick up and understand the basics. It needs some work with crafting and fusion cards (need to see what cards a fusion component can make, the reverse of what’s available now). Tutorial is missing a few explanations (like what does “start” mean?) But the community is good and friendly. No money required to get some decent cards.

  30. Codey Larimore says:

    This game is a nice simple card game. If you love card games, and your looking for a time blower, and don’t wanna play an intense card game,, this is a good option. Though the reward system is a little lack luster. Being that it is a card game, it kinda forces you to buy packs. So if you want to progress in ranked, expect to drop a little money. Just like any online card game. Though I feel it is generous when you drop money. Still 5/5. 3-4/5 if your not looking for a pay to win.

  31. Sarah Wright says:

    Addictive and fun! With so many different ways to build decks and new cards every week I never get tired of this game. League rules and boosts change weekly as well so strategy is key. Crafting, trading, fusing and daily and weekly challenges are a few more fun features. Plus, the creators are super active – always adding new content and fixing any bugs. Great all around game!

  32. Matthew Hughes says:

    Really fun game. I enjoy this as a nice alternative to Magic the Gathering, which many of my friends play. The deck building is much easier to approach with only 18 card decks. And the number of mechanics is fairly small: energy, power, burn, lock. What you do with them, who they target, and what phase of the game they trigger (only having 3 phases: draw, play, & return) is awesome. It’s simple enough to easily learn, but complex enough to not get boring! I learned lots of fun trivia too!

  33. sorov lorov says:

    I don’t normally like these type of card battle games, but for some reason the idea of battling anything vs anything really hooked me. I see a lot of complaints about “pay to win” or “not getting good cards” but I’ve never had those issues; however I understand if you aren’t willing to put in the time to make a good deck that has cards that compliment a strategy. Some would complain how often you’re making decks or trading cards, but thats one of the best parts to me!

  34. TeamTNTUnicorn Googleplus says:

    Most enjoyable tcg. Super easy to get into, lots of creativity, customizability and expression in decks. Super polished, always changing week to week, it’s very engaging. I get the sense that the devs really care about the game. They send out a lot of info each week in little articles so you know where things are headed. Very impressed, one of the few mobile games I actually keep playing

  35. Eli Montanez says:

    It’s fun, engaging, and doesn’t nickel and dime the player for cards or blast you in the face with ads. The writing on the back of the cards is excellent, interesting, and full of personality. The que times for matches are fast, the league mode is a great mix of approachable and challenging, and the gameplay is the exact same. The most notable aspect, however, is the cards. They have great art, and there’s tons of them from lots of different packs that rotate the shop. None of them feel P2W.

  36. sum_loser yeeett says:

    Great game!! When I first played, i was confused until I got the hang of the mechanics, love it!! My only complaint is that I’d like a faster way when searching for a card type like the tremendous tress for example. I always have to scroll up and down to find the type of cards I need.

  37. Chuck Nyce says:

    Basically a pay to play. Top 10 cards are difficult at best to get a hold of. Top tier people hord 10 copies of high end cards and buying packs gets exponentially less lucrative. On the other side, it’s a fun game and the ads are optional. Edit: I gave one star back for the quick response from the team. It shows that they are listening. Good job guys.

  38. Stella Bright says:

    The trade system is a bit of a pain. I appreciate the need for limiting communication to keep it family friendly but card values and trading styles vary between players. I would like to see some updates to help make that process smoother without having to turn to social media. Otherwise this is a fun and well balanced game for both f2p and p2p. It is NOT pay to win, and I don’t feel like the devs get enough credit for keeping it that way.

  39. Ethan Payne says:

    Cue is a great game, it’s very engaging, very fun, sometimes there are crashes, but they don’t detract from the fun of the game. I just had one idea for the game, when you level up instead of just getting cards, you could get deck ideas, like three or four cards that go well together, and when you finish leveling that stage you get a full deck idea that’s a full 18 cards, so if the player is running out of ideas for a deck they can get a little inspiration.

  40. Wanderer Draco says:

    Cue is a funny game. But it’s wit is mirrored by an insufferable albeit rather enjoyable need to make new deck lists and learn their flaws and try to wring out all the consistency one can. I can’t state enough how much I appreciate the tutorial and guide videos that are available from the home page. The card balance is very good, aside from the odd instance things just end up saying “No” to your whole game plan, almost every card has a form of niche or synergy. All in all, a VERY well made game.

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