Wooask | Offline translation Mod Apk New 2022*


High accurate real-time offline voice translation APP
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November 28, 2022
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Wooask | Offline translation Mod Apk New 2022*

WOOASK APP is a cell utility tool that integrates real-time offline voice translation, real-time on-line voice translation, far off chat discussion translation, picture translation, Bluetooth earphone translation and different purposes.
As the arena’s main analysis and building corporate of clever voice translation generation, Wooask has innovatively introduced high-precision real-time offline voice discussion translation after years of building, permitting to revel in high-precision real-time offline voice discussion translation with no community. On the similar time, to be able to toughen the interpretation enjoy, the serve as of turning any Bluetooth earphones right into a translation earphones in seconds has been presented. Other people can attach their very own Bluetooth earphones to the WOOASK APP, and it will probably turn out to be a translation earphone in a single 2d. When translating, each and every individual wears one earbud, which makes the interpretation operation extra handy and the conversation extra herbal, which a great deal improves the consumer’s translation enjoy.

Wooask | Offline translation Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

Core Highlights
1. Fortify high-precision real-time offline voice translation Helps high-precision real-time offline voice translation in Eight languages together with Chinese language, English, Eastern, Korean, Russian, German, French, and Spanish. You’ll translate even with out web, with top translation accuracy and rapid translation velocity.

Wooask | Offline translation Mod Apk New 2022* liberate

2. There are lots of languages for on-line translation, even small languages will also be translated Helps real-time on-line voice translation in 127 languages (Seventy one languages, Fifty six accents), with top translation accuracy and rapid translation pace.

Wooask | Offline translation Mod Apk New 2022* apk

Three. Can flip any bluetooth earphones right into a translation earphone Attach your personal bluetooth earphone to the telephone by way of bluetooth, open the WOOASK APP translation earphone interface, and it could turn out to be a translation earphone in a single 2d. When translating, every individual wears a earbud, which makes the interpretation operation extra handy and the verbal exchange extra herbal, which a great deal improves the person’s translation revel in.

Wooask | Offline translation Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

App Options 1. On-line translation Fortify real-time on-line voice translation in 127 languages

Wooask | Offline translation Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

2. Offline translation Reinforce real-time offline voice translation in Eight commonplace languages

Wooask | Offline translation Mod Apk New 2022*

Three. Chat translation Far flung real-time dialog chat translation, distance is not an issue

Wooask | Offline translation Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

Four. Photograph translation Enhance photograph translation in Forty two languages, side road indicators and menus may also be translated instantly Five. Translation earphone You’ll be able to attach your personal Bluetooth earphone to the WOOASK APP to develop into a translation earphone. Your Bluetooth earphone can not handiest concentrate to songs, make calls, but in addition translate.

6. Improve reference to different sensible hardware of WOOASK logo
As the sector’s main supplier of clever voice translation merchandise and answers, WOOASK has introduced WOOASK APP and voice translation-based clever hardware merchandise which can be deeply liked and relied on by way of customers world wide. We’re keen to listen to your comments in order that we will be able to proceed to beef up and optimize our merchandise. When you have any ideas or questions, please e-mail us: [email protected], we can come up with comments once imaginable and clear up the issue!
For more info about WOOASK, please talk over with our authentic web site: www.wooask.com.


40 comments on "Wooask | Offline translation Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Allannah Vinson says:

    totally cannot register, app keep on popping up “invalid validation code” after i key in pin number send to my phone… email register totally no respond… make the device cannot use.

  2. Ruthe Alley says:

    THIS SUCKS!!!!! The program does not recognize when the Translator is connected, my phone shows it’s connected but the program doesn’t which means you can’t use the Translator. Tried to contact the developer or get some assistance but no one will respond. Very Disappointing!

  3. Cherie Dafydd says:

    very disappointing! It is connected to my Bluetooth but whenever I go back to actually use the translator it tells me I’m not connected when I know that I am. I’ve called China I’ve got a hold of Wooask on Facebook apparently they’re only the software developers and applications has nothing to do with the actual translator so I’m not able to get a refund. I’m not happy.

  4. Caius Annah says:

    Well! I had the same issue with the bluetooth thing.. had to close out the app completely and then open it back up for it to work.. if you try to multi-screen then come back to it.. it doesn’t seem to connect again.. (hence repeat the closeout) .. down side is that it doesn’t work without internet.. but other then that, I cant complain.. other then it translate profanity as asterisks lol.. not perfect, but might be doable.

  5. Lyman Jeannell says:

    This is the app to use with the Translator device from China. It sucks! The app should be tested together wirh the device before shipping products and taking money from int’l customers. Borderline fraud from Chinese suppliers.

  6. Katlynne Rayder says:

    It now works great with my translator though the former version has slight problem about connection on bluetooth but now the suppiler has fixed it. great experience.

  7. Glenis Dawnielle says:

    i think it is a thrill function for the business meetup but hook up, as long as the developer cut the spam and build some solid rules.

  8. Waldo Jeffry says:

    interesting app, though i don’t have a translator, i can still use the function of business meetup, would keep use it and see what would happen.

  9. Marlon Tegan says:

    not that bad but far from good so I’d like to ask if that would be possible to not to buy the gadget but you charge for the app which can pronounce all the things and we can write as well so no problem if the device not understanding what we say. the Hungarian matrix needs massive work as nearly 60% of expressions are miss translated. this includes simple formulas as well. it would be realy great if people won’t just inbox us with business craps. if someone needs that make a room for that please

  10. Edmunda Aspyn says:

    Bluetooth is connected quickly and translation doing well. but i need some time to explore more of the other functions.

  11. Dene Lache says:

    Appallingly bad rubbish. Cannot even register it as it says select icon but then there is nowhere to go to that. Simply does not work. Don’t bother even trying to use it. A total and utter piece of junk. Worse still, I was conned to buying a so called translator device and then find it was not such a device at all, merely a blue tooth speaker/mic which requires this app and a smart phone to work but then the app fails. Costly rip off merchants. You could find an app which works and mange perfectly well without the junk hardware.

  12. Jaique Jazlynn says:

    i cannot get it to work on my main smartphone (samsung s8+).the phone pairs with my translator but not in this apps website, for some reason it doesnt see it as paired and wont let me translate unless i am paired which it is in the s8+. But… i downloaded the app into my android 7 inch phablet, the unit paired to the phablet and the web reconized it letting me to start translating on my translator. is it a setting in my samsung, i tried all the permissions and settings..

  13. Briggebam Khloe says:

    I keep getting the “select icon” message to, when trying to register. Can any one help me on how to mover beyond this message and register? Thanks.

  14. Toland Lavon says:

    once I downloaded this app it messed up all my bluetooth. now as I am talking to people the bluetooth goes in and out from speaker to earplugs. it’s very annoying. this never happened until I downloaded this app for the translator.

  15. Elainia Lassie says:

    After you connect to Bluetooth, the App continues to show as not connected and does not function

  16. Dorian Loni says:

    Bought this wooask to help me conect with my friend. But it is not as good as they say it is. I have it paired with my phone. but it does not speak out . it just translates.iI have tried everything to get it set up properly. i might as well just use google translate. It is not worth the money you pay for it.

  17. Chassie Parsifal says:

    Hi wooask my wife was so excited that she had bought me a translator to help me with my Spanish but sadly the app does not speak neither does the smart speech translator device speak very disappointing I hope you can fix this

  18. Jones Symon says:

    This application is designed to extract your personal data in exchange for a translation service. Look up the terms of service supply and their data usage an privacy policies. I have already put my translator in the garbage can.

  19. Quenna Jenice says:

    It is a wonderful and very helpful app but only thing I do not like is that it has only a choice of a Woman’s voice. Does anyone know if it can be changed?

  20. David E. Tavarez says:

    Translates one way only. Translates one language, not the other; regardless of what language I select. Tried many other languages…nope!

  21. Tony Stanley says:

    Instructions leave a lot to be desired. Once you have it setup it works great through the range of languages. Trust me it does work!

  22. Byron Mau says:

    Direction unclear. Got this to communicate overseas but cannkt get it to work. Checked and allowed access to 10S but still cannot work devise. Not worth the effort.

  23. Jade Wong says:

    Unable to sign-up they are telling me my phone no. is incorrect.It should be noted that I am entering my #. When I try using email it will not go thru and, I am not given any option to correct or enter the information they want, nor do I know what they want.the printed instructions are so small I can not read them.

  24. Ezekiel Jones says:

    im only giving a star because thats the lowest i can give….I didn’t like it cause its a rip off…paid all that money for the device to be such rubbish… I was conned/tricked into buying this translator device, and to find out it was not such a device at all, it was just a Bluetooth speaker/mic that requires an app and a smartphone, and then the app doesn’t work, costly rip off merchants…

  25. Mark Beute says:

    Only one star because the sound only works when it feels like it. Can only connect using button B. Contacted developers but no reply. Update… One month after i wrote this review, still nothing from developers. I have bluetooth 5 on my phone, but this still only connects as and when it pleases.. Do yourself a favour and buy something else. With no interest from the developers this is just a waste of hard earned money. Developers not interested in fixing blue tooth issue. Its now in the dustbin

  26. Bushra Kheder says:

    The Bluetooth is not turning on inside the app. The Bluetooth is turned on perfectly on the phone. But not in the app. What to do? Any advice?

  27. Dave B says:

    Waste of money can’t connect the device through Bluetooth on the app says not connected????

  28. Jimmy James Jr. says:

    I purchased g5, and you require purchase of offline dictionary for up to $100.00 US, to use outside wifi areas.

  29. M Maaz says:

    I have been looking for an offline voice translation for a long time. Wooask App is great, and the offline voice translation is very accurate.

  30. Norg Vanwart says:

    I love Wooask app. It’s so easy to use and the interface is really intuitive. I’m not a tech person at all, but I was able to figure out how to use this app in less than 5 minutes.

  31. Macdougald Asencio says:

    I am a huge fan of this app. It’s really easy to use and has a lot of great features. I love the way it looks and how it’s so easy to navigate. Wooask is also really fun and creative!

  32. Knoy Cilfone says:

    I love this app. Wooask is so easy to use and has a great selection of songs. I can’t believe how much it cost, it’s a steal!

  33. Fine Brogan says:

    I love Wooask app. It’s so easy to use and has a great selection of songs. I can’t believe how much time I wasted trying to find the perfect music for my videos before I found this app.

  34. Cusano Tietjen says:

    I love Wooask app. It’s a great way to get the latest news and updates on what’s happening in the world. The music is also really good

  35. security444 says:

    Registered , but the App will not allow me to change the language ! It remains in Chinese.

  36. Abisola Adunola says:

    I really love the app because its really helped alot and I would like you to recommend it for you as well

  37. Fardeau Anna says:

    I came here because of its second-translation earphone function, and I felt very novel when I heard it for the first time. Connect my own earphones through the APP, and then it will directly play the translation content, and there are four modes, which are very practical.

  38. James Chris782 says:

    The overall app is good. The offline translation speed will be slower, but the accuracy is enough for daily use.

  39. Achille Adelard 2mh says:

    Offline translation in the app, looking forward to more language input, because I often travel to small Nordic countries, it is very suitable for my own use.

  40. Kaiser Soze says:

    Complete rip off and scam! Purchased the translator earbuds that cost 100 dollars. Downloaded this app that must be used along with the earbuds. After 5 simple translations, the app hits a paywall for both offline and online translations!! Scam! Stay away from these Chinese made apps. They are all scams.

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