Uber – Driver: Drive & Deliver Mod Apk New 2022*


Earn money with the driver & delivery partner app for Uber, UberEats & Postmates
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December 5, 2022
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Uber – Driver: Drive & Deliver Mod Apk New 2022*

It’s your hustle.
Our flexibility. Your independence. Our safety. Your enterprise. Our give a boost to. Here’s why you must force, ship, and generate profits with Uber.

Uber – Driving force: Pressure & Ship Mod Apk New 2022* free up

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Uber – Motive force: Pressure & Ship Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

Earn in your phrases. Whether or not you need to make use of your motorbike or your automotive, you’ll make it paintings. Come to a decision when, the place, and the way lengthy you need to earn, whilst conserving your flexibility.

Uber – Driving force: Pressure & Ship Mod Apk New 2022*

Plan a wiser time table. Unique app options just like the Profits Estimator can display you the busiest occasions to earn and stay a versatile agenda.

Uber – Driving force: Power & Ship Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

Paintings from anyplace. Whether or not you’re in San Francisco, The Big Apple, or Austin, Uber is to be had in over 10,000 towns.

Uber – Driving force: Pressure & Ship Mod Apk New 2022* apk

Earn cash to your unfastened time, then money out when you’re in a position.
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Uber – Motive force: Pressure & Ship Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

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Uber – Motive force: Pressure & Ship Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

*This app normally makes use of 2 GB of knowledge monthly. The use of navigation can lower your phone’s battery existence.


40 comments on "Uber – Driver: Drive & Deliver Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Jonathon Aleman says:

    Constantly quits navigating and starts jumping all over the map so you can’t navigate properly. Will regularly be two minutes behind the actual location I’m at when navigation is “working” the people running the app post predatory promotions made to get you driving as much as possible just to ultimately be a few rides short of your promotion when the deadline hits. Constantly getting thrown rides when I attempt to log off which results in cancelations that I had no choice in. Terrible app

  2. J Kevin says:

    Absolutely the worst driver support imaginable, was on the phone for over an hour and transferred 4 times only to be told that “you are not allowed to drive in different states.” Which is clearly false. Support refused to fix issue, and essentially hung up on me. Additionally, for an application built around delivering food or people from point A to B the navigation and location data within the app makes Apple Maps look competent and accessible.

  3. Erin Moran says:

    This app is ridiculous. I have to take a picture of myself to verify my account? Needs a specific “accept order” tab you press to accept an order. I’ve had to cancel orders just cuz I was typing and it throws an order 17 mi away for $5 on screen and I touched it and it accepts. Very bad set up. Also why during a pick up cant i see the drop off address? I can’t plan my route ahead. It only shows an intersection by the drop off when it first pops up. Then you can’t see it at all.

  4. Chris says:

    Slowly turning into doordash. If you don’t leave the app open all of the time you can’t see where the order is getting delivered to without accepting the order. If you have to stop at two or more places you can’t see what stores you’re supposed to go to unless you accept the order. They are also now charging more to cash out. I get sent to abandoned restaurants. The navigation gives you the wrong locations, and it will try to send you down roads you can’t turn on to.

  5. Henry Phean says:

    Have the address shown even after we accept the order to look at. I often click on an order by accident and don’t get to see exactly where I’m delivering to. Sometimes I go through with the order and everything is fine and sometimes I end up delivering to an areas I try to avoid. The app is fine other than that.

  6. Megen Richards says:

    Kept trying to update my debit card on the app,online, and have contacted Uber support multiple times. This issue has not been resolved. I have been trying to get this done for four days now and have bills that need to be paid in less than a week but, I’m not going to be able to pay them because, Noone it seems can resolve this issue. I told them that it said vault was paused. I asked them to unpause it and still nothing. I’m really thinking about just doing door dash. Not happy at all. 0 stars.

  7. Nicholas Peterson says:

    The GPS is spotty too often given its purpose. I’ve recently had a lot of trouble getting the timer to start when I arrive at my destination. It will say one minute away even though I’m directly on the pinned location. This is very problematic. The rider is not notified and if a rider is a no-show, I get docked for canceling when the timer should have started do the normal cancel after 7 total minutes of waiting.

  8. Pixie Chimeric says:

    There’s too much wrong with it to fit into my review, but my biggest gripe is that it doesn’t notify you when it needs to be updated, but you won’t get any trips until you update! So I’ve sat there for 30 min before figuring out I needed to update and it wasn’t just slow. That’s lost money! I’ll give two extra stars now that they FINALLY gave us trip details. Should have had it from the beginning! GPS could be better. It interrupts your navigation when a request comes in, which is unsafe.

  9. Carlos Ardon says:

    The app just keeps getting worse and worse on every update. The set destination feature is non-existent. At first when you use it , it would take 2 destinations instead of one. Now you have to use the filter button and you get rides 30 miles to the opposite direction. The other feature such as the radar freezes your app if you get too many at one time. It then shutdown and restarts the app. So if you chose a ride it is gone. I’m a platinum driver and have seen the 3 set destination a couple of

  10. Courtney says:

    Driving with Uber becomes more and more frustrating as time goes on. Navigation is unreliable, now the timer doesn’t start when I arrive and am waiting for the customer… and my last delivery literally paid $0.86 after Uber took a $9.79 service fee. The icing on the cake is that no matter how many different ways I try to contact support to request a fare review, their support is non-existent.

  11. Michael Amankwaa says:

    I liked having the option of either having the uber app over other apps and having it default. I don’t need the app blocking the screen without me looking at the map. That is extremely annoying that they force you to do this with this new update. Change it back. That’s what the sound is for. I can hear when I get an order. Otherwise, I would give it 5 stars.

  12. Rob Spence says:

    Please for the love of everything fix your app. I’ve been driving for 3.5 years and it’s gotten progressively worse. The wait timer doesn’t even start sometimes when I arrive at a pickup. Scheduling destinations never works for me. I use it to get home at a certain time and never do. Make it to where you can set when to get offline instead please. GPS jumps around all over the place and will say I’m 15 minutes away when I’ve already arrived. Please just fix your app!

  13. Antonio Wilson Cavenaghi says:

    The navigation with the app is terrible we cannot control the turn-by-turn voice speed. There’s no direct integration with Android auto. Recently, when I use Google maps for navigation, the address is always wrong, leading is to a different (not to far) location and we’re cannot find the rider. This is terrible for our reputation with the riders!!! Please, fix the integration with Google maps!

  14. antonio Naz says:

    The app is ok at best. It could actually be much worse. I’ve recently encountered quite a few times where the navigation would take me the longer way rather than a shorter way to save gas and time. I also had the navigation attempt to take me onto a back road that was fenced it. Unfortunately, unlike Google maps, I cannot input that this street is not accessible so I had to call and waste over 25 minutes as well as hit “report a crash” as that is the only manner I could contact support.

  15. J says:

    Forcing the app over everything else is a terrible design feature. It makes you accept so many orders on accident that you then have to cancel because sometimes you simply can’t deliver them. Allow it to be a choice whether the app “appears on top” as a permission or not. Like it used to be and didn’t affect being able to Begin accepting orders.

  16. Derek Uahinui says:

    there’s always room for improvement, but that’s also the business. the app itself is reliable, and it’s comforting to know that as long as I have gas in the tank I have a way to make ends meet. the one thing I ask, for that last star, is for Uber to please tell us drivers where the final destination will be. too many times have I been stuck with 2-3 hour long rides that don’t pay me for my time coming back to town, or interrupt my streaks. it’s ridiculous.

  17. Kendall Thompson says:

    For the most part I like everything about the app and uber. But there is severe undersight with the compensation for a closed restaurant. $3 is not enough. I had a $24 order had to drive 10 min. just to see that the restaurant was closed. Only to spend 35 min. on the phone waiting for customer support. Doordash is way better and pays half pay. What a poor experience they need to figure that out or stop sending us damn orders from closed locations. If it weren’t for that flaw it would be 5 stars

  18. KimberlyE says:

    Stop forcing us to have your app over the others. Showing on top is obnoxious and gets in the way. Ever since your update you can’t toggle the nav triangle in the lower right corner. The screen locks and you can’t see the person you’re picking up for. You have to hit the bottom icon. Qith 3 dots and 3 lines!! The notification with dropdown notification displayed is gone. This update ruined your app.

  19. Max Pro980 says:

    I am a driver for UberEATS and I don’t like how the GPS is because it has several problems like; the map doesn’t show Traffic/Road work going on. Sometimes it has an outdated information about the stores so you have to either walk around a lot or use Google maps to find the store properly. I don’t like that the app activates a 8 minutes timer when you are close to the drop off and haven’t found the apartment or haven’t found somewhere to park.

  20. ringworm says:

    sometimes you accidentally get in to things blindly (often while fetching your phone from a pocket), and it will range between difficult and impossible to get out of those things. also, gps is unforgivably accurate, so when it shows to make a turn, you’re already passing the turn. not sure if the voice is too quiet and I’m missing any advance warning or if there’s just no warning. otherwise and overall, good app that just works, doesn’t seem to lack anything you’ll need to get the work done. yet

  21. Ian Huntley says:

    The map and routing need a LOT of work, but as far as being an easy to use interface for Uber Drivers to easily handle the details of working Uber gigs, it’s fine. Allowing drivers to help non-tech savvy passengers by changing or adding destinations for them (and then having them simply approve the changes) would be a welcome feature. Many older customers struggle with the Uber passenger app interface.

  22. Xavier Yanez says:

    Had to mostly stop accepting offers that are doubles since the map route isn’t showing up at all which means flying blind. Can’t see the restaurant locations or the customer locations. Accepting mostly single order offers right now…while we’re on this subject >> offers that happened while already on a run in progress have never shown up on the map as far as a route is concerned FYI.

  23. Darwin Quito says:

    It’s great …I like the navigation, however the new update has some bugs (most of the time) specially when you get a order notification it would not show the route and destination on the map like it used to…. also when you get to the location the map turns upside-down and makes things confusing. Also there are some pickups location not accurate, other than that the app it’s great👍

  24. Jesus Torres says:

    Ever since they made it mandatory to have the app overlay on to other apps, it’s just been a pain having to deal with it. I would be doing something else and accidentally accept orders that pop up and it won’t let me navigate to other apps when it appears until I accept or decline. This feature is annoying to deal with and it should have been an optional thing like it was before. I have no f-ing idea why they want it mandatory cus if you try to disable it, the app refuses to let you go online.

  25. Truman J says:

    For people having issues with the overlay. Go-to App settings in your phone. Not uber app. Settings/apps/special app access/display over other app- then find Uber app and set to do not allow. Fixed it on my phone. Hope this helps. Also if you go in the Uber app Account/app settings/ sound and voice – you can turn off all the in app talking. The app crashes a lot so I give it 2 stars

  26. Beachdude67 says:

    I love driving for Uber but trip radar has become a dangerous distraction. Until this week, if I were driving above a certain speed, it would not come up on the screen but instead would be minimized at the bottom. Now, trip radar comes up no matter what speed I am driving and cannot be dismissed. This is dangerous and needs to be addressed ASAP. At least give drivers the option to disable trip radar. Aggressively pushing it on drivers is unsafe.

  27. Elizabeth Colenaty says:

    App tries to control how you get notified, it forces me to let it draw over other apps in order to log on. Drawing over other apps is broken so I can’t review the trip to make sure I want to take it before accepting, so I just have to automatically decline any order I get drawn over another app unless it’s obvious where it’s going because I can’t effectively switch to the uber map to review the trip. Programming a bullet into their foot over there at Uber. The whole thing wreaks of disrespect.

  28. Paul Gentry (K9PG) says:

    Can somebody please change it so that Uber eats drivers do not get new orders popping up on their screen at the same exact time that they are trying to complete an order, whether it is swiping the “delivered” bar or taking a picture. When a new order pops up at the same exact time we are trying to complete an order, we tap the screen to swipe or take the picture and we wind up accepting an order and we have absolutely no idea how much, the distance or anything else. Do better with the maps too!

  29. Bill Giordano says:

    I can’t count how many times I’ve accidentally accepted an offer by touching the screen the second an offer comes up. I’ll update my rating as soon as Uber changes the procedure by using a slide or even a double tap. I’ve done over 7000 trips and I’ve never had one cancelation that wasn’t be because my finger touched the screen the second an offer came up.

  30. M R says:

    Hi its a good app, HOWEVER it is too easy for offers to get declined by an accidental swipe of a finger. I had 2 offers tonight that the system thinks I declined, one because I was answering a call, and another because I was texting support using the app. Please make the offer less sensitive. It makes it so that drivers accept offers that they don’t want and decline offers that they do want, by accident.

  31. Lani G (Hvnlyflwr) says:

    Biggest issue: new trips pop up on the screen as you’re approaching your current delivery. It blocks & freezes the map until you accept or decline, which is a dangerous distraction. Then accidently accepting an order while in that screen. A slide bar, like when you start a delivery, instead of “tap” will solve this issue. With the latest update I am no longer able to see the pick up and drop off points on the map when there are 2 or more orders in one trip to determine if I want to accept.

  32. Jacqueline Jones says:

    Called several times and put a ticket in for my map navigation for stacked orders to be fixed. When I get a stack orders (2) at once. The map portion does not show the navigation of where the business is located and the two drop offs location on the map portion of the app. This is so dangerous because I am unable to see if it is a bad area of town as I am a female and drive at night. My husband is having the same problem as well. When we get one order (1) it is fine. Just the stack orders.

  33. Hayden Reaves says:

    Made $250 in the first week, orders stopped coming after. I get nothing but $3-7 trips for 30 minute endeavors. That’s bullcrap. Also- Remove the change tip option for customers, or require a certain amount for trips longer than 15 minutes. That doesnt cover my drive back home. I was promised an $11 tip and they changed it to $3 for no reason. It is used as for bait by the customer. This company doesn’t care.

  34. Teri A. Zen says:

    My experience has been far too inconsistent to afford any more than two stars. I had positive things to say about this app during my first 3 months of consistent earning capabilities, but after the last update, my earnings dropped to 1% of my previous earnings. Nearly every order and reservation I’ve accepted in 2 weeks has been canceled. If I am owed a cancellation fee, I have to call the support and spend an hour, sometimes longer, just to be fairly compensated, per contract. Should be one ⭐.

  35. Russ T says:

    There are numerous annoying problems with this app. while it is able to do a number of things correctly, it is clear that the developers do not use the app. If they were using the app, they would have recognized a number of issues and would fix them. But they don’t use the app so these issues linger and continue to annoy and frustrate the user. 11/22 – they updated the app and we still can’t manipulate the map. Thanks for nothing guys.

  36. Robert Jones says:

    App works, but needs allot of improvement. It has gone from good to bad to worse with the most recent update. Orders seam to be wrong and customers making items, and pay shown before accepting the order delivery is not paid out on the correct amount in the app. For example, I had one order for $3.83. This wasn’t paid, and the base fair seam to be missing.

  37. vaj lee says:

    Disable “always on top” requirement to log on. It is useless when you get a order and cannot even see the map of where to go and you cannot do anything on the phone because it overlays everything! Return to the old way of swiping a order off screen to shut the alarm off. It’s ridiculous that a order will set a alarm off until a order is declined or the timer runs out!

  38. Tom Dinkelbach says:

    Not sure which is worse, the app or the company. Uber will cheat you out of promotions, provide ZERO support, and the app WILL be hacked regularly. As many others have stated, when a new delivery pops up, it covers the majority of the screen, usually when you’re walking up to a place carrying food, drinks, and your phone… good luck not accidentally touching the screen. Uber does not pay for your time standing at a restaurant, waiting for orders. Not worth your time!!!

  39. elias197859 says:

    Uber needs to re-remove the always appear on top requirement. It has always been terrible and it shouldn’t have been brought back. It causes me to cancel so many orders because I accidentally accept them whenever they pop up covering 70% of the screen. It’s also very annoying because it makes it so you can’t see where the order even is unless the app is actively open. Doesn’t help that we can’t see mileage or what our payment is after an order is accepted causing us to deliver blind or cancel

  40. Jeremy Logan says:

    great and strong app, personally my favorite delivery app. there is one big con that I don’t like – when runs pop up it only takes one tap ANYWHERE in the screen to accept them. if I’m doing anything else on my phone like texting and a run pops up, I accidentally press it and accept it. my cancelation rate is very high because of this. it would be nice to have a slide to accept feature or even a confirm button.

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