Ninox Database Mod Apk New 2022*


Build your own database apps just by drag & drop.
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Ninox Software GmbH
November 9, 2022
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Ninox Database Mod Apk New 2022*

Ninox is a user-friendly database that runs on your entire gadgets. Create trade apps for you and your group. With Ninox you’ll prepare the rest, optimize your paintings procedure and turn into extra productive.

Ninox Database Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

Simply create trade programs with out writing a unmarried line of code. Get started with a template and adapt it for your software. Ninox is utilized by folks, massive and small companies, startups, businesses in lots of spaces: CRM, occasions, invoices, warehouse control, actual property and extra.

Ninox Database Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new


Ninox Database Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

“With Ninox, I’ve discovered an outstanding spouse for the expansion of my industry. Price for cash may now not be higher. ”
– epicstudio –

Ninox Database Mod Apk New 2022*

“This database is just sensible and in point of fact simple to make use of. And best possible of all , it’s repeatedly evolving. ”
– trailer-man –

Ninox Database Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

” I’ve been operating with Ninox since 2014 and that i’m very thinking about the intuitive person interface and capability. The appliance is actually nice! ”
– arwis –

Ninox Database Mod Apk New 2022* apk

• Stock
• Invoices and Accounting
• Conferences and Occasions
• And plenty of extra!

Ninox Database Mod Apk New 2022* free up

► One hundred Percent CUSTOMIZABLE
• Create paperwork, knowledge fields and triggers
• Hyperlinks between tables
• Calculations with visible components editor

• Invite others to paintings in combination • Set function and rights
• Real-time syncing on all units

• Wealthy Textual content
• Choices
• Date / Time
• And 15+ extra!

► YOUR DATABASE ON ALL UNITS Ninox is to be had for
• Android
• iPhone
• iPad
• Mac
• and on the internet
You’ll be able to set up Ninox on a couple of gadgets. To stay your entire units in sync you’ll get a Ninox Cloud subscription which additionally will provide you with get entry to to Ninox on the internet.

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40 comments on "Ninox Database Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Kaylee Kingston says:

    I am using ninox every day now, for work and personal related things, it’s very easy to use and understand, as well as powerful. Really like it!

  2. Daphyne Malvyn says:

    I have been using this app on the iOS platform for several years now and have been very pleased with it. on the Android side I was using a different database application. this was making it murderous 2 keep my data updated between device. I thought ninox was great as an IOS app by itself but now that is cross-platform it is outstanding. I think it is probably the only one that is. it even allows you to collaborate for free for the purpose of syncing between databases.

  3. Merritt Josie says:

    Too many glitches and limitations. The user interface is inconsistent and too complex to perform simple operations. Sorry but do you really expect users to pay hundreds of dollars for it?

  4. Cully Andri says:

    absolut amazing. i am very happy you made the step and let the Android works tske part at that very useful databsse implementation. i am using ninoxdb since 6 month and find more and more implementstions for it. its very professional made and worse the prize

  5. Sheryl Jourdain says:

    Poor user experience. Drag and drop to configure is too much error prone. Good for a game, bad for a pro app.

  6. Cedra Edaline says:

    I am blown away by how powerful Ninox is yet its so simply to use. i am self-employed and was able to create a solution to run my business and track records and receipts in one weekend. i keep finding new ways to use Ninox to simplify my life and have created additional databases. Powerful product, simply to use with great customer support.

  7. Marwin Jerod says:

    – Does not allow me to scroll table left-right to see all columns – upper left button(save button) is too smal it can be relocated to somewhere bottom – I would like to have night option (black background) – entry of data does not have to be llike a wizard on a multiple pages – app is generaly very slow – app is based on a good idea just need polishing

  8. Alexandrena Ramm says:

    You need to know how to code. The import works well using Dropbox. I got the data in no problem. Subtables seemed to work but only if created them in a form. I could not figure out how to display an already created table as a subtable. It also looked like Lookups in a field had to be coded. I am an experienced Access user and was looking for a more robust user interface before I had to start coding. Just not the right tool for me.

  9. Laureana Alexande says:

    Not as customizable as it has potential to be. For example, you can change icons for the spreadsheet as a whole file, but not for a specific field. Say you want to have a symbol that identifies a debit from your account (like emoji of money flying away), you can’t do that. You’re stuck with a default right-pointing arrow, which could’ve been fine but that’s the same icon for credit (the opposite of debit). Last, FYI to @NinoxDevs, you misspelled the word “ammount.” Only 1 ‘m’ in amount. Cheers☺

  10. Heath Warde says:

    Looked good at first, just what I need but why must I connect to dropbox when my .csv files are on Google drive. I don’t want Dropbox, can’t proceed.

  11. Capella Claytin says:

    Good enough, many choices to use with export function. Free or trial? 🤔 too good to be free

  12. Denysa Kayly says:

    Great database app, beside the fact that the width function doesn’t really work. Any change made to the width (auto, 1, 2, 3 and 4) is not visible on the final template. Could you please correct it?

  13. Ayub Bird says:

    First run, I can’t create a new database because it’s pointing at the corner of my S10’s screen. I have gesture controls, so if I swipe, I go to my phone’s app overview. Stupid design. Where’s the button?!

  14. Lyza Fonda says:

    Any attached files suppose to be opened with its associated application which we are asked to choose the app. It doesn’t work. There are several internal problems.

  15. Lynley Janel says:

    Feature packed, maybe even more than other table/database apps. Works offline. Login not necessary, it works out of the box. All features free except maybe sync? I’ve not tried to sync to my own server tho.

  16. Mathew Lenny says:

    Amazing application! Its better on Apple devices but incredibly handy being able to share and access it on Adroid as well.

  17. Marietta Kath says:

    Apple oriented database. Free versions only for Apple devices. Past a 30 day trial it’s expensive for personal use. But interface looks good and didn’t show obvious faults. But that was just table definition. I guess I’m looking for the app. Version of ms access. This isn’t it.

  18. Brendon Koh says:

    Ninox is the most powerful database solution that enables businesses to automate business processes. The cross-platform ability ensures that you are able to access your data in the cloud everywhere you go. You don’t have to be afraid about data loss with the secure design and automated backups!

  19. Tom Wrona says:

    Really wanted to give this one a try but it wouldn’t lt me give it permission to access my files. I clickened Allow over and over again but it was in an endless loop. Oh well. NEXT!

  20. Eddis Wakefield says:

    I useed this database to take my small hospital’s maintenance program paperless. Easy to use. Makes data collection a breeze. The ability to script greatly enhances it’s performance. I love it!

  21. Ton Gerrits says:

    Very useful … if you want to collect data for a while to have a better bird eye view. Wether it spendings, cost of living, weight or the value of your stocks. Very useful and is to use.

  22. YG ABCDries says:

    Great but :::
    • Cloud service for a single user amounts to 100 € yearly (required for printing [to PDF] etc.).
    • Comparatively No Fast *vertical scrolling* of_table rows beyond so to speak the current screenful.
    • Etc.
    [ Nokia_6.2, Android_10 ]
    [ 2020.07.25.Sat.13:40. ]

  23. Joseph And Ami says:

    Like the app but the button to create a database is outside my phone screen so that makes it useless for me. Would use if issue fixed.

  24. Richard Garbett says:

    Very much improved from the initial version, GPS links now work, images open in native app so it’s now fab. The only issue I’ve found so far is that the photo orientation doesn’t save when taking images so all my portrait shots turn landscape.

  25. Dan Fanelli says:

    Once you open it, you can’t see any other apps,.it takes over. Also couldn’t import the data dump I was trying to.

  26. Serik T says:

    This app (mac and web versions) has issues with time zone differences. If you live outside Berlin time zone you probably face it.

  27. David Funnell says:

    Ninox cloud database is a fantastic database solution which is amazingly customisable with little requirement at a basic level for coding knowledge. The fact that it has cross platform capabilities is an added bonus, however the only problem I have with it is that I am finding the android app freezes everytime o try to use it. This doesnt happen with the IOS app. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Edit: The android app is now working fine.

  28. Jim Dutton says:

    No experience! This rating is for the app only and not the desktop. App opens shows the team and freezes! Thats it, very happy to find a simple drag and drop crm to fit our needs, but the app needs attention!

  29. sotomig says:

    The app is good, very easy to customize but its too hard to make a back up. The save as button does not work 90% of the time and when work have an error. Also its imposible to transfer the database to another device. The import database button does not work. In the web page of the app only have help instructions for apple products not for android version.

  30. Scott Caddick says:

    Only 3 days in and already apps not syncing. Disappointing and waiting for support.

  31. MMAR58 says:

    It’s a good and easy but effective app. Thanks. Wish to have same kind app for pc too. But the problem is, we can’t zoom in and out in tables. Which feels irritating when i want to see more

  32. George Abraham says:

    Nice but I can only import databases from internal storage and not my SD Card. App says it has Storage permissions so why can’t it import from my SD Card? That’s really basic functionality that is missing here.

  33. Jean-Pierre Beer says:

    After several attempts I finally managed to import the DB created with Ninox under MacOS. The android version is a wortwhile addition to the list. Allows one to partly escape the ever tightening walls in the Apple garden. Hopefully there will be a Windows version soon.

  34. Radiant Order says:

    Please let me login with Google as I can’t use the app only the web access. Or stop letting users pay for licences under a Google web access account that stops you using the the app. Pretty please..

  35. Walid Mullick says:

    Looks good but due to its slow operation speed I feel like uninstalling the app. It has lot of useful features and they are customizable. Please fix this. It will be a great app for sure.

  36. Bruce Chong says:

    Very competent app. Hopefully the date selection field can scroll left and right instead of using the arrow. Which is slow if I want to search a date few years back

  37. Mark Lee says:

    Slow… The app is already slow when customizing your tables, I can’t imagine just how slower it will be when it’s actually populated with data. Some database customization is also a bit confusing.

  38. Md. Ashraf Shameem says:

    Appreciate the developers for their outstanding efforts. I would have rated the app five-starred. One problem I came across was that when a subtable is added to one of the tables under a database this is automatically added to other tables where such an addition is not intended. Hope, it will be resolved soon and help us work with it.

  39. Richard Preston says:

    Good Luck Opening Archives, can’t see local files can’t detect that dropbox is installed and open, once you get the archive in you can generally open it but as for exporting (saving / backup) take a deep breath and hope for the best, shocking compared to MACOS / web version

  40. Michael Thorne (DaddyWarbucks) says:

    I don’t no yety cell is hacked it’s shows my brother he’s Thompson near in the near by share without wifi his daughter has all my Apple products that Dorothy Louise’Thompson Thorne bought illegally.And I find out today she apply for a birth certificate for me and a death certificate fr my Bio logical father and bio logical mother and has keep this lie a secret but FBI In Arkansas has been caughting the evil ppl that has helped and I pray they get here quick.i have this program in my phone

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