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December 9, 2022
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LinkedIn Recruiter Mod Apk

Use the LinkedIn Recruiter app to stick on best of your recruiting when you’re on-the-go. Briefly reply to applicants once they answer in your messages. Seek LinkedIn’s whole community of 675M+ contributors and speak to the precise folks on your open roles — all out of your telephone. Pick out up paintings the place you left off or deal with fast duties when you’re away out of your table, like reviewing candidate profiles or organizing your pipeline.

LinkedIn Recruiter Mod Apk apk

With the LinkedIn Recruiter app, you get get admission to to key options of LinkedIn Recruiter, each time and anywhere you want them:

LinkedIn Recruiter Mod Apk apk mod new

Get real-time notifications when applicants answer on your messages and reply within the second Compose and ship InMails to applicants whilst on-the-go Seek all of the LinkedIn skill pool the use of good filters and key phrases Get entry to and edit your contemporary searches simply Connect and ship paperwork to applicants, all out of your telephone Assessment candidate profiles and save applicants who’re a just right have compatibility for your present projects*
Get Advisable Fits in your open roles that enhance through the years by way of finding out from which applicants you select to save lots of, cover and message in Recruiter*
Collaborate together with your group through tagging them in Notes and beginning a conversation* Simply percentage candidate profiles together with your hiring manager/client for feedback*

LinkedIn Recruiter Mod Apk liberate

*These options are best to be had for patrons with get right of entry to to New Recruiter & Jobs. If you don’t but have get admission to to New Recruiter & Jobs, please touch your LinkedIn account group to peer if you end up scheduled to get upgraded.

LinkedIn Recruiter Mod Apk apk mod

The LinkedIn Recruiter app calls for a Recruiter or Recruiter Lite account, which is a paid LinkedIn subscription for skill execs. If you have an interest in finding out extra about LinkedIn Recruiter, please seek advice from:


40 comments on "LinkedIn Recruiter Mod Apk"

  1. Raechele Maston says:

    Truly bad app. I’ve been having an issue where it won’t even log me in recently, but even when it does it’s a total waste of time. Weak search ability, horrible InMail interface. Might as well save yourself the trouble and just reply to InMails from the email notification.

  2. Jhanna Delvin says:

    This app never works. Ever. I haven’t been able to sign in for at least 4 weeks and I attempt to sign in every day and just get a spinning circle. I finally just checked the app store to see if I needed to update but that wasn’t the case. I’ve force stopped the app and nothing. Login credentials are definitely correct as I login every day from my desktop.

  3. Zaine Hedley says:

    i don’t usually take the time to review an app, but this is so bad it deserves mention. Truly disappointing effort from Microsoft. I recently upgraded to Recruiter Lite. Upgrade is the wrong word. Its a disaster. Can’t send messages from LinkedIn any longer. Only from completely disconnected Recruiter app. The app has no send capability. Ridiculously bad.

  4. Diondra Kristena says:

    It’s fine to respond to inMails from candidates but other then that not so much. But the worst part is that it is very buggy case in point I can’t even log in and it keeps freezing won’t even take me to the log in screen. Please fix this ASAP Edit: tried reinstalling the app several times, still stuck on the opening of the app and won’t go to the log in screen.

  5. Cal Lamari says:

    For an outfit with such a strong product offering, especially when it comes to the Recruiter technology, it’s surprising that LinkedIn’s app for this tech is so poor. Megre search functionality and very laggy and unresponsive when clicking on profiles. Dont bother.

  6. Jesscia Ash says:

    If I could give it no stars I would. When I first downloaded it in October 2018, it was fine. Now, when I attempt to launch the app it just gets stuck on the screen with the red couch…and STAYS like that. It has been like this for weeks! I have uninstalled and reinstalled it twice. WORTHLESS. (You would think they would use thier own services to find a new developer who could fix this.)

  7. Aethelweard Carolus says:

    There is only so little one can do through this app. It barely handles the ability to respond to inMails and horrible at anything else including searching for candidates and lacks basic functions like editing/posting job posts, viewing similar profiles and the like.

  8. Dull Teon says:

    This continues to be the most useless app in the store. I left a report with LinkedIn with screenshots and got no answer, review, or reply. Absolutley will not load on my S9. Will change rating if there is a solution. It gets stuck on the screen with the couches/suitcases/loading screen. Re-installing does nothing.

  9. Whitley Bek says:

    for such a big forum LinkedIn has got the worst mobile app that has ever been made across any genre. It’s basic understanding that a person who uses web version will come to the app expecting same functionality. But this app can barely be of any help. The search filters barely apply and everything is also very annoyingly slow. Most features just appear as a show button and nothing happens when u click on it. Worst mobile app ever made. Expected a lot since a big name like LinkedIn attached wd it

  10. Myrtle Lorence says:

    I thought this app would be helpful, turns out I was wrong. You can’t review applications as every project you click on comes back with an error. Messaging is very limited and the whole interface feels like it’s 10 years old. This app has a lot of potential but I doubt it gets fixed.

  11. Collier Aeoelric says:

    It shows chat message as multiple blocks of particular user. Also they don’t show the message we sent. It’s bit useless. As we don’t able to figure out which message was sent by us. In this age it’s little old school type. You can’t get a simple chat feature

  12. West Valary says:

    The worst app in the play store. You can’t see your conversation history – just the last message recevied. Remarkable really. Sometimes when trying to send a message the keyboard won’t appear and trust me that’s not a problem with the phone. Pathetic.

  13. Rainbeaux Philberta says:

    The worst app that I have ever used. It is so difficult to review your inmail messages – there is not any logic in the way how they looks. Same with the projects – when you open a project all that you can see is a list of profile pictures. It is not useful at all.

  14. Ally Ashton says:

    I can’t reply to my candidates through the InMail. Please fix this problem. Also, the UI/UX is very messy. If it is similar or better than the website version, that would be great.

  15. Jaquelyn Abbeygail says:

    This would be more useful if the app didn’t reset my filtered search back to the top everytime I open one profile or send a message. The moment I go back, it takes me all the way to the top of the page again. Once you’ve gotten down the list a ways, this becomes increasingly frustrating to the point where it’s not worth using the mobile app.

  16. Ro Se says:

    What a car crash. Everything MS touches turns into a useless, slow version of what things used to be. At least have the decency of getting your low paid developers to make sure search results are accurate. How come the webpage provides more results than the app using the same search parameters? The layout is horrible as well. Incompetence should not be tolerated. You charge hundreds of dollars a month for the ‘privilege’ of using Linkedin and this is what you deliver?

  17. Alexia Seebeck says:

    This app is so incredibly frustrating because it’s basically just a messaging platform. You can’t do any of the recruiting activities that you would do on your recruiter account on the LinkedIn website. I feel like it should be common sense that people downloading this app would be doing so to enable them to utilize the functions of their recruiter account on their phone/on the move but it’s proven to be another example of how common sense isn’t always common.

  18. gateway hr says:

    Many things need to be added. Though it’s better and faster than the web version which is very heavy in loading. We need to be able to see the video intro. responses too, unable to see that. Also the application sorting is pathetic, it doesn’t sort by Datee applied when you click on it, but when you select screening requirement sort, it shows you latest applies, it’s funny.

  19. Carl Baird says:

    I used to love using this app during my commute to get ahead of my working day but its basically become useless. The chat function doesn’t work because it makes it impossible to respond to messages. Whenever I tap on the box to reply it comes up over the conversation instead of pushing it up above the keyboard. The saved searches function shows me how many new profiles have been found and comes up with a list of new profiles but it doesn’t load there individual profiles. Please fix ASAP.

  20. Aaron E says:

    Just not done well. Not intuitive and most recent update messed up the messaging portion where I can’t see all of the most recent message because the input text box is in the way, which is probably what the majority of this app gets used for. Massive company with a ton of money but can’t get something simple correct in a mostly text based app. Seriously?

  21. Bogdan Dragoescu says:

    LinkedIn has made a significant leap with the new Recruiter Lite. I guess you have a lot more to do. Just an improvement idea: you introduced in the mobile app the quick replies. Wouldn’t be nice to have them customizable? I doesn’t make sense to send an InMail in Romanian and then reply in English.

  22. Sacha Borg says:

    I think UI can be more user friendly not really refined in my opinion. Also on tablet and mobile I cannot access saved searches or saved pool of candidates which is a nuisance when needing to work on the go. Additionally the disabled rotation is also pretty annoying.

  23. Warren Braswell says:

    Shows what I need, as in my projects but I have never gotten a notification for a message on my device. All settings are correct, so not sure what else to do. Downgrading to “1” star because I missed 6 messages from candidates due to the app failing to provide notifications. Very poor experience.

  24. Mark North says:

    Really, really bad! I downloaded this to do some sourcing during the evening on the sofa but this is unusable!!! The filters don’t work properly and when I click on certain profiles it opens someone else further up the list. All the money they take for corporate seats and they deliver this absolutely awful app. Crooks!

  25. Caitlin Roche says:

    I wish this app worked so I could work from my phone when not at my computer. When I click on profiles from saved searches they never open, it just keeps trying to open but never does. You would think a company like LinkedIn could have an app that works. Please fix! It used to work 🤷‍♀️ I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still had the same issues.

  26. Justin A. Torres says:

    I have had this app for over a year and it has never worked properly. When try to search for new candidates and click on a profile, it loads…loads…loads… and has grey horizontal lines that sweep across the screen and nothing ever loads. So frustrating, this is my 2nd time trying to contact them about this and nothing has been resolved.

  27. Jerry Virgo says:

    Has no options to show push notifications. I have to manually refresh my messages all the time. The website is the same. For what it costs it’s a terrible product but unfortunately a necessity for recruiting. Running nexus 6 with latest Android build so pretty sure it’s not just my phone.

  28. Elizabeth Espinoza says:

    It’s appalling that paying subscribers can’t 1) talk to a live person via phone #, 2) paying subscribers can’t even, at the very least, chat with live help, 3) the app is useless and it’s an insult to paying subscribers that it’s not up and running as it should be. As a recruiter, many times I have to search for and write to candidates on my mobile, and just like everyone else here, I’m unable to get the same service as on my laptop. LinkedIn needs to listen to its customers and fix this asap.

  29. Tia Assaf says:

    Unable to use or message from my phone. Did not try desktop app yet but so far I’m not impressed.

  30. D says:

    Trash app…a lot of security authorization pin codes and other stuff..not even was a bank account…an idiot who set so many security stuff and verification can take up to 5 days…you are a shame ..

  31. Kevin So says:

    Cant even login. Terrible, cant work conhisively with Linkin Premium account. Basically paid but cant see resumes… Please fix it asap. Terrible.

  32. Steen Carndorf says:

    Just returned to this after the summer holiday. Now won’t even sync my Inbox. Mobile app won’t capture/show ongoing conversations. Nothing has updated since June. Not even an uninstall & reinstall has fixed it. I pay these guys over £300 per month and I’m expected to accept this? Seriously???

  33. LTSG FH says:

    Today morning While checking subscription details i accidentally press purchase option,so i want to refund i already cancelled subscription.. Please do needfull

  34. Hooman Akhavan says:

    It’s a very good and helpful app, the reason why I give it 3 starts it’s because it works very slop on the phone , especially while using the message service

  35. M Tagler says:

    Nice to have, but incredibly buggy. When I review suggested search matches, it frequently backtracks to candidates I’ve reviewed. When I try and add folks to projects, certain pages constantly error out. Functionality is inconsistent with the browser app. Search filter updates don’t consistently save. Basically, it’s a trainwreck. Handy if you want to quickly review your pipeline or send a message.

  36. kav s says:

    Forces one in without a free trial without giving up banking information. Buggy app with poor design. Simply a cash grab and data mining app. Red flag there are no positive reviews.

  37. Reddy M says:

    Hi LinkedIn Recruiter , I took paid service, it’s too much confusion, Taking too much time for sign in and how to contact customer care. Please reply.

  38. Taha Zubairi says:

    I can’t reply to any inmails on this app because every chat says the InMail hasn’t been accepted. I have to use the web app instead which makes this application useless other than giving me notifications. Someone should fix this issue ASAP.

  39. Maurizio Gioffrè says:

    Screen does not auto rotate on tablet – would be awesome to have this feature

  40. Juan Lenders says:

    An awesome tool to upskill yourself through self development. Money worth spending def. A 10 out of 5 stars for me

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