Keap: Business Phone Number Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Linked Phone Number and Business Line: 2nd Line with SMS and Call Forwarding
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December 7, 2022
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Keap: Business Phone Number Apk Download New 2022 Version*

“Highest 2nd telephone quantity for small companies to hyperlink your actual telephone quantity and your small business line. Arrange your corporation calls now with a digital quantity for simple SMS and make contact with forwarding. Having a devoted trade telephone quantity is a will have to, Keap Trade Line is helping you build up your gross sales with much less effort!

Keap: Trade Telephone Quantity Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

Highest 2nd Trade Telephone Quantity App for your enterprise Line! – By no means pass over a choice once more with related telephones and use your digital quantity to control 2lines to grasp if the caller is figure or private issues comparable.

Keap: Trade Telephone Quantity Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

With the Keap app, stay your actual telephone quantity and trade line separate with a 2d trade telephone quantity in your Android telephone. Your 2d telephone quantity comes with limitless trade line SMS and contact forwarding. No want to organize a 2nd telephone quantity for your corporation line, use Keap’s telephone name app to generate a trade line 2d telephone quantity to simply protected a customized quantity that’s very best for what you are promoting.

Keap: Industry Telephone Quantity Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

What makes our industry sideline other from different 2d telephone quantity and industry line telephone name apps?

Keap: Trade Telephone Quantity Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

In contrast to different 2d telephone quantity apps, Keap:

Keap: Trade Telephone Quantity Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* free up

• Is made with small industry in thoughts. This isn’t every other digital quantity. It’s made so a small industry like yours will have a 2nd telephone quantity to stay your corporation line calls and SMS become independent from your own actual telephone quantity to appear and sound like the pro you might be.

Keap: Trade Telephone Quantity Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

• Keep arranged with Keap CRM with inbuilt advertising and gross sales automation. You’ll view buyer main points, notes, duties, name historical past, messages, and extra in a single arranged touch report so that you don’t get stuck with out the data you wish to have previous to a gathering or industry line name.

Keap: Industry Telephone Quantity Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

• Shows caller IDENTIFICATION so that you at all times know if the decision is supposed in your non-public or trade line. Use the Keap telephone quantity caller IDENTITY to briefly see if the decision is from your corporation line so you’ll be able to resolution your sideline quantity like a professional each and every time.

• Works as a personalised actual telephone quantity generator to simply create or alternate a digital quantity to precisely what you need. Make a selection your individual native quantity or alternate telephone numbers to a custom designed quantity like 555-4MY-HOME so it’s memorable for your enterprise and your purchasers. It’s a 2nd telephone quantity generator with you in price.

• Auto replies when you’re away. SMS and make contact with forwarding auto-replies while you leave out a textual content or name on your small business line so that you by no means fail to spot following up with a lead or a very powerful shopper.

• Let’s you place your online business agenda. Set a sleep time table to pause trade line calls and SMS notifications whilst sideline auto-replies so that you can keep attached on your leads when you center of attention on different issues that topic.

• Permits for personalisation of your small business line voicemail. Arrange customized voicemail greetings so your 2nd telephone quantity for your online business line is particular to your enterprise. Plus, voicemails are routinely transcribed that will help you save time and reply faster.

Keap further options:

• Industry card scanner: Scan trade playing cards, which might be robotically transcribed and added as a touch in Keap telephone name app.

• Simple touch import: Import your enterprise contacts at once out of your actual telephone quantity.

• Appointment scheduler (For customers of Keap Lite, Keap Professional, Keap Max editions best): View your appointments or guide appointments without delay in the course of the telephone name app so you’ll be able to arrange your enterprise line at the cross
• Settle for bills: View, edit, create and ship invoices permitting you to request fee at the pass.

Keap 2nd trade telephone quantity app is to be had within the U.S. and Canada most effective.


40 comments on "Keap: Business Phone Number Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Erna Delmont says:

    Had a difficult time figuring out how to sign UP on the app because it only gives a sign IN option. Then i was finally navigated to a Keap website where i was able to sign up. Once i decided on my user name and password i went back to the app to sign in and it did not recognize my password. I reset it a couple of times because it still wouldnt recognize it then it wouldnt recognize my user name. Too much trouble. Was never able to sign in from the app so I gave up and deleted the whole thing.

  2. Raj Ahluwalia says:

    I’m still waiting for the phone line and texting to become available In Canada. When I signed up quite a while ago I was informed that it was rolling out shortly, but nothing yet. Edit June 12th, 2020: I’m really hoping based on the response from the Keap team that it is actually rolled out early summer in addition to an automated text for the followup flow. Facebook Ad integration without Zapier would also be AMAZING! I really do not want to cancel!

  3. Stephanie Gwinn says:

    Horrible. When you enter an area code (to select a new phone number that I don’t need, but it’s making me anyway) and it just keeps asking me to enter it over and over again but won’t tell me what the problem is, smh. I’ll never use it, already uninstalled it.

  4. Molliana Poliak says:

    Updated: This app is pretty good. Could have more options to customize the contact card, customer type, etc. Maybe use the actual phone # of the device to read messages and call times, etc. But overall pretty good.

  5. Nick D says:

    I really want to like the app but it truly is a terrible app mainly because the bugs have not been worked out. It’ll be good one day. Here are the big issues: 1) Loading time – min 10-15 sec to open the app then another 10-15 sec to open texts or check calls. 2) Logs me out at random times 3) Doesn’t save drafts 4) Log in page glitches & I have to restart it up to 2-4x 5) Auto snooze malfunctions 6) Notifications for texts don’t show 7) Copy Paste doesn’t work! (F**ing seriously)

  6. Daniel Hubert says:

    This thing is super slow and bogs down my phone. Great idea but So disappointed. This is on par for infusionsoft/keap apps and landing pages. Atleast the last app didn’t slow my 9hone down

  7. Alana Strother (lonnilon33) says:

    This is one of the best CRM systems I have ever used for practic emanagement. The automation, integration capabilities, and now social media integration makes Keap #1 in my 📖!!

  8. Lisa Friesen says:

    It’s a great idea and the platform is there but it keeps crashing and freezing and alot features from desktop view are not accessible in mobile app. It’s also very expensive

  9. Tyler Danen says:

    Slow and really doesn’t give you the info you need. It is good for scanning biz cards however

  10. Karen Kent says:

    Great app and solution for businesses. easy to use, love having a separate number for reaching contacts, no issues with the app. wonderful solutions within my reach.

  11. Maria Kadison says:

    Literally unusable Freezes immediately every single time. Forget about access to your keap phone number. You can’t even set up voicemail. Not sure why this app for Android was even made public. Please fix asap!

  12. Detra Sheppard says:

    Extremely slow, it takes 5-10 seconds to open & another 10 open texts. It is extremely frustrating to use because of this constant wait to get to what I need. If it wasn’t for the contract obligation I would have changed by now since I need my phone and text service the most in my business. Also, a colleague is being charged $99 for the Pro service and I was charged $145. A 50% increase in less than a year during a pandemic is very expensive, especiall with such problems with this app.

  13. Salvatore Stalteri says:

    Looks like it has great potential, but too many bugs… freezes constantly. It seems that a lot of people have been dealing with this in the comments. What’s taking so long to address this??? I’d love to use this app!

  14. Maine Gainz says:

    App is not allowing me to log in, not loading to the next page, only tells me when i in put details in wrong, but when they are right the app is no responding

  15. Ellen McDowell says:

    I love how this app keeps my business organized. It syncs perfectly with my desktop app. They keep improving it. Right now my caller ID is not working, and when that is corrected I will edit this.

  16. Lisa Johnson says:

    My account being hacked several time even after keep changing my password several time , someone accessing my texts and phone logs and telling my customers not to do business me , they accessing thru Laptop and desktop please put stronger encryption and that shows who is logging in and what time they login in please thanks

  17. Tao says:

    Garbage app. It keeps crashing when click the icon. I was never able to open it. Please hire some real developers.


    Live Support isn’t easily reached, can’t reach any support during Posted hours (tried after 6 MT, last two days);, issues with glitches with text messages; making and receiving calls often, which is unacceptable, as business line Received training offerings on several occasions which have never come to fruition. Finally, past training has been scheduled and the representative either arrived late, was having technical difficulties or was more concerned with getting to the nice appointment.

  19. Lance Burns says:

    Horrible App. Missing features unlike website. Lags and freezes when responding to text messages . Lastly, can not use the outgoing call feature with the business line .

  20. Jeremy Gruensteiner says:

    The service and apps have a lot of promise, but the performance of both the mobile app and web admin makes them both basically unusable. Support has given me advice to not have more than one staff member working at a time or to repeatedly uninstall and reinstall the app to make sure it works. For the subscription price we pay on this CRM, it’s an utter joke and would rate it lower if I could.

  21. Jason Ankele says:

    This app. I just bought this description for 1499 and now it’s not working I go to log in and take me right to the start trial again then it says error that already have an account but doesn’t allow me to go in I want my money back now

  22. Nephinmelinda H says:

    I admire vision, and the developers of this app certainly have a lot of vision. There are tons of cool things that you should be able to do with the Keap app. However, this app is *so buggy* that the developers should be call it Keap Beta, and they should be paying me to be a beta tester, not the other way around. I would need more space to provide any kind of a reasonable log of all the bugs that I have to put up with (I’m serious, Keap: contact me and I’ll compile a list).

  23. Keith Huang says:

    Signed up but can never get keap business line to set up which defeats the whole keap desktop plus mobile comms purpose to make my life easier. Now i spent more time trying to get it up and running than working on my business. I don’t know how good this software is now that it breaks within a day using it… I’m not excited about using this in the long term. Yes i can try again after the dev team fixes it, but would i get paid to help debugging and QA testing??

  24. Verrill Beaudro says:

    Trying to grow a successful business like anyone else. Over half my customers never get their quotes, the other half end up in their spam. Best part of the app is using it for customer communications. I just don’t know how many deals we lost because they never got the quote

  25. Tamarrian Myrick says:

    The app is ok but freezes a lot and don’t like the display of my contacts. When someone calls you can’t see there name on caller ID

  26. Stacey K. says:

    This has been one of best things for our business, especially the business line that we can call, text, etc. We can now stay connected with our customers more, we set up auto text replies for calls that we miss so they know that we’re calling them back as soon as we’re done with our prior customer. We forward our regular phones to the business line number. The marketing, call and appointment automations have made our lives so much better!!

  27. John Johnston says:

    This app has helped us drive our business, track our coms and keep us on our toes. Could use a few tweaks which they seem to be sorting them out. Would defiantely recommend for a small business

  28. Dura Galon says:

    Very glitchy, it seems like its good at first but when you actually try to use its functions fail after fail, calendar doesn’t sync with appointment invite thats supposed to make the automations so nice and also doesn’t let prospect type and see what they’re writing for the location field.

  29. Jaime Tetreault says:

    Just aweful. I have to sign in 2 mins after I close the app. Then I can’t respond to texts because it freezes all the time. I have to complete close out the app and reopen and re-signin to respond. It just takes too much time to do a quick response.

  30. Matt Dallas says:

    App has never worked properly since I signed up. It freezes and becomes non-responsive every time I try to click between contacts.

  31. Joy White says:

    Update-after dealing with this issue for weeks and many hours on the phone, there is still no resolution and I’ve been told that the developers are “learning” how to address this because I am an Android user and they are not experts with androids. This app is absolutely terrible on my Google Pixel 6 Pro. It crashes everytime I open it. Presently I am unable to make or receive business calls. After 2 weeks this hasn’t been resolved. I’m extremely dissapointed.

  32. Just Keep Swimming says:

    Keap has absolutely made life so much easier and better with all of its wonderful features combining everything you need into one place making life way easier and more profitable thank you Keap, I’ll keep you always!😁😇🦸‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧜‍♀️🦄

  33. Wade Filewich says:

    After update, it no longer lets me log in, can’t find my account. I paid for this and it’s useless now.

  34. Lashaundra Perkins says:

    Keap is a really good app. I like everything. That it has to offer.

  35. Michelle Sidun says:

    When first installed it worked great. Now for the last several weeks my phone notifies me of an incoming call but it doesn’t open the phone app so that I can answer it. I get notifications of missed calls amd voicemail but they don’t show up in the KEAP app and I don’t know how to retrieve the voicemail. I have made 2 inquiries and have had no response. They said they sent an email but I never received it. I just printed 600 business cards with this number on it!

  36. Jonathan Yvon says:

    After some time using this app. Not going to lie it kinda sucks. I’d expect more on a mobile from Keap. A business that markets itself to small operations. It can be much better, the desktop version kills it, the mobile browser version kills it. The phone app sucks!!! Why can’t I access all the quotes on this app, why can’t I see the automations, etc. You might save space by just using the mobile browser version. 3 stars cause it makes me 🤑.

  37. Vanessa Smith says:

    The app is not working to make phone calls and the company has not communicated any updates or partially funded our fees for a service that’s not working properly.

  38. Jeff Rothgeb says:

    Love the application. Perfect for my business.

  39. Athena Perez says:

    Unable to make calls from the app as it’s originally supposed to work

  40. Jenessa McKinney says:

    Very slow app. Logs you out at random. And had stopped allowing me to dial out for some time now (for about 3 months). I was told I’d receive a discount for this feature no longer working, but have seen increase in pricing instead. This app is very sucky

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