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Get online with Website Builder and Domains. Manage/respond to website activity.
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December 6, 2022
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GoDaddy Premium Apk

Bring your concepts to lifestyles on-line with a certified web site and a memorable area. Run your enterprise at the cross by means of monitoring and pleasing on-line buyer orders and requests, or updating your website. You’ll customise your website online the use of confirmed designs, upload a cell optimized on-line retailer, arrange on-line bookings, attach your social pages, and make adjustments all out of your telephone.

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1.) Make the site you need – it’s simple

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Designer-made templates and customizable subject matters allow you to create a qualified web page the usage of the website online builder. Construct, arrange and replace all your website online out of your telephone and stay your content material contemporary and attractive. Promote merchandise or services and products with a cell optimized buying groceries revel in and versatile cost choices.

GoDaddy Top class Apk

2.) Discover a memorable area to your web site

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Get your concept on-line rapid – simply seek for, check in, and purchase a website title of your selection. Simply getting began on-line? Put your area to paintings with a GoDaddy Web site Builder unfastened trial.

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Three.) Get started accepting safe bills in mins

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Take on-line bills in mins with our easy, rapid bills resolution. Grow to be your smartphone right into a digital terminal and take money or bank card bills from anyplace. Ship a virtual receipt through textual content or electronic mail proper out of your cell phone. Test gross sales efficiency at a look in a single position for your entire on-line retailer and in-person gross sales the usage of GoDaddy bills. Receives a commission out speedy, your bills will probably be deposited subsequent trade day anytime a buyer buys a services or products.

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Four.) Flip your smartphone into a formidable level of sale with a pocket-sized card reader
Attach the cardboard Reader* simply with Bluetooth to take protected bank card bills the place ever you’re. Faucet, dip or swipe to procedure bills the sensible and rapid manner. Energize your promoting attainable, our Card Reader* and charging dock will assist you to promote the rest anyplace.

*Card Reader bought one at a time.
Five.) Keep on best of your enterprise
Observe task throughout your web site, product orders, appointment bookings, and social media multi functional position. In only a couple faucets you’ll take a look at new orders, bookings, or critiques all at the cross. Temporarily upload new pictures, weblog posts, new occasions or products and services proper whilst you get the speculation.

6.) Arrange your GoDaddy Account

From the app, you’ll get fast get right of entry to on your account standing, organize upcoming renewals and get entry to assist with our 24/7 GoDaddy Guides.


40 comments on "GoDaddy Premium Apk"

  1. Aldrik Bonnita says:

    This app has a lot of potential. It’s very glitch when trying to edit your site. You’ll go to change a word and when typing it goes to the line below and you can’t make any changes. If these glitches were fixed and it was optimized for effecient mobile use then it would be fantastic. It would make updating my site a lot easier as far as where and when I could work on it. I work two jobs so it’s hard to find a time to sit and work on my site when I’m not tired or busy. If this app worked properly I’d work on it on my breaks and when I had a minute. Other than these glitches though the app is pretty useful as far as checking when products are due to renew and things along those lines.

  2. Garmann Blayke says:

    I got this app because trying to edit my web page text on mobile doesn’t work. Well, the app has the same problem. Seriously, developers, you NEED to fix this. I cannot type, select, or back space properly using a mobile keyboard. Get beta testers. Try your own app (on Android), try to edit text in a section, try to back space when you make a mistake. The entire text gets deleted or replaced with repeating words. There’s no undo button, so I lost everything I had painstakingly written on mobile… The only way to write anything is to make no mistakes and if you do, attempt to select all the text ten times, cut it when you finally succeed without it deciding you want to repeat a random word, and start over.

  3. Edrys Chasady says:

    This really seems like the best; however, its about the hardest site to make your own! They give you 30 trial days to test out but it takes all of that and then some to get up and going and then sometimes your still busy editing to get your site perfect. Im moving on from this app to find something much better.

  4. Leanna Boh says:

    It behaves well enough and there’s a couple things you can do easily, but managing your email is not one of them. Got a quick view of email accounts but there’s nothing you can really do there. Somehow I ended up on the web view (good) of my email management, but then who needs an app if you work on the browser anyways? I was able to renew one of my products easily, but everything is set to auto renew so again I don’t need an app. No real purpose of this app except to say they got one.

  5. Sutton Charlli says:

    When you add a new product to your store on the mobile device you cant select more than one photo at a time, and after you find each photo you have to go all the way back down in your gallery to pick another. Also writing descriptions, if you backspace one letter it repeats all of the word you have, example: beautibeautiful and when you go to delete the first one it starts deleting from the end of the correct word. Extremely frustrating when you’re trying to update your website.

  6. Beric Philips says:

    This app is unusable, about the time you finally navigate to the area you want to create or edit account settings, the app loses the credential and forces you to log in all over but takes you back to the starting point. I tried several times to edit my email settings but got rerouted back to home screen to login just when I got to the area I wanted to edit. Very frustrating.

  7. Coralie Jacolby says:

    Frustrating, never got far. pick a template, the first word adjustment, or change/up loading of photos, the app erases all work & then back to starting over. Try to add words? Well.. it moves the word into the other words, mixes my text all up. Frustrating, and it always looses my work and starts me over from scratch. Don’t bother to download. Don’t waste your precious time like I have. Find something better. Mahalo

  8. Omni Entertainment says:

    This a great app if you want to do something new like create a website or find a domain. It is a terrible app if you need help with a product you already have. You cannot even send a message to support. It just tries to connect you to instant messaging that rarely works! Very frustrating!

  9. Mikole Landers says:

    Great but needs work. Doesn’t update along with the desktop computer. I use both to work on editing my website and they just aren’t syncing properly. But it’s still a great app to use! Especially when I upload pics from my phone. It’s fast and easier than using the desktop. I just refresh the desktop and the pics are there.

  10. Pat OKelley says:

    Terrible. Always fails to allow updates to content. And the pitful little content window scrolls all the way to the top every time it does let you click on a line to edit requiring you to scroll back down and find where where you clicked. Even then you still might have to replica and do it all over again. Terrible, Terrible Terrible app.

  11. Kaely Haverly says:

    There’s so much you’re not able to do in the app, most pages you have to edit things on your website just will not load, for a while I was unable to upload any new photos at all, for months now I’ve been trying to update an outdated announcement from my home page and seem to not be able to. I constantly update the app and there’s always a handful of things I can’t do. It’s exhausting spending $30 a month just to fight with the app constantly.

  12. PJ Hughes says:

    It’s been on the fritz. (Updated this week. New bug?) Last night I logged in, couldn’t hit Edit Website, it just kept reloading the screen literally every second. Couldn’t do anything. Today, it goes directly to a blank screen with “Something went wrong. Please try again”. I push Retry, get the same. Can’t do anything. Also, I’ve never liked the size/format of the app; it doesn’t fit phone screens. I miss the old drag/drop layout option! Now it’s limited not optimal, makes my site too spaced out

  13. Tori Wissinger says:

    The app is pretty much useless. Actually, given that I can’t incorporate a lot of payment options and can only attach a shopping cart to one product category, GoDaddy is pretty much useless to me entirely and I can’t wait until April when I’ll be switching to Shopify. However, the app is especially infuriating. It crashes. It freezes. It throws error codes. It won’t upload pictures. It runs incredibly slow. It won’t let me upload products. Wouldn’t not recommend GoDaddy at all.

  14. Aisha Crystal Ahmad says:

    I started with absolutely zero experience or knowledge and even outdated computer experience. It was a struggle but they have been on the phone and online to walk step by step for some very technical issues. Since I started a year ago they have expanded, improved, and added more awesome services that are making the whole process streamlined and convenient. I’m EXTREMELY happy with their progress and expansion of services AND integrations & support.

  15. Timothy Anthony says:

    I find the app exceptional. With being able to find, purchase, and manage your domains, this app makes business a breeze. I would sat however the the interface could be more user friendly and a bit more straightforward and less layered. Simpler menus and labeling as well as display and storage of owned content could be easier to locate and simpler to navigate. But all in all it does the job and is a wonderful app.

  16. Kenzie Taylor says:

    I enjoy the idea of the app, but to utilize it for the blog portion tends to be frustrating so 4 stars and I will explain below. I’m not sure but to me it seems when performing blog edits, it will time out and give a 404 Error Code on the page. When I return to the edit, I will have multiple paragraphs repeated over itself and I have to go through and ‘clean out’ the repeats. Currently I type out, then close out for 20 min to prevent this from happening. Hopefully it can be fixed soon!

  17. SJS says:

    Works well. Good way to manage everything on my phone while I am away. Working on your website from a desktop is still better but this app fills a gap. Best for monitoring and checking on things but can be used to edit and create in a pinch. 5 stars for sure.

  18. Sean Fried says:

    This has got to be the dumbest thing ever. I’m supposed to support my client’s business website by being forced to download a phone app to manage Conversations connections to their social media accounts, all of which are managed on computers, as well as constantly being told by GoDaddy support to download the phone app instead of using a desktop, which makes no sense in a office setting. This is obviously not geared towards legitimate businesses and is an insanely frustrating experience. 0/5

  19. BloodWeb says:

    Constant bugs and issues, the main website is no exception to that rule, consistently logs me out of the app, deletes what I’m working on. I have to spend an hour on line to customer service, just to alter a DNS rule. App, is broken, site is terrible and I feel like a loser For being so stupid, to assume that paying for a service, would mean I am able to use it. #tryhostgator, godaddy is AWFUL and pretty much highway bandits at this point.

  20. Aaron Corbitt says:

    Most things like editing any large amounts of text or adding payment method & many other things are pretty much non-functional all the time & none of the issues I ever have get addressed when I make complaints about them to people end up having to assist me when I switch to a pc… Or when I switch to desktop to do things like edit blogs or update payment methods. I can’t use the sliding backspace cursor movement and it’s garbage regardless of website or app. For web design company it’s sad af!

  21. Mondell “Dee” Washington says:

    Always freezing up or glitching out. This is not designed for, if your a barber or stylist. No cancellation button they ( the customer) have to keep calling you. Customers complain about not getting their email notifications about appointments. They don’t offer text messages notifications. The basic service and plus service is the same, only then you can pay online. Not pay the extra.

  22. Taisha Miranda says:

    Fast and easy, step to step set-up,convenient and great price. Only paid $2.99 or so and depends on my needs I could upgrade for small fees starting $6.99 or so roughly but is great.

  23. Kimberly Brown says:

    Seriously, just let me reply to my customers from my Outlook account like I have been doing! This was a poor decision on Godaddys part. No one wants extra steps when their clients need a response! Not only that, when I realized hitting “reply” in Outlook wasn’t working, I used the in email button, which forced me out to the Dashboard, where I wrote my reply and all it did was deliver it to MY email account!!! Put back the original functionality! If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!

  24. Ivonne Re says:

    Love, love, love GoDaddy. I’ve been with them over 10 years with 4 of my businesses. I love how easy the web design features are. Having the GoDaddy App on my phone makes updates and marketing work sooo much easier. The customer service is great! I have called literally all hours of the day and night – and there’s always a welcome voice who can help me with tech support 🙂👍

  25. S C says:

    You can’t see your messages on the app. Some of my contacts don’t make it to my email and I’m losing sales because of it. Some even end up in my personal email, how does that even happen?!? Becuse I’m a bakery I have to talk with people before they can order so being able to see those messages is vitally Important.

  26. Leah Marie says:

    Not happy with this app or website service at all. The glitches and buffering from the app make it nearly impossible to do any work from it. Even on the desktop the website service is slow, I can type faster than it receives data. It cost way too much to not be able to do the work I need to get done for my business.

  27. Savannah Portell says:

    I’ve been able to open up my photography business through their services and I cannot tell you how pleased by how breathtaking my very first website looks. The templates are outstanding, and although it takes a few good bucks to make your URL take “GoDaddy websites” off, to do that once for a whole year, so worth it. I’ve been able to make my website bookable, I’m booking client’s, and have over 1,200 views to my website and I’ve only had it a month and a half. Absolutely amazing experience!

  28. Stephen Gettel says:

    App sporting sloth-like moves. Unbelievably slow resonse to all comands. I have accidentally deleted a ton of work, several damn times because the app takes forever to register each tap. It is almost as if it runs crazy on its own. On a computer, works great. App sucks %$*# if you want to do anything at all to your site. Unfortunately, I have to use the app to load photos

  29. Kandis Neumeier says:

    This SURE makes my very computer software illiterate self be able to purchase and maintain my domain name. I also loved they have videos on what a bunch of different things mean. This is very user friendly!

  30. Jeffery Dorris says:

    Awful customer service, Awful reliability, downright not functional. Almost every month I have to uninstall and redownload the app to make bookings for my customers because it will no longer load in properly. You can’t switch between apps and resume where you were at. It will reset everything if you had a typo or forgot a specific piece of information while booking somebody or taking their credit card information and many more issues. Furthermore, there’s not even a dedicated phone line for help

  31. Jose Vital says:

    Easy to get a domain but different from online/PC. If the same options were available as on PC as easy and clear I would rate 5*

  32. Bryanna L says:

    App seems to be ser up for mostly doing sales. It would be nice to see wider features offered in app, including the social media scheduler.

  33. viciousmischief says:

    It’s not letting me edit my site at all. I hit “edit site” and the page reloads the same exact uneditable page.

  34. Mr Wilson says:

    Went with wix because they clearly say there is a 14 day money back guarantee. GoDaddy might offer that also but I don’t remember seeing it. Also GoDaddy makes you pay a full year minimum and wix has a pay monthly option. They both seem decent though. I will say that I was very impressed with GoDaddy support.

  35. Light Seed says:

    I uploaded all of my products, gave color variants etc, it kept deleting my work. I published everything and it was visible and then I went to check the site again and it was all gone, saying products coming soon… What happened!????

  36. sasha spencer says:

    Excellent, I love godaddy. For a 1st timer it was really easy to navigate and step by step instructions to help me really know what I was doing/building I launched my business and build my first website through godaddy and the app just let’s you have everything godaddy at your fingertips. Which is very convenient to upload new products, accept product sales in person and keep track of your website traffic love love love I’ve already recommended this app and will continue to recommend 👌

  37. RMSALT525 says:

    Customer service is really good. The app is extremely slow. I upload photos of my products using the app but do my editing on my computer. You can only upload one photo at a time which is ridiculous. Be very careful with this app. It’s so slow you can lose a lot of work. Jury still out on creating a website. You’re very restricted as far as what you can or can’t do. I wouldn’t recommend godaddy to anyone now but I think it has potential. I hope!

  38. Medie Eddie Farmacy says:

    Leo in tech support in the Philippines was the best CSR that I’ve had to do business with. While on the phone with me he was onthe 20th floor of a highrise experience a 5.2 earthquake and he stayed out and continued to help me. He deserves a hugh raise and an award. You’re getting 5 stars because of him.

  39. Pearl Christensen says:

    The site is glitching constantly, I can’t update products, I can’t save products or add new stuff. I am literally losing money every second your site malfunctions, and I have no way to fix it.

  40. Michael Matthiesen says:

    Excellent app, easy-to-use, and accessibility to the things that I need and use to run my business.

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