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Sales tracking, invoices and more in a dashboard for small business owners.
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October 3, 2022
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Board: Business Budget Tracker Apk Download New 2022 Version*

From a market-leading cell finance control instrument corporate, BudgetBakers, comes one thing new and but completely acquainted.

Board: Industry Price range Tracker Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

Board is a health tracker for what you are promoting. See your whole money glide in a single position, and be ready for no matter comes subsequent. By no means be shocked through sudden bills. Use your time correctly, and don’t waste it chasing numbers: automated financial institution synchronization and categorization assists in keeping you up-to-the-minute always. Rising your small business approach having the numbers you wish to have to transport ahead. Get financially have compatibility with Board.

Board: Trade Price range Tracker Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

Use Board to control your online business expansion, profitability, cash-flow, and regulate prices, anyplace and on every occasion you wish to have to make smarter, well timed selections.

Board: Industry Finances Tracker Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

Prepare your small business knowledge the way in which you wish to have, with very little effort of coming into information. Pay your invoices on time.
Have well timed and correct data from your entire financial institution accounts mechanically synced and taken care of your manner.

Board: Industry Finances Tracker Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

My trade. My method.

Board: Industry Finances Tracker Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

View your online business efficiency 24 hours an afternoon from any place • Temporarily get entry to your small business efficiency at a look • Simply arrange your control dashboard flexibly to peer what’s necessary

Board: Trade Price range Tracker Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

Arrange your money float, invoicing, working profitability, investment, and investments
• Plan your money float, together with revenues, invoicing, recurrent prices, or one time investments
• See your checking account and money account balances in a single position • Forecast long run stability in line with your ordinary or abnormal bills plans
• Get your invoices paid on time
• Price range prices and observe estimate at of completion • Act on crucial indicators; don’t omit a due date to pay or acquire cash • Determine inaccurate fees and save you fraud
• Funds prices and track estimate at of completion

Board: Trade Funds Tracker Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* release

Set your personal construction for data to be routinely arranged • Set how you need to peer revenues and prices • Set the categorization laws on the stage of your distributors and consumers to robotically fit with information • Set your individual labels, outline and save customized filters, use dynamic filtering options
Board provides you with precisely what you wish to have to force your online business, anytime, anyplace.


40 comments on "Board: Business Budget Tracker Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Michely Ivy says:

    I have been using the Wallet premium app from the same company, and pre registered for “Cash Flow”, I did my first test and it looks awesome so far, I expect it to be even better than the first one, because the makers they master this domain.

  2. Orton Lisa says:

    Love this app. I would give 5 star if you add multiple user for the account to manage as me and my brother share same account it would be much better if we can share the account and do updates simultaneously. Thank you!

  3. List Jeralyn says:

    I love how easy it is to use, just like Wallet. If you could add the ability to have multiple company profiles, so one could account for two or even three businesses? That would be amazingly helpful.

  4. Lyla Benecroft says:

    So lucky to found this app, it’s what I’ve been looking for! Love it! It would be even greater if this can be available on Desktop so I can access it while using computer

  5. Jannis Kacia says:

    The decision to not allow users to edit the categories was the worst of all the ideas you had. Businesses are different and users must be allowed to categorize their tasks at will and de – congest the app by removing all the categories that make no sense in their bussiness case. Every other app has that freedom. Now am stuck with useless categories that I will never use in 5 years. Good app though. Fix that and we will be friends.

  6. Ulger Baily says:

    Really love this app for my small business. But can you make a youtube tutorial on how the Order feature works? Its kind of confusing. Good job nonetheless!

  7. Attmore Ruadson says:

    Excellent ! Let me have the complete walkthrough @ Board. I want find in it whether the features wrt ‘Planned payments entries record’ are provided or not as seperate account. Usually in many apps only : Payments out gone are counted as ‘ Expences ‘ completed ‘ & that payments in came are counted as ‘ Earnings/incomes’ received. This remains not sufficient solving the purpose of budgeting. If this fact hade been already provided here in this app ‘board’, then its allright !

  8. Jay Segura says:

    Works perfect for what I needed. I tried many apps before coming across this one and I had to compromise with all of them. This app however has all the data entries I need in one place, no compromising. Thank you so much!

  9. Shukhrat Makhsudov says:

    There’s some bug that not allows you to reorder the list of custom templates. Items would always return to their initial place.

  10. Senta Media says:

    Amazing Apps. All features is good, but please the premium price can be cheaper. For small companies it feels a little more expensive.

  11. Neo Rathebe says:

    Very cool and smart app for business. Features need more improvement on the premium package. Also premium package price is very high for annual subscription. Should have once off option with option to purchase update.

  12. Julius Wonasolo says:

    Add a contact import feature so one can quickly upload a contact from the phone rather than manually entering them into the app. Thanks

  13. Leonardo Dias says:

    The app is great, but the website really lacks a lot of functionality. You can do basically nothing on the web and even though it’s amazing to have my company data on my phone, it’s on the computer that I do most of my management. If the website gets updated, then I’ll definitely upgrade my rate.

  14. Nicholas Teh says:

    I’m an existing user of Wallet app. Installed the app and I saw steep price for 70% similarity compared to the personal app. List of difference that I see – Order management – Sales Plan – Contact – Calendar Personal was a one time off payment. Board is 3x the amount per year.

  15. Pride Ncube says:

    Apps is very good, easy to use. Ive been using the free version and it has almost everything I need. I only give it 4 stars because the premium version is rather expensive. Otherwise the app is really good.

  16. Máté Farkas says:

    Great UX overall, has all the features I need, very easy to manage. Premium has nice features too, although it’s a bit too pricey. Would be great if there was maybe a discount programme for people who already purchased Wallet.

  17. Aran Kumar says:

    very easy to use the sub categories bare very well done you don’t have to be an accountant to be able to use this app easily. i love it I use this for my side business.

  18. Abdul Jalil Mian says:

    Great app. Helps me look into the financials of my side business without spending too much time. I only hope there would be a lifetime purchase option just like the Wallet app. That would really make people like me get into premium.

  19. Izzahtul Afiqah says:

    The new update makes it more difficult for me to copy previous data because I have to key in again. Hope you can fix that back. Other than that it’s okay

  20. Plagtib Associates says:

    Before coming across this app, I have tried almost 10 other similar apps but none came close to this. I can easily have a quick view of the financial status of my business at anytime. if the free could be this good, I wonder how super the premium will be. I am considering moving to premium soon.

  21. Padraic Greene says:

    New to this app looks really good. My only fault is I would like to see the desktop version to work a little better. I cant seem to change or add sub categories like I can on the phone or split out big expenses into different categories? Automatic rules work really well but would like to be able to set the rule up to split out a certain bill from a vendor everytime it came in. Is it possible to set up a creditor listing of monies owed but not like planned payments where you have to put in a fixed payment date?

  22. Clement Muyasani says:

    Great way to record transaction but making of budgets is too summarised. It does not allow you to record how many you would want to buy and write down a detailed cost and revenue you plan to achieve

  23. Benedict James says:

    Very generous and good application. the only drawback is at times it takes ages to open up the application at start up_ also the categories you can not edit or rathet manipulate to suit yr bussines type. Otherwise the application is quite perfect _ I know the developers will look into my complaints above. The other thing are percentage allocations in the reports_these ones I can’t figure out how you arrive at them_ I think its my problem but however I fail to interprate their meaning. Thanks.

  24. Januth Charuka Fonseka says:

    Useful – I’d like there to be less restriction on what are paid features and non-paid features, if there could be an easy way to receive updates in regard to Payment Requests for the Order and Update Notifications, that would be valuable.

  25. Yamikani Mwanza says:

    The inventory option hasn’t yet been added and basic functionality as simple as changing an email to use are nowhere to be seen. The app is great. But fix these. Especially the email thing.

  26. Wisdom Amopho says:

    I don’t think Board deserves even 1 star, PLEASE DO NOT INSTALL if you’re on samsung galaxy. Doesn’t work, no support after taking your payment. Nothing syncs and technical support is quite honestly a joke 🙄

  27. Joseph Foster says:

    Sales tracking, invoices and more in a dashboard for small business owners. From a market-leading mobile finance management software company, BudgetBakers, comes something new and yet perfectly familiar. Board is a fitness tracker for your business. See all your cash flow in one place, and be prepared for whatever comes next. Never be surprised by unexpected expenses. Use your time wisely, and don’t waste it chasing numbers: automatic bank synchronization and categorization keeps you up to dat

  28. Jonathan Segal says:

    The app is average but the customer support is nil. I have reached out a few times and nothing gets sorted. It’s great if you don’t need help and don’t buy the online bank connections which rarely works.

  29. Shredders Outfitters says:

    Perfect! Very Good layout and easy to understand. I just had to get myself the premium.

  30. Kris Stubbs says:

    I don’t really want to give myself 5* because I feel like there’s always something more so far could you please make the financial planning longer than just a year example add 2 years 3 4 5 then go straight to 10 maybe or do it as a line so you can do it by year that would be the coolest thing ever like a plan that would be great

  31. Joshua Collins says:

    10 out of 10 really pleased with entire layout and application opens-side really pleased with integration and custom features really couldn’t have engineered it any better if I tried personally I would most defiantly recommend it too my friends and family members also recommend too my corporate package as a budgeting and accounts specific application too use , payroll specific and all expense accounts receivable very pleased

  32. Orrin Jones Jr says:

    Please go all out with this app and replace Xero and QuickBooks. Keep your simply and intuitive design philosophy and add accounting feature and I would happily switch to using this instead of boring Xero

  33. Alex Davis says:

    The idea and app are a great idea for my small business, but the consistent desynchronization from my bank account is crazy. The last couple times it didn’t even let me re-sync. When I reached out it was just follow the steps you have already been doing blah blah blah. Fix this and I am all in!

  34. ma private says:

    This is a great software. Simple UI and Ux that makes managing multiple accounts so easy. I’m getting rid of my excel files

  35. Alauddin Chowdhury says:

    I have found two issues. First my country Bangladesh is not available to connect with bank. Second. One month report should be available in PDF format and Excell format in order to see the things at a glance. Thank you

  36. R gilang Gumilang rn says:

    I just used it. The card feature is my favorite. But to record the transaction is not that good. But overall, it is easy to use.

  37. ironikx smite says:

    Hi I reside in trinidad and Tobago, I really like your app will you all at any point in time be able to add trinidad as one of the countries to add bank account please let me know

  38. Nael Zamani says:

    Im a premium subscriber for your wallet app since 2019 and really like both these apps. I would like to get premium for this app but there is one feature you are missing. Please give us ability to customize catagories, not just sub-catagories.

  39. Johanes Peter Siswanto says:

    This is the worst budgeting app. It does not even let me see my past individual transaction. I am totally disappointed with what is described beforehand.

  40. Hephzibah Beulahcrat says:

    Excellent but only that it is very expensive

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